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Monday, December 27, 2010

Now I'm Getting Angry

The nonstop barrage of ESPN articles continually naming Auburn as cheaters, and rules breakers is despicable. Take a look at THIS and then come back and talk about it.

First let me explain that at no time was Auburn ever "Under Investigation" not by the NCAA, or the FBI. This worthless article posted on an ESPN website is such an attack of Auburn University that nobody would put their name on it. It's listed as Associated Press, but the chicken skinned bum that posted this remains nameless.
Such a shame for any school to have to endure this kind of false slandering that ESPN has done to Auburn.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New Uniforms


Monday, May 24, 2010


Southern Pigskin magazine has announced their picks for preseason offensive lineman honors. Only one Auburn Tiger on there, but it's still preseason. Enjoy!

Here is the link to order your copy of Phil Steele's preseason magazine.

Chris Low over at has a nice article on Coach Chizik.

Jay G. Tate has a nice video of Auburn's baseball coach John Pawlowski.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Arkansas State

Auburn's first opponent of the 2010 season will be a simple pushover. The chances of ASU winning are so minute that NASA will discover life on Mars first, trust me!
From the confidence of my recliner/office chair I can assure you total and complete victory in this game.
That is not a slight in any way to ASU, it's student body, or the alumni. A fact is a fact, and there is not a chance in this universe that ASU will win this game.
Still, they deserve respect and we will do just that.

No less than nine players were selected to Phil Steele's All-SBC team fron the Red Wolves. With 15 players on offense and 10 players on defense having starting experience, these guys are not going to be pushovers.
Coached by Steve Roberts the Red Wolves hired a new offensive coordinator this season who's name you might be familiar with. Coach Hugh Freeze was the high school coach of Michael Oher, yes that Michael Oher of the "Blind Side" movie fame. He also was the recruiting coordinator for Ole Miss for a couple years.
The new offensive system will be in place and ready for the season, but as Auburn people are hoping, new systems are much better the second season.
Still, this squad has character, and they will fight to the end.

Let's show the Red Wolves fans a nice time, and wish them the best of luck in the Sun Belt Conference this year. After we dispatch their upset bid early, and get some good practice in for the Freshmen and Sophomores.


Auburn Athletics-On The Rise

Mike Svetitz has a very good article on Auburn's turnaround in baseball.

Jerry Hinnen of "the war eagle reader" has this piece on wishfull thinking for our favorite baseball team.

Andy Bitter of "War Eagle Extra" has the skinny on the scheduling of the SEC tournament in Hoover, AL

Let's get you caught up with Auburn's volleyball team.

With a new coach at the helm of Auburn's men's basketball, and the way Coach Chizik and his staff are doing, it looks like it's going to be a great year for Auburn Athletics. Throw in the usually reliable Lady Tiger basketball team and you have yourself a heckuva great fall and winter to look forward to.
Now if we can just get through these long hot days of summer.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Ramblings 5/21/2010

Chris Low with has a good look at Auburn's returning seniors, and their potential leading into the football season.

Acid Reign, one of my personal favorite's over at Track 'Em Tigers, has this look at Auburn's big three sports programs. It's worth your time.

Andy Bitter has this article about Auburn baseball winning last night in Oxford, MS

Auburn's lady basketball team, has signed a fantastic young lady, and has an interview video for your perusal. Caution guys, she's a looker, and an athlete!

Also from is this video interview with the latest men's basketball member Chris Denson.

If you have not seen the Auburn Everyday show, then please take the time to view the wonderful job these people are doing promoting our Auburn Tigers.

There are a ton of articles across the web about our favorite sports teams, I want each of you to know that we here at Tiger Bloggin will endeavor to keep you informed.
We are in no way trying to replace, imitate, nor dominate the Auburn sports news arena. That would be impossible, and something akin to suicide on our part. We only wish that you would include us in your travels across the world wide web.
We definitely appreciate all who visit us. Please feel free to leave comments, good or bad, and let us know how we can make this stop better for you.
After all we are doing this with love and passion, for absolutely zero cash. The payday is conversing with YOU about our beloved Auburn.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Along With The Good, Comes The Bad...

We have been exploring the good side of things most of the day, but unfortunately this news is not so good.
Not that it's a shock, or really NEWS for that matter, but still I can not help but feel some sadness in seeing this kind of talent just walk away.
We wish Tyrik all the best, and pray that he finds a place to fulfill all the potential he seems to have.
War Eagle Tyrik Rollinson.
Here is the skinny from reporter Evan Woodbery.

Still more good news is Coach Barbee signing a point guard that can score and dish the ball to his team mates.
There's a story here from Charles Goldberg at
and has this video for your perusal


Oh, Happy Days...

Mr. Charles Goldberg at shares the news about Auburn's newest student athletes.

Daniel Boyett shares this wonderful piece about a former Auburn great.

Rivals contributor Justin Hokanson has this enlightening piece about incoming commit Joel Bonomolo.


Monday, May 17, 2010

How You Doin?

Here's a link to the free article from Rivals on Corey Lemonier, enjoy.

Jay Coulter has a look at the overall state of Auburn athletics.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Let's have some fun...

It's Regions pro-am time in Birmingham, AL and that means fun and charity.



A US Soldier in Kosovo has raised money for the St. Jude hospital in honor of Shon Coleman, the young man who committed to Auburn to play football and was struck with leukemia.

Here is a picture of his march and so far he has been able to raise over $13,000.00 and need your support to reach his goal of $20,000.00.

The link to his story and where to make donations is here…

Let’s all get behind this cause. We can show the world our strength and unity and FAMILY.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Insider Info..

Just a little inside scoop here. Phil Steele is picking Auburn to finish second in the west this year and possibly heading into T-town with an 11-0 record.
Phil Steele only does football, so their preseason rankings carry a lot of weight in my book
Finally somebody is giving us some respect!


