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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

A Glorious Unfolding

Go Crazy, Cadillac. Go. Crazy.

When I first heard the news, like everyone else, I was devastated. I spent a while praying, "These kids need a parent! What are you doing, God?"  Of course, a while later, I heard the news that he had passed. I spent the next day reading the comments and tributes of people who knew him well or knew him.  The first thing I thought was, "God, why does this keep happening to us? Why would you take him and his wife? What about these kids?"

Artwork courtesy of @AURobUSA Used with permission. 

During worship the next morning, God presented this song to me:

"You called my name
Out of the darkness
Into your glorious day"

Glorious Day by Kristian Stanfill

Used with permission from @CFullman

I was comforted a little bit at that time. However, the more I read what people had to say, the more I was blown away. I did not know Rod. I saw him innumerable times at games. He was always doing his game day broadcast. Sometimes I would stop and listen for a little while. I wish I had stayed a few minutes longer. I wish I would've taken them time to tell him thank you or to meet him. I procrastinated writing this post. I used the excuse that I could not find a particular radio broadcast that I wanted. I still have not found it, but it was really just that I was not ready to write. I do not know why the days of Rod's life were fewer than we wanted. It does not seem to be that taking home two lovely people would be part of the master plan, but God's ways are not our ways. Here is what I do know. Rod radiated joy. He felt what we felt. He made us feel what he wanted. He had the ability to turn a phrase like no other person. He was generous. He loved Auburn. He loved our players. He made them feel important. He loved with his whole heart and let us know that he did. There is not a better Auburn man that I can think of. Rod got to do what he loved and had some really special calls. I have found it extremely hard to name a favorite, but if I had to name one, it would be this: "The view from up here is sheer perfection."

Used with permission from @kimt205

I did not know much about Paula. I know Rod spoke of her often. She let us love him too. That says a ton about her character to me. 

I do not know why we lost Philip, Rod and even players in 2012. It makes it hard. I will be honest. I really struggle with it sometimes. I know that God must have something really special in store for the Bramblett family and Auburn. I am trying to choose to trust Him. It is going to be a long road for his children and other family members.Would you join me in praying for the Bramblett kids and the rest of their families? Would you join me in praying for his friends?

" And this is going to be
A glorious unfolding.
Just wait and see
And you will be amazed.
You've just got to believe
The story is so far from over
So hold on to every promise
God has made to us.
And watch this glorious unfolding."
- Glorious Unfolding, Steven Curtis Chapman

This song means a lot to me. I know there is something great in store. God's timing is not our timing. Rod and Paula are not sad tonight, even if we are. 

Tomorrow, as Rod and Paula are memorialized, even if you cannot make it, let's wear our orange blue. Let's post our favorite phrase of his. Post a picture of the orange and blue sunset if you can get a photo. One day this week or next, let's do something. Let's do an act of kindness like paying for the next person's meal, coffee, gas or helping someone who you see that needs help. You can post about it or it can be completely anonymous. Rod loved with his whole heart. Let's do the same. 

War Eagle!

Monday, May 27, 2019

Not Once, But Twice A Tribute To Jim & Rod

Randy Comer:
It is Memorial Day and I am still reflecting on how fragile this life can be after the Auburn Family lost two of their own last Saturday evening. 

I now feel that a part of me will now be missing whenever Auburn plays a football game because Rod Bramblett will no longer be calling the games. It will be difficult for me to imagine today if anyone can match his talent at describing the play on the field. 

I first heard Rod calling baseball games in 1993 and I always thought that he would go on to another venue. I could actually sit in the stands, close my eyes and follow the game just listening to Rod. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Rod several times and he always remembered my name and asked about my family. I watched him many mornings prior to an Auburn football game taking the time to talk to people. Rod will be missed by the Auburn Family and I really hope the best for his two children. 

I will always remember Rod for two of his greatest calls in 2013. The "Miracle in Jordan-Hare" and the infamous "Kick Six". I will always remember where I was in the Auburn stadium when these calls were made. 

Here are the words of the infamous "Kick Six" that I keep on my I pad. I was one of those people on the field that night.

"Davis is gonna run it all the way back! Auburn is gonna win the football game! Auburn is gonna win the football game! He ran the missed field goal back! He ran it back 109 yards!"

"They're not gonna keep 'em off the field tonight! Holy Cow! Oh my God! Auburn wins! Auburn has won the Iron Bowl in the most unbelievable fashion you will ever see! I can not believe it! 34-28! And we thought a Miracle in Jordan-Hare was amazing! Oh my Lord in Heaven!"

War Eagle!

**A special thanks to @AURobUSA for editing and creating the tribute video. His work is truly appreciated.

Klell Lawrence:
The most difficult post I have ever attempted, bar none. 

Shaken with the death of Rod and Paula Bramblett,  I have wrestled with whether or not my thoughts were worth sharing. I was encouraged by the wonderful group of folks that write for our humble site to make the effort. So, here goes.

The people of my age that love Auburn have had the envious pleasure of hearing some truly memorable broadcasts of our Tigers. These calls gave us a sense of belonging. 

When the NCAA ruled a television ban against Auburn in 1993, we had Jim Fyffe articulating every aspect of the game including just how rich blue the sky was. 

For Auburn fans, we knew we had the best in the business working for us. Helping our minds visualize the entirety of the scene. Whether it be basketball or football. Then suddenly, Jim Fyffe was taken from us. 

"Every blessing has it's own little burden." - Unknown

Blessings being what they are, Auburn caught lightening in a bottle, not once, but twice! 

Enter Rod Bramblett. 

A friend of mine,  reached out in the immediate aftermath of our devastating news Saturday evening. "It's hard to follow a legend, and he (Rod Bramblett) did it." 

That resonates with me today. 

I have never heard anything but praise from those who knew Mr. Bramblett. Whether they worked with him, or met him in passing. He was a gentle spirit by all accounts. He will be missed. 

I can't think of a better soundtrack to blend the calls of these two Auburn legends, than that of the country music legend George Jones. "Whose Gonna Fill Their Shoes" ENJOY!

***Editors note: We don't make a profit at this site. We haven't any rights to the music or the audio portions of Auburn broadcasts. They have been used simply for tribute purposes.