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Monday, September 19, 2011

A parents nightmare...

Imagine this conversation/
Parent: Hi my name is Joe Q. Public, my son is an outstanding football player, and we want to have a look around your facilities.
Coach: Welcome to The Public University. My name is Coach and I would be happy to show you around, and answer any questions you have.
Parent: He has been interested in coming to this fine institution, and his Mother and I would like to know more about whole aspect of campus, academics and expected lifestyle our son would have if he attended here.
Coach: We have some of the finest facilities in all of college football. Our weight training equipment is the best money can buy, and staffed by complete professionals.
Parents: Can we meet with some of the administrative staff that would be in charge of making sure our son goes to classes, and passes his exams?
Coach: Sure, why don't we let your son tour our beautiful football stadium, while you and I get to the AD offices.
Parents: okay.
Coach: Great player(GP), I want you to meet our defensive coordinator Cool Assistant. C.A. will show you around.
***after the player and assistant coach get out of ear shot..
C.A.: Son, do you like to party?
G.P.: I haven't ever really partied. There is not much to do back home.
C.A.: I know someone who can change your life, and give you all the party you ever wanted
G.P. You would let me party like I want, and still play football?
C.A. As long as it doesn't effect your playing ability, you know your skilz
G.P. I can come back on an official visit with some friends, without my Mom and Dad in a couple weeks.
C.A. You let me know when. Here is my cell number, when you get ready, call a few days in advance, and I'll have it all set up for you. Just one thing, if I do this, I want you to promise to come here and ball.
G.P.: Thanks coach, I'll be back, and I'll commit then!
As sad as this is, it has happened in the very recent past. The University of Miami has had assistant coaches hand deliver young high school aged kids to Nevin Shapiro for the sole purpose to "party" and get these kids to commit to play for the "U". It has happened elsewhere too.
Women, money, booze, tattoos, and many other "favors" have been indiscreetly doled out to 17 year old kids to horror of their parents.
"How did my son even meet this creep? He would never have met Shapiro without Pannunzio," said the father, who requested anonymity because the NCAA has asked the players not to reveal what they said. "To have one of the coaches deliver him up to this guy, it’s incredible."

The lengths and measures grown men will go to for their egos, and their desires, is sickening.
That they prey on our kids is unlawful. To conspire to do so is a crime also, that in and of itself should lead to banning these people from ever coaching or being associated with any university, or athletic program that deals with young men.
The Buckeye program is still under investigation for the "tattoos for memorabilia", and that's just the start.
Shapiro is serving a 20 year sentence for masterminding a ponzi scheme. His affiliation with the Hurricane program, and the list of services he provided potential student athletes is now under investigation  What will happen with his known cohorts in all of this? We wait with baited breath to see how the NCAA handles this one.
Meanwhile the parents of these kids are wondering if there is anyone left to trust.

Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well, it's finally here.
The week we have all been waiting for. Saturday the Auburn Tiger football team will be introduced as the defending national champions. Although many pundits, including our own Phil Steele do not believe the Tigers will be very impressive this season, there is hope that an Auburn spirit has been unleashed, and another great season awaits us.
The athletic department has released the DEPTH CHART and the views are as expected. Except for one item, that is rather blown out of proportion. Lots of young, new faces are in the two deep. The talent is there, they just need to “grow up” as the season progresses.
If it's any consolation, Nosa Eguae the starting DE has stated that this group of freshmen have really spent a lot time in the film room studying, and getting better. Eguae says that “these young guys are further along than I was”. That's great news to me. It usually take freshmen a year or more to learn that hard work is what separates the good from the great.
Utah State should not pose a real threat to Auburn. Last season they took an over rated Oklahoma team to the wire, before folding. This year the Aggies have nearly as many questions as Auburn, with quite a few new faces themselves. Auburn wins this one easily. It may be the second half before we get to see a lot of the true freshmen, but we will get to see them. My prediction Auburn 63-Utah State 17