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Sunday, November 30, 2014

Valiant Effort

As Auburn walked off the field in Tuscaloosa Saturday night, there was a feeling of disappointment, and rightfully so. Alabama won the game 55-44. The way the game was won, leaves a bitter taste in the mouth.

The Tigers set several new records for Iron Bowl play, and school records as well.
Look at these numbers and be amazed that a team could lose a game. 630 yards total offense.

Quick Stats
 Total Plays
 1st Downs
     3rd down efficiency
     4th down efficiency
 Total Yards
 Passing Yards
     Yards per pass
 Rushing Yards
     Rushing attempts
     Yards per rush
     Fumbles lost
     Interceptions thrown
 Time of Possession

It's inconceivable that a Gus Malzahn team would make 5 trips into the Red Zone, and come away with 5 FG's. Yet, that's exactly what happened.

Our Tigers fought the good fight. Much like the second half of the season, it just was not enough. There are many questions still unanswered, but this team did not give up. They never quit. Like the hard fighting soldiers we love and admire, they gave their all.

I can't give credit to Alabama as much as I think a lack of execution on Auburn's part is what cost them the win. Not taking anything away from Alabama, but Auburn exposed their defense. A more efficient offense will have a field day with the blueprint provided by Gus.

For now, I'll say how proud I am of this team. It's great to be an Auburn Tiger.


Friday, November 28, 2014

Secret to Winning the 2014 Iron Bowl: Auburn's C.J. Uzomah and Mack VanG...

Iron Bowl: A Moment For 0:01 Chances

With just moments away from another Iron Bowl,
We have a Second Chance to right all the wrongs!!
Another chance for TOOMER's corner to be rolled;
Another moment to sing the War Eagle Song!!!

Time is short till we travel to T Town!;
And, with every second the tension mounts!!
Our Tigers are digging deep, where courage is found!!
Experience tells us that each second counts!!

Our men will work harder than ever before!!
And be willing to do whatever it takes!!
Fast and early, they will takeover the score;
Knowing the importance of all that's at stake!!

This will be our moment of redemption!
Its a moment of time for reprieve!
Its a day to release pent up tension!
And keep going till a victory we achieve!!

I believe Auburn will bring With them their magic!!
I believe that Auburn dreams really do come true!!
And every second that the clock ticks;
Brings more power to Orange and blue!!!

Bring on the noise!! Bring on the Bama Boys!!
Our Auburn Men are bringing a Sonic Boom!!!!
We'll be getting an early gift of Holiday Joy!
While Bama gets only doom and gloom!!


Tuesday, November 25, 2014


It's the time of year again to stop and give thanks to our creator for the wonderful blessings in our life. 

In my little Bloggin' world, there are many people that I want to thank. Some inspired, some gave me opportunities, and some have gave their time supporting this blog. One thing they all have in common, they have my undying appreciation. 

First, thanks to Jerry Hinnen. His blog "Joe Cribbs Car Wash"  was where I first made comments, and had interaction with Auburn people on the interwebs. You never forget your first love, and that blog was mine.

After bouncing around for a while, I landed at Track Em Tigers. The Track Em family is still near and dear to my heart. I am thankful for my time spent there, and the relationships developed while working with some of the best people in the blogAUsphere. You should check them out if you haven't already.

To Poetic Tiger, Christy Guined, Rick Palmedo, Mike Knighten, Austin Preiss and Randy Comer I want to give you a very special thank you. Each of you have donated your time, covered for me, and made our little blog look and read, like it was created with heart and passion. My insufficient command of our language limits the sincerity I feel when I say "thank you."

Most importantly, to those of you who take time out of your day to spend on our blog, I say a special "THANK YOU." Your comments, your tweets, your retweets, your "upvotes" on Fancred, are all valued more than I can express.

May God bless each of you. May he guide you through the trouble of our world, and keep you safe. Give thanks to him, for he deserves all of our praise.

Thank you.

Raised On It, Auburn Football

Samford and Alabama

Image courtesy of 

I was sitting in JHS this past Saturday, wondering if what I was witnessing resembled anything we would see against our arch rival next weekend. Auburn drummed Samford 31-7 this past Saturday, yet, I couldn't help but think the coaches were holding back.

