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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

I wish you all well for 2014 and I am hoping that Auburn will possess another "Crystal Football" on Monday night. It has been a remarkable year for this Auburn football team and one second on 11/30 changed Auburn football history forever. 
I will be watching this game from Auburn this time and I will be posting photos from Auburn under Randy Comer on my Twitter account.
photo by Randy Comer
War Eagle!

Arkansas Pine Bluff at Auburn MBB postgame

Friday, December 27, 2013

My Thoughts: Live Blogging the BCS Championship

Tre Mason will change Pasadena to RUN-adena
                                                 photo courtesy of the Birmingham News

We have reached the point where we are starting to get past the Christmas euphoria. Family time has been wonderful, and some nice new memories have been added to the stockpile, but it's time to move on. After all, we do have a trophy to win!

 The real preparation for the upcoming BCS National Championship game has begun. Yesterday, the team started the last series of practices for the game, and the year, at Auburn. By the end of the week, they will be making their way West to the sunny California. Your humble blogger will make his way to Pasadena RUN-adena, CA and try to blog all the happenings from a fans point of view. I did not try to obtain press privileges. I want to enjoy this, and bring you some of the excitement as well.

 My mission is to bring you live updates, pictures, and video from the pregame festivities, and of course, the actual game itself.

 You can follow along right here. I would suggest you try to refresh the page occasionally, I will be posting as much as I can. Also, you need to follow along on the ATB Twitter account. You can do so here: @AUTigerBloggin  I will post pictures from my cell phone on twitter.

I hope that you enjoy the game, it is our wish for you to follow along with us right here on ATB. Have a safe and happy New Year. May GOD bless each of you, and as always,


Tuesday, December 24, 2013

More Bowl Season: Hawaii Bowl Preview

Here we are days into the last of the BCS Bowl Season. With a wild game in the first game of the Bowl Season, Washington State and Colorado State didn't disappoint. Today is the 24th of December and today's game pits off two teams who have had their share of success in the recent past. Boise State hasn't had a losing season with now former head coach, Chris Peterson. With him not on the sideline, how will the Broncos play? And Oregon State, came into this season off of a 9-4 season, with this year looking very promising. After dropping the first game, the Beavers won 6 straight before hitting a brick wall. Since Oregon State was 6-1, they have dropped their last 5. It Started with Stanford. An extremely talented team that had another great year and playing in The Rose Bowl. Then faced a surging USC team that was magnificent under interim coach Ed Orgeron, who also just dominated in their bowl game against the 20th ranked Fresno State. The list goes on. The remaining teams are all in bowl games; Arizona State, Washington, and Oregon. Here are a few team rankings (according to that breakdown how each team has performed throughout the year:
Photo Courtesy of Josh Rasmussen
Rankings According to
Boise State:                                                                   Oregon State:
Passing Offense- 29th                                                   Passing Offense- 3rd
Passing Defense- 91st                                                   Passing Defense- 32nd
Rushing Offense- 28th                                                  Rushing Offense- 121st
Rushing Defense- 61st                                                  Rushing Defense- 87nd
Scoring Offense- 19th                                                   Scoring Offense- 29th
Scoring Defense- 38th                                                   Scoring Defense- 81st
Total Offense- 21st                                                        Total Offense- 26th
Total Defense- 69th                                                       Total Defense- 64th


Key Notes
Oregon State averages 378 pass yards a game.
Oregon State middle of the pack in penalties a game with 6.4 Penalties/Game and Boise State is one of the least penalized teams in the country with 4.1 a game.
Another key to watch is RedZone Defense- Oregon State is 120th while Boise State is 39th.


I see a very offensive game. Boise State will be without Joe Southwick, suspended QB for violating team rules, should be alright and another obstacle will be dealing without former head coach and proven winner Chris Peterson. And Oregon State, I see them playing well. Oregon State has lost 5 straight, but their strength of schedule and conference will make a difference. Those loses have came against extremely reputable teams. I don't see Boise being able to keep up with Oregon State.

