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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Auburn vs Arkansas the Poem

Auburn Tigers remain alert and focused;
Accepting each challenge one day at a time!
While methodically knocking down barriers;
And continuing in an uphill climb!!

We gain a surge of momentum daily;
And stand tall with our rivals neck to neck!!
Outsiders are beginning to take notice;
And giving us well deserved respect!!

At one time our goal was making it to a bowl game;
But,  now we've raised the bar much higher!!
We know we can compete with champions;
And that is our greatest desire!!

So, as we work hard and fight for each win,
We won't be distracted from what we Believe
We have a clear focus and determination;
And there is nothing we cannot achieve!!

We clearly know that our past does not define us!!
What's important is our accomplishments today!!

We will defeat the Arkansas Razorbacks
and soar high on our WAR EAGLE'S wings
We will leave the Hogs on the field with their slop
And go home to Auburn and celebrate like kings!!

WAR EAGLE!!!!!!!!!
poem by Poetic Tiger
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Auburn Head FB Coach Gus Malzahn

 After watching the above video, I get the sense that Gus Malzahn is being extremely careful in what he says publicly. His football team faces an uphill battle from here on out, and every little misstep could lead to disastrous results.

 Forget everything you are reading in the media about the Arkansas coach and his statements to the media. Most of that is an attempt at gamesmanship. Coach Malzahn has ice water flowing through his veins and is impervious to such trivial attempts to rattle the Tigers head man.

 Much like his predecessor, Malzahn is playing things close to the vest for this game, and indeed for the rest of the season. Let's look at a few media talking points from this week, and I will give you my take on what they actually mean.

 Nick Marshall's Injury
Nick is perfectly fine. He is practicing with the team, and by all reports from the players he is doing everything he has always done in practice during game week situations. Jeremy Johnson, the back up QB is also taking reps with the first team squad, as usual.   In other words, nothing has changed. I expect to see Johnson in the game, and I expect we will be up by three or more scores late into the second quarter.

 Game Film  
The whole discrepancy in game film provided to the Hawgs coaching staff is a ploy. Hoping that Gus and his staff will have to spend some time on that situation, instead of preparing for the trip to Arkansas. Our staff will not be bothered with this one bit, but the media has a field day with this type of non-story material. It gives them something to write about in an otherwise dismal game week.

 Road Wins
Do not put too much emphasis on this upcoming game, if the Tigers walk out of there with a victory. The Coaches Poll voters, and the sportswriters who vote on the AP Poll won't. Arkansas has scored a grand total of 7 points during the last two games they have played, and allowed over 100 points to be scored by their opponents. I am not saying this is going to be a cake walk. Any team in the Top 15 of the polls should be able to go to Arkansas and leave with a victory. That is not meant to be disrespectful. It's simply a matter of where that program is right now.

 Those three subjects have come up more than anything else on Twitter and in the media blogs from those who leave comments. I fully expect Auburn to win this game. Arkansas has had an extra week to prepare for us, and I expect that they will play with a lot of pride. In the end though, he Tigers are fully capable of taking this victory.

 I, for one, look forward to the game, and the challenges it represents. I eagerly await the results of how our young men handle those challenges, and their methods of getting thru those obstacles that will surely present themselves. Fight on you orange and blue!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Coach Malzahn & "Slammie" Coates talk w/ Media

 Coach Malzahn talked with the media after the victory over FAU Saturday night. 

We also have a few words from the player leading the nation in yards per catch. Ladies and Gentlemen I give you, Mr. Sammie Coates

20 Ohhhh; Auburn vs FAU Highlights

The title of this post comes from the commentary of the Voice of the Auburn Tigers Mr. Rod Bramblett. On one of the many kickoff returns by FAU their return man was greeted by Jonathan Jones with a jarring hit. Enjoy....

2013 AUHD Tunnel Video G8

Trudi James Hawke: Then and Now

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Women's Basketball Season Preview Video: Post players

A Poem by; Marlene Little Appleton

photo courtesy of Auburn Athletics by Todd Van Emst

When The Auburn Tigers arrived at College Station,
They were filled with confidence and they BELIEVED!!
They knew that the sky was their only limit ;

and an Auburn victory could be achieved!!

They BELIEVED they could contain Johnny Football;
And render him defenseless and alone!
They BELIEVED they could overcome the Aggies,
And bring disruption to their happy home!!