Yes the team started slowly, and maybe Samford having the Tigers' signals had a little to do with it. When the fire was turned on, the Tigers went to burning. "I was there the day the defensive line woke up" is what I kept telling a friend on the phone.

I really think that all we saw was a vanilla copy of what we have seen all season long. At least, I hope so.

This Alabama team is getting all kinds of love from the media, and that's not surprising in the least. They are a good team.

Good, not great, at least not yet. They do however, have a really good coach. So, to think they won't be prepared for Auburn is taking your enemy lightly. Never, ever take your enemy lightly. Expect the unexpected.

That being said, I saw a shimmering light as I watched the game unfold last Saturday. A defensive line that had been playing below expectations, suddenly looked like a true SEC defensive line. This needs to continue for Auburn. 

The keys to victory over the Tide are the same as any big game. Turnovers, penalties, and missed assignments will tell the tale. Keep these three things in check, and victory will be ours.

If my hunch is correct, a sleeping giant has awoke, and he's pissed that he will miss the 1st dance known as the College Football Playoff.  That giant will make sure nobody else in our state goes either. Call it Auburn 42 Bama 17


Auburn Women's Basketball Volunteers at the Food Bank of East Alabama

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Power of Prayer

 Picture courtesy of @tatershell

This is another call for anyone interested in joining #prayers4players OR someone who is already a member who would like to add b-ball players to your list...
Some of you have already messaged me yes or no- and that is fine...whatever you feel comfortable with is what you should do. I have arranged the basketball players, both men and women, with people who have contacted me, but I can easily reassign some basketball players. I would like to add more of the assistant coaches in basketball to the list, but some of our lists are getting quite long.

If you have never joined before- this is all there is to it:
I will email a list of people and the players/coaches you are responsible for praying for. Each week, we pray for our players. Some people pray for each player daily. I personally, take a couple of players each day and try to pray for those few that day. It works differently for each pray-er. If we know any specific prayer needs, we try to share it in an email so more of us can pray for a player/coach who might be having a problem. Some of us let the players know via twitter that we are praying for them. Almost all of them favorite or RT the tweet when I send them a message. Some of the group recently have been sending letters via snail mail to the athletics dept to let them know we are praying for them.

As always, this is not about the wins on the field or the court. Of course, we LOVE it when that happens, but we want to see the victory in their lives.  I want the players to feel supported and loved, even if they don't get the W.

We also have started emailing each other when we have things we need prayer for ourselves. It makes me feel better to know I can have people instantly praying. Recently, a friend of mine underwent a lung transplant. As soon as I found out, I emailed the group and people were praying immediately. My friend had a successful transplant and is doing well.

If you are interested in joining OR you are already a member and want to add B-Ball to the list, please let me know. You can send me a twitter message @twitter or you can email me at

Of course, we primarily pray for Auburn players, but when players for other teams have things we know about, we try to give them attention and prayer as well!

Thanks everyone!

James 5:13-14 Is anyone among you suffering? Let him pray. Is anyone cheerful? Let him sing praise. Is anyone among you sick? Let him call for the elders of the church, and let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord.

2014 Auburn vs. Samford Highlights

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gus Malzahn 11 19 14

Good news! 

Duke Williams is dressed out at practice and going thru all the drills with the team. As per Gus Malzahn.

This will be a special weekend. Pat Sullivan, an Auburn legend, coaches the Samford team. Kodi Burns is an assistant at Samford as well. 

War Eagle!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Prayers 4 Players

Many of you know that we have a group of people who have committed to praying for football players. Everyone is assigned a small list, which allows each player to be prayed for each week. 

Recently, some people have asked about basketball players. If you are a part of the original group and would like basketball players added to your list, please email me or message me on twitter. 

Many of you have already done so. If you have not participated before, but want to join, you can email me at  OR on twitter @tatershell

This prayer group isn't about the victories on the field or court. It is more for victory in their lives. 

I teach high school and work with student athletes. I see some of the pressures and problem they face daily. It is my prayer and desire that the players might have a circle of protection placed around them. We also pray for each other when things come up.

If you are interested, please contact me!

Too Many Questions

What we saw Saturday evening in Athens, Georgia was a a complete dismantling of an Auburn team that at one point was seen as a title contender. The final score of Georgia 34 and Auburn 7 is indicative of the performance by an uninspired Auburn team.

