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Thursday, September 27, 2018

What I Want To See


I have been thinking of a few things I'd really like to see from Auburn football this Saturday when it host Southern Miss at 3 pm CDST. 

I am sure many of you have given this some thought. Most probably want a win with little drama.That's a good start to this list.

Beyond a drama free victory, I would love to see solid performances along our offensive line. Few, if any missed assignments. Let's pass block in a manner that our QB doesn't have to scramble excessively. Let's run block in a fashion that our RB's can gain double digit yards per carry. Southern Miss allows 4.90 yards per carry on average. Let's take advantage of this.

ZERO penalties. 

I would like to see our receivers run perfect routes. No drifting toward the sidelines on curl routes. No short angling of the route when running a post route. 

Hopefully we can see marked improvement in those 50/50 type pass plays. Where the receiver has to battle for the ball. I want us to win a very large majority of them.

I would really appreciate seeing a lot of our younger players and see how much they have progressed. That would be a huge indicator that all I've stated previously, has come to fruition.

Bring on the young guys!


Monday, September 24, 2018

Transitioning From Arkansas to Southern Miss

Saturday night Auburn took down Arkansas 34-3 at home, and improved to 3-1 on the season. 

Some people want to gaze into the negative, and pick apart the team along with the coaches to find something wrong.

Let's look at things from this perspective: Auburn beat an SEC West opponent by 31 points and have the best scoring defense in the conference. 

Was the performance by the Tigers perfect? No. Have you ever seen a complete team win where every single play was perfect? I'll go ahead and answer this one for you. No. 

It's the fourth game of the season. I am shaking my head at some of our fans. 

Next on the agenda is Southern Miss. The Golden Eagles are a pesky bunch with some really good WR's. 

Averaging over 38 points per game and 6.54 yards per play, the key to stopping this offense may be stopping the pass, to make them one dimensional in the run game. 

I know that sounds unusual, but the Golden Eagles only average 3.62 yards per rushing attempt. 

The Southern Miss defense is only allowing 30% of their opponents 3rd down plays to be converted. While allowing just over 25 minutes of possession time the Golden Eagle defense already has 5 INT's this season. 

The keys to success for Auburn offensively, will be taking advantage of the 4.90 yards per carry that Southern Miss allows opponents rushing, while extending drives by converting 3rd downs, and of course finishing drives when in the Red Zone. 

Auburn's defense needs to play a great game, especially in the defensive backfield, and not allow the Golden Eagles extra plays by committing penalties.  

Auburn "should" win this game. If our Tigers can improve some more this week, and put together a solid performance, the game should not be in doubt by the middle of the 3rd quarter. 

I see an Auburn win by more than 30 points.

War Eagle!

Editors note: All statistics provided courtesy of

Friday, September 21, 2018

Catches Yards and Departures: A Closer Look

A lot is being made, rightly so, about the departures of players from the Auburn football team. Some concern is warranted, although a closer look is needed to get to the details.

Lets first take a look at the number of catches being made so far this season. A great big THANK YOU to @AURobUSA for the graphics.

As we see from this graphic, only 7 players have received multiple receptions. The interesting thing, at least to me, is Nate Craig-Meyers only having two receptions.

There are a couple of reasons as to why Meyers had been targeted five times, yet only had two receptions. One is a decided effort by Chip Lindsey to increase the use of the H-Back and the Running Backs in the passing game. 

Meyers, along with his brother Jayvaughn have both decided to leave the program.

Another valid reason is the use of true freshmen Seth Williams, Anthony Schwartz in each of the first 3 games. 

The offensive line struggling to protect Jarrett Stidham, the Auburn quarterback, is likely a factor here as well.

Let's now take a look at the total reception yards for each of these players.

Clearly, Meyers totals being near the same as the RB's is an indication he either hasn't been open during his routes, or targeted enough. 

One other factor is this coaching staff has repeatedly stated most of the younger players would get a chance to "show what they got" early in the season. 

The new Redshirt rules allow each player to play in a minimum of four games and still be able to Redshirt. The new rules also allows for players to declare they will transfer.

