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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Week 2 Taking care of business.... sort of.

Well week two is in the books and our Auburn Tigers are 2 - 0, right where we all wanted to be. We definitely are not in mid-season form as turnovers and penalties plagued us today but we are winning and am sure our coaches will put a focus on this heading into the coming weeks. Next week we have an undefeated LSU team that would love to beat us in our house.

I think I will fall out of my chair or down in the stands if we could make it through the 1st quarter without someone %$#&@'ng about Gus....I mean seriously, blaming everything on Gus without any constructive critique or assessment really doesn't help recruiting, and makes you sort of look like a bammer #justsaying. Gus is our coach and will be for the next several years. Listen, I am not saying not to critique a call or a situation, just stop making it so  darn personal, support the coaches, the team and the University. Remember we love Auburn, others just love W's.

More game breakdown will be done in my SMART Goal weekly post so I will not be getting into the details. This is all about being ON THE BUS and the second stop has been stamped with another "W" !!! 

I am very thankful this week was an Auburn team who started out a bit slow and then took care of business. Going into half time up 42 - 2 was a welcome feeling given some of the out of conference games we played last year.

War Eagle y'all and I look forward to breaking the game down and setting a SMART goal that will beat LSU. 

P.S. LSU hate week starts now!

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