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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Auburn RB Coach Tim Horton

Auburn Baseball MAXCCC Vs. Cancer Promo

Amazing Catch

You'll love this. Brett Williams, the center fielder for North Carolina State makes an amazing catch and them flips his body in a semi cartwheel fashion.

 The most beautiful part? Right at the end of this clip he was all like, What? 


Thanks to You

I march to the beat of a different drummer, thanks for listening to the beat. WAR EAGLE!

 I would like to send a special thanks to all of you who take the time to read our posts here on ATB. There are many places you can go to and get information or opinions on Auburn sports, and for you to stop here and spend some of your valuable time is truly appreciated.

 We have experienced phenomenal growth over the past year and you are the sole reason that has happened.

 I have worked at making sure you have several ways of leaving comments about your favorite sport when you choose to. Making ourselves available on Twitter @AUTigerBloggin which is approaching 1,000 followers, and on Facebook  that now has over 630 friends has been one key ingredient to our success. So if you feel a desire to say something about our blog, please let us know. You have three different ways of telling us whether you like what we are about, or that you want to follow along.

 The response has been humbling. I feel so honored that anyone would want to read my drivel and I count myself blessed that anyone has.


Auburn Coach Charlie Harbison Talks Ellis Johnson, Spring FB, and More

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Keys to Success: Quarterback

This is the last installment of the "Keys to Success in The Malzahn Offense". Just in case you haven't done so, you can read the others by clicking on the links below.

Keys to Success in The Malzahn Offense

Keys to Success: Running Backs

Keys to Success: Wide Receivers 

Keys to Success: TE's and H-Backs

 The quarterback position is vital to any offensive scheme, learning the complexities of the position is key to being a winning QB. Having tremendous talent is also a plus. In Gus's offense, the QB is asked to make a pre-snap read on a defender, which varies depending on what play is called. Below we have a video from a previous blog, that illustrates the Buck Sweep. Listen to some of the reads the QB and others must make.

During his first tour at Auburn Gus Malzahn was the offensive coordinator. He recruited a talented QB out of the JUCO ranks from little known Blinn College. That turned out pretty well for all concerned. In case you can't remember who I am talking about, let me give you a reminder. Also, I want to give a shout out to the New York Auburn City Club here, you'll see why in a moment. Enjoy the video.

  This spring the QB's will see many more reps than they normally would because there are only two playing that position. Kiehl Frazier, and Jonathan Wallace. Trust me when I say this. It will be a really good thing for both of these guys that they won't split reps with a fourth or fifth player until fall camp. Both of these guys NEED the practice.

 With three incoming QB's enrolling, and entering the fray in August, it's imperative that somebody take full advantage of their opportunity. They better see this as an opportunity, or just go home now!


South Donahue Residency Hall Tour - 2/22/13

Monday, February 25, 2013

Gus Malzahn Returns! Hype Video

Keys to Success: TE / H-Back

 This is the fourth in a series where we examine each of the positions in the Gus Malzahn offense. In case you forgot, or have been living on another planet that did not have ESPN/CBS/SEC football network coverage, Auburn won a National Championship with Gus Malzahn's offensive genius.

 We have not discussed the complexities of each position, and everything that these players will have to learn. We have examined the numbers of players, and new recruits that will be putting their abilities on the line for the Orange & Blue during the upcoming fall Saturdays. 

 In this post we will examine the Tight End and H-Back positions in this unique offensive style. Let's look at what their primary responsibilities will be, and then introduce you to the young men that will play this position.

 Whether lined up in the backfield or along the line of scrimmage, the main purpose of the position is support the run game. Block down field, or at the point of attack, depending on the play called, and be able to occasionally catch a football. Simple. Be a steamroller with good hands, and adequate route running ability.

 Phillip Lutzenkirchen was the primary guy in the 2010 season. Lutzie averaged 1.3 catches per game over his career at Auburn although he averaged over two per game for his Junior & Senior seasons. His per catch yardage was a hefty 10.6 and he scored 14 TD's in his career. None more popular than the game winning catch against Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

 This set off a dance craze among the Auburn family around the globe. Here are a few links to various Lutzie dance vids. Just mash HERE, & HERE, & HERE

 Back to the subject at hand. 

 Returning for the tigers in 2013 will be Brandon Fulse, Chris Landrum, Jay Prosch, Spencer Smith
Ricky Parks, Patrick Young, C.J. Uzomah, and Michael Clifton. Coach Malzahn did not recruit one player to play this position this year. 

