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Saturday, October 14, 2017

LSU loss rapid reaction - You reap what you sow

Yes, I have proudly brandished the title “Creed Monster” when someone who is constantly bashing the Auburn coaches gave it to me after the Mercer game. Today’s loss was a punch to the Auburn Family’s gut. Plain and simple when the halftime quote from your coach to the world is; “We haven’t won here since 1999 and we are up by nine we have everything under control” is announced you know in your heart it is going to be a long week.

That quote from your head coach coming out after halftime will only instill complacency, arrogance and the most damaging is underestimating your opponents will to win. LSU was protecting their house. LSU had a chance to knock off a top 10 team in the nation. LSU just beat their second ranked team in as many weeks.

So yeah, this week, the Auburn Coaching staff gets everything they deserve from every single Auburn fan. This was abject failure on their part to prepare for a second half that every single Auburn fan knew was coming. The sad thing is the only people on the planet that probably did not see it coming was the Auburn coaching staff.

There is no room for complacency, arrogance or underestimating another human being’s will to succeed. That my friends is not within our creed.

I do not blame the players, I do not blame the officials, this game came down to having an amazing First Quarter and then trying to coast into a win as a coaching staff.

This game was as I said a gut punch to the Auburn Family, it was avoidable, it was telegraphed and it may show a flaw within the coaching staff that needs to get addressed. We as Auburn Tigers should never rest on our laurels and should always be on the attack to accomplish our goals and achieve those things that most cannot through hard work and determination.

Keep our chins up – a lot of football left to play. We still control our destiny to win a SEC Championship but we have a lot to fix in the program at the highest levels after this game.

War Eagle


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