Oregon State 42 - Boise State 28

Jonathan Ferrey/Getty Images

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

'Twas at The end of the IronBowl (A Parody)

'Twas at the end of the IronBowl,
With no seconds on the clock!!
The stadium grew quiet!
The fans were in shock!
When all of a sudden by a request of St Nick,
One second was added and we had to work quick!!
Chris Davis was told to
Get down by the goal!! ;
And If he misses the kick, be ready to roll!!
The ball was kicked and it fell off to the side!!
Chris Davis reached up with arms open wide!!
He held on to the ball with all of his might;
and started running so fast he almost took flight!!
The clock had stopped running,
but the ball was still in play!!
And in just one quick second,
IronBowl history was made that day!!!
Then up in the stands there arose such a clatter,
That seismologists in Huntsville thought something was the matter!!
Christmas came early to Auburn this year!!
We faced every challenge without any fear!!!


poetic tiger

Thank You #Auburn Fans

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Q/A With the Future TE: Phone Call With Chris Laye

photo courtesy of 247 Sports

Just click on the download button and listen away. 

Here is about 9 minutes of the Phone Interview I did with Chris Laye. He is currently committed to the Auburn Tigers as a Tight End. I asked him questions that came in from you guys, such as, why he committed to Auburn, what role he plans to fill, talked a little about recruiting and what he see's in the near future at Auburn.
 He is a great kid, very sincere, and certainly fits the role of an Auburn Man. If you haven't, be sure to give him a War Eagle and an Auburn welcome. Also below will be a link to his highlight tape so you get a glimpse of what Auburn has in store. Via YouTube

Here is Chris' highlight video 

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Auburn Tigers 2013: The Unstoppable

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

On The First Week of Bowl Season

Well here we are. It's December 18th and the regular season has been over for weeks now and all that remains are the gazillion bowl games. Not complaining, but from now until the Championship on January 6th, there are 35 bowl games. The first 4 of them take place on Saturday. Here are the match ups and my predictions on each game this weekend.

New Mexico Bowl
December 21, 2013
2:00 PM

     In this first match up we have Wahington State against Colorado State. The Cougars are 6-6 on the year and Rams are 7-6 coming in to the bowl game. Here are a few rankings of each team according to
Washington State:
Passing Offense- 5th
Passing Defense- 108th
Rushing Offense- 125th, yes dead last
Rushing Defense- 89th
Scoring Offense- 66th
Scoring Defense- 94th
Total Offense- 54th
Total Defense- 104th
Colorado State:
Passing Offense- 41st
Passing Defense- 110th
Rushing Offense- 28th
Rushing Defense- 39th
Scoring Offense- 22nd
Scoring Defense- 79th
Total Offense- 30th
Total Defense- 76th

On paper, Colorado State looks like the obvious winner. But don't count out the Cougars. The games Washington State have an "L" beside them are very reputable opponents. Auburn, Washington, Stanford, Arizona State, Oregon, and Oregon State. And Washington State plays in a better conference. You can see where I'm going with my pick. 
Washington State

Las Vegas Bowl
December 21, 2013
3:30 PM

     This game is my Game of the Week because it faces off two teams that have played well this year and will be very fun to watch. Fresno State takes on the USC Trojans in what might turn out to be a shoot out. I guess we will see here are the rankings of the two teams:
Fresno State:
Passing Offense- 1st
Passing Defense- 118th
Rushing Offense- 70th
Rushing Defense- 35th
Scoring Offense- 3rd
Scoring Defense- 77th
Total Offense- 2nd
Total Defense- 83rd
Passing Offense- 78th
Passing Defense- 30th
Rushing Offense- 57th
Rushing Defense- 21st
Scoring Offense- 63rd
Scoring Defense- 17th
Total Offense- 75th
Total Defense- 14th

Again on paper it looks like Fesno State will put up points. USC's defense is pretty stout, but I see USC pulling it out late, finishing off a remarkable year.

Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
December 21, 2013
5:30 PM

     In the Potato Bowl we have Buffalo and San Diego State. To me this one is really a "coin flip" game. Both teams are pretty evenly matched up and ballanced. Here is what both teams look like on paper:
Passing Offense- 68th
Passing Defense- 23rd
Rushing Offense- 54th
Rushing Defense- 57th
Scoring Offense- 44th
Scoring Defense- 22nd
Total Offense- 65th
Total Defense- 31st
San Diego State:
Passing Offense- 35th
Passing Defense- 88th
Rushing Offense- 69th
Rushing Defense- 23rd
Scoring Offense- 58th
Scoring Defense- 89th
Total Offense- 53rd
Total Defense- 41st

San Diego State is a 1 point favorite and I just feel like Buffalo will win this one. Toss up.

New Orleans Bowl
December 21, 2013
9:00 PM

     The last matchup of the weekend is between Tulane and Louisiana Lafayette. Tulane opens as a 1.5 point favorite but I don't see it. In this matchup I think the paper team wins this one. Here are the rankings and you can make your own pick:
Passing Offense- 104th
Passing Defense- 62nd
Rushing Offense- 103rd
Rushing Defense- 17th
Scoring Offense- 87th
Scoring Defense- 23rd
Total Offense- 118th
Total Defense- 21st
Louisiana Lafayette:
Passing Offense- 76th
Passing Defense- 81st
Rushing Offense- 40th
Rushing Defense- 50th
Scoring Offense- 43rd
Scoring Defense- 72nd
Total Offense- 64th
Total Defense- 59th

I believe Louisiana Lafayette is a more balanced team overall and win this one. Tulane is the better defensive team and Louisiana Lafayette has the better offense. 
Louisiana Lafayette 

     The games only get better from here. Still a good weekend of games so be sure to tune in and catch all the fun.

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"A New Day" -Promo

Practice Begins For the Last Crystal Ball Trophy

 Coach Gus Malzahn talked with the media after the initial BCS Championship practice. Focus was on fundamentals, and getting some of the younger players. This is a common way to start practices for Bowl games.

 Interesting item in this video is where Gus tries to put to rest the rumors that he will be a candidate for some high profile jobs when they come open. Gus stated emphatically that he is "..a great fit for the Auburn Tigers"

 Thanks to Bryan Mathews, and 24-7 sports for the video.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Rambling Thoughts

Gabe Wright and Dee Ford pose with the SEC Championship Trophy. Photo by Todd Van Emst

The prime time college football awards show on ESPN the other night was somewhat enjoyable. Certainly Auburn football received some noteworthy love from the network, and rightfully so. Tre Mason, and Gus Malzahn each were spoken highly of by the hosts. Tre was dubbed a "Manimal, half Man and half animal" by FSU defensive back Lamarcus Joyner. My personal favorite is the "Kick Six" by the Auburn special teams winning the "Play of the Year" award. Naturally Chris Davis gets the attention, but we all know it takes a team effort every play. Seldom mentioned is that Ryan Smith was removed from that safety position, and had one of the break away blocks on that return by Davis.

I evidently do not grasp the criteria of some of the awards given annually to the best players at each position. The questions I keep asking are being met with silence. Why was Steven Clark, Auburn's punter not mentioned for the Ray Guy Award, when he was once a finalist? His numbers were better, so what gives? Same for Cody Parkey, the touchback king of the SEC. He even kicked a few of his kickoffs thru the uprights! During the SEC Championship game, he hit the crossbar of the uprights and Verne Lundquist exclaimed "Doink! There's another touchback from Parkey."

Away from the awards show Auburn is still getting some love. Tre Mason was invited to the Heisman Awards show, where the consensus is he will not be named the winner. Still, all this puts Auburn in a positive light, and can only help Gus Malzahn and company with their recruiting efforts. Which is a great way to segue into our next topic. 

Recruiting has come to a halt as the dead period, which according to the NCAA regulations means:
 "During a dead period a college coach may not have face-to-face contact with college-bound student- athletes or their parents, and may not watch student-athletes compete or visit their high schools. Coaches may write and telephone student-athletes or their parents during a dead period."

