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Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Transitioning From LSU to Arkansas

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All the warning signs were put there to see, and I refused to head their message. The offensive line needs time to gel. The Running Back approach will be by committee. 

Auburn lost at home to LSU 22-21 while at times being explosive, and at other times inept.

Auburn had the opportunity a couple of times to drive the ball down the throat of the LSU defense, and chose to do otherwise. Were those play calls because of the inexperience of our Offensive line? Could it be LSU's defensive front was that good? 

While there were enough Yellow laundry flying to signal the Gulf of Mexico was dangerous to do more than wade into, our Tigers failed to do what they accomplished against Washington in the first game. That was to put together a drive to win.

Couple this statement with the fact that the game NEVER should have been close enough for the officials to make game deciding penalty calls, and you have climbed onto my frustration level.

Moving On

Let's put the RB question to bed now. Jatarvious Whitlow is the man. 

While many of us fans are still licking our wounds, the team and our coaches are busy getting ready for the Razorbacks of the University of Arkansas. The 'Hawgs will invade Jordan Hare Saturday with a sour disposition after a dismal performance at home versus North Texas losing 34-17. 

You read that correctly, Arkansas lost to North Texas. The Mean Green of North Texas are a very good football team, and I mean no disrespect. 

The Hawgs are undergoing a radical change from the "Real American Football" of Bret Bielema  to the Chad Morris philosophy of football, and it will take a lot of time. 

Arkansas is 1-2 thus far, and may be primed for an upset of Auburn at home. The home standing Tigers need to stop the run game of Arkansas and make the Razorbacks one dimensional. 

The Hags threw 6 INT's last week, and this may be the weakness Auburn can exploit.

I have every confidence the Auburn defense will show up strong once again for this game. The question is as it was for the first game. How will the Auburn offense perform? 

When our Tigers decide to play a complete game offensively, they will be very difficult to stop. Can they improve against the Hawgs? Time will tell. I believe improvement will be seen. 

Arkansas will not be the team that stops Auburn.

Auburn 38 Arkansas 13


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