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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

10 Day Practice Schedule

Auburn released it's schedule for the first 10 days of fall practice. Thanks to for the schedule.


Thurs, Aug 1/Report Day
Fri, Aug 2: Pre-practice & stretch open to media (4-4:20 p.m.)
Sat, Aug 3: Pre-practice & stretch open to media (4-4:20 p.m.)
Sun, Aug 4: Practice begins at 4 p.m.; no media availability
Mon, Aug 5: Pre-practice & stretch open to media (4-4:20 p.m.)
Tues, Aug 6/First Day In Pads: Pre-practice & stretch open to media (4-4:20 p.m.)
Weds, Aug 7: Practice at Jordan-Hare Stadium; pre-practice & stretch open to media (2:30-2:50 p.m.)
Thurs, Aug 8: 10 a.m. and 5:45 p.m. -- Practices (no media window)
Fri, Aug 9: No practice scheduled; Team photo at stadium (morning)
Sat, Aug 10: 10 a.m. – Practice at Jordan-Hare Stadium (no media window); 5:45 p.m. -- Practice (no media window)
Sun, Aug 11: 12:30 p.m. – Practice (no media window);  3:30 p.m -- Fan Day (Auburn Arena)

Meet Auburn Gymnast: Lucia Scaglione

Monday, July 29, 2013

Auburn Heisman Winners - 2013

You Were There: Punt Bama Punt

 Our cheer of  "It's Great To Be An Auburn Tiger" rings true everyday of our lives, but 1972 was an incredible year to be an Auburn Tiger. The final game in that season is the same as every season since then, except for year the LSU game had to be moved because of the terrorist attacks on our country in 2001.

 I was sent a private message via Twitter the other day that had a link to a website as a part of the message. I was hesitant to open the link until I was assured that everything was on the up and up. Here is that link:

 The Alabama team came into the Iron Bowl ranked #2 in the country, and was looking to win the national championship once again. The Tigers from the Plains of Auburn had other things in mind.

Lets Get Ready To Rumble....

Is Auburn truly ready to RUMBLE?

 No doubt you have been either baking in the sun, or figuring out how to stay dry this summer. The weather has been surprisingly different this year thus far. But I didn't start this post to talk weather with you. The college football season draws near, and we all are getting our motors revved up for the start of our "New Day" in 2013.

 Thursday, all the players will officially report to the football complex, and start the practices getting ready for the fall schedule. The first couple of weeks will be grueling, the summer 2-a-days will separate the wheat from the chaff.

 With an entirely new coaching staff, Auburn fans are anxious to find out if their Tigers are going to be much more physical than the past two teams that ran onto Pat Dye Field. The physical aspect of preparation was lacking the past two seasons, and was evidenced by the total shellacking they took by our SEC West brethren. I can't speak for all AU fans, although I feel confident that most are tired of getting pushed around.

 Let's take a look at the schedule, and I'll try to predict some of the outcomes in each game. Thanks goes to 

Auburn 2013 Football Schedule

 Getting a handle on Washington State is not an easy task. Mike Leach is in his second year there, and that is usually when a team is going to show their biggest improvement under the head coach's guidance. There just happened to be so much wrong at WSU, that it may take more than two years for Leach to turn it around. Plus the team ran into more off field issues this post season ending, that I feel Auburn may have the upper hand by simply being at home. Let's call this a win - AU 31 WSU 21

 Arkansas State being the schedule is just a news worthy blip. Something for the mediots to jabber about because Auburn's new head football coach Gus Malzahn was coaching there last season. Nothing to see here but lots of singing the AU fight song - AU 45 ASU 21

 It's no secret that I do not like Dan Mullen. I have no qualms with Mississippi State per se, although as long as Mullens roams the sideline there, I will not be pulling for many victories for the Bulldogs.
 That said, if there are no major injuries on either team, this game should be a very good one to watch. It will also be a yardstick as to how far Auburn has come in turning things around in it's own program. I like Cody Parkey in the clutch in this one. Victory, and 3-0! - AU 27 MSU 24

 Les Miles is jokingly known as the Mad Hatter because of the many last second decisions that he has made and mostly got away with at LSU. Make no mistake, he will have his team physically prepared for all games this season. No one should take LSU lightly just because there were so many defections of lower classmen to the NFL after last season. 
 LSU is both deep in reserves, and well coached. Their record over Miles' tenure proves that to be the case. Auburn's question is this: Are we physically strong enough to play 4 quarters with the upper crust of the SEC West? 
 The Bengal Tigers have a huge advantage in this one by virtue of being at home. Between traveling to Baton Rouge, and not knowing just how well our conditioning really was this summer, I have to pick LSU as the winner in this one, but they will know that Auburn is back! LSU 31 Auburn 30

 I'll pick this up in another post, and we'll look at the next few games before we head into Amen Corner, including back to back conference road games.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

C. J. Uzomah Talks Team

 In this video, Auburn Junior C. J. Uzomah talks about re-learning Coach Malzahn's offense, and much more.