 Although the numbers are ideal at Auburn, Coach Malzahn has shown that he will not hesitate to use two or three guys at this position in a ball game. Eric Smith and Blake Burgess both played here along with Lutzenkirchen, under Gus's guidance.  I look for the trend to continue, and Coach Malzahn will more than likely have three main guys in this rotation. 


Sunday, February 24, 2013

AUHD Game Recap: WBB vs. Mizzou

Onterio McCalebb: NFL Combine's Fastest Man

Onterio McCalebb sweeps around the right side of the Auburn offense

  Many are wondering just what OMAC has to offer any NFL team. Take a close look at these numbers, and you start to get an idea. 

RUSHING                G   Att    Yds  TD  Lg Avg/C Avg/G
2009................  11   105    565   4  62   5.4  51.4
2010................  14    95    810   9  70   8.5  57.9
2011................  13   112    641   5  60   5.7  49.3
2012................  11    91    573   6  43   6.3  52.1
TOTAL...............  49   403   2589  24  70   6.4  52.8

RECEIVING              G   Rec    Yds  TD  Lg Rec/G Avg/C Avg/G
2009................  11     6     58   0  24   0.5   9.7   5.3
2010................  14     7     86   1  23   0.5  12.3   6.1
2011................  13    32    344   2  51   2.5  10.8  26.5
2012................  11    17    121   0  34   1.5   7.1  11.0
TOTAL...............  49    62    609   3  51   1.3   9.8  12.4

KICK RETURNS           G   No.    Yds  TD  Lg Avg/R Avg/G
2009................  11    11    272   0  52  24.7  24.7
2010................  14     8    227   0  99  28.4  16.2
2011................  13    11    338   1  83  30.7  26.0
2012................  11    19    450   1 100  23.7  40.9
TOTAL...............  49    49   1287   2 100  26.3  26.3

ALL PURPOSE            G  Rush   Rec    PR    KR    IR  Total Avg/G
2009................  11   565    58     0   272     0    895  81.4
2010................  14   810    86     0   227     0   1123  80.2
2011................  13   641   344     0   338     0   1323 101.8
2012................  11   573   121     0   450     0   1144 104.0
TOTAL...............  49  2589   609     0  1287     0   4485  91.5
Several things to remember. First McCalebb played four years in the SEC and seldom was hurt. His speed alone was enough to keep many teams respecting the sweep or runs around the outside. He has very good hands, and ball awareness.

 Now it seems, Onterio McCalebb has the fastest electronically times 40 yard dash speed at 4.21 seconds. You can watch it by pushing

Friday, February 22, 2013

Matt Lee: Bassmaster & Auburn Man

Meet Matt Lee, he is competing for the World Championship at the Bassmaster Classic this week on Grand Lake of The Cherokees in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Matt sports an Auburn Orange and Blue themed paint scheme on his Triton boat with large interlocking AU logo's on his apparel.

Here is the LINK for his Bassmaster Classic photo shoot.

Click on this LINK for his pre-tournament interview.

For the best information on just who Matt Lee is, go visit my friends at The War Eagle Reader and this post on Matt.


Cam and Nick: A Look Back

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Keys to Success: Wide Receivers

Sammie Coates has 2 of the 3 TD receptions of the returning WR's

 That most people remember the catch Kodi Burns made against the Oregon Ducks for a Touchdown is a good thing. What they probably don't remember is the crunching blocks he made countless times to get Auburn to that game. In fact, most of the guys playing the Wide Receiver position will tell you, it's a lot harder than just catching footballs.

 In the Gus Malzahn offense, WR's must  dedicate themselves to being physically able to go toe to toe against some of the best Defensive Backs in the country. Failure to prepare yourself for that battle will lead to riding the bench, and becoming a spectator.

 Darvin Adams, and Terrell Zachary were both excellent perimeter blockers, that had unusual ball hawking skills when it became crunch time. This is exactly what Auburn must have to experience any success on offense, especially in the outside run game.

 Auburn returns Trovon Reed, Quan Bray, Ricardo Louis, Sammie Coates, B.J. Trimble, Melvin Ray,  
Dimitri Reese, and Jaylon Denson,  Quan Bray is the only returning receiver that had multiple receptions last season with only 14 averaging just 6.7 yards per catch. The lone TD catch of Reed's, was a catch and run for a TD during a game where he was wearing #37 in remembrance of his friend LaDarious Phillips. Sammie Coates has the only other two TD receptions.

  The newly signed prospects at WR will report in the summer. Dominic Walker, Tony Stevens, and Earnest Robinson all look to make a name for themselves. They will get their chance, in the hot August sun. 