My guess is that we have just seen the tip of the iceberg concerning this matter. Next season we will more than likely see a much larger number of teams dealing with this issue. 

This is life in the world of college football now. Get used to it.

War Eagle!

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Transitioning From LSU to Arkansas

photo courtesy of Sandos Hotels &

All the warning signs were put there to see, and I refused to head their message. The offensive line needs time to gel. The Running Back approach will be by committee. 

Auburn lost at home to LSU 22-21 while at times being explosive, and at other times inept.

Auburn had the opportunity a couple of times to drive the ball down the throat of the LSU defense, and chose to do otherwise. Were those play calls because of the inexperience of our Offensive line? Could it be LSU's defensive front was that good? 

While there were enough Yellow laundry flying to signal the Gulf of Mexico was dangerous to do more than wade into, our Tigers failed to do what they accomplished against Washington in the first game. That was to put together a drive to win.

Couple this statement with the fact that the game NEVER should have been close enough for the officials to make game deciding penalty calls, and you have climbed onto my frustration level.

Moving On

Let's put the RB question to bed now. Jatarvious Whitlow is the man. 

While many of us fans are still licking our wounds, the team and our coaches are busy getting ready for the Razorbacks of the University of Arkansas. The 'Hawgs will invade Jordan Hare Saturday with a sour disposition after a dismal performance at home versus North Texas losing 34-17. 

You read that correctly, Arkansas lost to North Texas. The Mean Green of North Texas are a very good football team, and I mean no disrespect. 

The Hawgs are undergoing a radical change from the "Real American Football" of Bret Bielema  to the Chad Morris philosophy of football, and it will take a lot of time. 

Arkansas is 1-2 thus far, and may be primed for an upset of Auburn at home. The home standing Tigers need to stop the run game of Arkansas and make the Razorbacks one dimensional. 

The Hags threw 6 INT's last week, and this may be the weakness Auburn can exploit.

I have every confidence the Auburn defense will show up strong once again for this game. The question is as it was for the first game. How will the Auburn offense perform? 

When our Tigers decide to play a complete game offensively, they will be very difficult to stop. Can they improve against the Hawgs? Time will tell. I believe improvement will be seen. 

Arkansas will not be the team that stops Auburn.

Auburn 38 Arkansas 13


Saturday, September 15, 2018

Groundhog Day 2018 except in our house!

Wow. I am not sure where to start up 21-10 feeling pretty good and then we just lose focus. We just do not lose focus but it is like someone ripped off our glasses, stomped on them and then we were Mr. Magooing all over the field and on the sidelines.

Magoo is copyrighted by whomever owns Magoo - I do not

Now there were some standout performances by a select few players but this is a TEAM sport and you win as a team and you lose as a team. No matter what that was one of the more poorly played games in the last couple years almost as poorly as....oh yeah this time last year in Baton Rouge. 

Is it the end? Hell no! Get back up, dust off, this includes everyone in the Auburn Family and now make a run at this thing.... Of course we have to win out but hey we did it last year through the regular season! So we know we can do it. Bashing the coaches = no good, constructively criticizing through observations and data = maybe helpful. Being a Monday morning QB, doesn't show you are brilliant at all. Love Auburn, love our staff and players and be thankful. There are plenty of people this week with way bigger problems than losing a football game. trust me, this stings, even ticks me off and I will probably be salty until next week but in the end it needs to be put in perspective. Yes, this did sting.


Well here is how our ticket is looking. Do I think LSU is that good? no, do I think we played bad? Yes, and I will be doing some data analysis to prove it later on in the week. 

God Bless Y'all, War Eagle and we'll get'em next week!

Have a safe, peaceful week and please try not to assault any dumbA#$ bammers that are trying to be funny even though we know they are not. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

LSU invading Jordan-Hare SMART Goal recap from ASU too!

I was absolutely overjoyed to see our Tigers bounce back in the first quarter after two drives that would have bogged them down last year. They took care of business plain and simple. The only dig is these darn penalties! I know, I know 4 - 30 is not bad but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Penalties in my opinion equal rust and discipline and starting this week we have to ensure neither of these play a role in the games as the tolerance of mistakes is low with the rest of our schedule.