Uzomah, who came to Auburn from North Gwinnette HS in Suwanee, GA has been listed on the preseason Mackey Award watch list. The Mackey Award goes to the best Tight End in college football at the end of every season.

A special thanks goes to the Auburn Authority blog for the video. Click on the link to view the video if you can't see it here.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Meet The Newcomers Keonna Farmer

You Were There: AU vs. Arkansas 2010

Auburn's offense was clicking on all cylinders against the high powered Razorbacks

 As we are all busting with excitement about the start of Two-A-Days practices which begin August 2nd, we can't help but think of some the greatest games played by our Tigers.

 We have journeyed down this path all spring and summer. Let's keep the series going with a look back at one of the most exciting games ever played at Jordan-Hare stadium.

This game featured two of the Top 15 teams in the country. Auburn however, had found its offensive stride, and as history shows, the Tigers could score on anyone, and keep pace with even the best scoring teams. 

Here is the box score for the game, provided by the AUfficial web site.

Score by Quarters     1  2  3  4   Score
-----------------    -- -- -- --   -----
Arkansas............        7 14 14  8  - 43

Auburn..............         7 20 10 28  - 65

 Several key players stepped up their presence in this game. Zac Etheridge, and Josh Bynes led the Ted Roof "bend but don't break defense", and had key performances during the game. Cam Newton kept doing what Cam Newton does, and our offensive line performed admirably, late into the game.

 We have provided two video links, for your viewing pleasure. Enjoy!

 Here is the link to the entire game.

Here is the link to the highlight video.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Women's Basketball Community Service

Ellis Johnson Talks Defense

The sage veteran coach and Defensive Coordinator at Auburn sat down with the media the other day, and expressed his anxiousness to get the summer/fall practices started. 

A special thanks goes out to the guys at 247Sports for the video.

Summer Vacation: Hillbilly Style

The tombstone at the Flight 93 Memorial. God Bless America!

 Hello everyone, and War Eagle!

I have just returned from a vacation in the West Virginia mountains with family in tow. My wife's family is from the Northeastern part of West By-God. That little finger that sticks between Maryland, and Pennsylvania. A family reunion was in order, with plenty of food and memories to pass around.

We barely had phone service in the park where we camped, so internet and keeping up with all the Auburn news was very difficult. Forget writing about our warriors in orange and navy. To say I am happy to be home is an understatement. Funny thing how I have become accustomed to such things as a weather app, weather radar, and my time on the social media networks. Yes, I missed you guys. There. I said it.

Enough about me. It's the time of year that we get serious about Auburn football. The start of two-a-days is upon us. Many questions surround this team, and with a new head coach, and staff installing different philosophies, different playbooks, and different attitudes to the task, we are all full of anticipation.

 Recruiting is going fantastic, but it's a long, long way to National Signing Day.

You may have noticed that we have a small group of people on our contributors list. None of us are "reporters". We will not be bringing you breaking news before anyone else does. That is not why we are here.

 We will not bash any Auburn athlete, nor will we bash any Auburn coach in any of our sports. We will tell it like we see it from time to time, but Auburn itself is very near and dear to all of us, so tearing her down is not what you will find on these pages.

You can follow the blog on Twitter at @AUTigerBloggin and on Facebook. Like us, follow us, and please feel free to comment anytime you wish. You may also consider following our list of contributors on Twitter as well, they are a great group of folks!

As the great Jim Fyffe used to say at the end of each of his broadcasts: My time is up, I thank you for yours.

