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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Conference Expansion

That's the big talk around the SEC this week and rightfully so.
The Big Ten conference has been talking about expanding their conference to 12 or 14 and even 16 teams.
Coach Joe Paterno said last week in an interview that he endorses an expansion to 14 teams.
With all this in mind, we have a few links for your perusal, come back and talk about it here if you like.

If you read all the stories above, then you know my stance on this.
For those of you who didn't read them here is a recap.

Should the SEC decide to expand, and this seems more likely than not, they should really consider looking at four divisions of SEC play for basketball and football. There could be a final four series in Atlanta every year. First look at the TV exposure this would be a tremendous draw for many of the nations top schools.
Second the TV contract could be renegotiated to include the expansion filling schools. Use the basketball, and football teams that are normally very good as a determinate to choose which schools to invite into the SEC.

These options would be so overwhelming to all but the most financially able schools that it would be very hard for them to turn down the invitation.

I certainly hope as stated earlier it does not come to expansion for the conferences. If it does however, I hope the SEC takes the initiative to include some of the schools that could benefit from joining the SEC and add to the quality of the SEC as well.

Earth Shattering News!-sorta...

Cameron Newton, the five star, number one rated JUCO transfer, was named starting quarterback for the Auburn Tigers for the coming season.
His being tabbed as the starter leaves senior Neil Caudle as the odd man out again. Caudle is the only quarterback to throw a pass in competition for Auburn on the roster.
Here are two stories by, first Charles Goldberg at and Acid Reign over at Track 'Em...

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Become a Fan

This just made me smile, and I became an instant Taylor Swift fan..

Congrats to you guys for pulling this off. You got the hug and a peck on the cheek, front row seats and a live performance from Taylor and her band. All of them sporting Auburn colors too!


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chris Low of ESPN has this about the seniors to watch next season. Two Auburn players made his list. I would have thought more, but of course I see the world through Orange and Blue glasses.
Mike Herndon of gives us this look at Monday evening’s meet and greet in Mobile, AL which concluded the Monday Tiger Prowl.
Every time Coach Taylor speaks I feel blessed we have him as a coach at Auburn.

There is a lot of talk of expansion for the SEC if the Big twelven decides to add more teams.
I hope it stays just talk. More on this later.

 Hunter Morris is recognized for his play.

Golf is good at Auburn, so is the future.

Women's Equestrian failed to win the Hunter Seat National Championship although showing amazing competitive spirit. War Eagle Ladies!

Women's Golf has some braggin' points here,

The Ladies also are focused on the big prize.

Thanks to Jay G. Tate and his "Hotties" we have pics from Mobile, during the Tiger Prowl meet and greet.

And here from Montgomery Tuesday night..


Sunday, April 25, 2010

On March 22nd we asked several questions about Auburn’s football team, and what answers we might get from spring practice. Let’s see what we might have learned.

Starting as we did with questions is the offense.

At wide out Auburn seems to be the deepest and most talented. Returning two starters at wide receiver and with no less than four backups with game experience, this unit looks to shine 2010.

The offensive line returns the most game time experience of all the Auburn positions on offense. Three seniors that have started all of last year’s game save two, add up to a very good line returning. The question surrounded the right tackle spot left empty by the graduation of Andrew McCain. The answer came as a surprise of somewhat. Two new linemen started the spring battling it out for rotation and playing time.

Clint Moseley and Rozell Gayden are the two men who have had their shot this spring to impress the coaches.

The question at running back was whether Mario Fannin could handle the job. The answer quite simply is YES! Yes he can indeed. Coach Luper has stated that Mario will get over a thousand rushing yards if he stays healthy. The big plus is Coach Luper also said Mario did not fumble once all spring. That’s impressive!

It appears the question of tight end/ H-back will be played by committee depending on the situation and play calling. Several names appear here, Eric Smith, Robert Cooper, and Phillip Lutzenkirchen.

As far as quarterback goes, whooboy! Cam Newton did not play much in A-Day competition. Barrett Trotter played very well, as did Neil Caudle and Clint Mosley. We still have no specific order of dominance at this position.

Now, on to the defensive questions.

At defensive back we may not have any definitive answers until late into fall practices. On a positive note some of the younger players are stepping up with impressive spring play. Ikeem Means is one name that was mentioned often.

We may actually have more questions at linebacker now than pre-spring. Eltoro Freeman is a big question mark after being called out by Coach Chizik. In a rare media response, Coach Chizik said Mr. Freeman, and one of the defensive backs, Mike McNeil, “need to step it up”.

So as we visit the pre-spring questions some answers have been emphatically answered, while others have not been resolved fully. Clearly some issues have been kept private for team sake, and others need to be answered with hard work. Let’s get to work men; the season is around the corner.


Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Ramblings 2

I am hoping to get caught up with the goings on this week in Auburn athletics.
Where to start is the question.
Recruiting seems as good a place as any. After all the bragging about the coaching staff at the football complex,

baseball and basketball both decided enough already!
We can recruit with the best too. So prove it, you say? Aiight, check it, the baseball program picks up a gamer in one Bryce Lane.
"Bryce is a pure hitter that also has a great deal of pop - he not only is one of the best hitters in the conference, but is also very good on the mound."  so says his former coach. Thanks to Kevin at PPL. Check out PPL for all of your Auburn baseball needs that do not include , you know being there yourself.

Now you're saying the basketball program coaching staff can't possibly do better than that, huh? Wrong!
Wrong, I say, Coach Barbee only goes out on the recruiting trail and his very first signee happens to be Alabama's number one rated player.
Proof, you say? Here it is....