A look back at the ASU SMART Goal and the Tigers nailed it.

Next up LSU! This team is not as easy as the ASU defense last week and in this rivalry anything can happen. In the past 2 years we have seen games that we thought were going one way and shifted in the final minutes. This week, the good non-drunk looking Tigers need to not carry this game into the final minutes. This Auburn Team has the ability to score fast and control the ball with the stable of running backs and receivers we have. Our defense is also going to have to limit red zone trips as well as not get gashed the way they did against the Huskies in game one. 

If all goes well the Tigers should put this one away with 7 minutes to go in the fourth. Time of possession is going to be critical. Believe it or not last week ASU had more time with the ball than our Tigers....that may be OK against a bug but not another Tiger. Also what needs to improve from last week is our 3rd down efficiency, we were 2 of 10!!!! Against UW we were 9 of 18 and we need to get that mojo back which plays into extending drives and keeping them off the field.

Let me know what you think. LSU can win this if we do not execute the plan and stay focused on achieving the goals of the game plan. This LSU team wants to prove they deserved last year's Christmas gift. The good Tigers need to show them it was nothing more than a fluke. Auburn needs to protect this house and send a statement with a huge win against another top 12 team!

Look forward to your comments and feedback!

War Eagle y'all!

Monday, September 10, 2018

Auburn Fast

artwork created by @AURobUSA

I touched briefly in an earlier post about the increased role some of the true Freshman would have on the Auburn football team. 

We have heard about the exploits of Shaun Shivers and Anthony Schwartz over the summer as they competed for various track and field achievements at the high school level.

Saturday night against an outmanned Alabama State team, we caught a glimpse of the speed that Schwartz possess.  Jeff Shearer of  wrote:

"Schwartz's 57-yard touchdown catch, racing past his defender on a perfectly thrown deep ball from Jarrett Stidham, gave Auburn a 14-0 lead late in the first quarter." 

Deservedly, Schwartz has earned the nickname "FLASH" as he set the world junior record with a 10.15 in the 100 meter dash in 2017. Schwartz broke that record in 2018 running a 10.07 in the same event.

Shaun Shivers isn't a slouch when it comes to speed by any account. He placed second behind Anthony Schwartz in the Florida high school championships. 

District 15-2A 100m dash final.

1. @anthony_flash10 10.24
2. @V8Blazing 10.38
3. @tysoncampbell_ 10.43

The 200 meter is an indication of sustained speed. These two are not just quick, they can run at sustained speeds of enough velocity to escape pursuing defenders.

Schwartz, Shivers and Campbell also finish 1-2-3 in 200.@anthony_flash10 in 20.70.@V8Blazing in 21.00.@tysoncampbell_ in 21.10.

What Shivers has as a Running Back is drive. He can hit the hole quick, and deliver a blow when he takes on a would be tackler. Deshaun Davis stated in an interview that Shivers had a "low center of gravity" and was "harder to bring down than he thought" he would be.

Looking forward, these two young men are going to be weapons for this potent offense.


Transitioning: Alabama State to LSU

Rarely are Auburn fans treated to a game with little to worry about, and such great halftime entertainment. I take nothing whatsoever away from the our own Auburn Marching Band, it is a fantastic part of the Auburn experience. Still, the show that Alabama State's "Show Band" puts on, is nothing short of fun!

The football game was as expected. Lots of Auburn players were able to participate in this game. Many among the scout team, most of the heralded young back up personnel received lots of playing time.

My Top 3 players in this game, that do not see lots of playing time, from both sides of the ball are as follows: 
OFFENSE - Nick Brahms, Griffin King, Harold Joiner.
DEFENSE - Chandler Wooten, Jamien Sherwood, Richard Jibunor

I know what you're thinking. How are Anthony Schwartz and Shaun Shivers not on that list? Mostly because they have played in both games, and after their play this week, I expect to see a whole lot more of both. 