Our Auburn Tigers BELIEVE miracles can happen,
when hard work and faith collide!!
And they BELIEVE in banding together
on this fast and uphill ride!!

They BELIEVE in doing what is working,;
Accepting there is always room to improve!!
Knowing that each victory is one step closer to success;
And they are focused and on the move!!

They BELIEVE that teamwork
is essential for their solid band of brothers!!
That no one must carry the load alone!;
And each one can count on the other!!

The Auburn Family BELIEVES in our Tigers,
and we are extremely proud!
We BELIEVE in shouting WAR EAGLE”!;
And We BELIEVE in getting loud!!!

Our men BELIEVE in fighting to the finish!!
Always searching for a way to win!!!
They BELIEVE that by hard work and persevering,
They can be first in the Nation again!!

Your Auburn Family BELIEVES you are champions;
We BELIEVE the top is closer than it seems!!
So keep BELIEVING in yourselves Auburn Tigers!!
You must never lose sight of your dreams!!!


poetic tiger

Peering Into the Future

There is no place like home. JHS at sunset

After taking the time to come down off an emotional high, I wanted to discuss a few things about our Tigers with our readers. I recently posted an article over at Track Em Tigers the topic of which was centered around Auburn's chances to play for it all. Looking forward is a fan's pastime, and prerogative. 

 It seems that this subject, or variations of it, are surfacing all over the blAUgasphere(+$1 to my friends at TWER) .   The most intriguing one being the Bowl projection post on the blog over at War Eagle Extra. Ryan Black even includes projected percentages that Auburn actually goes to each Bowl with a tie-in to the SEC. You might want to go read that one, it is worth your time.

 Let's talk now about what the Tigers are actually up against in the remainder of their schedule. I am going to skip Florida Atlantic because I don't see them as a threat. You would have thought I learned my lesson with the way we played last season, but alas, old habits die hard. 

Arkansas Razorbacks
 This team presents a real challenge to the coaching staff. Everyone knows that the Hawgs are down this year. Getting this team ready will be difficult after two consecutive weeks of hearing how good they are.

Coach Malzahn keeps saying that they have not talked about last season. "It's a new day" is the slogan for the year. I think I would use the game last season as motivation to prepare the very best way possible. If you remember, last year many projected Auburn to win this game, because of how badly Arkansas was playing under John L. Smith. We didn't win the game, and most everyone had made up their mind that changes were going to be made at Auburn. There were howls for a change to be made right then.

This season however I see us being able to go on the road, and grab another victory. I think Gus could name the score he wants. 

Tennessee Volunteers 
 Tennessee is the most intriguing of the games left on the Tiger's schedule. They have improved, no doubt, but how much? Is Alabama so good that we won't be able to accurately judge how much the Vols have progressed? These questions and more make this game the hardest to forecast. Auburn should have two road conference victories as they stroll into Neyland Stadium. 105,000 plus fans will be trying to repel the invaders from the Plains of  East Central Alabama.

 As this is written the Vols are 4-3 and 1-2 in conference play. They are ranked 59th in scoring offense, and 66th in scoring defense, and not nationally ranked in any of the polls. They have to travel to Tuscaloosa to play Bama, and then to Columbia, MO to play the Eastern Division version of the Tigers. Auburn will be a favorite in this game, but this is a trap game by any definition.

Auburn itself should be inside the Top 10 by the time this game kicks off. Execution of the game plan without fault will be the order of the day. Any other performance, and Auburn will limp home with a sore tail. Even sitting here at the halfway point in the season, this game is too close to call, but so far the Tigers have improved dramatically each week with no reason to stop now. Auburn wins!

Georgia Bulldogs
 This years version of the Athens canines are a far cry from what many people thought we'd see. The polar opposite of what our Auburn Tigers are. The Dawgs are wounded, and in a tail spin as this is written. Mark Richt will have to do his very best coaching or this season can turn into a complete disaster. Georgia's record is currently 4-3 and they are coming off a road loss to Vanderbilt. 

 Georgia has a week off to get healthy, and partakes in the "World's Largest Cocktail Party" where they play an inept Florida team. Then they play host to App State before traveling to Jordan-Hare. That week of rest and winning their next two contests could give this team some confidence before our game with them, and that is exactly what we don't need. 

 I like our odds at home though, and it will be ours to win or lose. 