Former Tiger, and now professional footballer is Ben Tate. The Houston Texans picked Ben in the second round of the draft.

Baseball team news..
It appears no one has written off this year's edition of Tiger diamond wizards,  from the SEC tournament in Hoover, or the big show just yet! Some are actually looking at possibly even being a real threat in both.

Keep praying for the Shon Coleman family, please.


Friday Ramblings

Life is not all about football.

War Eagle Coach Taylor!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Well it's here at last. A-Day. The Spring scrimmage for the fans to watch and enjoy. Record crowds are expected for the annual event today. The weather could not possibly be more accomodating around 86 degrees and a slight breeze, it should be beautiful.

We'll be back later with the recap of today's event. If you are going to the game, please be careful and have fun. send us some pictures.


Friday, April 16, 2010

Auburn’s Achilles’ heel for 2010

I keep going over what might keep Auburn from having a truly great breakout year in 2010. In spite of the lack of evidence, the consensus is, that the offense will be much improved.

A second year with same coaching staff has many advantages of course. Auburn has the only 100% returning staff in the SEC in 2010.

The question still keeps hammering away at my pea sized knowledge center, and I am most concerned about the defensive line. The starting group may be very good, if yet unproven, the back ups however have very little playing time, and are as green as group Auburn has at second string.

Let’s look at the starters first. Make your claims at who might actually start if you wish, these are the seniors.

#93 Mike Blanc 6’4” 289 Senior

#45 Antoine Carter 6’4” 260 Senior

#98 Zach Clayton 6’3” 295 Senior

#49 Michael Goggans 6’3” 261 Senior

The other gentlemen working hard to either get in the rotation or possibly start are:
#90 Nick Fairley 6'5" 314 Jr.

#95 Dee Ford 6'4" 233 So.

#94 Nosa Equae 6’2” 249 RS Fresh

#40 Robert Hill 6’1” 239 Jr.

#60 Joe Jones 5’11” 308 RS Fresh

#97 Derrick Lykes 6’2” 281 So.

#13 Craig Sanders 6’4” 240 Fr.

#74 Jamar Travis 6’0” 290 So.
The player’s names and specifics come via the Aufficial Auburn site.

As you can see the concern I have about this unit is brought upon by two things. One is a lack of playing experience the backups have. Indeed some of them I would venture, you have never even heard of until now.

There is a tremendously wide gap in the experience levels of the seniors and the backups.

Two the total numbers of bodies are severely low for this unit as well.

With last year’s numbers against the run nothing to brag about, it leaves an uneasy feeling in the pit of my stomach knowing the lack of depth here. It will more than likely take two more very good recruiting classes at this position to see Auburn’s run defense shine as in year’s past.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Great write up in the OANews about A-Day and some other interesting news as well.
 Andrew Gribble deserves the cudos here.

Here is a neat little shortcut about desktop wallpaper for you...

Back soon with more stuff.


Friday, April 9, 2010


I must apologize for the hiatus this week. Those pesky medical conditions we spoke of earlier, have been just that, pesky. Nothing serious though, thank God.
Auburn has been practicing even holding a mini scrimmage on Wednesday and have the last two days off getting rested for the scrimmage this Saturday.
Here are some links to several good stories this week

There have been several stories this week about walk-on Ikeem Means from Wetumpka. I have a special place in my heart for these kinds of stories, as we all do I am sure. As for myself I find it extra special for two reasons.
For one I played football at Wetumpka, as a receiver. The same position Mr. Means played. Go Indians!
Which leads to the second reason, I am from Wetumpka, and proud as heck for this young man. I am a graduate of WHS class of 1976. The Bicentennial year.
Here is one of the stories from Evan Woodbery at

PS enjoy the Masters coverage this weekend on the TV. It should be something special again this year.


Saturday, April 3, 2010


ESPN’s Chris Low talks with Cam Newton about the QB race at Auburn this Spring.
You have got to be kidding me…….
What will they think of next, a purple corn dog?

Charles Goldberg has his usually fantastic review of Saturday’s scrimmage. It is the first one this spring, and might go a long way in determining the QB race.
I hope all who read this column have a very nice Easter Sunday. Remember why we celebrate the day.


Friday Ramblings

Tell it like it is Josh  Bynes. You are the man!

Post practice report from Andy Bitter includes short interview with Haitian born Mike Blanc.

Auburn Eagle has an exclusive sit down with Mike Blanc here. The Mayor does an excellent job with big Mike.


Thursday, April 1, 2010

Not a whole lot of news coming from Spring practice. Just the usual suspects, ie... trying to narrow down a QB race, "but we are not there yet". This came from Coach Malzahn.
Coach Roof says the defense is further along than last year, as it should be, just not quite ready to say, "as far along as possible"
We have video, and eyewitness proof that the Tigers are practicing. Thanks to the bang up job of Charles Goldberg, Evan Woodbery and Andy Bitter. Check them out here..

Andy Bitter does an excellent job breaking down Mario Fannin's senior season, Fannin is trying to become the starting Auburn tailback, a position Mario understands is filled with tradition.

 Jay G. Tate of the Montgomery Advertiser, has this list of the current Spring roster.

In all of this excitement, and the beauty of Spring, please do not forget to send your prayers out to Shon Coleman, and his family. While his preliminary prognosis was a shock, the news afterward that his cancer may have been caught in time for a full recovery is a true blessing, there is still a long, long way to go for him.