My game ball goes to Daniel Thomas. A pick six from 28 yards, and another interception are evidence enough for that award.

Next up is LSU.

LSU is the second year of Coach Orgeron. Much like the teams improvement each season is usually biggest from week one to week two, most coaching staff improvements come from season one to season two. 

Coach Orgeron replaced his offensive coordinator during the offseason with an old friend to LSU, Steve Ensminger. Ensminger is also the QB's coach at LSU.

The RB most used so far this season is Nick Brossett. Auburn's defensive coordinator Kevin Steele had this to say about Brossett: 
"I don't question him, he’s got great vision, he’s got a lot of power, he’s a patient back and he’s got vision to see it. He’s a very good, talented young man."**

Both defensive lines are good. REALLY GOOD! LSU can recruit. Always have. So much so, College Football news had this to say in their preseason preview of the Bayou Bengals:
"And LSU is LSU, so the secondary has NFL talent – Greedy Williams might be a top ten pick and the first corner off the board in the 2019 draft – and has some of the best linebackers in the country. The three man defensive front will be deep enough to be great, too."***

Not much hasn't happened or been written about this rivalry. From Barn burnings to Earthquakes, and so much more. The oddsmakers in Vegas are listing Auburn as a double digit favorite. They maybe have never watched these two teams when they are facing each other. Yet Auburn seems to be more intent. More focused than I have seen an Auburn team since the 2010 team rallied around Cam. 

I expect to see a hard fought game with the outcome still in doubt into the fourth quarter. Give Auburn the edge because they are at home. 

I see Auburn 33 LSU 20


** from Brandon Marcello at 247Sports
*** from College Football News

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Week 2 Taking care of business.... sort of.

Well week two is in the books and our Auburn Tigers are 2 - 0, right where we all wanted to be. We definitely are not in mid-season form as turnovers and penalties plagued us today but we are winning and am sure our coaches will put a focus on this heading into the coming weeks. Next week we have an undefeated LSU team that would love to beat us in our house.

I think I will fall out of my chair or down in the stands if we could make it through the 1st quarter without someone %$#&@'ng about Gus....I mean seriously, blaming everything on Gus without any constructive critique or assessment really doesn't help recruiting, and makes you sort of look like a bammer #justsaying. Gus is our coach and will be for the next several years. Listen, I am not saying not to critique a call or a situation, just stop making it so  darn personal, support the coaches, the team and the University. Remember we love Auburn, others just love W's.

More game breakdown will be done in my SMART Goal weekly post so I will not be getting into the details. This is all about being ON THE BUS and the second stop has been stamped with another "W" !!! 

I am very thankful this week was an Auburn team who started out a bit slow and then took care of business. Going into half time up 42 - 2 was a welcome feeling given some of the out of conference games we played last year.

War Eagle y'all and I look forward to breaking the game down and setting a SMART goal that will beat LSU. 

P.S. LSU hate week starts now!

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

SMART Goals Recap Week 1 & onto Week 2!

Well, I checked out the smart goals and Auburn almost achieved every one of them! Here is what the tally looks like! Not too bad. I know we were 3 or 4 yards off the rushing and passing numbers but the goal was a 400 yard day heavier on the passing.

No time to rest on our victory though, that game is over and always room to improve. As the great Vince Lombardi said;Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence." I love that quote and live by that quote in everything I do. Of course I fail miserably sometimes but then I get back up because Vince also has a quote for that! 😉

So onto the ASU Hornet game! this team is coming in confident and full of swagger they have won 4 of their last 5 games and want to make a name for themselves and beating Auburn in Jordan-Hare would send shockwaves across College Football that would be talked about probably through to next season. So no room to dismiss, look forward or take this team lightly. They want to make history and is our Tigers job to stomp the bug! 

So here are my SMART goals for this weeks matchup and the Tigers have to stay focused and get much more disciplined. Last week they were sloppy when it came to the penalties and that needs to get cleaned up immediately! 

Let me know what you think. Pretty basic blocking and tackling here but cannot get complacency or look over this ASU team. They are on the field and deserve our respect. 

Look forward to your comments and feedback!

