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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

My open letter to our Coach

Dear Coach Malzahn,

I feel I have to apologize for the over-reaction to the LSU loss. You were right it was not the end of the world and as I previously thought it may not even be the end of a National Championship run.

The coaches have an opportunity to lead these players to achieve what every true Auburn Fan believes we can. We believe that we have the talent to win every game when we take the field. We believe that our players put into the right position have the potential to win every engagement against the opposing team. We have seen them have the speed, the skill, the passion and the perseverance when led to get the job done.

What is amazing is that even though the playoff rankings came out today. For the Auburn University Tigers, the next game is the first playoff game. The most important game left on our schedule is always the next one.  If we lose, if we find ourselves being more arrogant than confident and let one slip away like we did in Baton Rouge, that dream comes to an end. Yes, you are right it may not be the end of the world. What it will be though is a memory that will always be haunted by a "what if" or "we could have" or "we should have" done something better or different. Don’t let that happen.

It is this program’s opportunity to show the rest of the country how special the Auburn Family is and what we stand for even when others are stating that we can’t do it, that we are not good enough, that we lack the skill. This team has a ton of talent, a ton of players that have a passion and drive to achieve greatness.

Adjust, lead, be unpredictable, leverage all your assets and never take your foot off their necks. The next quarter of football has to be won and then the one after that and after that…

Seize this opportunity, second chances do not come often but we have been given one here.

War Eagle!

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