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Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Auburn Football Hype Video 2015

BOOM! Gus Malzahn

Auburn Coach Gus Malzahn. image from Google images

Everybody loves to see points scored by their team Touchdowns bring about an emotional response from fans and players alike. Coaches seem to like them too. Auburn's head football coach Gus Malzahn is especially demonstrative on the sidelines when his team scores.

Nothing gives a coach a better feeling on the sidelines like when your team performs exactly as you drew the play. When a team can put together a successful drive and score on the play their coach deems as the scoring play, everyone is happy. 

As Malzahn is apt to do, his "BOOM" can be seen, and heard among the Jordan-Hare faithful. 


Saturday, March 28, 2015

About That QB Competition at Auburn

Plenty of QB competition at Auburn this Spring

As A Day approaches us at blistering speed, our thirst for some football is quantitative. There is a Quarterback competition at Auburn this spring. The two main competitors are Sean White and Jeremy Johnson.

Coach Gus Malzahn admitted that Jeremy Johnson had a significant head start in the race to see who will become the starting QB for Auburn this Fall. In the video just below, you can see why.

As you could easily deduce from this video, Jeremy Johnson won't have to run like Nick Marshall. Without any doubt Jeremy can run. I can tell you that #6 would run if the opportunity is there without any problem. His accuracy is so good, that he won't have to run nearly as much as we have run the past two seasons.

Auburn fans will remember watching the development of Nick Marshall as a passer. Often Marshall's passes were wobbly early in his Auburn career. His less than 60% pass completion rate during his 1st season at Auburn, was evidence to that. Marshall did progress, and became an efficient passer. That won't be a problem with Johnson.

The most important element to this offense being explosive and efficient will be team chemistry. This is why we see the coaching staff, especially Coach Malzahn talking about "trust" this spring.

One thing in particular is the return of so many key offensive personnel. In this next video, Jeremy is asked about several players that are back for the 2015 season. Johnson himself mentions the positions that are going to see major changes as well. Around the 9:30 mark, listen as the reporter asks Jeremy about Duke Williams return. As he is being asked, Jeremy's reaction is priceless.

This coming season is one that many will look to as a coming out party for Jeremy. I see it as a coronation. Odds are that Jeremy Johnson will be crowned the new driver to Malzahn's offense. It couldn't be in more capable hands.


Auburn Women's Tennis vs Vanderbilt

Auburn Softball at Missouri Game 1 Highlights

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Auburn Softball at Ole Miss Game 2 Highlights

Thank You Auburn Basketball Seniors 2015

I usually do a thanks to the seniors in football. 

I have never done one in basketball, but I think it is a good time to start. 

These guys were amazing. I LOVE the NCAA basketball tournament, but this year was special. The SEC tournament was really something to see. These were guys that went through a lot, but they stayed with Auburn. 

I wish they had more time, but we're a part of the Auburn family forever. I have had more fun watching them play in the last few days than I have in a long time. Auburn has done several things over the last few years to try to improve Auburn basketball such as building the new arena and hiring a great coach, but the things these guys have done have been just breathtaking. 

Thank you.

                                                      Picture from my personal collection @tatershell   

KT Harrell- I cannot say enough about what you've done. You played your heart out every single game. What you did for Auburn basketball cannot be put into words and I thank you. It might be shooting 3 pointers or it might be you sitting quietly talking to a teammate on the sideline with your sweet smile, but your impact on Auburn basketball and the SEC  has been made. It is going to be a lasting impact.  I do wish you had a little more time! Thank you for everything you have done for Auburn. It was a joy and honor to watch you play. The days of the SEC tournament were magical. I know we will hear great things from you in the future. Please come back as often as you can to visit with the Auburn family.  War Eagle always!

Antoine Mason- I wish we had a little more time with you. Thank you for coming to Auburn. We appreciate everything you did for Auburn and for the basketball program.  It became even more special that you played as much as possible through the illness and death of your father. It was amazing to see you honor him. The sacrifices you made will have a lasting impact on Auburn basketball.  Thank you for your time and dedication to Auburn. For us, the Auburn family is forever.  I look forward to hearing great things about you in the future.  Stay in touch with the AU family and come visit when you can! War Eagle!

Malcolm Canada- I had the honor of praying for you this year. Thank you for your time and dedication to Auburn. The effort and time that you seniors put in for Auburn is amazing. It was great to see you play. I wish all of you had a little more time with Auburn! You have a really nice smile that shows when you are excited in a basketball game. The leadership that this senior class has demonstrated will have a lasting impact on Auburn basketball. It was amazing to see you all have such great games in the season and the SEC tournament. The foundation has been laid for future generations of Auburn basketball. Thank you. I look forward to hearing wonderful things about you in the future. Please stay in touch with the Auburn family. Visit when you can. War Eagle!

