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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Player's Paradoxical Commandments

So you all know I am predominately on Twitter tweeting my Auburn tail off. Trying to find things that are interesting, fun and sometimes head shaking. Well I came across a post attributed to anonymous and it was the "Paradoxical Commandments." Funny thing is one of my AUsome followers and Auburn Family member @SurferChicify pointed out it was not anonymous who wrote this but actually was written by a 19 year old Harvard student in 1968. The link is here: Kent Keith the author of the Paradoxical Commandments. All I can say is brilliant and am going to check out his book!

What I have decided to do is adapt those for our Auburn athletes as we are already in another school year. Soccer & Volleyball have started out amazing! We have high expectations for our Football and Basketball teams followed by all of the wonderful spring sports from Equestrian to Golf to all of those ball players!

I am excited for this year and hope as Auburn Family we remain respectful to each other and supportive of our players AND COACHES!!!!! Can we please remember the creed. We love Auburn unlike our little sister to the north that only loves their team when they are winning (proof is their fan base immediately post the Iron Bowl last year when we owned then 26 - 14 and wasn't even close)....

War Eagle and Go Tigers!

The Best Auburn Football Teams

Debate has raged on since the first time someone said "That's the best Auburn football team ever."  The arguments made, and some refuse to budge regardless of new "facts" entered into the conversation.

The 1983 team won the Sugar Bowl by beating Michigan and was denied the title. 

The 1989 team changed the face of Auburn football forever by hosting that hated rival from Tuscaloosa for "The First Time Ever."

The 1993 team went undefeated, with a new head coach and the secure knowledge they would not be playing in a Bowl game due to a postseason ban. 

The 2004 team went undefeated through their schedule and was once again left out of the championship picture. The slight by the BCS Bowl Committee left a sour taste in Auburn.

I have left off so many teams. In a program that has won at the level Auburn has, it's nearly impossible to list all the great teams. That's the making of a book. Not what we try to do here. 

So, what's ahead? The 2018/2019 football season begins. It's time start for our Tigers. I am hard pressed to find a true weakness in this team. The talent level at every position is as good as it has ever been at Auburn. The schedule is as difficult as it has ever been. 

If this team runs the gauntlet undefeated, it will secure a spot among the very best of Auburn teams. Here's to the start of what I believe will be a special season for these Tigers.

War Eagle!

Friday, August 3, 2018

Game 1 - Setting the SMART Goal!

In life there is always one key to getting what you want. Everyone talks about it, you hear it practice, in the classroom, in business, even in gaming! That is to set goals. Without goals you are a rudderless ship in the big ocean of life trying to land somewhere, no predictability, no idea of the outcomes and no clue if you are going to be prepared for what lies beyond once you get there. Don’t get me wrong, enjoy the journey to your goal and be flexible but keep your focus on achieving your goals!

Now this is not any type of rocket science or Mensa level thinking, this is just some straight great stuff that I learned and was taught along my journey. It is pretty simple too, and it is referred to as the SMART goal methodology. Simple, easy to follow. The “S” stands for specific. Make your goals as specific as possible, the more unclear, the more ambiguity and the more wiggle room you give yourself to not achieving it. The “M” is measurable, make your goals have the ability to be measured. You are going to write 10 pages, draw 50% of the drawing, get the framing done, make it measurable. The “A” is attainable. Make sure you can achieve the goal. A goal like; “I am going to Mars” when were not even sure if there is a vehicle to get their yet may not be a great goal. Start reasonable. The “R” is relevant. Make sure your goal matters, to you, your situation, where you want to be and go and that you have passion for it. Finally, the “T” and probably the most important of the five is make it time bound. Goals are not meant to be forever things, have the discipline to give yourself the appropriate amount of time, remember make it attainable but not slack.

So here we go into the 2018 Auburn Football season and here is my Game 1 SMART goal outlook. Hopefully I have a good formula and if the team can achieve the measurements we should be in a good position to achieve the goal…. WIN! Now this is the team goal, but every player should have a set of goals given an opportunity to contribute to the overall team goal. Hope you enjoyed, love all feedback and if this is a game by game graphic you would like to see I will do more.

War Eagle Y’all and much love to my Auburn Family!


