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Monday, July 25, 2011

All I Do Is Bling...

Hello once again, and War Eagle everyone. There is a whole lot going on, and there is plenty to talk about, so let's get to it.
It's the time of year when AU has it's summer camps. Hundreds of football players show up to participate each year, and as you could imagine after the BCS Championship, the numbers have increased dramatically. You can check out all the events at AU camps. One camp remains, it's the second of the Senior mini-camps.
It is this writers opinion that the part human, part chicken excrement behind the "sportsbybrooks" name, will die and go straight to Hades!
How could anyone attack any of the young ladies that represent their respective schools? Only a delusional and bizarre personality with a twisted set of morals, could publish a young woman's name and label them in a  slanderous fashion. Yet that is exactly what that sorry excuse for a journalist has done. His singularly obsessive disdain for our school has me one hot old man. He better not cross my path anytime soon. I might need help posting bail, if I'm granted the privilege. I'll stick with Phillip Marshall's piece on the subject.
Over at "the war eagle reader" there is an ongoing discussion about the Top 10 games not played at Jordan Hare. It's an interesting piece, and worth your time.
Get used to the early recruiting headlines, it will become the norm for many of the top recruits, so they can focus on qualifying academically, and their team mates, in their last season of high school football. The SEC has changed the signing rules, as many of you know, and this is just one side effect of those changes.
The team that won the 2010 BCS National Championship, now has the BLING to prove it. Very nice indeed.

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