Monday, May 10, 2010

Happy Mothers Day...Late

I hope all you Mom's out there had a tigerific Mothers Day. Since the Ladies are the talk today let's start with the Auburn Tiger softball team only SWEEPING their series this past weekend!

Andrea Adelson with the Orlando Sentinel had a moment with Coach Yoxall, among others. Interesting read here.,0,3385871.column

Mr. Charles Goldberg gives us the run down on Auburn's newest football commit.

Jay Coulter over at Track 'Em has a bright and cheery outlook in this next piece.

Go here to check out AuburnTron, and while you are at it, vote for the intro video and song for the upcoming football season.


Thursday, May 6, 2010

Friday Ramblings 5/7/10

Jay Coulter over at Track 'Em Tigers has a great perspective on the NCAA's ban recent rulings concerning the number of coaches that can visit at one time.

Coach Chizik was in Montgomery this past week speaking to the Auburn club there. Thanks to Jay G. Tate for the report.
Shout Out to the HOTTIES!

AuburnTron's BomexLex has the scoop on the Auburn A-Day attendance rankings..

Mr. Charles Goldberg at is full of confidence about Auburn's ability to recruit with the new handcuffs courtesy of the NCAA.

Auburn's baseball team is looking squarely at making Hoover for the SEC tourney and hosting a regional in the NCAA tourney as well. PPL has the info for all your diamond fixations.

Ladies Golf is at it again. Go for the big prize ladies, and WAR EAGLE!


Sunday, May 2, 2010

As Chris low reports at ESPN the pre-season Lombardi watch list has been released. Two Auburn Tigers are on here, and here's to hoping they will finish the season strong.


Saturday, May 1, 2010


How and why do I love Auburn University?

I never attended classes there. I never lived in Auburn. I can honestly say I have been visiting Auburn since the 1970’s. I was a fan of the football team years before then, although I truly fell in love with Auburn the first time I visited there in 1972.

I was a member of my high schools vocational agriculture land judging team. We went to Auburn to learn more about land characteristics and to compete in an event. I cannot remember who won, or if we did well.

I can however tell you that Auburn has stuck ever since. I was as enamored with those beautiful grounds as I had been with any girl until then.

I will not make any excuses my family could not afford to send me to Auburn. It’s a good thing for me in a selfish sense, because I met my wife of nearly 32 years the next year at a Technical College.

Now I have heard that to truly love a place you must attend school there, or live there. For the most part I would agree, except with Auburn. The old girl just draws her lovers close, keeps them warm and comfortable.


Thursday, April 29, 2010

Conference Expansion

That's the big talk around the SEC this week and rightfully so.
The Big Ten conference has been talking about expanding their conference to 12 or 14 and even 16 teams.
Coach Joe Paterno said last week in an interview that he endorses an expansion to 14 teams.
With all this in mind, we have a few links for your perusal, come back and talk about it here if you like.

If you read all the stories above, then you know my stance on this.
For those of you who didn't read them here is a recap.

Should the SEC decide to expand, and this seems more likely than not, they should really consider looking at four divisions of SEC play for basketball and football. There could be a final four series in Atlanta every year. First look at the TV exposure this would be a tremendous draw for many of the nations top schools.
Second the TV contract could be renegotiated to include the expansion filling schools. Use the basketball, and football teams that are normally very good as a determinate to choose which schools to invite into the SEC.

These options would be so overwhelming to all but the most financially able schools that it would be very hard for them to turn down the invitation.

I certainly hope as stated earlier it does not come to expansion for the conferences. If it does however, I hope the SEC takes the initiative to include some of the schools that could benefit from joining the SEC and add to the quality of the SEC as well.

Earth Shattering News!-sorta...

Cameron Newton, the five star, number one rated JUCO transfer, was named starting quarterback for the Auburn Tigers for the coming season.
His being tabbed as the starter leaves senior Neil Caudle as the odd man out again. Caudle is the only quarterback to throw a pass in competition for Auburn on the roster.
Here are two stories by, first Charles Goldberg at and Acid Reign over at Track 'Em...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Become a Fan

This just made me smile, and I became an instant Taylor Swift fan..

Congrats to you guys for pulling this off. You got the hug and a peck on the cheek, front row seats and a live performance from Taylor and her band. All of them sporting Auburn colors too!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chris Low of ESPN has this about the seniors to watch next season. Two Auburn players made his list. I would have thought more, but of course I see the world through Orange and Blue glasses.
Mike Herndon of gives us this look at Monday evening’s meet and greet in Mobile, AL which concluded the Monday Tiger Prowl.
Every time Coach Taylor speaks I feel blessed we have him as a coach at Auburn.

There is a lot of talk of expansion for the SEC if the Big twelven decides to add more teams.
I hope it stays just talk. More on this later.

 Hunter Morris is recognized for his play.

Golf is good at Auburn, so is the future.

Women's Equestrian failed to win the Hunter Seat National Championship although showing amazing competitive spirit. War Eagle Ladies!

Women's Golf has some braggin' points here,

The Ladies also are focused on the big prize.

Thanks to Jay G. Tate and his "Hotties" we have pics from Mobile, during the Tiger Prowl meet and greet.

And here from Montgomery Tuesday night..


Sunday, April 25, 2010

On March 22nd we asked several questions about Auburn’s football team, and what answers we might get from spring practice. Let’s see what we might have learned.

Starting as we did with questions is the offense.

At wide out Auburn seems to be the deepest and most talented. Returning two starters at wide receiver and with no less than four backups with game experience, this unit looks to shine 2010.

The offensive line returns the most game time experience of all the Auburn positions on offense. Three seniors that have started all of last year’s game save two, add up to a very good line returning. The question surrounded the right tackle spot left empty by the graduation of Andrew McCain. The answer came as a surprise of somewhat. Two new linemen started the spring battling it out for rotation and playing time.

Clint Moseley and Rozell Gayden are the two men who have had their shot this spring to impress the coaches.

