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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

First generation Auburn Oaks seedlings

Auburn Depth Chart

Thanks in large part to Auburn Undercover 

for the depth chart, and for the Malzahn video.


Free safety

Strong safety




Middle linebakcer

Deshaun Davis OR Tre' Williams

Weakside linebacker

Montavious Atkinson OR T.J. Neal

Strongside linebacker

Darrell WilliamsRichard McBryde


Carl Lawson
Jeff Holland






1. Kevin Phillips
2. Ian Shannon


Tyler Stovall
John Franklin III

Long snapper

Ike Powell
Zach Wade OR Clarke Smith

Kick returner

Punt returner

Marcus DavisRyan Davis

Left tackle

Austin Golson
Darius James

Left guard

Alex Kozan
Deon Mix OR Marquel Harrell


Xavier Dampeer
Kaleb Kim

Right guard

Braden Smith
Mike Horton

Right tackle

Robert Leff
Prince Tega Wanogho

H-Back/Tight end


Marcus Davis
Nate Craig-Myers OR Jason Smith


Ryan Davis
Eli Stove


Stanton Truitt OR Will Hastings


Darius Slayton
Tony Stevens OR Kyle Davis

Running back

Kerryon Jonson
Kamryn Pettway


1. Sean White
Jeremy Johnson OR John Franklin III

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Sean White Tabbed as Starting QB

Gus Malzahn named Sean White the starting QB for the Clemson game. 

The Tigers will host Clemson on September 3rd at Jordan-Hare Stadium


Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Coach Steele on Prepping for Season

The Auburn defense focused on basics as they looked at future opponents. "From the back to the front" said Kevin Steele the Tiger Defensive Coordinator

Prayers 4 Players

We PRAY for all. photo by: unknown

Hello again, and War Eagle everyone. 

I'd like to let you know of a group of people that I have been blessed to do spiritual work with. Now, I know what you're thinking, but I ask that you read the entirety of this message before you make up your mind.

There are a small group of us that believe in what we are doing. We are praying for our players. It's as simple as that. Here is our mission statement:

"We are a group of people committed to praying for student athletes. We do not pray for victories on the field, but for victories in the students' lives. We are focused on praying for the safety, well-being, health, education, and spiritual lives of the student-athletes. We believe that prayer is the best way to support the athletes."

By now you're saying to yourself, Isn't this a sports site? Well, yes it is.  Faith and athletics have been associated since the inception of competition itself. It makes perfect sense. 

I ask that join in with us. There is zero cost of admission, and all are welcome, regardless of your faith. There are many ways in which to join our group. You can contact Christy on twitter @tatershell or via email at

If you'd like you can simply pray on your own for the safety and well being of any student athlete you wish. 

We would like to tag our tweets and all social media with this hashtag #Prayers4Players Please feel free to copy and paste this to your social media accounts, and use as often as possible.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and God bless each of you.

Klell Lawrence: Founder Auburn Tiger Bloggin'

Monday, August 22, 2016

Getting Ready for Clemson

Looking too far ahead for any football team is a dangerous proposition. They must play each week, as they come. Preparation and hard work are the keys to success in the off season. 

It is said that every combatant has a plan until they are hit in the mouth. 

Who will flinch? The team with all the expectations, or the team nobody expects to do well?

By all accounts the Auburn football team has been hard at work. Focused and on the mission. The team's slogan for 2016 is "EARN IT."  On September 3rd inside Jordan-Hare Stadium the long wait for the football season will end. 

This off season has been quite different from any I have seen. This team has an air of quiet confidence. I like that. My personal opinion is this attitude will carry this team. 

In 1993, Auburn wasn't picked to be very good. They ran the table. In 2004, Auburn wasn't picked to be very good. They ran table again. Again in 2010, 2013. Same basic scenario.  The Tigers from The Loveliest Village On the Plains are not favorably ranked once again. Will history repeat itself?

Listen to Linebacker Cameron Toney as he talks with the media. Words like "MY TEAM" & "MY GUYS" are used without hesitation. Toney has taken ownership of his position, and his role on this team. This is a contagious attitude. One I hope has spread like wildfire.

It's always the little things that make or break any endeavor. Looking in from the outside, the appearance is, these little things are being addressed. Taken care of, if you will. 

Auburn is earnestly prepping for Clemson. All of the focus is now on hitting Clemson in the mouth, and changing their plans.


Sunday, August 21, 2016

An Auburn Football Season with Questions

Inside be-AU-tiful Jordan-Hare Stadium

Another Auburn football season is upon us and we will all know the outcome of the Auburn/Clemson game by this time in 2 weeks. Of course, I have heard very few positive comments about the Auburn football program, so expectations will not be that high. Here are some of the questions that I have been asked about this Auburn team and some speculation on my part.

1) Who will Auburn start at QB?

Regardless of who does start against Clemson, the goal is to win football games. I like John Franklin; however, Sean White may have a better grasp of the offense by game time. I expect to see two quarterbacks play against Clemson. Also, Woody Barrett could get some snaps during the season.

2) How will Auburn's defense play this season?

I think that Auburn's defense will be improved. Carl Lawson will be a star and watch out for T.J. Neal at linebacker. I am hoping that Byron Cowart will be able to assist Carl Lawson at the other defensive end position. Auburn should be able to put some heat on opposing quarterbacks this season starting with Clemson.                  