How could this team not be ready for this game? Why is our defense seemingly performing worse and worse each week? What has gone wrong with our special teams? All are legitimate questions. All are being asked this week.

This goes beyond frustration. Well beyond disappointment. Auburn's coaches know full well that they've had the better team for two consecutive weeks. Yet, the results are two losses. It's not so much that we lost, but how we lost.

Turnovers, penalties, defensive misalignment, and  the ever popular miscommunication are the reasons. What we as fans don't know is, why are these things still happening this late into the season?

The schedule we have faced this season, had pretty much dictated we couldn't get thru completely unscathed. In most pundit's eyes we were going to see at least two losses. That wasn't how I saw it thru my Orange and Blue glasses.

We have the talent, at least offensively to score at will on anyone in the country. For one half against LSU, it looked as though it all finally started to click. Now, even that is gone. Defensively, there is enough talent to at least make some stops, and create turnovers. That was happening, now it is not.

Did the incident between Jermaine Whitehead and one of the coaches divide this team? Do some if not all of the players see this as a point of contention with the coaching staff? Only those deep on the inside know the answer to that.

There are lots of questions. Some I have asked here. The main question that needs answering is a tough one.

How is Coach Malzahn and his staff going to turn this team around? 

The answers are coming soon I hope,


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Randy's Thoughts: Georgia

It was a sad night in Athens, Georgia last night for my alma mater. Auburn started out strong, but faded by the second quarter. 

I even sensed the futility of Auburn’s efforts on the field from Rob and Stan on the Auburn Network. They were obviously unhappy with the way that Auburn was playing and it showed in their broadcast.

  I really think that Gus Malzahn should have gone for the first down on Auburn’s second possession. Auburn had the momentum and could have had a 14 point lead the way they were moving the ball. 

Scoring early and quick was the only way Auburn was going to compete with UGA on the field last night. The holding penalties continued to stifle Auburn drives and Nick Marshall had no help from his receivers all night long. I really feel that he is still looking for Duke Williams on the field and his absence has taken its toll on the Auburn offense.

Auburn’s defensive struggles continue and it is time for a change in the defensive philosophy and alignments. UGA did not need to throw on Auburn to win this game. The UGA running backs ran at will on Auburn’s defense and I noticed that a lot of players were out of position. 

It is obvious that this Auburn team is lost and trying to find their way at this time. I just hope that the team that played LSU shows up when they play their last games of this season.
I saw a quote in the Birmingham News this morning that really summed up this game. “Georgia outperformed Auburn in all phases of the game”.

Here's to better days, War Eagle!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

AU/Georgia 11/15/2014 Poem

Stand up Auburn Tigers;
There's more work to do!
The war is not over;
For the fearless and true!

Rise up from the ashes!!
Rekindle the fire!!
Search deep in your souls;
For that winning desire!!

You have closed out a chapter;
So now turn the page!!
There's no time for self pity, anger or rage!!

You are still champions!!
You will win again!!
Yesterday is over!!
Let the new day begin!!

It's always great to be an Auburn Tiger!!
We are your Auburn Family, 
We are with you do or die!!
We will stand behind you always!!
And on that you can rely!!

Put on your full armor!!
Set the pace,  keep your stride!!
And dominate the Georgia Bulldogs,
With confidence and pride!!

Step out on the field
With heart, body and soul,
Take control and never waver!!

Stay in it to the end, find away to win!
And the sweet taste of victory we will savor!!!!!!!

Coach Pearl Press Conference

Great news in basketball yesterday, Auburn University Men's Basketball coach Bruce Pearl signed his first class of players. 

4 star guard New Williams out of Santa Monica, CA is 6' 2". Here is what Coach Pearl had to say.
"New Williams is a high major prospect both on and off the court," Pearl said. "He comes from a great family, has a great work ethic and a great foundation. Had he not undergone ACL surgery last spring that kept him out for the summer, he would have been recruited by all the Pac-12 schools."*

One of the nations top small forwards signed in this class is Danjel Purifoy.
"Danjel is a high-energy, athletic, aggressive player who has many facets to his offensive and defensive game. He can play many positions because he can guard many positions. Definitely a system fit,"

In addition, the nations #1 JUCO player decided to stay true to his commitment and signed with Auburn and Coach Pearl yesterday as well. 