The question at running back was whether Mario Fannin could handle the job. The answer quite simply is YES! Yes he can indeed. Coach Luper has stated that Mario will get over a thousand rushing yards if he stays healthy. The big plus is Coach Luper also said Mario did not fumble once all spring. That’s impressive!

It appears the question of tight end/ H-back will be played by committee depending on the situation and play calling. Several names appear here, Eric Smith, Robert Cooper, and Phillip Lutzenkirchen.

As far as quarterback goes, whooboy! Cam Newton did not play much in A-Day competition. Barrett Trotter played very well, as did Neil Caudle and Clint Mosley. We still have no specific order of dominance at this position.

Now, on to the defensive questions.

At defensive back we may not have any definitive answers until late into fall practices. On a positive note some of the younger players are stepping up with impressive spring play. Ikeem Means is one name that was mentioned often.

We may actually have more questions at linebacker now than pre-spring. Eltoro Freeman is a big question mark after being called out by Coach Chizik. In a rare media response, Coach Chizik said Mr. Freeman, and one of the defensive backs, Mike McNeil, “need to step it up”.

So as we visit the pre-spring questions some answers have been emphatically answered, while others have not been resolved fully. Clearly some issues have been kept private for team sake, and others need to be answered with hard work. Let’s get to work men; the season is around the corner.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Ramblings 2

I am hoping to get caught up with the goings on this week in Auburn athletics.
Where to start is the question.
Recruiting seems as good a place as any. After all the bragging about the coaching staff at the football complex,

baseball and basketball both decided enough already!
We can recruit with the best too. So prove it, you say? Aiight, check it, the baseball program picks up a gamer in one Bryce Lane.
"Bryce is a pure hitter that also has a great deal of pop - he not only is one of the best hitters in the conference, but is also very good on the mound."  so says his former coach. Thanks to Kevin at PPL. Check out PPL for all of your Auburn baseball needs that do not include , you know being there yourself.

Now you're saying the basketball program coaching staff can't possibly do better than that, huh? Wrong!
Wrong, I say, Coach Barbee only goes out on the recruiting trail and his very first signee happens to be Alabama's number one rated player.
Proof, you say? Here it is....

Former Tiger, and now professional footballer is Ben Tate. The Houston Texans picked Ben in the second round of the draft.

Baseball team news..
It appears no one has written off this year's edition of Tiger diamond wizards,  from the SEC tournament in Hoover, or the big show just yet! Some are actually looking at possibly even being a real threat in both.

Keep praying for the Shon Coleman family, please.


Friday Ramblings

Life is not all about football.

War Eagle Coach Taylor!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well it's here at last. A-Day. The Spring scrimmage for the fans to watch and enjoy. Record crowds are expected for the annual event today. The weather could not possibly be more accomodating around 86 degrees and a slight breeze, it should be beautiful.

We'll be back later with the recap of today's event. If you are going to the game, please be careful and have fun. send us some pictures.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Auburn’s Achilles’ heel for 2010

I keep going over what might keep Auburn from having a truly great breakout year in 2010. In spite of the lack of evidence, the consensus is, that the offense will be much improved.

A second year with same coaching staff has many advantages of course. Auburn has the only 100% returning staff in the SEC in 2010.

The question still keeps hammering away at my pea sized knowledge center, and I am most concerned about the defensive line. The starting group may be very good, if yet unproven, the back ups however have very little playing time, and are as green as group Auburn has at second string.

Let’s look at the starters first. Make your claims at who might actually start if you wish, these are the seniors.

#93 Mike Blanc 6’4” 289 Senior

#45 Antoine Carter 6’4” 260 Senior

#98 Zach Clayton 6’3” 295 Senior

#49 Michael Goggans 6’3” 261 Senior

The other gentlemen working hard to either get in the rotation or possibly start are:
#90 Nick Fairley 6'5" 314 Jr.

#95 Dee Ford 6'4" 233 So.

#94 Nosa Equae 6’2” 249 RS Fresh

#40 Robert Hill 6’1” 239 Jr.

#60 Joe Jones 5’11” 308 RS Fresh

#97 Derrick Lykes 6’2” 281 So.

#13 Craig Sanders 6’4” 240 Fr.

#74 Jamar Travis 6’0” 290 So.
The player’s names and specifics come via the Aufficial Auburn site.

As you can see the concern I have about this unit is brought upon by two things. One is a lack of playing experience the backups have. Indeed some of them I would venture, you have never even heard of until now.

There is a tremendously wide gap in the experience levels of the seniors and the backups.

Two the total numbers of bodies are severely low for this unit as well.

With last year’s numbers against the run nothing to brag about, it leaves an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing the lack of depth here. It will more than likely take two more very good recruiting classes at this position to see Auburn’s run defense shine as in year’s past.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great write up in the OANews about A-Day and some other interesting news as well.
 Andrew Gribble deserves the cudos here.

Here is a neat little shortcut about desktop wallpaper for you...

Back soon with more stuff.


Friday, April 9, 2010


I must apologize for the hiatus this week. Those pesky medical conditions we spoke of earlier, have been just that, pesky. Nothing serious though, thank God.
Auburn has been practicing even holding a mini scrimmage on Wednesday and have the last two days off getting rested for the scrimmage this Saturday.
Here are some links to several good stories this week

There have been several stories this week about walk-on Ikeem Means from Wetumpka. I have a special place in my heart for these kinds of stories, as we all do I am sure. As for myself I find it extra special for two reasons.
For one I played football at Wetumpka, as a receiver. The same position Mr. Means played. Go Indians!
Which leads to the second reason, I am from Wetumpka, and proud as heck for this young man. I am a graduate of WHS class of 1976. The Bicentennial year.
Here is one of the stories from Evan Woodbery at

PS enjoy the Masters coverage this weekend on the TV. It should be something special again this year.


Saturday, April 3, 2010


ESPN’s Chris Low talks with Cam Newton about the QB race at Auburn this Spring.
You have got to be kidding me…….
What will they think of next, a purple corn dog?

