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Monday, September 10, 2018

Auburn Fast

artwork created by @AURobUSA

I touched briefly in an earlier post about the increased role some of the true Freshman would have on the Auburn football team. 

We have heard about the exploits of Shaun Shivers and Anthony Schwartz over the summer as they competed for various track and field achievements at the high school level.

Saturday night against an outmanned Alabama State team, we caught a glimpse of the speed that Schwartz possess.  Jeff Shearer of  wrote:

"Schwartz's 57-yard touchdown catch, racing past his defender on a perfectly thrown deep ball from Jarrett Stidham, gave Auburn a 14-0 lead late in the first quarter." 

Deservedly, Schwartz has earned the nickname "FLASH" as he set the world junior record with a 10.15 in the 100 meter dash in 2017. Schwartz broke that record in 2018 running a 10.07 in the same event.

Shaun Shivers isn't a slouch when it comes to speed by any account. He placed second behind Anthony Schwartz in the Florida high school championships. 

District 15-2A 100m dash final.

1. @anthony_flash10 10.24
2. @V8Blazing 10.38
3. @tysoncampbell_ 10.43

The 200 meter is an indication of sustained speed. These two are not just quick, they can run at sustained speeds of enough velocity to escape pursuing defenders.

Schwartz, Shivers and Campbell also finish 1-2-3 in 200.@anthony_flash10 in 20.70.@V8Blazing in 21.00.@tysoncampbell_ in 21.10.

What Shivers has as a Running Back is drive. He can hit the hole quick, and deliver a blow when he takes on a would be tackler. Deshaun Davis stated in an interview that Shivers had a "low center of gravity" and was "harder to bring down than he thought" he would be.

Looking forward, these two young men are going to be weapons for this potent offense.


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