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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lots of goings on in Auburn athletics this weekend.Thanks to the official Auburn site we get these headlines.
 Let's get started shall we?
The Ladies are busy, busy, busy,

The Women's softball team took it on the chin twice.

The Ladies Vooleyball Team has two members trying out for Team USA

The Men's teams are not so busy. Although they have had their share of work this week.
In Baseball..
In Basketball
In Tennis

We are pulling for all of our young athletes this weekend as we do every other, Go Tigers!
The entire Tyrik Rollinson episode is truly a sad one.
Hyped by even his High School coach, Rollinson hit the Plains with fanfare, and lots of enthusiasm. Quotes from his Facebook page were enthusiastic.
The happiness soon turned to gut-check time, when reports started surfacing about his grades, that may not be good enough to qualify. That was handled, and qualify he did.
Once he got to Auburn, and started getting ready for fall practice,
 and into fall practice, we never heard any praise for his efforts.
Then came the redshirt.
Then came the suspension!
Now we are being informed by Tyrik via his Facebook page "it's time for me to move on"

We truly are sad at his decision to leave Auburn, whatever the reasons are. We wish him the best of luck, and continuance of a great education.

Thanks to the Goldmine, at, for the video from last fall's practice, and the news report about Tyrik's Facebook page.


Friday, February 26, 2010

The Auburn Eagle message boards are chock full of good conversations, and facts. Here is an interesting post from STAT.

Good guy Jay Coulter over at Track ‘Em Tiger has this fine piece on the departure of Tyrik Rollinson.

It’s well worth your while. While you are there, tell Jay and the gang Kool Bell sent you.

Watch yourself on this one. EDSBS’s next going to publish “YOUR” secret numbers!


Thursday, February 25, 2010

Strike up the band, well let’s be happy, okay, this beats not being on TV.

We all want to know what goes on inside the mind of the Mad Doctor Gustav, the Malzahnian Maniac right?

Here, Jay G. Tate gets a few minutes of Gus Malzahn’s time.

Tiger Histalmos at the Bleacher report has this view of the running back position at Auburn this year.

The news out of Auburn via Texas is not good. It seems that Tyrik Rollinson of Sulphur Springs, TX will be leaving Auburn after the spring quarter, and enrolling at Sam Houston State. He will not lose a year of eligibility due to this transfer. No official word from the Auburn Athletic Department, but Tyrik posted his intention to leave on his Facebook page.

Andy Bitter has the story here.

Men’s Hoops suffered another setback last night, losing to Miss. State 85-75. The loss virtually seals the fate of Coach Jeff Lebo IMHO.

Everyone who has met Jeff has said what a nice guy he is. He just has not got the job done at Auburn. I hope that the Tigers can go on a run, win the SEC tourney, and represent well in the NCAA‘s, but alas, I am afraid that’s a dream at this point.

Here’s Andy Bitter’s account of the game.

Auburn’s Women Tennis team is starting to roll. Defeating Troy 7-0 for their third consecutive match win.

Details here.
Not much else going on today. I’ll try and keep you posted on the Tyrik watch.


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I wrote this article when I first started with Bleacher Report. As time has progressed every site I visit has this theme at sometime or another. I wanted to share it with you here.

After you've finished reading it, comment on some of the best games you have been to.

The weather was perfect, and the atmosphere was raucous, as Auburn was hosting LSU. The year was 1994.
I was there with one of my closest friends, Gary. We had attended several Auburn games together. We involved our entire families, wives, children, and always had a great time.
This time however it was just the two of us. We had decided at the last moment to go to the game, instead of watching on TV.
The Tiger Walk that day was really something to behold!
Our tickets ended up being in the upper deck, along side many LSU fans. The guy I was sitting next to from LSU had been talking about how they had been improving every week, and that he felt they had a better than average chance at beating Auburn this time. Gary was sitting next to three girls who were LSU fans. Just my luck, I get the guy who knows football, I digress.
During warm ups I had mentioned to the Bengal Tiger fan that, #9 Ken Albis was worth watching. He could leap, and run with anybody. How could I know what was about to transpire?
Unfortunately as Auburn fans the Tigers weren't playing at their best on offense. As usual, the defense was good enough to keep Auburn in the game.
Auburn of course was down in the fourth quarter, and staged the impossible. Not one but two comebacks. The first to tie the game, the second to win it.
The worst part was, after the field goal to put LSU back up with very little time to play. Gary and I were getting some pretty ruff treatment from some of the other LSU fans around us. We decided rather than fight a no-chance fight we would just leave.
I had brought with me a radio headset so I could listen to the pre-game shows and hear Jim Fyffe call the game. So when we were outside the stadium I put the radio headset back on, and started repeating Fyffe's call of the game.
While we were at the intersection by the Athletic dorm we could the roar inside the stadium and I was yelling, "Brian Robinson, Brian Robinson" at the top of my lungs. Just then I yelled, "TOUCHDOWN AUUBBBBBUUUURRRRRNNNN!!!!!"
There were hugs, and high fives galore. Gary and I recieved invitations to several tailgate parties by those who surrounded us that day. We just decided to head on back home and enjoy the trip listening to the post game show, sore throats and all.
It's games like this that come around once in a lifetime. I was there, and for the most part, a witness. Another special moment in Auburn Tiger football history.
Last year as we all know, Auburn had a terrible time defensively with injuries. No area was harder hit than Linebacker and Defensive Back. The staff did an excellent job of recruiting these positions, and recieved some really good news with Aairon Savage being granted a sixth year of eligiblity, and Zac Etheridge rehabbing with a good chance at returning.