Charles Goldberg has his usually fantastic review of Saturday’s scrimmage. It is the first one this spring, and might go a long way in determining the QB race.
I hope all who read this column have a very nice Easter Sunday. Remember why we celebrate the day.


Friday Ramblings

Tell it like it is Josh  Bynes. You are the man!

Post practice report from Andy Bitter includes short interview with Haitian born Mike Blanc.

Auburn Eagle has an exclusive sit down with Mike Blanc here. The Mayor does an excellent job with big Mike.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not a whole lot of news coming from Spring practice. Just the usual suspects, ie... trying to narrow down a QB race, "but we are not there yet". This came from Coach Malzahn.
Coach Roof says the defense is further along than last year, as it should be, just not quite ready to say, "as far along as possible"
We have video, and eyewitness proof that the Tigers are practicing. Thanks to the bang up job of Charles Goldberg, Evan Woodbery and Andy Bitter. Check them out here..

Andy Bitter does an excellent job breaking down Mario Fannin's senior season, Fannin is trying to become the starting Auburn tailback, a position Mario understands is filled with tradition.

 Jay G. Tate of the Montgomery Advertiser, has this list of the current Spring roster.

In all of this excitement, and the beauty of Spring, please do not forget to send your prayers out to Shon Coleman, and his family. While his preliminary prognosis was a shock, the news afterward that his cancer may have been caught in time for a full recovery is a true blessing, there is still a long, long way to go for him.


Sunday, March 28, 2010


Here are the links to Auburn and the Lady Tigers athletic competition this past weekend.
Way to represent ladies, WAR EAGLE!

The Men's department has been busy as well. Keep up the good work, guys.

I hate to post in such fashion, I have at my defense had medical problems this past week that will take several weeks to finalize. No worry, It's not life threatening, just a real pain in the a##.


Good To Great

Last year's Tiger mantra was "Do What we Do", it seems that this year it has changed to "Good to Great".
What this staff is trying to instill in this young team is from doing some things good last season,they need to turn it up to doing all things great this upcoming season.
Short, sweet, and to the point, the new Auburn mantra will be heard a lot this spring, and probably into the fall.

Andy Bitter has some more great info on the practice session held inside Jordan-Hare stadium on Pat Dye field this Saturday. Here are the links...

Enjoy your weekend, and

Friday, March 26, 2010

Friday Ramblings

Andy Bitter, who has the War Eagle Reader site does an excellent job covering our Tigers. These next two pieces are chocked full of good info.

Here is the video link to the full introductory press conference for Tony Barbee. It includes a Q&A se4ssion with the media. Worth a look.

What do you know, It seems one of Auburn's current stars has a past with Coach Barbee.

I hope to find interviews or pic's of the second practice. I'll post more when we get it.


Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tony Barbee Hired as Men's Basketball Coach

Jay Jocobs, Auburn's athletic director, has found his man.
Tony Barbee has been hired to replace Jeff Lebo, and resurrect Auburn's Men's basketball program.
Brian Henderson from Auburn Eagle has this report.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Catchin' up..

Here is a great story from about former Auburn coach Tommy Tubberville.

Andy Bitter has a nice read on the spring practice that’s about to start.

Andrew Gribble has an interesting look at Ten Players he thinks we need to watch.

Here are a couple more names involved in the coaching search. News via Andy Bitter.

Jay Jacobs is a busy man trying to find the right guy for Auburn's Men's basketball coach. Here is to hoping it goes really well for him.

Back with more soon,


Monday, March 22, 2010

Previously we looked at the offense and the questions surrounding that side of the ball that Auburn must answer, sooner rather than later. Now we will look at...

Defensive back is a place with the most questions, and if all can remain healthy, the most promise. A virtual plethora of returning Tigers with experience are to be found at DB this spring. Safeties, Corner backs, and extra package specialists abound, so the question is...
Can Auburn get good luck at this position for a change and dominate the passing game defensively?

Linebackers, as we found out last year are a rarity, for the Tigers. At least until the fall practice starts, Auburn is desperately thin at this position. Even with Darren Bates moving to LB and Jessell Curry enrolling early, the Tigers are only two deep without much experience past the starting three.
Can the Tigers find a way to get the most out of the newcomers at Linebacker?

Defensive lineman are the real backbone to previous Auburn defenses. The legends that played here are numerous, and very talented. Including the coach at this position, Tracy Rocker.
Can anyone step up and dominate the way Auburn fans are accustomed to seeing?

Auburn has a chance for a really exciting and memorable season in 2010. Getting thru the spring, and fall without major injuries will be a welcome relief, and something Auburn has not seen in several years.
Here's to hoping, and praying for a safe and productive spring practice.


Questions -That Need Answers

Good morning and War Eagle everyone.
Today we will look at the most pressing needs at Auburn for spring practice, and ask a question of each, and then after the A-Day game we will take a look at whether Auburn addressed those needs or not.


Returning two experienced wide outs is a huge plus for the 2010 Tigers, although that missing third receiver that Coach Taylor was looking for last season never really emerged. So the only question here is..
Who will step up and TAKE the third wide out role?

On the offensive line, Auburn is returning probably the best unit in America. With only the departure of Andrew McCain, the question here is...
What will the coaches decide to do about filling an empty right side O-Line spot?

At running back, Auburn graduated one of the best ever to play the game in an Orange and Blue jersey, Ben Tate.
Coach Chizik has stated in a press conference that Mario Fannin will get the chance to fill those shoes. The question is..
Can Mario Fannin become a workhorse at tailback at Auburn?

Tight ends are something of a misnomer in Gus Malzhan's offensive scheme. They truly must be able to block for run support, just not always the defensive tackle or outside linebacker. These guys have to be able to run fast enough to stay ahead of the play and pick out whomever is going to a threat and eliminate that threat, even if it is a defensive back. Plus the position requires precise route running, great hands, and the ability to be able to scramble around to help the QB if other passing options fail.
Fortunately for Auburn we have Mr. Everything as far as tight ends goes in one Phillip Lutzenkirchen.
The only question here is..
Who will be his back up?
Now for the question on everyone's mind.
It's a multi-part query, with several twists.
Can Cameron Newton win the starting QB job in the spring?
If so, Can Mr. Newton grasp Gus Malzhan's complicated offense by the time the season starts?
If not, Who will win the job?
Who will be the backup QB in the rotation?
Can Auburn win 10 games this season if Cameron Newton doesn't win the job?