 There are no incentives needed for this game. They have manhandled us the last two seasons, and it's time for a little retribution. he biggest problem will be our offensive strength matches up evenly with their defensive strength. 

 Auburn currently sits at the 6th position in rushing offense according to national rankings, and Alabama sits 8th nationally in rushing defense. Strength vs. strength. Bama is 53rd in passing offense while Auburn is 99th. the edge here goes to the 5th year Senior QB at Alabama. Considering Auburn's defensive backfield woes right now, this may be the difference in the game. 

 Auburn's DL will have to have the game of their collective lives. We will need sacks, and QB hurries galore. I believe we can beat this talented Alabama team. It will take a flawless effort on both sides of the ball. 

Post Season
 Our season and the post season destination will be completely up to our performances from here on out. We can win out and play in the Sugar Bowl, or even land in Pasedena and play for all the marbles. That we are even talking about this, after the lackluster season of a year ago, seems a fantasy. 
We could also end up somewhere else completely. Where ever we end up visiting in the post season, Auburn football is fun again and I like that.


Tuesday, October 22, 2013

AUHD Compilation: 5-0 in JHS

Auburn is 5-0 at home this year. While the next game is at home, the Tigers will spend the next two weeks on the road playing Arkansas, and Tennessee. Auburn will end the season at home against Georgia, and two weeks later, Alabama.

Coach Malzahn met with the media today to talk about the win at A&M and the upcoming foe Florida Atlantic. Thanks to for the video.