KC Ross-Miller-  Thank you so much for coming to Auburn. Your time and dedication to Auburn will have a lasting impact on Auburn basketball and on the university.  You seem like the type of player that pays attention to small details. The things you seniors were able to do this year will build the future of Auburn basketball.   I enjoyed watching you play all season, but the tournament was something special.  Your time and dedication to Auburn is appreciated. Thank you.  It was special to watch you all play together. I look forward to hearing great things about you in the future. Auburn family is forever, so keep in touch with us and visit when you can. 

War Eagle!

Rhett Lashlee - Spring Practice Interview

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Auburn Basketball Highlights vs. Kentucky in the SEC Semi-finals

Auburn Gymnastics Highlights vs. UNC

"You've Done Yourselves Proud"

As a tearful Bruce Pearl spoke to his team in the locker-room after a stunning upset of LSU in the SEC Basketball Tournament, he gave a life lesson from his heart.

He spoke of staying together and believing in each other even when the times were tough. "We talked about adversity, revealing character and not building it. We stayed together through a lot this year... Thru a lot of difficult times we could have questioned each other we could have questioned our coaching, we could have questioned ourselves, we could have questioned our team mates, but we didn't. God's rewarded us. God's blessed us. We've got joy right now, but even if it didn't happen for us, we still stayed together." 

Relaying to his team the lesson of never giving up in the face of any challenge, when times aren't going your way. 

In a moment that would have been easy to bask in the joy of doing something Auburn's Basketball program has not done since 1985, Coach Pearl passed on to his men some wisdom he gained thru his struggles in life. 

The first book of Samuel in the Bible talks of David slaying the Giant Goliath. When not one person on this Earth believed that it could be done, David, with the belief that he could, went and conquered the giant. 

I believe in Auburn....


Friday, March 13, 2015

Basketball Fun

I love college sports. I love the NCAA tournament. Filling out brackets, the 'cinderellas', all of it- I love. I've had the opportunity to go to some NCAA tournaments as a member of the pep band which is a ton of fun in itself. What Auburn has done in the last three is nothing short of amazing.
It started with the opening game. I knew we could do it but I would not have guessed that it would happen the way it did. Alex Thompson and Devin Waddell were called upon and they stood tall when they were. There are times where people work really hard and do not get the credit that others do. For whatever reason.  It's easy to just say, "Eh, its ok. I just am kind of here."  Not good enough for Bruce Pearl and our boys. They were ready when their numbers were called. College athletes catch a lot of flak for things, but there are times we see the heart and passion. Watching Alex play, I could only think about all the times he has put in the hard work and waited for his turn, not sure if it would come.  For the record, I would love to see a video compilation of "The Caboose" antics. I think they give a lot of energy to the team and fans. The whole team worked together. Cim may not have had his best game, but he did not sit on the bench and pout. Instead, he cheered the guys along and gave Coach a big ol' kiss. KC hit his frees and made a difference in the game. I love rooting for the little guy, so to see Alex get to play the way he did was a joy. Then let's talk about KT. He's kind of a quiet guy. The SEC leading scorer  was not given the credit he deserved . Did he sit and pout? Nope.  The team seemed like they were playing for KT, but when I looked at KT, he was playing for the team.  It was amazing to watch.

Now the second game, I was less sure of victory. I knew it was winnable, but I was not as sure. Once again, they stood tall. They were DOWN BY TEN at the half, but within just a couple of minutes, they had that erased. It would have been easy for the players to just let it slip by them. They would have been rooted for anyway since they ended the drought of SEC tournament games. That wasn't good enough for our boys. They fought hard down to the end and then just had a little extra. It was incredible to watch them play together.  When there was a small amount of time left, the announcers kept mentioning that TAMU's NCAA tourney hopes were dashed, I kept thinking, "Shut up! The game isn't over yet!" I was pacing the house, super excited.

Game three- now if I was  unsure of the TAMU game, I was definitely unsure in the LSU game. I knew it was winnable since we beat them before, but I knew the guys had to be getting tired. I did not get to see the first part of the game, but I listened to it on the radio. I did the majority of the second half though. I saw more fight in this team than I think I have ever seen in any basketball team. KT played out of his mind. I loved seeing Bruce Pearl give it to the refs when he disagreed with calls. I don't think he was all about the win, but he was fighting for his players. Malcolm was playing amazingly well. I know there are other individual players that I have not mentioned. By the way, my mom taught TJ. She has been very excited to watch him play. I am so glad to see him get some experience under his belt. I don't remember a time where ALL the people except the ones we were playing against were rooting for Auburn. It was simply amazing to see. I started seeing tweets that the Kentucky team was rooting for the Auburn boys. They did not quit! They kept going. I wish KT, Malcolm, KC, and Antoine had more time with the team and Coach Pearl. They have set a foundation that will build teams of the future.

