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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

The Best Auburn Football Teams

Debate has raged on since the first time someone said "That's the best Auburn football team ever."  The arguments made, and some refuse to budge regardless of new "facts" entered into the conversation.

The 1983 team won the Sugar Bowl by beating Michigan and was denied the title. 

The 1989 team changed the face of Auburn football forever by hosting that hated rival from Tuscaloosa for "The First Time Ever."

The 1993 team went undefeated, with a new head coach and the secure knowledge they would not be playing in a Bowl game due to a postseason ban. 

The 2004 team went undefeated through their schedule and was once again left out of the championship picture. The slight by the BCS Bowl Committee left a sour taste in Auburn.

I have left off so many teams. In a program that has won at the level Auburn has, it's nearly impossible to list all the great teams. That's the making of a book. Not what we try to do here. 

So, what's ahead? The 2018/2019 football season begins. It's time start for our Tigers. I am hard pressed to find a true weakness in this team. The talent level at every position is as good as it has ever been at Auburn. The schedule is as difficult as it has ever been. 

If this team runs the gauntlet undefeated, it will secure a spot among the very best of Auburn teams. Here's to the start of what I believe will be a special season for these Tigers.

War Eagle!

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