Currently the Tigers have 19 verbal commits. The mid-year JUCO athletes may sign as early as December 18th.  For all those coming out of High School the date that these potential student-athletes may sign their National Letters -of-Intent is on February 5th, 2014. The signing period runs thru April 1st, 2014 for them.

Current estimates have Auburn with 5 more spots open to fill. Depending on whether or not some of the current roster decides to try their luck in the NFL Draft.


Florida AM at Auburn WBB highlights

Saturday, December 14, 2013


 This first video was done by an individual (Johnp) and found on YouTube

This video comes from AUHD and Auburn Athletics.

Tre Mason In New York

Thanks to for the video. 

Oh What A Very Merry Year: Auburn 2013

It has been a very memorable year for the Auburn Tigers. One year after a very forgettable one. And it all started on April 20, 2013, when Auburn Football held their annual Spring Game. Tickets went fast. People knew how Gus Malzahn operated in the past and wanted to get eyes on with how he could transform offenses. And pack the place out he did. 83,401, including my wife and I, attended to watch what would be Auburn's future.

 The attendance for the Spring Game broke the record that had previously set. And from that day forward the Gus Bus had it's wheels rolling and not looking back. Malzahn's philosophy of HUNH and take every game and play one at a time sank into the players. 

Auburn opened with Washington State (also there) and didn't disappoint. Nick Marshall's passes, sometimes inaccurate, but made all the fans eyes open wide at his abilities. Auburn won that game and the next against Gus's old ball club.

 The next game is what made Auburn believe in Gus and Nick Marshall. Down to Mississippi State late in the fourth, Malzahn called up the perfect plays and Nick threw the ball like a winner. Making play after play. And on that final play of that drive, after moving the ball all the way down the field while losing a game, Marshall pumped and made an outstanding throw to C.J. Uzomah in the corner of the Endzone with 10 seconds remaining.

 The 2012 team would have given up, like they had on multiple occasions. Not this team. Not coached under Gus Malzahn. That was the first moment where the players and fans realized that this team could win football games against quality opponents. Prior to the season, I had four loses on Auburn's schedule; Alabama, Georgia (who I thought would win the SEC), LSU, and Texas A&M. LSU was next. I was very disappointed at the beginning of the game. But It soon dawned on me that, again, it is at LSU where no one really wins besides LSU, it was pouring rain straight into our players faces the entire 1st half, and this is a very good LSU team. Being down this team found it in their minds and body to fight. Fight until the game was over. Auburn threw an interception with roughly 5 minutes remaining while driving the ball and LSU would hold the ball and win 35-21. Auburn not quitting was a testament to what this team would become. Winners. 

Auburn ran through the SEC and the remaining non-conference games without a blemish. And in less than three weeks, Auburn made miracles happen on more than one occasion. Georgia's Aaron Murray had just scored the go-ahead touchdown in the last minutes of the game. But this team didn't quit. Facing a 4th and 18, the game and future riding on this down, Nick Marshall dropped back and floated the ball down the field. Two UGA defenders touched the ball and it popped up into a perfect spiral and when Ricardo Louis snapped his head back around it hit his fingertips. Auburn scored had scored again with 25 seconds remaining in the game and would hold on. But the magic in November didn't stop there.

 After getting obliterated 49-0 in last years Iron Bowl, Alabama came to town. It would be Auburn who would strike first and last. Down 21-14 at the half, having scored as many points as the Tigers had in eye previous two meetings, Auburn came out strong. Again, Nick Marshall had made play after play and moved the ball down the field. Read option, Marshall keeps it, defender bites, Marshall pulls up and throws to a wide open Sammie Coates. 28-28. 32 seconds remaining. Win or lose Auburn had played the number one team in the nation for 59 minutes and 28 seconds. Everyone in that stadium would have been proud of them no matter what.