I can't wait to watch tomorrow. War Eagle!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Spring Practice: Day 1

We will try to keep up with all the video happenings that surround Auburn's 1st day of spring practice.

First up is Jeremy Johnson talking about his role of the past two season, and what he believes it will take to be a leader for his team going forward. 

Then we take a short look at Carl Lawson looking as if he has completely recovered from his knee injury before the start of last season. 

Next is Avery Young, who is very happy to be playing Right Tackle again.

We need to say a special THANK YOU to Ryan Black of the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer ( @wareagleextra ) and for the video.


Auburn Women's Tennis vs Georgia

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A New Day: Again

Today March 10th, 2015, Auburn University will start the long journey toward the College Football Championship.

Spring practices begin, and with that several key areas worth watching are:

 Linebacker. With new coach Lance Thompson, the former coach at Alabama, and new Defensive Coordinator Will Muschamp there will be a steep learning curve for all the returning players. This will be the most intense spring and summer they will have faced while at Auburn. Muschamp will demand their very best, and all of their effort. 

Defensive Line. Two highly rated young men return from injury, and several highly recruited new faces will work to establish a formidable defensive front, a long standing Auburn tradition. The 2014 Tigers never really developed into a cohesive unit, that could develop pressure on the QB and stop the run consistently. Look for big changes here, as the new mentality of Will Muschamp, and the passionate drive of Coach Rodney Garner turn this group into one of the most improved in the country.

Quarterback: Of course we have to mention this position simply because Nick Marshall has left to take his talents to the NFL. I really can not see anyone taking the job away from Jeremy Johnson, although Sean White is a beast! As Ohio State shown last season, you need three guys to be ready when called upon. This season, Auburn will have more than three quality QB's if needed. This may be Rhett Lashlee's best group, and his biggest test to date.

Offensive Line. Last season our Tigers fought with injuries along the front, and the chemistry was not the best at times. There is a ton of talent on the O line, and plenty of depth. Auburn must hope that the injury bug is not as severe in 2015. Then, these guys can develop into one of the better units in the league.

There are some other interesting areas to watch. Running Backs, Wide Outs, and Defensive Backs will have some interesting stories. Which players will provide the most dependability is the key with these three positions.

What we outlined above are the critical areas as I see them. With the addition of three new defensive coaches, our Tigers are going to have a lot to learn, and a short time to impress, if they want to play on Saturdays in Jordan-Hare Stadium.


Friday, March 6, 2015

Auburn Softball vs Long Beach State Highlights

Spring Football

Good morning everyone and War Eagle from Enterprise, Alabama.

As our weather transitions to more pleasant temperature it's time to think about Auburn football once again.

There are always new faces in college football. With the recruiting cycles, unfortunate transfers, and those of our family having to leave the team, our Tigers will look somewhat familiar and drastically different at the same time.

 This is from an article by Brandon Marcello:
"At least seven backup players and two former starters have left Auburn's football program since the end of the 2014 season. Hutchinson and Shiel join linebackers Anthony Swain and Khari Harding, defensive backs Mackenro Alexander and  Kalvaraz Bessent, and receiver Dominic Walker among the departures. Junior receiver Sammie Coates and junior offensive tackle Patrick Miller declared for the NFL Draft in December and January, respectively.
Harding left Auburn and transferred to Tulsa to be closer to his father, who is battling cancer for the second time."

The official release of the 2015 roster has yet to happen. When it does we will post it for you.

Coach Malzahn spoke to the media during Auburn's Pro Day last week. We peek into an article posted on the official website for quotes about splitting up the practice schedule and rebuilding Auburn's defense.

"We decided to split it up a little bit: Go five practices, have our spring break and then come back and have 10," Malzahn said.
He said he doing it because it gives the Tigers "a little bit more time to put our defense in and to teach everything."
Auburn needs a new starting quarterback, and new starting running backs. But it also will feature a new defense with Muschamp.
"He's going to install his defense from the ground up, and spring is going to be that foundation where he's laying the foundation, so it's very important,"

 Thanks to all who cover Auburn Athletics.

Auburn Soccer Spring Feature

Tiffany Howard leading the Auburn lineup

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

2015 Auburn Gymnastics 360: Episode 7

An Auburn Tuesday

Auburn basketball put up a valiant effort on the road last night at Missouri. Our Tigers led by as many as 8 points going down the stretch only to fall short in the end.

Auburn baseball played our heated rival Alabama in the Capital City Classic, held in Montgomery, Alabama.  Winning 5-3 Auburn put on a clinic. Keegan Thompson struck out 12 batters, as the Tigers used timely hitting and good base running to take home the trophy.