Auburn fans celebrate win against Texas A&M on Vine


Tre Mason extends his body for an Auburn TD vs TAMU via- unknown source
By: Rick Palmedo
College Station Texas
     A beautiful fall day. Just under 70 degrees. The looming presence of The 12th Man. The reigning Heisman Trophy winner leading his team into battle. The road whites. A quarterback not at 100%. A team given little chance to be competitive. Given even less of a chance to win. Sounds like the beginning of quite a story huh. Well let me be the one to finish the tale for you.
The Auburn Tigers
     Auburn marched into College Station to take on number 7 Texas A&M and their Heisman winning quarterback Johnny Manziel. There wasn’t a handful of so called “experts” who gave Auburn the slightest chance of winning. Anything from A&M by 3 touchdowns to Auburn might keep it close for a while but can’t keep up. "A&M is just the better team" was heard ad nauseam.
     45-41. The scoreboard at the end of the game said it all AUBURN 45 TEXAS A&M 41. The team given little to no chance did what they said couldn’t be done. On a crisp blue day in the great state of Texas, our beloved Auburn Tigers stunned the football world and, at least for a moment, silenced the naysayers. Oh they’ll be back. Have no doubts about that. They’ll certainly be back but for this one glorious Saturday afternoon Auburn told the world to Sit Up And Take Notice! As Tre Mason said after the game “We comin”.
     It wasn’t pretty at times. Giving up 41 points and over 600 yards of offense is not something to brag about. It was frustrating at times. Watching Johnny Football scramble around like he was in his backyard while our guys tried to catch him. Good Lord please go to the NFL already! It was beautiful at times. Nick Marshall on 3rd and Goal to Quan Bray for the score. The wheel route to Jay Prosch. Tre Mason stretching out and scoring the game winning touchdown. And yes, it was even AMAZING at times. The 3rd and 9 pass for 27 yards from Nick Marshall to Marcus Davis. Kris Frost chasing down Manziel from half way across the field. And of course Dee Ford putting the exclamation point on the win when he sacked Manziel on 4th down. Auburn 45 Texas A&M 41
     For Auburn coach Gus Malzahn it was the first of what is destined to be many signature wins. For Auburn it was a chance to exercise a lot of demons. To show the nation that 3-9 was an aberration. That Auburn Football is about winning championships. It was about proving we could indeed win on the road. We could stand tall in the face of adversity. We could play this game with the intensity and fierce competitiveness that Auburn teams in the past have done. We could beat a top 10 opponent. We could, simply put, play AUBURN FOOTBALL.
     Auburn “shocked” the football world. We did what couldn’t be done. We beat the unbeatable. We got the best of Johnny Football.  Amazing what a team can accomplish when they put their minds, their hearts, their souls, and their bodies on the line. Auburn did all of that on Saturday. And when it was needed they made the plays. And it was needed a lot. The offense scored when it had to. The defense, so maligned for so long, stepped up every time it was asked to do so. Sacks, interceptions, tackles for loss. Over and over the defense stepped up when called upon to do so. And in the end it was enough. Auburn 45 A&M 41
The Bigger Picture
     Auburn has now put itself in a position most thought impossible when this season started. We do in fact control our own destiny in the SEC West race. Win out and yes, we are in the SEC Championship Game. Is that getting too far ahead of ourselves? Maybe but here’s the thing, we are fans. We don’t have to take it “one game at a time”. We can speculate. We can discuss. We can dream. We are fans. Short for fanatics. We can let the players and coaches take it one day, one game at a time.
     Will Auburn win out? Your guess is as good as mine. Looking at the remaining schedule I can only see one game where we will be underdogs. Yes it’s against the team that must not be named but we get them in our house. And it follows an open date. I like our chances. The only other game I see as a pick ‘em type game is Auburn at UT. Yes I know Tennessee has been down a bit but they are getting better and we have to travel there. So that one is a bit scary.
     For this team, this staff, our fans, the sky is the limit. Wait, let me change that quote. There is no limit. The hopes and dreams of every team that lines up to start a new season are the same. Win it all. For Auburn those hopes. Those dreams. They are still a reality. The blood, sweat, and yes, tears these young men have shed are paying big dividends. In the entire SEC there are only 3 teams that control their own destiny. Auburn is one of those 3. (Feels good doesn’t it?)
The Final Words
     As this season has progressed we have seen an Auburn team expected, by those who think they know us, to do nothing, do the remarkable. 6-1 headed into the homestretch. We have seen a team get better each week. A team grow up before our eyes. A team that is taking on the persona of its head coach and his staff. A team that simply refuses to quit.
     This team is the stuff legends are made of. A first year quarterback taking the lead. A maligned defense rising to the occasion and willing itself to make a play. Just one play. Just one. A trio of running backs that refuse to be stopped. An offensive line that has a mean streak in them as long as the Amazon river. A defensive line that is putting more and more pressure on quarterbacks. Linebackers coming into their own and defensive backs that step in and step up when one of theirs goes down. And a team with a never say quit attitude that plays together, prays together, and wins together. That my friends is Auburn Football.
     As we put A&M in the rear view mirror we look to the future of this team. Where we go from here is up to the coaches, players, and yes, even us, the fans. Florida Atlantic comes to town Saturday. A lesser opponent I know. A game Auburn should handle with little difficulty. And we probably will. But it’s the fans that need to be there. In force. Pack the stadium. Show this team what they mean to us. Be loud. Be proud of this team. They have surpassed most peoples expectations. They have won when they weren’t supposed to. They deserve our support. YOU need to be there. I know I will be!
     As you may or may not have noticed I am an unabashed fan of Auburn. I graduated from my beloved (yes I know I over use the word) University in 1989. I now live there. I have a son who is a Junior there. I can’t think of a better place to live, raise children, retire, and then be buried when my time is up and the good Lord calls me home. I make no excuses for my homerism. I love Auburn. The University, the athletics program, the town. It is my home. And I believe in Auburn. And LOVE IT!
War Eagle everyone.
Time to beat FAU
#11 in the BCS and climbing!
*You can follow Rick on Twitter at @tgrfan89 and the entire blog @AUTigerBloggin

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Auburn Football team returns from Texas (+playlist)

Verizon Locker Room Report: Auburn at Texas A&M (+playlist)

Rhett Lashlee Speaks w/ Media After TAMU

Thanks to for the video.

Coach Johnson Speaks w/ Media After TAMU

Thanks to for the video.

Texas A M at Auburn VB highlights

My Thoughts on A & M

Toomer's Corner after Auburn defeated TAMU 2013

According to Miriam-Webster the meaning of the word Physicality is this;
:  intensely physical orientation :  predominance of the physical usually at the expense of the mental, spiritual, or social
:  a physical aspect or quality 
Let me add another description. Auburn football! 

What I witnessed on Kyle Field this past Saturday was a show of intense desire to overcome all odds on a march to victory. 