As you can see there are a lot of questions surrounding this Auburn Tiger team. If you allow for injuries, and rotation, Auburn may still be a couple of years away from contending regularly for the SEC crown.

Tomorrow we will try and look at the defense.


Saturday, March 20, 2010

Let the celebration begin...

Our friends over at Auburn Eagle have a great message board that is fun and entertaining. STAT, who is seasoned as a sports writer, and a fellow blogger, has this to share with all Auburn Tiger fans. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

“Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were but without it, we go nowhere”

With spring football about to crank up next week, this is the best time of the year to be optimistic about our football team. It’s the time of the year, we pack away most of our doubts and focus on everything that will make Auburn a better football team in 2010. For now, Auburn has yet to lose a game in 2010 and the sky is the limit for Gene Chizik’s second installment.
Forget that Chris Todd and Ben Tate will be missing from the offensive lineup because we have Cameron Newton and Michael Dyer, who will grace the Top Five of the Heisman hopefuls. Last year’s 68th ranked defense is all but a memory now and we would do best to forget the past. Auburn’s top 5 recruiting class is full of defensive stars, which should plug all the defensive holes from 2009.
The road to Atlanta runs through Auburn in 2010 and those professional players that don the dark pink across the state will suffer a long awaited pounding. Records will fall this year my friends and awards will be suitable for our players and coaches alike. I tell you now; it will be the show of all shows’ leaving in our path of destruction, broken wills and hearts of opposing players and fans.
Join now and avoid the wait for the bandwagon is upon us. There is no time to order hushpuppies because the race to greatness has already begun. Spread the word, this shall be the year of the Tiger and we won’t come home until the final victory is ours. You are either with us or against us, so leave the gloomy thoughts and prognostications at home. Suit up for victory or hide behind your excuses and doubt.
I must warn you, there is the formality of 12 regular season games, a conference title and a national championship to be won but we will be gracious in victory. Let those in the media question us each week only to bow down to our greatness when the final whistle is blown. There will be stories told for ages about this distinguished team that emerged from Auburn and it’s eagle of war that took flight to conquer the nation.


Man This Is AUsome!

In case you have had your head in the tourney and not looked outside of your bracket, Auburn has a new website to aide in recruiting. Check this baby out!

Friday, March 19, 2010

The Strength of Auburn Football-Offensive Line

I don’t know if this falls under cautious optimism or just plain drinking the Kool Aid….
Auburn’s offensive line returns some of the best talent in the conference and maybe in the country. These young men are experienced, proven, and reliable. Let’s first look at who they are, and then, how having an experienced line helps Auburn’s team this coming season.

Looking at them from the Quarterbacks view, from left to right, we’ll start with left tackle Lee Ziemba.

Left Tackle Lee Ziemba  6’ 8” 308 Senior       
Left Guard Mike Berry 6’ 3” 311 Senior         
Center Ryan Pugh 6’ 4” 289 Senior         
Right Guard Byron Isom 6’ 3” 291 Senior          
Right Tackle To Be Determined

There are a number of variables here that we as fans don’t have first hand knowledge of. One of which, is how and if the existing group will be moved to make room for the open spot. It is possible that Bart Eddins is named right guard and Byron Isom is moved to right tackle.

And of course the usual suspects of incoming players, red shirt freshmen, and underclassmen that improve dramatically to fill in the open spot.
The one sure thing this coaching staff has proven, that they will play whomever is the best for this team.

How does an experienced line help the Auburn Tigers this season?
On many levels, some listed above, it’s a huge advantage for this coaching staff. Four starting seniors is the recipe for the making of a special group.

At the Quarterback position, knowing the linemen have been there and done that, together makes learning the job much easier. That’s where Auburn is, in the QB spot. Learning and executing the complicated, and often spectacular, Gus Malzahn offense, with precision and fierceness, is the order of the day for Auburn’s quarterback.

At the running back position it’s the biggest blessing you could imagine to have this group in front of you. You can bet this group of backs knows how valuable an experienced line can be to production. Look for another 1,000 yard rushing performance from an Auburn running back this season. Coach Chizik has penciled in the name of Mario Fannin as the heir apparent to Ben Tate’s spot, vacated by graduation. He will have to earn the spot though.

As you can see, the offensive line is a primary reason for Auburn’s offense to succeed this coming season.
Making things easier for all the other players to complete their tasks on each play, having confidence that these senior linemen will do their part.

The future is now! Auburn has an opportunity to excel on the field this fall; with all the right pieces in place a special season is ahead for our Tigers.


Thursday, March 18, 2010


Just in case you were wondering about recruiting...
It's an endeavor best taken year round by coaches at the college level, that want to get the best players/student athletes to their respective schools.
As of this writing the recruiting governance that is the NCAA lists Feb. 5th through April 14th as a Quiet Period.
By NCAA rules this means....
"the college coach may not have any in-person contact with said individual or their parents off the college's campus. The coach may NOT watch them play or visit your high school during this period. the potential student athlete or their parents MAY visit a college campus during this time.A coach may write or telephone them at this time.

Starting April 15th( I hate that date by the way), the Evaluation Period begins. We'll discuss those terms later.
I would expect to see the Tiger Prowl to start as soon as possible after the Spring practice ends April 18th. Last year the Tiger Prowl was a huge success, so look for bigger and better results this year.


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jay G. Tate had a few minutes t interview Mr. Ben Tate. The former Tiger star has a few interesting quotes. It's definitely worth your time.

Jay G. Tate also spoke with our friend Mr. Charles Barkley, about Auburn's search for a new basketball coach.