War Eagle!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A New Day

While the Auburn football team is gearing up for "a new day", that will begin on August 31st, the Students/Faculty of the school is also gearing up for "a new day".  That new day will begin on August 21, 2013, when the entire Auburn campus will become "smoke-free."  This will also apply to game-day.  According to the new policy, anyone wishing to smoke while on campus, may do so in their vehicle as long as the windows remain up. I can only envision a lot of smoked up cars on August 31st. (insert snicker, loud laughter, desk pounding...). I applaud the University for making such a bold move.  Now comes the enforcement part.  All I can say (and I don't smoke, can't stand it, etc.) is, good luck with that one!

Now on to some football.  I am not sure, given the daily afternoon rains, that the football television execs who spotted Auburn three consecutive 7:00 pm kickoffs to open the season, did the fans or the team any favors.  While night games make for some great afternoon tailgating time and cooler stadium, game-watching time, having a soaked wardrobe is not that much fun.

I am sure that Gus is welcoming the first three opponents that appear on the schedule, plus the fact that all three are at home.  Washington State, under second year coach Mike Leach, will certainly look to improve on their 3-9 record of 2012. Coming into the 2013 season, Leach is still in search of a quarterback to run his "Air Raid" system.  Couple that with several off-the-field incidents since the close of the 2012 campaign and Washington State may be looking at the cellar of the PAC-12 again.

Arkansas State will roll onto the Plains on September 7th.  The Red Wolves are all too familiar to Gus Malzahn, since he came to Auburn from there.  It is assured that they will be looking to notch a win for first-year head coach, Bryan Harsin, against their former head-man.  
ASU will be minus QB Ryan Aplin, who led his team to a 10-3 record, a Sun Belt Championship, and a Bowl victory.  The team only returns 12 starters from 2012, 7 on offense and 5 on defense. 
 The Wolves sport the best offensive and defensive lines in the Sun Belt and appear headed to another league title in 2013.
 They will look to senior David Oku to lead them from the running back position.  Oku rushed for over 1000 yards and scored 16 touchdowns in 2012.  Sophmore receiver J.D. McKissic will also be expected to top his 103 catches and 1000 yards receiving effort from last year.
 You can expect ASU to give the Tigers a very stiff test before opening SEC play the following week.

The Bulldog Cowbell from Starkvegas will pull into the station on September 14th and 5th year coach Dan Mullen is feeling some heat.  After an 8-5 finish and a 4th place SEC-West mark., Bulldog fans are ready to beat up on some "big boys".  Mullen is expecting big things from Tyler Russell.  A 28-10 win over Auburn at Davis-Wade Stadium last year would taste even sweeter and make the cowbells ring a little louder inside of Jordan Hare this year. 
 Russell will operate behind four returning offensive line starters that were outstanding, at times.  This is a perfect setup game for some of Auburn's new faces to dip their toes into the boiling SEC West water before heading for a showdown in Baton Rouge.

The smell of football in in the air...39 days, 2 hours and 27, 26, 25, 24...minutes and counting...WAR EAGLE!!!!

Uploaded videos (playlist)

Meet The Newcomers Khady Dieng

Interview with Chris Griffin

Meet The Newcomers: Kiani Parker

Gus Malzahn meets media at SEC Media Days

Meet The Newcomers: Meagan Tucker

Monday, July 22, 2013

Coach Lashlee on QB

This young man impresses me with the way he talks football. I hope he coaches this well. In case you can't see the video, here is the LINK.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Media Days

Hi everyone, its Christy. I just returned from a camping trip. Klell asked me to post but I was unavailable until today. I did not get to see much of Media Days until it was over. I was pleased with the representatives. I wish there could have been some other guys as well. However, I think the choices were terrific.

Chris Davis- I have read several players comment that Chris has been quiet in the past, but has stepped up and become a leader on the team in the captain's practices and workouts. I am pleased to hear/read that because we are in need of leadership. Everything sounds great, so I am always pleased to hear of a new leader.

Dee Ford- Although he has been plagued by injuries, it seems he has always tried to help out with team motivation. I laughed out loud when I saw the picture of him hulking on that little stool to play the piano. If you haven't heard him, he is actually really talented! He's just...large! I cannot wait to see what we get out of him this year. He has an outgoing personality and he mostly seems upbeat and positive to me!

Jay Prosch- As we all know, Jay went through so much last year. I don't think you just recover from the death of your mom, even if you put on a brave face! Jay is one strong dude! I cannot wait to see what he can do in the new offense. I think if it came down to it, he could be a ground-and-pound running back. In that one game last year, he pushed the pile! He was so impressive, almost every time he got the chance. This is a guy that makes good choices. I think he makes a nice leader on the team.