 Alabama had the last chance and what happened next will be probably one of he greatest plays of this century. They missed 57 yard field with 0:01 seconds left, turned into the Chris Davis "kick six" that would stun the world as Auburn had beaten the #1 Crimson Tide after the biggest turnaround in history.

 After being the worst team in the SEC the previous year Auburn had won 11 games and only had that one loss to that strong LSU team in Death Valley. Next? The SEC Championship where Auburn ran for 545 yards and Tre Mason ran for 304 ALONE!

 With an amazing year and turnaround almost complete, Mason and many other Tigers, had their names in the short list of finalists for their respective awards. And many making the All-American lists and All-SEC teams. Gifts kept coming.

 Malzahn won the Coach of the Year Award and Mason made it to NYC as a Heisman Finalist after an impressive year of breaking records. What a year it has been. Filled with moments that most Auburn fans will never forget, this season isn't over. Auburn is ranked #2 in the nation and is playing Florida State in the BCS Championship Game in Pasadena. Wow. Yes. I said it. The National Championship Game. I am proud of the Tigers. And with Gus Malzahn and Nick Marshall, I believe again. I believe in Auburn and love it. War Eagle!

Football Q/A at the closing of the year:

Why is Tre Mason an All-American above Ka'Deem?

Both players deserve it. No doubt. Mason outplayed some very exceptional runners in the SEC and has kept his foot on the pedal in SEC play. Among the teams Tre has made look weak, Alabama and Missouri, in the past few weeks he has rushed for a combined 469 yards. Mizzou was ranked 2nd in rushing D in the SEC. After they played Auburn, Mizzou was ranked 9th. From 14 in the country in rush D to 47th. Granted that was with all of Auburn's powerful rushing attack, spearheaded by Mason.
Ka'Deem Carey had 1,716 rushing yards and 17 touchdowns, but the PAC-12 is no SEC. Arizona played 3 teams that are currently ranked in the top 50 in Rushing D. Auburn has played 5. (Arizona: USC, Utah, Arizona State) (Auburn: Alabama, LSU, Mississippi State, Georgia, and Mizzou) Both players didn't get enough media attention, but the conferences probably had something to do with Mason being over Carey. Mason had such consistency against top opponents.

With Mack Brown stepping down, which SEC coaches, of any, might fill his spot?

As of right now I really don't think it will be an SEC Coach. If Nick Saban would have caught word that he had confirmed stepping down prior to him signing his extension, I think Saban would be in Austin as we speak. More names are thrown around though. Malzahn, Franklin, Miles? I really don't think Malzahn is going anywhere. Call me a barner, but I don't see him leaving Auburn for a while. Franklin? He is certainly a great Head Coach. I don't think he will high on Texas' list, but his name as well as Les Miles is out there.

Where will Auburn finish in recruiting?

Auburn has been racking up talent left and right. Malzahn has went to the JUCO ranks again in need of instant impact players, similar to last year, but he is also flipping and appealing more and more young players as the season concludes. If Auburn is to win the National Chanpionship after the debacle last year, Auburn finishes with a top 3 or 4 class.

Heisman race next year?

No doubt that next years Heisman finalist will be a complete different bunch. I think Tre Mason leaves for the draft and plenty of love from all the Auburn family, but next year I believe a different Tiger will be there. Nick Marshall. I mean jeez, he was a defensive back two years ago. Last year was his first job as a QB in the college ranks and he competed exceptional. He joined Auburn in August. 4 weeks of QB play before he started against Washington St. He was raw, but you could tell when he fell into the offense he would excel. He has posted outrageous numbers in his first year and with a full off season and with the experience, Marshall WILL post big numbers next year. Others I believe will be there; Mariota, Winston, and a few random success stories. 

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Football Buzz: December 11, 2013

Almost half week after the SEC Championship, a lot of headlines and comments have be brought out from SEC Coaches and teams. With the entire college football world in disarray, there is plenty buzzing this time of year. Here are a few quick comments and thoughts to think about in the coming weeks.