The much maligned position on the Auburn offense has unquestionably been the receiving corps. Suffering dropped passes, and occasional fumbles, missed blocking assignments and bad route running. Saturday, this same group made a statement. Someone earlier in the week said that this would be a "statement game." Belive me when I say a statement was made by Sammie Coates, and the rest of the AU offense. You can include Marcus Davis in that as well, the wheel route catch in the 4th quarter was a thing of beauty. Sheer determination and will power was on display as time after time the Auburn offense answered the call, and scored touchdown after glorious touchdown to keep pace with the ever explosive Texas A & M team.

The Auburn defense gave up some big plays, and made some big plays of their own. Interceptions, sacks, and tackles for loss a plenty. They never quit! Think about that for a minute. This same Auburn team was abused at home last year by A & M. They would have none of that this season however, as the game wore on, Auburn's defense did not wear out.
This was a complete team win. Every aspect of Auburn's team came together to deliver  a shock to the football world. On a day when several highly ranked teams lost to the underdog opponents, this game may get overlooked by some. Let me warn you now, overlook this Auburn team at your own peril. Because baby, we're coming!

Enjoy the game highlights provided by AUHD and Auburn Athletics

ITA Regional Championships

Friday, October 18, 2013


The Game
     On what looks to be a perfect football Saturday (high of 71 and sunny) my beloved Auburn Tigers will take their 5-1 record on the road into the hostile confines of Kyle Field, home of the 7th ranked Texas A&M Aggies. Home of the 12th Man. Home of current Heisman Trophy winner Johnny Manziel. And home to one of the worst defenses in college football this year.
     For Auburn to survive the Aggies they have to obviously play their best game of the season. But what does that really mean in terms of production? Well it means a lot. I’ve read how people think that to beat A&M we must win the turnover battle. We have to stop them on third down. We have to stop Johnny Football. Yes all of those MIGHT be true but I am thinking along a different line.
     Auburn needs to keep Johnny Football on the sidelines because, as much as I love my Tigers, I really don’t think we can stop him. But maybe we don’t have to. He can’t go crazy on our D if he doesn’t have the ball. So, here’s how it goes. Auburn pounds Tre Mason and Cameron Artis-Payne between the tackles over and over again. I mean relentlessly pound these two up the middle. With the absolutely terrible defense the Aggies have shown this year that should spell success for Auburn.
     After a thorough bruising by these two big backs run Corey Grant in the jet sweep. The D line for A&M should be sucking air after the first quarter. Then when they finally cheat a 9th man into “the box” have quarterback Nick Marshall drop back and hit Sammie, Ricardo, Trovon, or any other receiver on a deep post for the score. Then…onside kick. (Yes folks, I remember the AU-USCe game in which ex coach Tommy Tuberville did just that and Auburn held the ball for the ENTIRE third quarter). The key to making this work of course is the receivers catching the ball. The running backs wearing down the defense do they get little to no pressure on Nick. And RECOVER THE ONSIDE KICK!!
     Do that at least once during the game and they are forever thinking about it. It also keeps Johnny Football just where you want him, on the sidelines. Fact is Auburn has the talent on the offensive line to push A&M around. They are a strong, physical group that has gotten better as the season has progressed. On Saturday they need to Believe in work. HARD WORK.
Johnny Football
     Over 300 yards per game through the air. 19 touchdowns already. Carving up defense like a thanksgiving turkey. Making plays with his arm AND his legs. Simply put..CRaZeE!!! Oh yeah, he’s pretty good at this game of football. So we wonder, (sometimes aloud) can Auburn stop Johnny Football? Nope. But we can contain him. Now what I am about to tell you is critical to our success and it is twofold. First Auburn’s defense MUST play under control. Especially the front 7. The D line needs to push that Aggies offensive line straight into the back field. But they need to do it in such a way as to close off the running lanes that somehow become so open for Mr Manziel.
     Keep containment, win the game. Not allowing him to turn “busted plays” into huge gains is critical. He uses his feet so well to avoid pressure, roll out, and run that it becomes imperative that Auburn plays smart on the defensive side of the ball. We just can’t give up the 30 yard broken play. Well, we can’t do that if we want to win.
The Tigers
     At the beginning of the season, I too am one that thought a win in College Station Tx was going to be nearly impossible. But this 5-1 start has me (and a lot of others thinking differently). Oh I wasn’t down on the team because of last year. Flukes like that happen. You learn and you move on. I just figured that it would take Coach Gus a couple of years to weed out all the negativity that has been brewing.                                                                              Gus and the tremendous staff of FOOTBALL COACHES (sorry Ex coach Gene Chizik) he has assembled has done an absolutely mind boggling job of changing the attitude surrounding this team. They are confident and conditioned. They play hard every play and they don’t hang their heads when things don’t go their way. THAT is true Auburn Football!!
What A Win Means
     Saturday’s game means so much to both teams. An Aggie win and they are very much in the hunt for a BCS National Championship Game berth. They have to have a little help but that is a very real possibility. For Auburn, well there is even more riding on it.
     Beating a team like A&M, at home in front of a national tv audience, with Johnny Football leading the way will go a long way towards validating what Gus and company are trying to establish at OUR beloved University.
A win gets Auburn to 6 victories and makes us bowl eligible. (Not to shabby after last years misery). But, it does more. It shows recruits we are on the right track as a program. It builds confidence in a team that was so down after last year. It gives a HUGE amount of momentum going into the UGA and that team that must not be named games. And it puts Auburn back on the map. Oh, by the way, did I mention that it puts us squarely in the hunt for the Western Division Title (with a touch if help) and a possible BCS berth too!!
     Now I know most are thinking I’m getting ahead of myself with saying stuff like that. But look at what’s happening at Auburn. A storm is brewing. The team is showing signs of life not seen since 2010. There is a quiet confidence. The swagger is coming back. Auburn is becoming Auburn again. Don’t discount this team. Don’t over look them. Because we a comin’! The Gus Bus is in 4th gear. Next stop OVERDRIVE! Get on before you get run over. Because, boys and girls, men and women, alumni and casual fans. THIS IS AUBURN FOOTBALL!!
Until next time
War Damn Eagle Everyone!!!
Now Let’s Beat the Aggies!!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Gus Malzahn interview 10-16-13

