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Monday, July 25, 2011


Hopefully your weekend went fine, and you are ready watch some football. Unfortunately, the only live football on TV right now is Canadian. Still, it's better than watching reruns of spring games.
On to the news. As always we have our sources to thank, they are Charles Goldberg, Andy Bitter, David Morrison, and an editorial by Phillip Marshall. We also have some additional items of interest reported on by Evan Woodberry, and Tommy Hicks.

We want to start off with a “wish you well” to linebacker Kris Frost. Auburn's incoming freshman sensation has injured his shoulder during summer workouts, and will require surgery Tuesday 7/26. This will likely require a redshirt season for Frost.

Most of the item above are recaps of the SEC Media Days event of last week, and there are some interesting items indeed. Commissioner Mike Slive's call to a national agenda has not gone unnoticed.
From the players comes good news as to who is stepping up in the voluntary summer workouts. Both QB's seem to be impressing the players, and several mentions of Angelo Blackson have been promising, and nice to hear. Especially since, you know we are picked to finish next to last in the SEC West, and Auburn didn't even garner one first place vote from the media. Good thing the southern media is terrible at picking the final standings in the SEC. Four times have they been correct, out of nineteen times. I rest my case, and I am sure you won't blame me for not depending on their predictions, since they missed on Auburn so badly last season. A word to the wise few of southern media types, don't sell Gene Chizik, and Auburn short just yet.

On a more depressing matter, Phillip Marshall may be correct in his judgments of the rivalry between AU and UA. It may indeed be time for a reprieve. Seconded HERE by the managing editor of Track Em Tigers.

Then again, that's what happened before, and the Alabama State legislature got involved, and declared that both schools start back playing each other. Politics, Religion, and Football, they all are the same to some fans.

Until next week,

All I Do Is Bling...

Hello once again, and War Eagle everyone. There is a whole lot going on, and there is plenty to talk about, so let's get to it.
It's the time of year when AU has it's summer camps. Hundreds of football players show up to participate each year, and as you could imagine after the BCS Championship, the numbers have increased dramatically. You can check out all the events at AU camps. One camp remains, it's the second of the Senior mini-camps.
It is this writers opinion that the part human, part chicken excrement behind the "sportsbybrooks" name, will die and go straight to Hades!
How could anyone attack any of the young ladies that represent their respective schools? Only a delusional and bizarre personality with a twisted set of morals, could publish a young woman's name and label them in a  slanderous fashion. Yet that is exactly what that sorry excuse for a journalist has done. His singularly obsessive disdain for our school has me one hot old man. He better not cross my path anytime soon. I might need help posting bail, if I'm granted the privilege. I'll stick with Phillip Marshall's piece on the subject.
Over at "the war eagle reader" there is an ongoing discussion about the Top 10 games not played at Jordan Hare. It's an interesting piece, and worth your time.
Get used to the early recruiting headlines, it will become the norm for many of the top recruits, so they can focus on qualifying academically, and their team mates, in their last season of high school football. The SEC has changed the signing rules, as many of you know, and this is just one side effect of those changes.
The team that won the 2010 BCS National Championship, now has the BLING to prove it. Very nice indeed.

Kris Frost to have surgery...

Kris_frost_medium photo thanks to the AUfficial site....
Auburn's incoming linebacker Kris Frost will undergo shoulder surgery Tuesday, and possibly redshirt this season. Apparently he injured the shoulder during summer workouts.
He sent out this tweet earlier yesterday.
"Surgery Tuesday wish me luck guys".

Frost was hoping to make an impact at the LB position this fall. Rated by as a 5 star recruit, and the 2nd best at that position in the country. He came to Auburn wanting to try out for Wide Out, and was promised a chance to do so. As we have seen in the past this staff will live up to those promises, as Ryan White tried out as a QB to begin two a days last season.
We here at Track Em Tigers wish a speedy and healthy recovery to Kris and a hearty WAR EAGLE!