 Whomever emerges from the fall practices to lead thus unit on the field will have to be mentally tough, and physically brutal in their blocking techniques, as well as have good hands when the game is on the line. Sacrifice, and willingness to excel are great, but nothing beats pure desire to never lose a battle when blocking. The preparation for that excellence begins now!


2013 Auburn Women's Basketball SEC Intro

Coordinators Talk With Media

I'll be posting videos of the new Auburn coaching staff and their interviews with the media on here for all of you. This way, you should have to only go to one site and see all of them. Here are two courtesy of

As soon as I can find more, I'll post them,

AUHD Quick Clip: Payne Dunk vs. TAMU

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Looking at the 2013 Auburn football schedule, and especially after this team played last season,  it's clear that this team can not take any opponent lightly. Thanks to the guys at for the picture of the schedule.

OpponentDateLocationTicketsResultRecord: 0-0 (0-0)
Washington StateWashington StateAug. 31, 12:00 AMAuburn, ALTBA-
Arkansas StateArkansas StateSep. 7, 12:00 AMAuburn, ALTBA-
Mississippi StateMississippi StateSep. 14, 12:00 AMAuburn, ALTBA-
LSU@LSUSep. 21, 12:00 AMBaton Rouge, LATBA-
Ole MissOle MissOct. 5, 12:00 AMAuburn, ALTBA-
Western CarolinaWestern CarolinaOct. 12, 12:00 AMAuburn, ALTBA-
Texas A&M@Texas A&MOct. 19, 12:00 AMCollege Station, TXTBA-
Florida AtlanticFlorida AtlanticOct. 26, 12:00 AMAuburn, ALTBA-
Arkansas@ArkansasNov. 2, 12:00 AMFayetteville, ARTBA-
Tennessee@TennesseeNov. 9, 12:00 AMKnoxville, TNTBA-
GeorgiaGeorgiaNov. 16, 12:00 AMAuburn, ALTBA-
 We will get to breaking down the opponents, and just how Auburn would have to play to beat them at a later date. But for now, look at the last four games. I dare say nobody finishes with as tough a schedule as do the Tigers of Auburn.

Keys to Success: Running Backs

Artwork by Lance Curry. Visit for more 
 Auburn has been known as Running Back University for a long time. Many great Running Backs have run to college football glory in Jordan-Hare Stadium. Names such as Tucker Fredrickson, Joe Cribbs, James Brooks, Bo Jackson, Carnell Williams, Ronnie Brown, Ben Tate, Stephen Davis, and Rudi Johnson are but a few of the men who have excelled at this position while wearing the Orange and Navy Blue.

 I start this post with the previous statements because we Auburn fans hold the position of Running Back in high regard. Many schools wonder who their starting quarterback might be, when on the Plains, we hold in high esteem the man that leads the team on the ground. In the new era of Auburn football, the QB will play a much more important role, but today we look at who has the title of starter at Running Back U. 

 Auburn returns the tried and true talents of Tre Mason. That is it. Tre Mason has the distinct honor of being the lone bright spot in an otherwise dismal offense from the 2012 campaign. The only other player returning is Corey Grant, who was injured for most of the previous season. 

 Tre Mason led all RB's last season with 1038 yards on 171 attempts with a 5.9 yard average per carry. Corey Grant had 9 carries for 30 yards and a 3.2 YPC average. Reason number one why the new coaching staff put so much emphasis on recruiting top quality RB's from anywhere they could find them.

 Enter the number one rated JUCO RB Cameron Artis-Payne. A very mature and much needed addition, Artis-Payne can step in immediately, and give a much needed boost to a depleted position on a team that will be running at break-neck speeds in 2013.

 Gus Malzahn also successfully recruited two other fine RB's out of high school who had committed to other SEC teams. Johnathan Ford, and Peyton Barber will also have great opportunities to get some playing time. It has also been rumored on twitter that Jovon Robinson was enrolled in classes, and he wants to be part of the football team. Take it for what it's worth. The position now has some much needed depth. 


Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Keys To Success in Malzahn's Offense

Auburn's "O" line was key to 2010 success

Lee Ziemba, Ryan Pugh, Byron Isom, Mike Berry, John Sullen, Andre Harris, Bart Eddins, Jorrell Bostrom, AJ Greene, Jared Cooper, Donnie Riggins, and Blake Burgess. These are the guys that played a vital role in winning the 2010 BCS National Championship.

 Cam Newton can't stand in the pocket and pass without them. Mike Dyer couldn't have rushed for over 1,000 yards without some lanes for those short powerful legs to drive through.

 Without those names at the top of the page, Kodi Burns never throws a TD pass to Cam Newton against Ole Miss. 

