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Sunday, October 29, 2017

Auburn's Offense Ready For "Amen Corner."

Jarrett Stidham & Coach Lindsey reflecting after Auburn's victory over Georgia Southern.  photo by Julie Bennett
After the first game of the season against Georgia Southern we attempted to look objectively at the performance of Auburn's QB Jarrett Stidham. Fair or not, the hype that had proceeded Stidham's first game as an Auburn Tiger demanded a critical look

Now that Auburn is 8 games into the 2017 season, and resting on their bye week laurels, it's time we look again at Stidham, and the entire Auburn offense. So, here goes. 

In our first assessment two key points were made.

"At least three passes were dropped, one for an easy TD. Some of his passes were behind the receivers in route. That's a timing issue, that should get better as the season progresses."

"Still, there was a lot to like when looking at the overall passing performance. Stidham was mobile, and made some key throws while moving around inside the pocket, as well as when he rambled outside his protection."

With those points in mind, let's take a look statistically where Stidham has come in his progress. 

Jarrett has a completion percentage of *65.8% on 193 attempts & 127 completions. * touchdowns, 3 interceptions, with a 151.58 passer rating. 

Obviously, there has been improvement in his choices of where to throw the ball, and a higher percentage of passes being caught by his receivers. 

Speaking of those receivers, this group has made the biggest improvement from game one up until now, of any on the offensive side of the ball.
Downfield blocking is critical in any offense, and that is where I see the most development by this group.

Coach Lindsey stated in his presser this week: "Those guys as a group have played better. Much better actually." "I think the future is really bright for them."

Name                  Year                                Games     Receptions/Yards/Average                   TD                    Yds/Gm
Ryan DavisJRWR8413819.293
Will HastingsJRWR817357213
Darius SlaytonSOWR71130227.452
Kyle DavisSOWR57210300
Nate Craig-MyersSOWR8918420.441
Eli StoveSOWR81616810.50
Kerryon JohnsonJRRB68577.130
Kamryn PettwayJRRB533210.670
Sal CannellaSOTE733110.330
Noah IgbinogheneFRWR862440
Devan BarrettFRRB86223.671
Kam MartinSORB82157.50
Chandler CoxJRRB83113.670
Malik MillerFRRB81330
Griffin KingSOWR81000


While catching the ball is only a small part of a WR's life, the above chart really displays how much Coach Lindsey likes to spread the ball around, and how the WR's are taking advantage of their opportunities. 

In our next post we will look at the offensive line, and our dynamic running back duo that seems healthy at just the right time.


*Statistical source:

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