Sarah Wroblicky gets her 1000th dig

Rudy Ford: Iron Man

These former Auburn coaches know a thing or two about "Iron Man" football

Playing "Iron Man" football has become a forgotten art form. In the early days of football in general, if you were good enough to play, you played both ways. Offense, and Defense. That was labeled as "Iron Man" in later years as some positions became more specialized. The Quarterback position was one of the first to become specialized. If a team had a really good QB that could throw and run, well you didn't want to risk him getting injured in the scrum of defensive tackling.

Last Saturday against Western Carolina, Johnathan "Rudy" Ford came into the game as a reserve.He played both offense and defense. I wonder when the last time a college football player came in as a reserve on both sides of the ball. That Auburn's "Iron Man" is nicknamed "Rudy" makes the story that much more compelling.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Auburn Head FB Coach Gus Malzahn 1

On the Pitch Haley Gerken


by: Rick Palmeda                                                                                  Oct 15th, 2013
via Facebook

 On Saturday we witnessed the burning of the redshirt. Yes, Coach Gus Malzhan decided to start freshman quarterback Jeremy Johnson in the place of injured starter Nick Marshall. And I've been reading on message boards since then questioning Gus' decision. Was it the right decision? Was it the wrong one? I guess if you trust our coaches the answer is yes. 

 Here's the thing. The opponent was Western Carolina (ummmm there's a North Carolina and a South Carolina. I'm pretty sure the state of West Carolina doesn't exist. But I digress) and Auburn could've beaten them with any other quarterback on the roster. (Or for that matter, any fan in the stands that wanted to hand off to our 3 outstanding running backs). Simply put, Auburn was, is, and always will be a far superior team than Western Carolina. 

 So the issue is WHY? Why did they burn the redshirt of one Jeremy Johnson.  Well to me, the answer is simple. Jeremy is the second best quarterback on the team behind Nick. With Nick banged up it was a necessity to get Jeremy some real game reps at the position so just in case Nick can't go he will be ready. Let's face it, the WORST situation you could put a true freshman into would be to have him take his first collegiate snap on the road in an SEC game. That's what could've happened next Saturday against Texas A & M.

 Jeremy Johnson got the start on Saturday.  He played a complete game with just over 200 yards passing and 4 touchdowns. Not bad for a true freshman. And for those gripping about the level of competition, his stats weren't bad if he was throwing against air. He throws a very nice deep ball as witnessed by the throw and catch with Ricardo Louis for a touchdown. He can put zip on the ball as shown on the pass to Quan Bray at the goal line. And he can put touch on it as  he did on the touchdown to Jay Prosch. 