Monday, Nov. 18, 2013, at the Mal Moore Athletic Facility in Tuscaloosa, Ala. (AP Photo/, Vasha Hunt)

There is plenty buzzing around the University of Alabama these past few days. Everything from head coach comments to head coach decisions. Yes, it has happened AGAIN and true or not it is certainly enticing. With Mack Brown reportedly stepping down between now and Friday, Nick Saban's name has been thrown into the mix yet again. With Saban's wife house shopping in Austin and "supposedly" closing on a house, the rumors keep growing and growing. The Saban family and some players have both expressed their dislike in how Alabama fans act and carry themselves. And reports of "special pressure" to win at Alabama only helps his case to move West. With a contract already in place for Saban, it just sits on his desk and collects dust. The reason? I don't know. But with all Texas has to offer it isn't such a far thought that by the beginning of next season, Nick will be sporting his straw hat in Austin. The money? The multitude of recruits? A new challenge? He doesn't need the SEC anymore. The playoff system would benefit him wherever he is. Who knows. For now we must wait. The answers will come out sooner rather than later.
Dec. 8, 2013, during a press conference at the Auburn Athletic Complex in Auburn, Ala. (Julie Bennett/
Plenty of buzz around Auburn. National Championship buzz, Heisman buzz, Coach of the Year buzz, you name it. This has been a very memorable year for the Tigers and it's not over yet. Auburn starts out as an 8.5 point underdog in the Championship game and I have heard everything from FSU blowout or Auburn cant stop FSU from everyone at work. That preview will be later though. For the moment, the next event takes place this Saturday where Tre Mason attends New York City as a finalist for the Heisman. It will certainly be hard to top Jameis Winston, but none the less, it is still a very special moment to be rated as one of the top 6 most outstanding players in ALL of college football. Also, Coach Gus Malzahn receives his Coach of the Year Award this coming Thursday during ESPN's Award Presentation Ceremony. Many great things to come for the Tigers.

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Last year in November, the Auburn family was sad!
Our Auburn Tigers had fallen apart!
There was nothing left for them to look forward to;
A group of men with no fire in their heart!!

But in December prayers were answered!
We got a great gift we now call Coach Gus!!
He offered to restore pride and dignity;
And we joined together on his victory bus!!

He brought with him a great group of coaches,
Who came with a plan to rebuild and unite!!
They taught our men to have faith and believe;
And to courageously stay in the fight!!

With united hearts these men have come together!
Teams like ours aren't easy to find!!
Their greatness is part of an attitude!!
Our Auburn team is one of a kind!!

Winning the Iron Bowl was all part of Destiny!;
And Destiny caused a dynasty to crumble!!
When that last second ticked off the clock that day!;
Our Roars of victory caused the ground to rumble!!!

We carried this fire on to the Georgia dome;
Where the SEC East met the Sec West!!
Mizzou was left in our smoldering ashes!!
We are the SEC champions!! We are the Best!!

What a difference a year has made!
National Championship history is soon in the making!!
We will come back home from Pasadena victorious!;
The coveted crystal football will be ours for the taking!!

poetic tiger

Monday, December 9, 2013

Auburn Defensive Back Chris Davis

SEC Champions

I am still in awe of this Auburn football team. I think that I may have seen the best performance by an Auburn Football team in an SEC Championship game. I did decide last Saturday morning to watch the game at my home so that I could really watch the game. I did go to the Georgia Dome on Saturday morning to enjoy the atmosphere and I must say that it was the largest crowd that I have seen and I have been around all of the prior games. Props to Jay Prosch and the Auburn offensive line for opening up those holes in the Missouri defense. Also, the Auburn defense did stop Missouri when it counted towards the end of the game. I have received many reports from friends who were at the game and I was told that Missouri was just not able to figure out how to stop Auburn's rushing game. Tre Mason gave a true Heisman performance with 304 yards rushing and I will just say that I am thankful that Auburn now has Nick Marshall to run the offense.  

