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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

LSU invading Jordan-Hare SMART Goal recap from ASU too!

I was absolutely overjoyed to see our Tigers bounce back in the first quarter after two drives that would have bogged them down last year. They took care of business plain and simple. The only dig is these darn penalties! I know, I know 4 - 30 is not bad but there is still a lot of room for improvement. Penalties in my opinion equal rust and discipline and starting this week we have to ensure neither of these play a role in the games as the tolerance of mistakes is low with the rest of our schedule.

A look back at the ASU SMART Goal and the Tigers nailed it.

Next up LSU! This team is not as easy as the ASU defense last week and in this rivalry anything can happen. In the past 2 years we have seen games that we thought were going one way and shifted in the final minutes. This week, the good non-drunk looking Tigers need to not carry this game into the final minutes. This Auburn Team has the ability to score fast and control the ball with the stable of running backs and receivers we have. Our defense is also going to have to limit red zone trips as well as not get gashed the way they did against the Huskies in game one. 

If all goes well the Tigers should put this one away with 7 minutes to go in the fourth. Time of possession is going to be critical. Believe it or not last week ASU had more time with the ball than our Tigers....that may be OK against a bug but not another Tiger. Also what needs to improve from last week is our 3rd down efficiency, we were 2 of 10!!!! Against UW we were 9 of 18 and we need to get that mojo back which plays into extending drives and keeping them off the field.

Let me know what you think. LSU can win this if we do not execute the plan and stay focused on achieving the goals of the game plan. This LSU team wants to prove they deserved last year's Christmas gift. The good Tigers need to show them it was nothing more than a fluke. Auburn needs to protect this house and send a statement with a huge win against another top 12 team!

Look forward to your comments and feedback!

War Eagle y'all!

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