T.J. Dunans is a 6' 5" 190 lb specimen. Last season he averaged over 23 points a game. Sporting News tabbed Dunans a preseason JUCO player of the Year.


Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Rah Rah Rah

     Photo from my personal collection @tatershell    

If you've been an Auburn fan for any length of time, you've been a fan through good times and bad. That is one of my favorite things about the Auburn family. We love our team, no matter what. 

One of my favorite memories took place when I was about 8. I do not remember who we were playing, but we were losing. The game was almost over. We were behind by a good bit.  

From an early age, my parents taught me to never, ever leave a game early. We were sitting in the end zone.  An older gentleman sitting down the row from us stood up and yelled, "Don't worry, Auburn! You can still do it!" You know what? We did. 

I don't remember the game, the opposite team, or what year it was. What I remember was the electric Auburn spirit that was in the stadium, even when it looked like defeat was near.  There were plenty of games we did not win over the years. For a while, my family considered me a jinx for SEC home games. Just kidding. (Well, sort of)  
Growing up, we went to one game a year, but as we got older, my grandparents were unable to attend every game, so we started splitting the 'good tickets' among us over the season. I had a nice little losing streak for a while. However, my point is, the Auburn family has always been one to cheer the team on, no matter what.
The internet gives everyone an even playing field, so to speak. Normally quiet people are able to find a voice, negative or positive. This week, I have seen a whole lot of negative. 

Let's take this voice to be positive and support our fellas.  Am I absolutely a sunshine pumper? Yes, I am 100%. I try to take that outlook on life whether its football, work, friends, anything. 

I get that not everyone takes that approach. However, as fans, we can't change the outcome of the game.  What can we do? Support the players! Tell them we are cheering for them! I am not saying we cannot point out problems. However, when we speak to the players, online or in person, let's try to lift them up and let them know how much we love them!

I understand that some people get frustrated and that is ok. I get frustrated too. I am not a good companion during a game! We don't have to feel like a cherry-on-top Sundae when a game goes badly. 

A couple of weeks ago at school, something happened. I did not completely agree with the decision that was made, but I told my kids something that my parents taught me years ago. 

We cannot control many of the things that happen in life. What we can control is how we react to it. We can control how we treat people. We can control our attitude!

Now let's go win a game! 

War Eagle!

Monday, November 10, 2014

Old Habits

My golf swing is terrible. I keep slicing the ball left to right. I have worked hard to correct it. I have had lessons, and spent time working on the proper fundamentals that I have been taught. 

Still, when I step on the 1st tee with my buddies, with the pressure of wanting to show how much I have improved, I slice the first drive of the day. 

I have searched for the reason I choke on the 1st tee. I ran across an article by a well known  psychologist. His reasoning? 
"In stressful situations, the 

ability of working memory to direct 

attention to what's relevant is 


This phenomenon is known 

as "choking": what does this mean exactly?

Choking isn't just poor performance; 

we all have ups and downs. Choking is 

performing worse than your skill level 

dictates or than you have performed in 

the past because you now find the 

situation stressful. 

Get the picture? What I have been practicing, and doing so well on while on the practice tee, is not translating to the course.

I do not believe this is what happening with our team. Let me explain.

Questions are flying around the internet about why Auburn lost last Saturday to an un-ranked Texas A & M team, that for all intents and purposes looked to be struggling.

First let me point out tat Kevin Sumlin, the head coach for the Aggies, is a winner. He has a great record as a coach, and he is a top notch recruiter. That being said, there is very good talent at Texas A & M. They won the game. They did what needed to be done, on the road, to win. Give them a lot of the credit for that. 

As far as Auburn goes, it's a problem that keeps rearing its head at the most inopportune times. Some would say the problem(s) have been exposed. Hence the discussions.

Lets listen to the coaches. We will start with Rhett Lashlee, our offensive coordinator.

What did you glean from his press conference? 

Now, listen to Coach Johnson the defensive coordinator.

It's clear to me, we have some recurring issues, and our coaches are trying to address them. Techniques have to be re-learned, and that means teaching the proper way to do things. Under the stress of the game, it's understandable that reverting to old habits would happen. 

Old habits are hard to brake. Layman's terms for this revelation in the study we've outlined. The professiional see this in these terms:  
"We found that over-thinking can be detrimental, that it's better if an activity you have performed thousands of times runs on autopilot."