Our friends over at AuburnTron have a bracket style chart for you to see how Auburn won the "Best Uniforms in College Football" national poll.

for those of you who need your recruiting monkey stroked, The Mayor of Chillville has your fix.
This very interesting and informative article is well done, and worth your time.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The football news around Auburn is really at a snail’s pace right now. What with spring practice around the corner, and all, this looks to be a good thing. Staying out of the news has perks. Making the news this time of year usually isn’t a good thing…
Thanks to Track'Em Tigers for the story.
Over at Track ‘Em Tigers there is this plea for help, from an Auburn fan that just happens to be a Missionary. Please help if you can…

Football related, and past Auburn great related. Here is a look at some “Bo Toys”…

Men's golf secured a victory claiming the top six positions at the Auburn Shootout.

The Auburn Women's Swimming and Diving Team is sending 10 competitors to the NCAA's.

Women's Equestrian dominates!

The Lady Tiger's lost a close contest to Ohio State on the road.

The Auburn Softball Team is gaining momentum, and earning individual honors as well.

Auburn's Women's Tennis Team earned some respect this past weekend in SEC action downing #20 South Carolina


Friday, March 12, 2010

As the future of Auburn's basketball program is now headed in a different direction, coaching wise, the search for a replacement for former Head Coach Jeff Lebo has already started. Andy Bitter has this on some potential candidates.

Lee Ziemba gets some love from Chris Low at Here's the video link..

Chris also like Ben Tates future at RB in the NFL.
The speculation as to whether or not Auburn would be looking for a new basketball coach ended rather quickly. News surfaced today and the school confirmed, that Jeff Lebo is no longer the basketball coach at Auburn.
Jay Jacobs anticipates the search will last a good while because some of the candidates on his already aquired "short list" are still concentrating on post season play.
Here are two stories, one from Andy Bitter at War Eagle Extra, and the other from Jay G. Tate at The Montgomery Advertiser.

I personally want state that we wish Jeff Lebo and his family the best. Our prayers go out to them. War Eagle coach!
There are so many Auburn teams in action this weekend, it's hard to keep track of it all. Not all of the news is about current teams though as we find out in this next piece.

Men's baseball prepares for a tough series with number 2 ranked Arizona State.

Men's golf has the Tigers gearing up for the summer with a respectable showing out West.

The swim team's are busy too.

Track and Field is in full gear.

Auburn's athletes are not just concerned with sports, but their communities also. War Eagle Reneisha Hobbs!

The Equestrian team is representing Auburn with class and doing an excellent job of competing as well.

The ladies golf team is in full attack mode. Ranked number 3 in the country, they are a formidable, well balanced, and taking their show on the road.

It's an SEC vs. Big 10(11 or 12, but who's counting) in Gymnastics this weekend. Good luck ladies, and War Eagle!

The Women's softball team starts SEC play this weekend at home against Kentucky. If you are in or around Auburn, go by and support the ladies. It's going to be a beautiful weekend weather wise, and what's better than free admission, and softball in the sun?
There has been some healthy discussion going on all over Auburn's sports blogs. There is an anticipation of what is to happen next with Auburn's Men's basketball program.
The only way Jacobs hires another Roundball Coach... Is if one were to suddenly appear, and have an interest in Auburn. Someone like The Rifleman..

I would think it would take serious money to get any respectable basketball coach. The question is will Auburn spend the money?
Question number two is, has Lebo been promised another year, the first in the new arena? I could see the powers that be thinking the old B/E being a deterrent to recruiting. Jacobs has said so himself. So, why wouldn’t he promise Lebo another year, especially after he pulled in his best recruiting class this past time?


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Here are two good articles from our friends at They both deal with the recent Pro Day at Auburn.

Jeff Lebo, the Auburn Men’s basketball coach has probably coached his last game at Auburn. By all accounts Jeff is a great person although he has not brought the program to a higher level in his six years at Auburn.

Thanks to Jay at Track “Em for an insight to the situation.


Monday, March 8, 2010

The dream exists in Auburn fans minds that "we" can have a Championship team this coming season. This of course is possible, but highly unlikely. It would seem to be an unrealistic expectation to make the jump into the National spotlight after just one and a half recruiting classes this staff has assmbled.
Auburn fans would be wise to remember that most of last years class was recruited by the former coaching staff.
Still, this coaching staff that Coach Chizik has employed has all the right characteristics to get the most from their players.
It's nice to dream, that's our job as fans
The key will be what Coach Chizik and his staff will do for an encore on the recruiting front in February of 2011.
The most pressing needs for the '11 class will be Offensive, and Defensive linemen. Here's my list of where Auburn needs to fill in for graduating players, and attrition. The numbers go like this...

Offensive Line - 4
Defensive Line - 6
Linebackers - 3
Defensive Backs and/or Safties - 3
Running Backs - 3
Quarterbacks - 3
Wide Recievers/Tightends - 3
Athletes - 3

I know the number exceeds 25, alas it is till within the 28 allowed by the SEC
Let's hear what you think.


Saturday, March 6, 2010

Unfortunately the ride is over for the Lady Tiger basketball team. A loss to Kentucky in the tournament ended any hopes of post season play.
A good job this year the Women's team did. Battling all kinds of obstacles, they kept pursuing the dream.
War Eagle Ladies!
Andy Bitter has this report.

Anna Thompson who pitches for the Women's softball team is H.O.T. hot. Don't believe me?
A no-no is as hot as it gets!

Women's Tennis is finding it rough going in the SEC early.

The Men's tennis team has too.

In men's golf, the Border Olympics is the name of the game.

The Swimming and Diving teams are in Austin Texas competing.

My friends over at Track 'Em Tigers have come up with another gem. Auburntigerman has a unique perspective on the Beard-Eaves building and his cherished memories of the "LADY"
I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Auburn's Women's basketball team jumped all over the Florida Gators and never let up crushing the Lady Gators in the SEC Tournament.