One thing I have noticed is there are so many of the players that have experienced tragedies. There are several of them who have lost their moms or their dads. I know everyone has a sob story, but I like to see kiddos who overcome the bad things and turn them into good. I know they have to have some help to do that- and I think Coach M is the man for the job!

Just some thoughts from me, no real news or anything! War Eagle! 43 days!

Friday, July 12, 2013

You Were There: Auburn vs Florida 2001

 Florida came into this game ranked #1 in some polls, and a consensus top 5 in the country. The Gators and their fans had high hopes of a national title game. 

 In a game with many quality plays to its credit, there was one truly bizarre play called by the "Old Ball Coach" Steve Spurrier. On a 3rd down, with 25 yards to go, Florida runs in their punt team. Nobody in the stadium believed the Gators would punt the ball. When the ball was snapped, the punter fumbled the ball, picked it up, then fumbled again, and the melee was quickly turning into a fiasco for the visitors from Gainesville, FL.

Friday, July 5, 2013

You Were There: A Day That Will Never Be Forgotten

 This week we have posted some great performances of  patriotism by various artists singing about our country and our freedoms. It's with that spirit that we present to you today, the most important day in Auburn football history. Our Independence Day, if you will.

 Auburn had struggled with several other schools to get them to play home and home series with the Tigers. Tennessee was one of the last to cave in and accept that Auburn was "worthy" of hosting them at Cliff Hare stadium. It was our arch rivals however, who had vowed that they would never play a home and home at then named Jordan-Hare stadium. They were wrong, and they paid a price for being wrong on that fateful day.

 With national title aspirations Alabama wanted nothing more that to prove the Tigers and their home were not up to the task of hosting the Tide.

 I have stated many times, that you could have dressed out the 1963 Green Bay Packers in those putrid Crimson and White uniforms, and our boys would have whooped them anyway!

 There was a palpable emotion hanging in the air. There were tears, there was vengeance, and there was Pat Dye, who had done what nobody else could ever do. It was the dogged insistence of Dye that the Iron Bowl be a showcase game at Auburn!  

Alabama could play their home games wherever the heck they wanted to, Auburn people want to play their home games at Jordan-Hare! 

War Damn Eagle!

Indepence Day Tribute -Toby Keith: American Soldier

 I want to take this week to share some of our best musicians singing about our great country. I hope you enjoy these musical tributes.  This will be a dedication of our freedoms, and those who have given of themselves for us to be living in the greatest country on Earth.

 Today we have the wonderful tribute to our troops and their families by Toby Keith, "American Soldier"

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Our National Anthem

 Today would have been my Father's 74th Birthday. He was born on the 4th of July in 1937. He was a patriotic man, as am I. He served in the Naval Reserves. It is an honor to dedicate this day to him, and all of current military personnel, and the veterans who have served in the past. Now, on to our July 4th celebration.

 I want to take this week to share some of our best musicians singing about our great country. I hope you enjoy these musical tributes.  This will be a dedication of our freedoms, and those who have given of themselves for us to be living in the greatest country on Earth.

 I was like millions of Americans that fateful day on September 11th, 2001. Angry, dejected, and wanting to payback the dirty rotten cowards who brought that horrific tragedy to our land. Then as we started to get on with our lives as President Bush thought we should, we were reminded of just how great we truly are. 

 Whitney Houston gave the performance of her life when she sang the National Anthem at the Super Bowl in 2002. Once again, I like millions of Americans, felt a pride, and a kinship with each other that no cowardly act could ever divide.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Born In The U.S.A.

 I want to take this week to share some of our best musicians singing about our great country. I hope you enjoy these musical tributes.  This will be a dedication of our freedoms, and those who have given of themselves for us to be living in the greatest country on Earth.

Nothing says "Patriotic" like the Springsteen classic "Born In The U.S.A." 

Monday, July 1, 2013

Members of the military return home to reunite with their families

Beyonce Sings: God Bless The U.S.A.

 This American favorite was first released by Lee Greenwood, but I was enamored with this rendition by Beyonce. I hope each of you is moved the same way I was, when I first heard this version.

American Independence Tribute

I want to take this week to share some of our best musicians singing about our great country. I hope you enjoy these musical tributes.  This will be a dedication of our freedoms, and those who have given of themselves for us to be living in the greatest country on Earth.

 Up first is Aaron Tippin. 

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