War Eagle y'all!

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Looking Ahead to Alabama State

ALABAMA STATE BAND photo courtesy of

This Saturday at 6:30pm in Jordan-Hare Stadium, Auburn football will host the Hornets of Alabama State University. It will be the Tigers home opener for the 2018 season.

ASU defeated their rival Tuskegee University in the annual Labor Day Classic on a 30 yard scamper around left end for the overtime victory. It was their first win against Tuskegee since 2011.

The Hornets special teams also had a big play blocking a FG attempt in the game. This something that Auburn has been working on to stop. Hopefully that work pays off. 

Here is Gus Malzahn's Tuesday press conference where he reviewed the Washington game, and looks ahead to Alabama State:

On a side note, fans at the game may want to get to the concessions stands early, so they don't miss the halftime entertainment. Alabama State has a very good "Show Band" as opposed to Auburn's marching band. Should be fun to watch.

War Eagle!

Monday, September 3, 2018

Let's Hear It For the Band

Let's Hear It for the Band
Auburn band playing after the win against Arkansas in 2010

Photo from my personal collection @tatershell

Several years ago, I saw a football player comment about a band t-shirt. The shirt in question said "Leave it all on the field." The player in question indicated that saying was not appropriate for band. His exact words were, "Are you kidding me?" I later got the chance to meet that player. More than anything, I wanted to take every band shirt from my collection and dump them on his table where he was signing autographs and autograph a band t-shirt for him.  Of course, I did not do that. I did not say anything at all. Maybe I should have but since his comments took place over Twitter, I did not think he would even pay attention. Needless to say, I lost a lot of respect for that player that day.

If you did not know, I was in the band when I was in college at Southern Miss. I've written a blog about the band before, but I thought it might be good to revisit some band appreciation. 

Auburn band takes the field!

I follow A LOT of student athletes on social media. I probably follow too many of them. I often see things said such as, "Regular people don't know what student athletes go through." One particular time, the student athlete commented that often they were held past dinner then had no place to eat. I can COMPLETELY sympathize with that! Let me rewind just a little and start at the beginning shall we?

Auburn band halftime show in 2017

So preparation for football season (we call it 'marching season') begins early in the summer when music is mailed to students. It is probably sent electronically these days. When a band member shows up to band camp, it is expected that the mailed music has been memorized. I memorize poems and other things easily but playing music from memory was a challenge for me. Not to mention that for my freshman year- when I was TERRIFIED of showing up without having it perfectly memorized- I had my wisdom teeth out and could not play for quite a while. Note to others- No one cared what the reasons for not practicing were. So before regular band camp, there is freshman band camp as there is in high school. TERRIFYING. I wish I could impress upon everyone how TERRIFYING older members of the band are to wee little freshmen. Later, of course, it turned out that I was completely afraid of the wrong people. The TERRIFYING folks were the really nice ones. After a couple of days, everyone shows up for band camp. Then it begins full on. There are not many people on campus yet. Mainly its band, cheerleaders, football players and some other student athletes. A few SGA members. Morning practice is usually about 7:00 am. A lunch break somewhere around 11 or 12. Then back at it for the afternoon.  This is in August in south Mississippi, so its hot beyond description. Sometimes there is a dinner break and sometimes dinner is part of the "bonding." At night, sometimes we had a binding activity then more practice. Pitch dark doesn't stop the band from practicing. They just brought in portable lights. Of course, now the practice field has lights. This might go on until 10:00 or so. Then guess what??? Tomorrow is pass-off day when playing your music from memory to an older band member occurs. I cannot impress upon anyone how absolutely terrifying this can be. 

