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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Player's Paradoxical Commandments

So you all know I am predominately on Twitter tweeting my Auburn tail off. Trying to find things that are interesting, fun and sometimes head shaking. Well I came across a post attributed to anonymous and it was the "Paradoxical Commandments." Funny thing is one of my AUsome followers and Auburn Family member @SurferChicify pointed out it was not anonymous who wrote this but actually was written by a 19 year old Harvard student in 1968. The link is here: Kent Keith the author of the Paradoxical Commandments. All I can say is brilliant and am going to check out his book!

What I have decided to do is adapt those for our Auburn athletes as we are already in another school year. Soccer & Volleyball have started out amazing! We have high expectations for our Football and Basketball teams followed by all of the wonderful spring sports from Equestrian to Golf to all of those ball players!

I am excited for this year and hope as Auburn Family we remain respectful to each other and supportive of our players AND COACHES!!!!! Can we please remember the creed. We love Auburn unlike our little sister to the north that only loves their team when they are winning (proof is their fan base immediately post the Iron Bowl last year when we owned then 26 - 14 and wasn't even close)....

War Eagle and Go Tigers!

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