 When Saturday rolls around, if for some reason Mr. Marshall cannot go (fluid on the knee from a partial patellar tendon tear) Auburn will still be in good hands. With a start and a victory under his belt Jeremy Johnson has not only cemented himself as the number two quarterback on the roster but he has given Auburn fans a glimpse into the future. A "Cam-esque" glimpse that I know many liked to see. Should the need arise I believe this young man can and will get the job done. With Jeremy running the show in place of Nick we were fine. And should it be necessary again I am confident we will still be fine.

 So now it's on to A&M. It has been announced that Nick will be back to lead the team. And I for one am happy to hear that. But I also know that there is a quality young man on the sidelines that is ready, well prepared, and well coached to take over when his number is called. Best of luck to all our players this week. Auburn puts its new found national ranking on the line against the 7th ranked Aggies. It will be a test to say the least. With two outstanding quarterbacks leading the way I think we may just find a way to win that one.

 Let's go stop Johnny Football in his tracks!! Until next time,

 War Damn Eagle!!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Thoughts on Western Carolina

Homecoming on the Plains of Auburn is a special occasion for all the Auburn family. Why bother the festivities with an opponent that would sour the mood. Western Carolina fit the bill of patsy, and the Tigers made very short work of the Catamounts. 

Not to belabor the thought, Auburn did what an SEC team should have done with a weaker opponent. The Tigers put the game out of reach for the woeful Catamounts early in the first half. 

What made this game so different? Coach Gus Malzahn started a true Freshman QB, and thus ignored the conventional wisdom of saving one Jeremy Johnson's red-shirt. That Johnson performed admirably is not to be taken lightly. 

There should be no doubt that Nick Marshall is the starter of this Auburn team. Auburn fans may think there is a QB controversy on this team. There. Is. Not.  Now though, there is an amount of extreme confidence that Jeremy Johnson can take the reigns if need be. What a comfortable feeling that is.


Women's Basketball Fun Fan Day

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Greg Robinson Leads Strong "O" Line Resurgence

We've seen this before. In 2009 the Auburn offensive line was getting better each week, and by the time the 2010 season started, Auburn had built a formidable front group. Cam Newton called them "the big uglies" in admiration of their willingness to play with their hands in the dirt, and pave the way for the Malzahn offense. A record setting offense.

Fast forward to present day Auburn football, and you can see the same transformation taking shape on this season's version of the offensive line. Once a level of consistency is reached and this team can actually run the entire offensive playbook of Malzahn's, the results will speak for themselves.

Here is a video, courtesy of, with Auburn offensive lineman Greg Robinson discussing these things with the media.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Auburn Military Personnel Cite Our Creed

Monday Morning Retrospective: Official Review


 I am, and continue to be a proponent of the process that allows an official to review certain plays in college football games. I truly believe that this can help the officials on the ground in determining whether a call was made properly or not. In other words this is supposed to take the human element out of the equation, and allow for the proper ruling to be made.

 This past weekend however, I became incensed at a couple of reviews that frankly, took this entire process, and failed miserably.

 First, the Texas Longhorns visited the Iowa State Hawkeyes on Thursday evening, and as is usually the case, the Hawkeyes were giving Texas all the game they could handle. Then at a crucial point in the game, with Texas driving inside the 5 yard line an Iowa State player rips the ball from a RB and sprints into the open seemingly headed for a TD. Replay clearly showed that the ball indeed was taken before the RB's knee was down, and well before the whistle was blown by the refs.

 Watch as the host of ESPN try to explain this terribly missed call, and the poor judgement of the replay official:

The other call came in the Ohio State game vs Northwestern. This particular review was even more absurd, in that there was definitely clear and indisputable evidence that the incorrect call was made on the field.

Let me set it up for you. Northwestern is driving deep into OSU territory and is behind in the game 34 -30. A field Goal will not do any good. The OSU defense gets tough, and the Wildcats have to go for the first down with a 4th down QB sneak. 

 The QB fumbles the exchange, goes down on one knee and tries to recover the fumble. As he getting back up, with both knees clearly off the ground, he picks the ball up, and surges ahead for an apparent first down. The officials on the field have ruled that he was down at the point of the fumble recovery, and therefore short of the yardage needed for the first down. Once again the replay clearly shows this to not be the case.

The ruling on the field however, is not overturned, and the ball is given to Ohio State.