 The big key to that 2010 team's success was a wonderfully talented offensive line. Most of the big open field plays involved a pulling guard, and some sort of misdirection. These type of plays are only going to work well with an experienced and talented offensive line. 

 Auburn has recruited the best overall offensive line class in the country the last two years of the Chizik tenure. It's time for that to pay off.  

 In a recent interview with's Joel A. Erickson -@JoelAEricksonAU  Auburn's new offensive line coach J. B. Grimes made this statement: 
"I know how to block the inside zone, I know how to block the power, I know how to block the counter, I know how to block those plays, and I know the blocking schemes, and I know how to teach guys to do that," Grimes said. "Against every kind of front known to man."

 When asked about the use of the word spread offense, Coach Grimes chimed in with this:  
"Well, I think it's one of those things where you get the term spread, and people automatically think you're throwing the ball all over the place, and you're not very physical," Grimes said. "Nothing could be further from the truth."

 This gives you an insight of the mentality of Coach Grimes. He will instill this attitude in the minds and play of the Auburn offensive line. Auburn's offensive success depends on that. 

 The gentlemen that will be in charge of paving the way for the speedy men that get to carry and catch the football will be key to that success.

 So, get ready Patrick MillerChad Slade, Alex Kozan, Tunde Fariyiki, Robert Leff, Greg Robinson, Wayne Adams, Shane Callahan, Delondre DeJarnett, Colton Wingard, Reese Dismukes, and Eric Averett

 With Avery Young, & Jordan Diamond reportedly back to full health, and Shon Coleman apparently finally ready to step on the field, Praise be to GOD for that, Auburn's offensive line could be ready to step their play up a notch, and make a difference.

 Get ready for the road graders.


Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Gus Malzahn at Greater Birmingham Auburn Club

Travis Williams: Auburn Man

Travis Williams 2006 vs. Wisconsin in Capital One Bowl
In yet another edition of "Visiting With The Auburn Greats" we are going to talk about Travis Williams. 

Travis Williams came to Auburn via Columbia, South Carolina. In his Auburn career, he became an All - American and an All - SEC Linebacker. The following is from the AU official site:

Coaches' All-SEC First-Team ... Associated Press All-SEC First- Team ... Played in and started all 13 games ... Has started 25 career games ... Led Auburn with 80 tackles, 58 of which were solo stops ... Finished with nine tackles for loss (-22) and two sacks (-7) ... Had two interceptions and two pass deflections ... Also forced a fumble ... Tied for third on the team with nine tackles for loss

 Williams followed his heart after football and became a musician and rap artist penning such songs as  "Get Low" and "Thinkin 'bout you". His music has a positive twist. In an interview with he stated: 

“I grew up in neighborhoods and all that, but there is so much positive you can bring from that,” Williams said. “In my music, I don’t talk about the bad. I talk about the good coming up and the struggle and how you can make it out.”

His love for Auburn was never in question. In fact it became clearly evident in his tribute to an old Auburn tradition "Tiger Walk" 


Signing Day with Jeremy Johnson

 A feature story this past week for was an all day visit with Jeremy Johnson, the QB of the future for Auburn University, and Jeremy's family as they went through the National Signing Day  festivities. 

 Enjoy this video, it is an inside look from the family's perspective. You will see why Auburn is fortunate to have such a great young man join the AU family.



February23, 2013

2010Heisman Winner Cam Newton
1985Heisman Winner Bo Jackson
1971Heisman Winner Pat Sullivan

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Deadline to order: February 17th for online orders and February 15th for mail-in items.

Monday, February 11, 2013

AUHD Game Recap: AU WBB vs. Florida

Addressing The Need

What a great day Auburn had on National Signing Day. Many needs were filled, and only one true swing and miss happened in Mackensie Alexander. Which did not really upset the apple cart, because of the numerous other defensive back prospects that were signed.

 Looking back, every position that I had previously thought Gus Malzahn would need to concentrate on, was addressed.

 Quarterback: After Clint Moseley decided to hang it up, I knew we needed a couple of QB's, and actually thought if Jeremy Johnson, and Jason Smith were signed, that would be enough. Then Nick "June" Marshall entered the picture. He gives this staff some experience at the college level, and someone who wasn't put through the Scot Loeffler drills for QB's. I give Wallace an edge to start, but ever so slightly over June Marshall. It will be an interesting battle for sure. 