 As fans we want to see results now, but reality is, change takes time and effort. The effort is there, we just have endure the process. The ride will be bumpy at times. The results will be magnificent.

War Eagle!

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Basketball, Sweet Basketball

The new era of Auburn basketball began in the fashion we all hoped it would. Coach Bruce Pearl began his time anew on the court after a lengthy absence.

I believe this is the start of something special. 

War Eagle!

Auburn Celebrates Medal of Honor Recipient

Painful Loss

This one hurts. 

Auburn lost at home for the first time in nearly 2 years. The Texas A & M Aggies dashed any hope of a repeat SEC Champion by defeating the Tigers by the score of 41-38

Gone too it would seem, although not mathematically,  are any chance of making the inaugural playoff in college football.
Quick Stats
 Total Plays
 1st Downs
     3rd down efficiency
     4th down efficiency
 Total Yards
 Passing Yards
     Yards per pass
 Rushing Yards
     Rushing attempts
     Yards per rush
     Fumbles lost
     Interceptions thrown
 Time of Possession

Give Texas A & M credit, their QB came in and had a great game, and their team gained some confidence early. Auburn's defense was helpless to take that confidence away. 

Watching these highlights you can tell, this was not a great game for our Tigers. Listening to the voice of Rod Bramblett, the play by play man for Auburn sports, tells you everything you need.

 Auburn's offense kept alive hopes of victory right up until the end. Once again it seemed they were going to find a way to win a close game. 

Cameron Artis-Payne had a stellar night rushing the ball for 221 yards and 2 TD's. For the season, Artis-Payne busted through the 1,000 yard barrier. In an interview with Charles Goldberg and the official Auburn Athletics website Cam had this to say: 

"We felt like we were the better team and if we had 

come out and executed we would have come out with 

the win," Artis-Payne said. "Our execution was poor at 

the beginning of the game. That was partially my fault 

with the fumble. We just had to play better to win the 

game and we didn't get that done."

Duke Williams' injury. The violent game claimed another star to injury this week. Prayers are going up that this is not the type injury to end his football career. Duke has NFL destiny written all over his game.

Tackling was atrocious in the first half. There were far too many to start naming them, and it's not my policy to call out any player. The problem is, it's not getting better as the season goes, it's getting worse because the talent level of the competition is getting better.

Our defense made another QB look as though he is ready for the draft. This time it was a true Freshman, and he looked like a seasoned veteran. 

Communication problems can be seen all over our defensive backfield. At this point in the season, this should not be a glaring issue. I don't know the answers, but something needs to change, and fast!

Kickoff coverage was lacking in the first half, although it improved dramatically in the second.

For the first time all season, we looked apathetic at times on offense. This wasn't bullheaded play calling, this was some plays that appeared as though everyone wasn't aware of the play call itself. 

In other words our offense looked rattled a couple times. Auburn's last offensive play is an example of that. 

Let make it perfectly clear, that play did not cost us the game. We had to play poorly for the 59 minutes leading up to that, for this to even be a factor. 

I believe this team will play better next week. I think this loss, more so than the one to Miss St. will bring this team together. We may not be in the hunt for the playoff, but we can sure make a difference in who gets in. 


Friday, November 7, 2014

Auburn Equestrian vs. Texas A&M Highlights

U Can't Touch Nick Marshall

Auburn Basketball: West Alabama Preview

Aubie 2014-2015 Highlights

Basketball and CFP Football

Close, but no cigar. That's how the 5th 

through 10th place teams in the CFP Poll 

feel right now. While many analysts, and the 

talking heads of college sports debate the 

merits of who should be in, and who passes 

the "eye test" lets look at the facts. From 

the interwebs, the origin of the source is 

unknown, and any help is appreciated:

Over the past five seasons, Auburn has the best record in the FBS in one-possession games (eight points or fewer). The Tigers are 20-4, followed by Northern Illinois at 16-6 and Oklahoma and Mississippi State at 13-5. It gets better: Toss out Auburn's 3-9 season two years ago, and the Tigers are 19-1.

Of course we all know "LUCK" was the 

contributing factor in all these wins. My 

message to the haters? Get used to seeing 

Auburn win close games. Auburn prepares 

for them.