 There is no way of knowing whether Northwestern goes in for the score if the proper call had been made. I am not picking sides here, merely using these two instances to demonstrate that this process as it stands right now, is not an end all solution to incorrect calls on the field.

 The entirety of this is, even with top notch equipment, and several camera angles from the television sources at these games at the disposal of the replay booth, the correct call is not being made an alarming number of times. 

 If we were to use percentages, then the numbers would indicate that the replay officials are getting a majority of calls correct. I say that during the most crucial points in these games, the replay official must do everything in his power to get these calls right, and that some officials are not doing this. Whether the excuses are from being lazy, that it might be late and they are ready leave, or simply they don't care if they get it right, to pulling for a certain team over another, too many times we see horrendous calls made from the official review booth. This was supposed to take these elements out of the football game. Clearly, they have not!

AU Coordinators Review Ole Miss

Coach Ellis Johnson talks with the media about the Ole Miss game, and going forward.

Coach Rhett Lashlee also spoke with the media about the Ole Miss game and the upcoming opponent Western Carolina. It will also be Auburn's Homecoming game.

Verizon Locker Room Report: Auburn vs. Ole Miss

Sunday, October 6, 2013

AU vs Ole Miss Highlights & Post Game

Let's start with the highlights from AUHD.

Next we will go with the players interviews after the victory over the Rebels.


And finally, we have Coach Malzahn with his post game press conference.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Thoughts on Ole Miss

First let's look at the entrance of the Auburn Tigers into Jordan-Hare Stadium thanks to this video from Auburn Athletics.

Auburn started on defense, and gave up a couple of first downs. that led to a field goal for Ole Miss.
 On the Rebels second possession, Robenson Therezie caught lightening in a bottle with a pick six that electrified the home crowd. Apparently it electrified the voice of the Auburn Tigers Rod Bramblett, when during the interception return he excitedly yelled out "tail lights". His meaning was clear, Therezie had broken into the clear and was going to score.

 Defensively I have to say we played the best game of the season thus far. 6 sacks, 17 QB hurries, 14 tackles for a loss, and two interceptions. That's a pretty good night in anyone's book.

Auburn's offense looked really good at times. Putting together drives of 80, 80, and 75 yards would normally be a great night. A few of those other drives however, crossed midfield and yielded zero points and a fumble lost.

 A couple of offensive three and outs, and our defense was being tested instead of rested.  

 Without the pick six the offense still managed to score 23 points, and that would have been enough to win the game. This young team still has to learn to finish a game. When you have a conference opponent on the ropes and you are at home, you have to put them away.

This is how big this game had become. Not only were we as fans using this game as a measuring stick. There were many saying that this game may mean everything as to Auburn's potential post season plans. It's safe to say there will be post season play in a Bowl game. Now, which Bowl. Let's just take it one step at a time, shall we?


Thursday, October 3, 2013

Soccer vs TAMU

Busy Weekend in Auburn

Of course the headliner is the West Division game between Auburn and Ole Miss in football. Here is Coach Malzahn in his usual Wednesday press briefing.

In basketball, comedian Mike Epps, and three-time Grammy Award-winning rapper Ludacris will be performing this Friday as the Tigers kick off practice for the start of the 2013-14 season. Dubbed the Jungle Jam.

In that interview Auburn basketball coach Tony Barbee stated: "We purposely moved this event to the night before the Auburn vs. Ole Miss football game at Jordan-Hare Stadium to make sure as many students would be on campus as possible."

 The Women's Soccer Team will host Texas A & M this Friday at 7 PM

Plenty of Auburn sports action this weekend on the Plains, so come on out and show your Auburn Spirit!


Auburn Soccer Report: October 2

On the Pitch with Casie and Brooke Ramsier

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

AU Swimming & Diving Recruiting Hot Streak

We will start with a video from The Morning Swim Show, featuring Auburn Head S&D coach Brett Hawke. Items of discussion include AU football and the current fundraiser  "Swim for MS"

 Auburn picked up 4 more verbal commits for the 2014 Swimming and Diving recruiting class. According to published reports the swimmers  are "Genny Pittman and Ashton Ellzey from Alabama, McKenna Debever from Florida, and for the men’s team, Grant Schenk from California."

 The state of Alabama has produced some outstanding swimmers this year, and the 7 time National Champions were able to get a large portion of those to commit to the Tigers program. 

Auburn Sports Report: October 1