So after band camp is over, its time for the season to start. Practice during a home game week is Tue-Fri for 2-3 hours. Friday practice is a little longer. Friday night, we would do a "pep rally" but the ironic thing was that the pep rally was so late, the football players could not attend because it was after curfew.  Saturday morning, there is a practice VERY early. Then,a few minutes to eat or visit with the parents if they came to the game. We were MUCH  better off living on campus during these days! Then our band would do a concert on the quad. Then it is time for the "parade" (whatever particular "walk" is)- one time, there was some sort of delay with the football players and we stood in the street for over an hour waiting for them. Then we would do the stadium entrance. Then it is time for pregame. At this point, I am going to mention the wearing of a big, heavy band uniform in September in the southeast. After pregame, its time to go in the stands. This takes approximately 27 hours. Play cheer #4 8,214 times. Time for halftime! After halftime, it takes another 27 hours to get back in the stands. Play Cheer #4 another 2,178 times. After the game, we played a post-game concert called Fifth Quarter. Then, we would be released, go back over to the band hall building and collect all of our stuff, then head home. 

We have practiced or played in snow, tropical storms, and with the water on the field covering my feet. In over 100 degree weather and almost zero in a bowl game in Boise, ID. We went to Ireland for the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Dublin, Ireland. 

Some friends and me in 1998 in Ireland in Killiney Bay on the Irish Sea

Before the parade in Dublin. It was windy and cold.

If it was an away game we were travelling to, the same schedule applies EXCEPT we did not do the pep rally. Only a few times did we travel to a game where we needed to leave Friday night. We left for one game at 3:30 AM on Saturday. Usually it was about 4 or 5 am we would leave for the away game. During my time in the band, we traveled to New Orleans, Memphis, Tallahassee (that one required an overnight trip) Baton Rouge, Tuscaloosa, Knoxville, and Jackson. (On a bus! We had over 300 members, so we took 6 buses. We made an entrance!) The only times we flew were to Boise, ID and Ireland. If our trip involved an overnight trip, we would also play exhibitions on Friday night at a high school local to the university we were playing. We would get back home usually, around 1-2 am on Sunday morning. Then start it all over again the next week. Once, I remember going to a bowl game, and we had to be back on Christmas Day. 

Playing a Fifth Quarter

There were also games where the emotions were hard to keep inside. I cannot find the words to explain what it is like to play an emotionally involved halftime show when there is something special going on. One example, I was in school when Oseola McCarty, a lady in Hattiesburg who washed clothes for others donated her life savings to Southern Miss. We played a special halftime show and the crowd got very involved. It's an emotion I cannot explain. The whole crowd gets into it and you truly get a feeling of being a part of something bigger than yourself. If you want to read more about her, you can read it here:

Our dean of students was killed in an accident while I was in school also. We played a tribute to him as our halftime show. The longtime president of USM retired and we played a special show. When the band can "feel" the emotions of the crowd, it can be quite overwhelming. 

With some friends in the Superdome after an exhibition performance at a Saints game (vs 49ers)

I don't tell this story to compete with any student athlete. I know they have ridiculous schedules. I know MORE is expected out of the student athletes. I tutor some student athletes. I get it.  Keep in mind, thought that most band students have very little, if any scholarship for their time. I was lucky and a had a small scholarship. Since we were on scholarship, we also had to do basketball band- which I loved- but in the time that marching and basketball band crossed over, it could be extremely exhausting. I would not trade anything for my time in the band. The next time you see a band member on game day busting their tail to get across campus toting a bookbag and a large instrument, remember they have had a VERY long day already and will continue to have a long day. I would not change anything at all. I made friends and had experiences that can never be reproduced. It's a whole different experience now to watch the band. I've been out of school for TWENTY years, but watching the band makes me feel like I am still there. (Even if I do mostly go see Auburn's band when I was in the band at Southern Miss)

So, if you ever get the chance, tell your friendly neighborhood band member "thank you!" Thank you to ALL the members of college and high school marching bands!!

Sunday, September 2, 2018

Extra Video From Auburn's Opening Day Win

9th ranked Auburn's win over 6th ranked Washington has the Auburn faithful giddy with excitement. It was the first opening day victory over a Top 10 ranked opponent since 1957.

I thought we would share these videos with you so your enjoyment can continue into the start of your work week. 

First up are the highlights of the game from ESPN and Hylights.

Next we have the post game press conferences from Washington, and Auburn featuring Jarrett Stidham, and Darrell Williams. Video courtesy of

War Eagle!