Here is a photo of  Toomer's Corner yesterday. I had previously planned to meet friends at Moe's BBQ near Toomer's for lunch if Auburn was to win the SEC Championship game. By the way, the smoked chicken sandwich with the slaw is superb. There was a line of cars coming through Toomer's all afternoon and the "sandwich chef" at Moe's told me that he had served people from all over the Southeast. It does seem that Toomer's Corner is now a popular destination for people traveling on I-85. People were taking photos at Toomer's and the J&M Book store was crowded. It did seem that the crowd was waiting for the coveted SEC Championship tee shirts to arrive.  It was a very festive atmosphere in Auburn after that victory in the Georgia Dome on Saturday night.

Thanks to Gus Malzahn and his coaching staff for putting Auburn University back on the map of College Football. 

I am just happy to be an Auburn Tiger this morning!

Gus Talks w/ Media: BCS Championship Game

Thanks to for the video.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Auburn Trainers and Managers Reaction to Ohio State Loss

Not Over Yet: The Run For It All

It's completely amazing at how College Football has played out this year. It really has been breathtaking and magical. I am a HUGE Auburn supporter, but if you put any teams name beside what Auburn has been able to do it would still be simply amazing. Last second catches to beat Mississippi State, "The Prayer in Jordan-Hare" to beat a bitter rival in Georgia, and the "Kick Six" that beat the #1 Crimson Tide, on what will be remembered as possibly the best College Football finish ever, and the destruction of #5 Missouri's rush defense. After its all said and done, NO ONE in their right mind would have Auburn at 12-1, with and SEC Championship, heading to the BCS Championship Game. But here we are on December 8, 2013, and #3 Auburn posts 677 total yards and 545 of those rushing yards, 304 by Tre Mason alone, against the #5 Missouri Tigers in the SEC Championship. But more on him in a little bit. Ohio State played their first top ten team in a long time and Michigan State came out on top knocking off the second ranked Buckeyes. What does this mean? It means that the team who went 3-9 overall and 0-8 in the SEC last year is more than likely playing for the BCS Championship in Pasadena on January 6th.
The Auburn Tigers, improbable SEC champs.
Against Mizzou, Auburn ran early and often. Finishing with 282 at the half. Missouri came into this game only allowing 119 PER GAME. Meanwhile, Nick Marshall decided he wanted to throw as well. He hit Sammie Coates on the first three passes of the game with a TD. Coates ended with 6 catches and 94 out of Auburn's 132 passing. But back to the work horse. Mason, in the first half, had 195 yards in the first half, on what turned out to be the final push for the Heisman Trophy. He broke, the legend, Bo Jackson's school record for single season all purpose yards with 2,137, Bo had 1,859. Mason broke, Heisman winner and first overall pick in the NFL Draft, Cam Newton's single season rushing TD record with 22. Cam had 20 TD runs in 2010. He also carried the ball 46 times which broke Cadillac Williams and Michael Dyers previous record. Another record, most rushing yards in an SEC Championship Game set in 2003 by LSU's Justin Vincent (201). But to look at the past 4 Heisman winners. Three of the, Manziel, Newton, and Ingram, all lead the SEC in most rushing categories. Manziel also passed the ball, but he had 1,181 rushing yards with 19 TDs. Newton had 1,473 rushing yards with 20 TDs. Ingram had 1,658 rushing yards and 18 TDs. This year Tre Mason has ran the ball for 1,621 yards and has 22 TDs, ALONG SIDE of Nick Marshall who has 1,023 rushing yards, which is 8th in the entire SEC, and 11 TDs, only 3 TDs behind the second leading rushing TDs in the SEC. Also shares the ball with Cameron Artis-Payne and Corey Grant, when combined, have 12 rushing TDs and 1,059 yards. No one on this Earth can disagree with him being in New York for the trophy presentation and he should be given a fair chance to win. Back to the last three games for the Tigers. Top 25 opponent in Georgia, and two top 5 wins in consecutive weeks. Impressive as it is, Auburn now gets the #1 team in the Nation again, except this time, it will be for it all. A National Championship.
From Here.
Nick Saban Press Conference Following BCS National Championship
(Andy Lyons/Getty Images)
Auburn finishes the final Associated Press Poll at #2 behind Florida State and one ahead of Alabama and is the same position in the Coaches Poll. Later today we will know the final BCS Standings and I will go over my Bowl Picks in a later blog. WAR EAGLE to all.
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Celebrate Good Times C'mon



My Thoughts: SEC Champions!