If you are so inclined, you can send a 

message to the Ole Miss player LaQuon 

Treadwell, who was hurt in the game 


Auburn last Saturday evening. 

LaQuon Treadwell
c/o Ole Miss Athletic Dept.
908 All America Drive
P.O. Box 1848
University, MS 36877

We here at ATB wish nothing but the best for young Mr. Treadwell. Here's to a speedy recovery.

Auburn basketball starts down a road tonight that will usher in another sonic boom! Coach Bruce Pearl will make public the new Tiger basketball program. I have only seen this much excitement around Auburn basketball once in my lifetime. Tonight, it starts anew.

My guess is that Auburn will be competitive, and cause a lot of SEC teams headaches. The Tigers will win some that many think they should not. They will lose some along the way too. The post season seems like a real possibility. Making the big dance, is the goal. I believe the chances are real good that happens. Make it in, and anything can happen. 

Gus Malzahn 11 5 14

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Auburn Soccer vs Kentucky: SEC Tournament Highlights

AU/Texas A&M Poem Nov 8, 2014

Military Appreciation Day this Saturday in JHS

The Ole Miss game was a back and forth battle!!
But nothing could stop our Auburn men!!
Remaining calm, they never got rattled!
And, in the end found a way to win!!
Each opponent we face, keeps us raising the bar!
We are dodging bullets from all around!!
It's no longer a battle but an out and out war!!
And Our Auburn Tigers keep standing their ground!!
Our goal is to be the champions of all!!!
But our focus is to be the best team on the field!!
We keep pushing forward and standing tall!
Never giving up, Never losing our will!!
Our Auburn Tigers have a strong winning desire!!
When the game gets close, they Believe they will win!!
Never giving up, They're a team on fire!!
They have proved it over and over again!!
So we must keep the Faith in our coaches and team!!!
They may stumble, but they refuse to fall down!!
We may bite our nails, close our eyes and scream!!!;
But a way to win will always be found!
Our Auburn Tigers continue to stay in the grind!!
Our speed will cause the Aggies to tire!
We will keep up the fight til a victory we find!!
Even if it gets down to the wire!!
Be prepared for another great victory!!
Get ready for an AUsome celebration!!
All this hard work will soon prove our worth 
to the entire football nation!!!
The Poetic Tiger

Auburn Soccer Travels to the SEC Tournament

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Week 2 of the CFP Rankings

1 Mississippi State8-0
2 Florida State8-0
3 Auburn7-1
4 Oregon8-1
Last week we took a look at the things that need to happen in order for Auburn to make the inaugural CFP. The single main focus is to keep winning. Is that enough?

Auburn's road victory didn't prove to be enough to move up in the CFP Poll, but it did earn a remark by Committee Chair Jeff Long. Long is also the Arkansas Athletic Director. His comment about Auburn? 

"There wasn't any discussion to move Auburn to second ahead of Florida State. Auburn is a solid 3rd with the committee."

The main topic of course, is who will the other participants be in the 1st ever College Football Playoff. The answer is very cloudy at the moment, what with tons of games yet to be played. 

Our main concern is Auburn, and the teams that remain on our schedule, so we will take a look at some of things that need to happen for Auburn to be a part of these playoffs.

Remaining games on Auburn's schedule are: 

11/08/14vs. Texas A&M TVAuburn2:30 p.m. CT
11/15/14at Georgia TVAthensTBA
11/22/14vs. Samford TVAuburnTBA
11/29/14at Alabama TVTuscaloosaTBA

Texas A & M is still just as much an enigma as they were last week. Knowing that the 2nd week is when we see the most improvement in QB's during their first season, we can surmise that the Aggies QB will be ready for his first road SEC start. At least somewhat. 

He'll be more ready for game speed  decisions. I don't think there is anyway he can be ready for awaits him at Jordan-Hare stadium. 

Georgia laid the proverbial egg in "The World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party" last Saturday when Florida gave the world a road map on how to take a bite out of the 'Dawgs. 

Auburn needs to just make sure they stay the course vs UGA.

Bama had a week off, so nothing has changed there. 

These teams need something to go their way, or there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. 
5 Alabama7-1
6 TCU7-1
7 Kansas State7-1
8 Michigan State7-1
9 Arizona State7-1
10 Notre Dame7-1