Wednesday, August 1, 2018

A Fan's Perspective: Grading Auburn Football Coaches

Auburn Head Coach Gus Malzahn photo via Google images

Before we get started I feel it only proper to say a few things. I have only coached football one year. Back in the early 80's. It was an 8 years old and under team. You get the idea. This is not a technical breakdown, film watching, grading of the coaching staff.

Instead, this is what I have surmised from watching the games, and video segments on YouTube.

Feel free to disagree, and comment as much as you like on social media, or here on our site.


 The Auburn defense has steadily improved since the arrival of Kevin Steele. The players praise how simple his scheme is, and how it allows them to play fast and loose. The continuity since Stele's arrival is a real blessing. 2018 should be a banner year for Auburn's defense. 

An analyst on SEC Network said "Auburn may have the 4th best defense in the country." I'll say this right now, Improve throughout this season comparable to the improvement witnessed last season and this will be the best defense in the country!

Coach Rodney Garner has continued to recruit at a high level, and prepared his men for battle in the toughest division in college football. Several have gone on to play in the NFL.

Travis Williams has been nothing short of a Godsend as the Linebacker coach. He has inspired some of his men to play above their potential. Recruiting quality players, and coaching them up to SEC West ability seems to be something Coach TWill can handle.

The secondary coaches are Greg Brown, and Marcus Woodson. These two men have their hands full this upcoming season. Auburn lost talented DB's from last season's position group.

Overall, I believe this group of coaches is on a level comparable to Pat Dye's and Tommy Tuberville's best units. Lofty company, I know.  That's a solid A for a grade.


The offense is where things are more fluid. Last season was Chip Lindsey's first as OC at Auburn. The Tigers took down two number one teams, and came within one quarter of making the CFB Playoff.

That's the good. 

Lindsey continued to run the ball with a much less effective Kerryon Johnson, who was at times injured, while not utilizing the talented group behind Johnson as often as this fan would have liked. Here's where things get tricky. I do not have access to practices, and have never coached any of those young men, so I can not answer as to why this happened.

Is it a lack of trust? Is it a lack of ability? I wouldn't think so, because all of these guys were pretty highly recruited.

Auburn has had success in the past with two and three RB's. Last season however, the two leading carriers each were injured. Kamryn Pettway was injured during the Arkansas game, and Johnson against Alabama.

That's the bad.

Kodi Burns has recruited well, and Auburn's receivers blocked well down field last year. Look for more of the same. 

So many great things have been said about Coach Tim Horton, and still, Coach Horton doesn't get the credit he deserves from the media for his role in the current streak of NINE straight seasons with a 1,000 yard rusher. Think back at the guys that have run the ball under Horton's tutelage (highlighted) since joining Malzahn's staff in 2013. 

1.) 2009 Ben Tate                         1,362 yds.
2.) 2010 Michael Dyer                 1, 093 yds.
3.) 2011 Michael Dyer                 1, 242 yds.
4.) 2012 Tre Mason                      1, 002 yds.
5.) 2013 Tre Mason                      1, 816 yds.
6.) 2014 Cameron Artis-Payne    1, 608 yds.
7.) 2015 Peyton Barber                1, 017 yds.
8.) 2016 Kamryn Pettway            1, 224 yds.
9.) 2017 Kerryon Johnson            1, 391 yds. 

Coach J.B. Grimes has returned to coach the offensive line at what may be the best possible time for Auburn. Grimes will add to the value of the offensive coaching staff from day one. 

The Tight End/H Back coach is Larry Porter. I am interested to see the development of the guys at this position. Auburn has to improve in the intermediate passing game, and that should involve this group. 

Thinking back, it's difficult to imagine an OC coming to Auburn and having a better first year. The talent on this side of the ball is truly amazing. Still, play calling and player rotation lead this writer to grade the offensive staff overall a B plus.  

Combine the two units and we get a very solid grade of A-. 

Throw in the lack of top tier kick return coverage, and sub par punt return coverage, and the grade drops a bit. Auburn finished ranked 109th in punt coverage, and ended the season dead last in Kick Off coverage. Unacceptable!

Factor in losing to UCF in a New Year's Day Bowl last season? This coaching staff barely earned a B minus from this writer. 

Certainly a good grade, and a passing grade. The big question for me is: Can this staff, step up, improve, and take this team to the top? 

Get to the playoffs, while winning the SEC would be an A. Winning it all? A plus! 

Let us hear what you think.