Celebration! photo by: Tiffany Pyle

I have to be totally honest, I never thought I would be writing this post, not this Fall. I had hopes of maybe writing it next December. We will now save that discussion for another time.

 The Auburn Tigers came into this game as I had feared they would. Fresh off of an improbable victory the week before, the Tigers looked sloppy to start with. It wasn't until midway thru the second quarter that they got their act together, and started playing like they have the last seven games. Turnovers that came at a high cost, and the huge height advantage that Mizzou wide outs had over our DB's played out as was predicted early on.

 The scoring started a little slow with a punt and a Field Goal to start the two first possessions. Then the Touchdown water faucet was turned on. It looked, for all intents and purposes, to be a Mountain West Conference game, for a while at least, trading Touchdown after precious Touchdown, until the calculators had to be brought out. Many records were broke this night. Tre Mason set new single season Auburn All-Purpose yardage record (2,137), and rushing Touchdown record (22).

 Mason also set a new SEC Championship game rushing total with 304 yards on 46 carries. He was named MVP for his efforts.

 Missouri's head football coach Gary Pinkel was asked during his post game press conference if he could tell people how to stop Auburn's run game. He stated simply that "I am the wrong person to ask, I'd have stopped it if I could have."

HIGHLIGHTS: courtesy of Auburn Athletics and AUHD

Many times the drives that Auburn wasn't successful on, and there weren't many, looked as if Auburn was the culprit more so than the Mizzou defense. That  is not to talk lightly of the black and gold Tigers, it's that Auburn's run game was that effective.

 Nick Marshall was very accurate in the passing game, and finished 9 of 11 with 132 yards a TD and zero interceptions. No pass was more critical than the first down slant pass to Trovon Reed. That pass play was set up by a fake WR screen, that was executed perfectly by Nick Marshal, and Sammie Coates. Reed made the catch, and it kept the go ahead drive alive.

 Afterwards, Quan Bray was asked what the biggest difference was between this year's team, and the team from last year. "We were hungry. The best thing that probably happened to us was bringing Coach Russell back in. Coach Russell, he gets everything out of us." 

 This young team with just 16 Seniors, have made the biggest turn around in Auburn football history. From winless in conference play last season to the "Champions of the best football conference in America."

 The storybook ending has yet to be wrote however, as the road was paved for Auburn to play in the BCS Championship game when Michigan State took down #2 Ohio State in the B1G Championship last night. The Auburn Tigers are expected to be ranked #2 in the country, and have a shot at the National Championship. The second time in 4 years. Do you believe in miracles?


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Friday, December 6, 2013

SEC Championship: By the Numbers

Here’s a look at the numbers for tomorrow’s

SEC Championship:
Scoring Offense38.6 PPG38.8 PPG
Rushing Offense318.25 YPG236.92 YPG
Passing Offensive172.8 YPG252.6 YPG
Total Offense491 YPG489.5 YPG
Scoring Defense22.5 PPG19.4 PPG
Rushing Defense158.8 YPG119.08 YPG
Passing Defense255.7 YPG266.3 YPG
Total Defense414.3 YPG385.4 YPG
TO Margin+1+15
3rd Down Offense45.16% (70/155)46.95% (77/164)
3rd Down Defense35.23% (62/176)36.51% (69/189)
Red Zone Offense87.5% (40 TDs, 9 FGs)88% (35 TDs, 9 FGs)
Red Zone Defense70.45% (21 TDs, 10 FGs)81.08% (19 TDs, 11 FGs)
+10-yard runs12191

(Thanks to Jon Cooper at Saturday Down South for the chart