Coach Luper was on the radio with Dunnaway and Brown discussing the upcoming Big Cat Weekend. He left no doubt that the staff has been "thoroughly educated" in the NCAA rules governing an event such as this.
This year's event will be bigger and better than last year with more potential student athlete's participating. The details are a secret of course, and if Coach Chizik wants the media to know the itinerary, Coach Chizik will be the one to inform them. A rather polite way of refusing to divulge the confidential stuff, huh?
The link to D&B radio is here.

Auburn's baseball team shines. Two wins by identical scores no less. Keep up the good work fellas.

When you must have a victory, and it means more than anything else, you can count on Auburn. The Men's basketball team closed out Beard-Eaves Coliseum with grand style. Miss. State only had to win tonight to have sole possesion of first place in the West division of the SEC, and improve their chances of going to the big dance. We got to play spoiler tonight. War Eagle Beard-Eaves, we loved every minute of ya!

Volleyball signed three to National Letters of Intent, as reported by the official site here.

AU FOOTBALL: Luper on recruiting: If it ain't broke ... | Opelika-Auburn News

Andrew Gribble has a conversation with Coach Luper and shares it with us here.
AU FOOTBALL: Luper on recruiting: If it ain't broke ... Opelika-Auburn News

Auburn Eagle's Brandon Henderson has a nice article on the return of Mike McNeil

We are getting closer to the start of spring practice, and the blogs are lighting up with enthusiastic supporters of the lads in Orange and Blue. I hope all that can make it to Jordan-Hare for A-Day are looking forward to the visit as I am.
Then, alas we must wait for what seems lke an eternity for summer to draw to a close and get ready for the upcoming football season.


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

This is the time of year we are just waiting for some kind of football news, about our beloved Tigers. Just a few years ago most of us had not considered giving recruiting any thought. Now it seems, that each day is recruiting day, and the coaching staffs that don't take advantage of the times allowed by the NCAA, well, they get left behind.
recruiting is the lifeblood of any program. the schools that do the best, are usually the ones with the best teams year in and year out.
Mark Schlabach of has this on the early recruiting and the efforts behind it.

In Women's basketball, there's news of post season honors.

The Lady gymnast are still nationally ranked. #16 in the country and getting better.
Jay G. Tate has an interesting look at Trooper Taylor, and the upcoming recruiting schedules.As mentioned yeasterday, Big Cat Weekend will be back and so will the famed Tiger Prowl.

Vote for Auburn's All-Decade Team here.

A very special article on the last basketball game to be played at Beard-Eaves.

Brad Davis has this report about on of this weekend's visitors.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Great news for Auburn fans who follow recruiting. Last year's sensational Big Cat Weekend is back minus the secondary violations. thanks to Charles Goldberg for the scoop.

Kevin McGrady over at the Bleacher Report has this news about Auburn's defense, and changes that are afoot.

This next piece comes from the guys at Auburn Eagle.It's a great EARLY look into recruiting and who Auburn is offering scholarships to. Also to the potential offers, and wannbes.

It's slow, so I'll keep you posted when I can.
An incredible story, and a fan favorite. That's the words to describe this next story from Kevin Scarbinsky of

Here's the continuing story of the inaugural induction of the Auburn Tiger Baseball Wall of Fame. It comes courtesy of and our friend Charles Goldberg.

Understanding the Auburn Men's Basketball team is a futile effort. One that defies logic and normalcy.
Andy Bitter has the recap of the victory over LSU's squad at Beard-Eaves Saturday night.
We told you it was a busy weekend for Auburn athletes. Here's the proof in short form.
In baseball theres
In men's hoops
In Women's basketball
Women's equestrian
Women's softball
In Tennis
In track and field
And finally, some football news on the recruiting front.

Thanks go to Andy Bitter, Your Official Auburn site, and Rivals free side for the info.


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lots of goings on in Auburn athletics this weekend.Thanks to the official Auburn site we get these headlines.
 Let's get started shall we?
The Ladies are busy, busy, busy,

The Women's softball team took it on the chin twice.

The Ladies Vooleyball Team has two members trying out for Team USA

The Men's teams are not so busy. Although they have had their share of work this week.
In Baseball..
In Basketball
In Tennis

We are pulling for all of our young athletes this weekend as we do every other, Go Tigers!
The entire Tyrik Rollinson episode is truly a sad one.
Hyped by even his High School coach, Rollinson hit the Plains with fanfare, and lots of enthusiasm. Quotes from his Facebook page were enthusiastic.
The happiness soon turned to gut-check time, when reports started surfacing about his grades, that may not be good enough to qualify. That was handled, and qualify he did.
Once he got to Auburn, and started getting ready for fall practice,
 and into fall practice, we never heard any praise for his efforts.
Then came the redshirt.
Then came the suspension!
Now we are being informed by Tyrik via his Facebook page "it's time for me to move on"

We truly are sad at his decision to leave Auburn, whatever the reasons are. We wish him the best of luck, and continuance of a great education.

Thanks to the Goldmine, at, for the video from last fall's practice, and the news report about Tyrik's Facebook page.


Friday, February 26, 2010

The Auburn Eagle message boards are chock full of good conversations, and facts. Here is an interesting post from STAT.

Good guy Jay Coulter over at Track ‘Em Tiger has this fine piece on the departure of Tyrik Rollinson.

It’s well worth your while. While you are there, tell Jay and the gang Kool Bell sent you.

Watch yourself on this one. EDSBS’s next going to publish “YOUR” secret numbers!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Strike up the band, well let’s be happy, okay, this beats not being on TV.

We all want to know what goes on inside the mind of the Mad Doctor Gustav, the Malzahnian Maniac right?

Here, Jay G. Tate gets a few minutes of Gus Malzahn’s time.

Tiger Histalmos at the Bleacher report has this view of the running back position at Auburn this year.

The news out of Auburn via Texas is not good. It seems that Tyrik Rollinson of Sulphur Springs, TX will be leaving Auburn after the spring quarter, and enrolling at Sam Houston State. He will not lose a year of eligibility due to this transfer. No official word from the Auburn Athletic Department, but Tyrik posted his intention to leave on his Facebook page.

