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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

2011-12 Men's Basketball Commercial


Coach Tony Barbee has our Tigers playing at a high level of intensity. Let's get out there and support them.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Saying farewell to Libbie

It's extremely difficult to say goodbye to a good friend. Even more so when you are young and aren't scarred by life's ongoing, yet grinding cycle.

At 53, I have experienced, so many times the wheel that must turn. My Dad in '93, my Mother in 2006. I have lost one Brother, and two Sisters, three very close friends, and many more acquaintances. You get a little scar on your heart for each one of those. They aren't seen, they are not badges of honor, but they are there.

To Libbie's friends, all I can hope for you is God's grace, and comfort. May he strengthen you for your journey. The next few days will be filled with sadness, but the joy your friend left you with, is how she wants you to remember her.

I never knew Libbie, as her friends called her. I can honestly say that I wouldn't have known her if I passed her on a street, that only the two of us were traversing. I would have, however, responded to her "War Eagle" with one of my own. You see, I hardly ever leave home without something that shows my fondness for Auburn.

Auburn, it's the tie that binds. It's what makes us all Family. It is with that thought that I post this today. A family member has passed on to Glory, to be with her true Father in Heaven.

God speed, Libbie.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Drew Cole involved in auto accident...

While yesterday was full of excitement, and wonderment for this college football fan, the euphoria I was experiencing was soon to be extinguished.

Back to reality, and tragic news.

An Auburn football player, and his girlfriend were in an automobile accident yesterday, that left us with heavy hearts.
Drew Cole, a Senior Defensive Back, and Elizabeth Lauren Ainsworth were involved in a single car accident.
This is just part of the report from OANow..

          "The Alabama State Troopers report that Elizabeth Lauren “Libbie” Ainsworth was airlifted         to  Columbus Regional Medical Center after the accident. Ainsworth is listed as being from Coppell, Texas, in the Auburn University telephone directory".

Libbie was ejected from the car during the accident.

The only updates I am receiving are via twitter, but they are starting to be more optimistic in nature. Libbie is unresponsive, and in an medically induced coma. With GOD's love, she will regain consciousness when the medications are reduced.

 Our prayers and best wishes go out to these families.