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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Auburn wins at the Benz now can we talk about this year?

What a game! I have to say I was absolutely thrilled with our first quarter. We walked out there with the swagger and determination that we were not going to be denied. Unfortunately the next 3 quarters did not go like that BUT our Tigers found a way to win and be strong when they needed to be.

Highlights 😉

  • Snapped out of the funk and in the end our guys won the game.
  • Receivers caught the balls.
  • Special Teams did their job.
  • Red Zone Defense ...gave up chunky plays but only allowed 1 TD!
  • Our FG Kicker is for real and did great for his first D1 collegiate game against a Top 10 opponent.

Low-lights 😖

  • Jarrett got flustered and started to lose his timing, held onto the ball to long and started to get happy feet. Bright side - he settled down in the fourth and lead the team to a Boobie Whitlow TD.
  • On Twitter the Gus bashing started before the First Half even ended, seriously stop it, we are not %#^$'n bammers. 😡 Just freaking stop it already.
  • Penalties and discipline, not saying Auburn did not commit the penalties but would like consistency from the zebras. 
  • The 2 point conversion attempt to start the game. In hind sight it was a ridiculous gamble.

First stamp on the ride this year is a W and we should ALL be happy about that. We are 1 - 0 and we beat the #6 team in the country!

Next game we are at home in Jordan-Hare playing the Alabama State Hornets 🐝 September 8th, 2018 @7:30pm ET

War Eagle y'all and will be following up with the SMART goal recap and next week's SMART goals.

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