Andy Bitter has the story here.

Men’s Hoops suffered another setback last night, losing to Miss. State 85-75. The loss virtually seals the fate of Coach Jeff Lebo IMHO.

Everyone who has met Jeff has said what a nice guy he is. He just has not got the job done at Auburn. I hope that the Tigers can go on a run, win the SEC tourney, and represent well in the NCAA‘s, but alas, I am afraid that’s a dream at this point.

Here’s Andy Bitter’s account of the game.

Auburn’s Women Tennis team is starting to roll. Defeating Troy 7-0 for their third consecutive match win.

Details here.
Not much else going on today. I’ll try and keep you posted on the Tyrik watch.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I wrote this article when I first started with Bleacher Report. As time has progressed every site I visit has this theme at sometime or another. I wanted to share it with you here.

After you've finished reading it, comment on some of the best games you have been to.

The weather was perfect, and the atmosphere was raucous, as Auburn was hosting LSU. The year was 1994.
I was there with one of my closest friends, Gary. We had attended several Auburn games together. We involved our entire families, wives, children, and always had a great time.
This time however it was just the two of us. We had decided at the last moment to go to the game, instead of watching on TV.
The Tiger Walk that day was really something to behold!
Our tickets ended up being in the upper deck, along side many LSU fans. The guy I was sitting next to from LSU had been talking about how they had been improving every week, and that he felt they had a better than average chance at beating Auburn this time. Gary was sitting next to three girls who were LSU fans. Just my luck, I get the guy who knows football, I digress.
During warm ups I had mentioned to the Bengal Tiger fan that, #9 Ken Albis was worth watching. He could leap, and run with anybody. How could I know what was about to transpire?
Unfortunately as Auburn fans the Tigers weren't playing at their best on offense. As usual, the defense was good enough to keep Auburn in the game.
Auburn of course was down in the fourth quarter, and staged the impossible. Not one but two comebacks. The first to tie the game, the second to win it.
The worst part was, after the field goal to put LSU back up with very little time to play. Gary and I were getting some pretty ruff treatment from some of the other LSU fans around us. We decided rather than fight a no-chance fight we would just leave.
I had brought with me a radio headset so I could listen to the pre-game shows and hear Jim Fyffe call the game. So when we were outside the stadium I put the radio headset back on, and started repeating Fyffe's call of the game.
While we were at the intersection by the Athletic dorm we could the roar inside the stadium and I was yelling, "Brian Robinson, Brian Robinson" at the top of my lungs. Just then I yelled, "TOUCHDOWN AUUBBBBBUUUURRRRRNNNN!!!!!"
There were hugs, and high fives galore. Gary and I recieved invitations to several tailgate parties by those who surrounded us that day. We just decided to head on back home and enjoy the trip listening to the post game show, sore throats and all.
It's games like this that come around once in a lifetime. I was there, and for the most part, a witness. Another special moment in Auburn Tiger football history.
Last year as we all know, Auburn had a terrible time defensively with injuries. No area was harder hit than Linebacker and Defensive Back. The staff did an excellent job of recruiting these positions, and recieved some really good news with Aairon Savage being granted a sixth year of eligiblity, and Zac Etheridge rehabbing with a good chance at returning.

Tyler Henderson over at Auburn Eagle has this fine piece for us on Auburn’s Linebacker corps.

Chris Low of ESPN has this about Auburn….

and, the about what to look for in the West division of the SEC.

Probably the best story to come out of Auburn last year was the unselfish and unyielding character of Kodi Burns.
Jay G. Tate of Montgomery Advertiser fame has this unique look into the season ahead of Kodi Burns. Stop by and visit Jay and the gang known as the Hotties. They are good people.

The Auburn Women’s golf team had a difficult time with the weather this past weekend finishing eighth. The official site has this report.

In Women’s Basketball, the ladies smothered Miss. State to the tune of 50-36. The full report is here.

Auburn’s lady Equestrian team is ranked second nationally and had a great competition against #4 Oklahoma State. We go to the official site for the inside scoop here.

Our ladies of the Gymnastics field are nationally ranked as well.

The Men and Women continue to shine in Track and Field nationally.

In Cross Country two Auburn men finished with All-American honors.

Once again we are trying to come up with news for you guys and this time of year it’s slow concerning football. There are lots of good vibrations around this Auburn team, from the fans, and the administration.
Expectations are running high. and reasonably so.
To look at the future, one must look at the past, so as not to make the same mistakes, and repeat what worked well.
War Eagle Atlanta, over at TRACK ‘EM TIGERS has an excellent read on the top 25 teams of the past decade.

Charles Goldberg at has a nice video for us from Gene Chizik’s press conference Monday.

Andy Bitter has another fine article in the Ledger-Enquirer concerning the start of spring practice and some players who will participate at the Tailback position.

We will continue to search the news and get all we can to you.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bryan Kelley has this neat slideshow over at the Bleacher Report. It's way too early to look at 2011 recruits unless you are a College Coach, or you are part of the fastest growing segment of college fans, the "recruitniks".

Here is a really neat Q&A with Ben Tate. It's found on the Official Auburn site.

Kevin McGrady has an excellent look at the potential of Auburn's Offense in the coming season.
Andy Bitter does such an excellent job of keeping us informed day to day. Here is what he had on Coach Chizik's Monday Press conference.

Jay G. Tate has this on the Chizik presser too.

Every year this subject comes up. Like it or not some people won't let a dead horse rot.

Plainsman Parking lot is your fix for all things Auburn baseball. The Tigers of the diamond took their first series of the young season. Here are the recap and injury updates.

John over at The Sleeper Team has this fine piece to peruse. Your enjoyment may not match mine, but there's some handy info here.

Jeryy over at The War Eagle Reader does a super job of telling you the way life is as an Auburn Swim Team Champion. can you say DOMINATE!