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Sunday, October 15, 2017

Me & Me Alone

The Sun came up over the horizon Sunday morning. Even though I wished it would take a little longer THIS Sunday. It came in it's appointed time. 

It's bright light brought focus to the dark, drab dawn that existed just moments before. The day was revealed in all the lights glorious shining. The day, as it always has, does not care for any one person, nor any one thing. It is simply, the day.

So it is with Auburn football in Baton Rouge. It does not care for any one person, nor, any one thing. It is simply, football. Or, is it?

This game. This time. It meant more to me than it ever should have. It meant "WE" could finally break the hex that Baton Rouge holds over our Tigers of Auburn. It meant we finally had the pieces to tear down all the old tendencies, all the old failures.

I had traveled through Baton Rouge just two days prior to our boys arrival. A good friend, also an Auburn fan, and an alum, traveled through there the next day. The hex, I told myself, it was done. Finished. Gone forever.

And for the first 20 minutes of the game, that awful hex appeared to be destroyed. Blown to a million pieces.  Then, to my utter horror, the hex healed itself. Resurrected, it came upon our boys with a vengeance. 

Suddenly passes were dropped, play calling went haywire, officiating went awry, allowing a killer 75 yard punt return for a TD, while the yellow flags never fell in any of the blocks in the back. It was simply, football in Baton Rouge.

Team TotalsAULSU
First Downs1714
Net Yards Rushing189157
Net Yards Passing165206
Total Offense Yards354363
Fumbles: Number-Lost0 - 01 - 1
Penalties: Number-Yards6 - 267 - 61
Punts - Yards6 - 2407 - 278
Possession Time30:3029:30
Third-Down Conversions3 of 14 (0.214)6 of 17 (0.353)
Fourth-Down Conversions0 of 2 (0.000)1 of 1 (1.000)
Sacks By: Number-Yards4-153-4
Field Goals3-3 (1.000)2-2 (1.000)

I have to resign myself to the fact the Sun does not rise for me, and me alone. Nor does Auburn play football for me and me alone. I just wish Auburn football knew how much beating LSU in Baton Rouge would have meant to me, and me alone.


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