3) Who will play running back now that Jovon Robinson is gone?

I look for Kerryon Johnson to start at the running back position. Chandler Cox and Kamryn Pettway may rotate at the halfback position. Could Auburn have two backs in the backfield this season?

4) How is Auburn's offensive line?

They should be solid and I expect them to open up some holes. Braden Smith and Alex Kozan should be all SEC. Also, I look forward to watching Austin Golson play center.

5) Will Auburn make use of the tight end this season? 

With Jalen Harris and Landon Rice on the roster, Gus Malzahn and Rhett Laslee have got to call their number at times. I see a great opportunity for some play action.

6) How will Auburn's defensive backfield look this season?

Jonathan Ford and Tray Matthews will play safety and Carlton Davis will be more experienced at cornerback. We should remember that Jonathan Ford was recruited as a running back so he may get his chance to run the ball some this season.

7) How is Auburn's kicking game?

Solid. Daniel Carlson should be all SEC and Kevin Phillips can punt well. Kevin averaged 45 yards a punt on A Day and he can run and throw the ball well. I look for a few trick plays involving Kevin this season. 

8) How is Auburn at the wide receiver position? 

I think that the Auburn quarterback (whoever that will be) will have better targets to throw at this season. I look for Tony Stevens and Marcus Davis to start. Also, Jason Smith will be in the mix and watch out for Nate Craig-Myers, Kyle Davis and Eli Stove to play as freshmen.              
I plan to enjoy the season and support this team. Auburn has players that could emerge as stars. Very few people have actually seen this Auburn Football team practice so I find it difficult to make projections by what I see on paper. We just never know how an 18 to 22 year old player is going to perform at a specific time of day in a football game.

Enjoy the season and War Eagle!

Football Season

Special thanks to Rob in New York

It's 5:00 in the morning.  It's already incredibly hot outside in south Alabama. The humidity is stifling. Yet, my mind is already racing, and my heart is already pacing. Football season is upon us.

In a few days Auburn will host Clemson, and the sports world will be watching. They will see the spectacle that inspired Bud Poliquin back in 2002 to write:
 "Believe me on this. Please. I have descended into college football’s Grand Canyon. I have stood in its Alps. I have gazed at its ocean sunset. I have attended a game at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn, Ala. And I’ve been changed forever."

With baited breath we all hope to witness a resurgence in our football program. Through the valley of the last couple seasons, we have been divided on the reasoning of our team's less than stellar play. 

Soon, the latest version of Auburn football will take the field, and we will once again be cheering, and supporting our team.

It won't matter who will be the starting QB. It won't matter which RB gets the most carries. To some, all that matters is "Just Win Baby!" To 95% of the Auburn family, it's a reason to celebrate. The wins are better than the loses for sure, but we will love and support our team no matter what. 

We will always support, and love Auburn.

War Eagle!


Friday, August 12, 2016

Auburn Volleyball: Finally Home

Auburn's Volleyball team was introduced to their new home inside the Auburn Arena. While the video is fun to watch, and the girls certainly have reason to be excited, this signals that Auburn is serious about its commitment to Olympic sports, and their athletes.

Will this help with recruiting? Yes.

The end result must be to continue getting better, and start winning championships. For a complete 2016/17 schedule click HERE.

War Eagle!

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Looking at Auburn's "O" Line

Now that we can all breathe a little easier about Auburn's RB position and the storm that ensued the dismissal of Jovon Robinson, lets talk about the offense in general.

We will break it down by positions. Today we start with the linemen.

The strength of any offense in the SEC is the line. Without stellar play from this group, Auburn will have struggles. Any team would. As the fall camp continues, we must pray that all of our guys get thru to the start of the season injury free.

Yes, there are some subtle changes. That's the benefit of having trained at most positions along the line for these guys. As Robert Leff said in the video above, learning, and training for "everything happening on the opposite side" of his body is starting to become second nature. 

Tom Green of said this in a recent report: "By the end of spring, Golson, Leff and Dampeer settled into their new roles and solidified their spots on the line alongside returning guards Kozan and Braden Smith."

That appears to be the starting lineup for Auburn as this is written.  With a little luck, and lots of hard work, this unit should be much improved over last season.


Saturday, August 6, 2016

New Auburn Hype ft. TobyMac

One of my favorite songs with my favorite team? Thanks to Matt Mixson.
Oh yeah, my prayer is answered!

War Eagle!

Wednesday, August 3, 2016

First Day Woes As Auburn Starts Fall Camp

It didn't take long for the Auburn faithful to start worrying about their team this fall. Coach Malzahn told the media he dismissed starting tailback Jovon Robinson from the team today. 


The questions surrounding this version of the Auburn Tigers were plentiful as many in the media had predicted Auburn to be last or next to last in the SEC West Division. 

Losing their starting TB led to a frenzy via social media outlets. 

So, lets take the time to review the remaining members of the Auburn backfield.

#9 Kam Martin
#21 Kerryon Johnson
#27 Chandler Cox
#32 Malik Miller
#36 Kamryn Pettway
#48 C.J. Tolbert

All listed as RB or FB. Cox and Pettway displayed excellence during the spring game at the RB position, and C.J. Tolbert had the best game of all during the spring. Catching and running the ball was seemingly easy for Tolbert.