 Linebacker: Losing Daren Bates from the Line backing corps at Auburn was a big loss. Bates, who is truly a defensive back by trade, gave up his position to fill in at LB for Gene Chizik who failed to recruit enough players for this position in my opinion. Two big players were brought on board in Kenny Flowers and AU prospect/recruiter of the year Cameron Tony. Along with the likes of Kris Frost, Cassanova McKinzy, Justin Garrett, and Jake Holland, this should give new defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson plenty of talent and depth at LB. Coach Johnson only uses two at this position in his defenses.

 Defensive Line: Easily the most undeveloped part of the Auburn defenses over the course of the Gene Chizik era. Watching our defensive line get pushed around by every one of our rivals, was disgusting at best. Once Coach Rocker went to the NFL, Auburn never had a defensive lineman step up and take over a game like Nick Fairley could.
 I do believe Auburn has more than a couple of guys that can step up, and become the down linemen that they need to become, but it will take tremendous effort to turn all those bad habits into SEC caliber play. That is why Gus and his staff went into the JUCO ranks and got the #1 rated JUCO Defensive Tackle in the country in Ben Bradley. Auburn needs help now, and Bradley gives them that. 

 When you add what has to easily be one of the, if not THE top defensive line class out of high school, it's clear that the coaches felt there was an urgent need. Carl Lawson, Elijah Daniel, and Montravius Adams give them the talent to push on the older guys to step it up, or get out of the way.

 The key to this whole process now, is developing this talent. The single biggest complaint about the previous staff was their lack of ability to develop all those Top 10 recruiting classes into championship caliber teams. Auburn should be among the teams in the discussion for the National Championship race this coming season. That lack of development is the clear reason why it is not. 


Thursday, February 7, 2013

Jordan Diamond Set to Return

         The good news just keeps on coming for first year head coach Gus Malzahn, and the Auburn football team. Tonight Jordan Diamond a redshirt Freshman offensive lineman sent this tweet:

Finally. I officially got cleared! Taking my game to another level. Wsu here we come. 

 Diamond came to Auburn via Chicago, IL. During the preseason he suffered a shoulder injury that caused him to miss last season entirely. Welcome back JD, give 'em hell!


Men's Basketball Highlights vs. Alabama

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Cam The Magnificent!

Tonight he cheered. 
Tonight he led cheers.
Tonight he used his super powers to bring Auburn from way back to defeat Alabama.


Reaction to Montravius Adams Announcement

Auburn Signing Day with Head Coach Gus

More Good News!

Mackenro Alexander Mackenro Alexander
Immokalee, Florida
View Map
  • Ht:6'0"
  • Wt:190 lbs
  • Class:2013 (High School)
Daniel Carlson Daniel Carlson
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Classical Academy
View Map
  • Ht:6'5"
  • Wt:195 lbs
  • Class:2013 (High School)
Brandon King Brandon King
Highland, Kansas
Highland C.C.
View Map
  • Ht:6'2"
  • Wt:210 lbs
  • 40:4.4 secs
  • Vertical:39 inches
  • Class:2013 (Junior College)

New Tigers

Here are the previously mentioned profiles of the recruits who have signed with Auburn.

Earnest Robinson Earnest Robinson
Wide Receiver
Pinson Valley, Alabama
Pinson Valley
View Map
  • Ht:6'3"
  • Wt:200 lbs
  • 40:4.81 secs
  • Shuttle:4.5
  • Vertical:30 inches
  • Class:2013 (High School)
Carl Lawson Carl Lawson

Weakside defensive end
Alpharetta, Georgia
View Map
  • Ht:6'2"
  • Wt:253 lbs
  • 40:4.7 secs
  • Bench Max:450
  • Squat Max:570
  • Vertical:33 inches
  • Class:2013 (High School)
Deon Mix Deon Mix

Offensive guard
Batesville, Mississippi
South Panola
View Map
  • Ht:6'4"
  • Wt:305 lbs
  • Bench Max:405
  • Squat Max:585
  • Vertical:26 inches
  • GPA:3
  • Class:2013 (High School)
Jason Smith Jason Smith
Mobile, Alabama
McGill Toolen
View Map
  • Ht:6'1"
  • Wt:187 lbs
  • 40:4.47 secs
  • Shuttle:4.43
  • Vertical:30 inches
  • Class:2013 (High School)
Kenny Flowers Kenny Flowers
Inside linebacker
Hutchinson, Kansas
Hutchinson C.C.
View Map
  • Ht:6'2"
  • Wt:225 lbs
  • Class:2013 (Junior College)
Cameron Toney Cameron Tony
Inside linebacker
Huntsville, Alabama
View Map
  • Ht:6'3"
  • Wt:225 lbs
  • Class:2013 (High School)