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Sunday, September 17, 2017

A Note to all the #Fake Fans

Let’s be clear about something. We give our money to our Universities so that they can educate and coach the future leaders, thinkers and innovators for tomorrow’s challenges. If you think for one second your dollars should go for “W’s” then you are missing the point. Yes, successful programs generate money but I would hope as we are true Auburn men and women that we realize we support every student with every souvenir, hot dog, sports ticket and donation we give to the University that we believe in. Furthermore some of us have had the privilege to attend, graduate and represent this great institution in the world as graduates.

Photo by AURobUSA

A win or a loss pales in comparison to knowing that we have had Auburn Alumni in space, leading cutting edge technology companies, breaking new ground in veterinary sciences and serving in every branch of the United States military defending this great Nation.

So as you reflect on this past week’s game, be thankful for the privilege and the opportunity to be affiliated with a University that embraces hard work, education, honesty, a sound mind, body and spirit to compete. We all also believe in the law because we embrace and know it protects all of us. Know that we believe in the power of human touch and support for our fellow men.

Video Source: Justin Ferguson via SEC Country

Walk humbly with God and be thankful. We are blessed and should always be ambassadors no matter what the circumstances are. It is our responsibility to always represent what Auburn University stands for. I love Auburn University for what it represents and what it means to me and not what the score of any single game is.

Do not think that I accept mediocrity or apathy for that is not within me, what I do accept is that with every trial and challenge there are a set of outcomes. Some that I can control and some that I cannot. It is from those outcomes I learn how to be smarter, stronger and better at representing myself and the University that I cherish.

Everyday I am thankful to be blessed that I found Auburn on my life's journey.

War Eagle!

May your week be AUsome,

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