Auburn Wins Chick-fil-a Kickoff Classic

Two of America's best college football teams played a true slugfest in Atlanta Saturday afternoon. Jatarvious "Boobee" Whitlow saved the Auburn day when he took the handoff from Jarrett Stidham and went right up the gut carrying the Tigers to victory over Washington 21-16. 
Whitlow's first collegiate score came at 6:15 to go in the game. It was the first time Auburn beat a Top 10 team on opening day since 1957.

First the offense looked awesome. Then, not so much. Then looked better.

 Washington's Red Zone defense was stellar in the first half. Auburn's first three drives ended up with just 9 points.

A beautiful pass from Stidham to Sal Cannella at the 11:45 mark in the first quarter in the corner of the end zone capped a hot start from Jarrett, and the Tigers. Stidham ended the day 26 of 36, for 273 yards a TD and zero INT's.

After a couple of drives in and near the Red Zone, Anders Carlson went 2 of 3 on FG's. Then with just 1:23 left in the half. Carlson kicked another FG from 53 yards. A great start for Carlson.

The game was marred by penalties. Over 200 yards of penalties called by the B1G officiating crew.

Auburn rushed for 147 yards, yet never really set the tone with the run game. Give the Husky defensive line a lot of credit, they played a great game.

Auburn's offense finished with 27 first downs and 420 yards. Not too shabby against one of the best defenses in the country last season. 

First the defense looked awesome. Then, not so much. Then looked fantastic.

Last season Washington averaged 36.2 points per game. Saturday the Tiger defense held them to just 16. Less than half! Two turnovers created by the Auburn defense were instrumental in keeping the Huskies in check.

Jake Browning was held to 18 of 32 296 yards with an INT and a TD. The Husky ground game wasn't nearly as effective as many pundits predicted. For the afternoon, Washington was held 80 yards below their average last season.

The premier RB for Washington is Myles Gaskin. Gaskin holds many school records, and he will set more this year. On this day however, Gaskin was held to just 75 yards on 17 carries. 

In the end, Auburn held Washington to just one TD, and created two turnovers. A really good night.


Special teams looked better. Much better in fact. Anders Carlson looks as though he will have little trouble carrying on the Carlson legacy at Auburn. 

Too many penalties. Many were deserved. Hopefully many were from first game excitement.

The offensive line struggled a little at times. That can be cleaned up though and they will play much better after a couple games.

This was a hard fought game that was won with determination. That is what Auburn is about. So take it. Revel in it. Next week Auburn plays at home.

See you there,
War Eagle!

Saturday, September 1, 2018

Auburn wins at the Benz now can we talk about this year?

What a game! I have to say I was absolutely thrilled with our first quarter. We walked out there with the swagger and determination that we were not going to be denied. Unfortunately the next 3 quarters did not go like that BUT our Tigers found a way to win and be strong when they needed to be.

Highlights 😉

  • Snapped out of the funk and in the end our guys won the game.
  • Receivers caught the balls.
  • Special Teams did their job.
  • Red Zone Defense ...gave up chunky plays but only allowed 1 TD!
  • Our FG Kicker is for real and did great for his first D1 collegiate game against a Top 10 opponent.

Low-lights 😖

  • Jarrett got flustered and started to lose his timing, held onto the ball to long and started to get happy feet. Bright side - he settled down in the fourth and lead the team to a Boobie Whitlow TD.
  • On Twitter the Gus bashing started before the First Half even ended, seriously stop it, we are not %#^$'n bammers. 😡 Just freaking stop it already.
  • Penalties and discipline, not saying Auburn did not commit the penalties but would like consistency from the zebras. 
  • The 2 point conversion attempt to start the game. In hind sight it was a ridiculous gamble.

First stamp on the ride this year is a W and we should ALL be happy about that. We are 1 - 0 and we beat the #6 team in the country!

Next game we are at home in Jordan-Hare playing the Alabama State Hornets 🐝 September 8th, 2018 @7:30pm ET

War Eagle y'all and will be following up with the SMART goal recap and next week's SMART goals.