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Thursday, September 1, 2011


Well, it's finally here.
The week we have all been waiting for. Saturday the Auburn Tiger football team will be introduced as the defending national champions. Although many pundits, including our own Phil Steele do not believe the Tigers will be very impressive this season, there is hope that an Auburn spirit has been unleashed, and another great season awaits us.
The athletic department has released the DEPTH CHART and the views are as expected. Except for one item, that is rather blown out of proportion. Lots of young, new faces are in the two deep. The talent is there, they just need to “grow up” as the season progresses.
If it's any consolation, Nosa Eguae the starting DE has stated that this group of freshmen have really spent a lot time in the film room studying, and getting better. Eguae says that “these young guys are further along than I was”. That's great news to me. It usually take freshmen a year or more to learn that hard work is what separates the good from the great.
Utah State should not pose a real threat to Auburn. Last season they took an over rated Oklahoma team to the wire, before folding. This year the Aggies have nearly as many questions as Auburn, with quite a few new faces themselves. Auburn wins this one easily. It may be the second half before we get to see a lot of the true freshmen, but we will get to see them. My prediction Auburn 63-Utah State 17

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