Tyler Henderson over at Auburn Eagle has this fine piece for us on Auburn’s Linebacker corps.

Chris Low of ESPN has this about Auburn….

and, the about what to look for in the West division of the SEC.

Probably the best story to come out of Auburn last year was the unselfish and unyielding character of Kodi Burns.
Jay G. Tate of Montgomery Advertiser fame has this unique look into the season ahead of Kodi Burns. Stop by and visit Jay and the gang known as the Hotties. They are good people.

The Auburn Women’s golf team had a difficult time with the weather this past weekend finishing eighth. The official site has this report.

In Women’s Basketball, the ladies smothered Miss. State to the tune of 50-36. The full report is here.

Auburn’s lady Equestrian team is ranked second nationally and had a great competition against #4 Oklahoma State. We go to the official site for the inside scoop here.

Our ladies of the Gymnastics field are nationally ranked as well.

The Men and Women continue to shine in Track and Field nationally.

In Cross Country two Auburn men finished with All-American honors.

Once again we are trying to come up with news for you guys and this time of year it’s slow concerning football. There are lots of good vibrations around this Auburn team, from the fans, and the administration.
Expectations are running high. and reasonably so.
To look at the future, one must look at the past, so as not to make the same mistakes, and repeat what worked well.
War Eagle Atlanta, over at TRACK ‘EM TIGERS has an excellent read on the top 25 teams of the past decade.

Charles Goldberg at has a nice video for us from Gene Chizik’s press conference Monday.

Andy Bitter has another fine article in the Ledger-Enquirer concerning the start of spring practice and some players who will participate at the Tailback position.

We will continue to search the news and get all we can to you.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Bryan Kelley has this neat slideshow over at the Bleacher Report. It's way too early to look at 2011 recruits unless you are a College Coach, or you are part of the fastest growing segment of college fans, the "recruitniks".

Here is a really neat Q&A with Ben Tate. It's found on the Official Auburn site.

Kevin McGrady has an excellent look at the potential of Auburn's Offense in the coming season.
Andy Bitter does such an excellent job of keeping us informed day to day. Here is what he had on Coach Chizik's Monday Press conference.

Jay G. Tate has this on the Chizik presser too.

Every year this subject comes up. Like it or not some people won't let a dead horse rot.

Plainsman Parking lot is your fix for all things Auburn baseball. The Tigers of the diamond took their first series of the young season. Here are the recap and injury updates.

John over at The Sleeper Team has this fine piece to peruse. Your enjoyment may not match mine, but there's some handy info here.

Jeryy over at The War Eagle Reader does a super job of telling you the way life is as an Auburn Swim Team Champion. can you say DOMINATE!

Some very good news for Auburn fans and coaches today, courtesy of Charles Goldberg at

Also from, for this piece about prospective 2011 recruit Jonathan Rose.

Beaver has got the recruiting groove working again, this time it’s broke down on Defense.

I had a very interesting conversation about one of Auburn’s players with a gentleman the other day. The player we discussed? Eltoro Freeman.
We agreed Eltoro Freeman has the best name for a linebacker in all of college football. Yes, we are both Auburn fans. The thing was, the guy I had the talk with thought Eltoro’s play and attitude last year were a disappointment. I respectfully disagreed with him on the attitude part. Then I reminded him of this.
I want you to listen carefully to the part where Eltoro is talking about his commitment to Auburn.

Thanks again to Charles Goldberg, who covers the Auburn beat, for such a good job at
Well, here it is, the last blog of 2009 for us here at Tiger Bloggin’. I hope each of you has a safe and very Happy New Year. Please be kind, generous, and most of all patient with your fellow travelers if you’re on the road this weekend.

Let us now get to the Outback Bowl. There are a myriad of articles for you to peruse. Many are guessing what might happen, and some are decent pre-game analysis. Here are a couple of good looks at pre-game.

There’s this.

And then again, there’s this.

For the stat guys, it doesn’t get any better than that.

I am enjoying my time here at I would like however to take this time to thank all those who have helped me along this year.
A heart filled and sincere thanks go to the guys at .
If you guys, and gals have not visited the superbness of Track ‘Em, then I suggest you quit wasting time, and get over there. Jay, Acid, and the rest of the crew truly bring an added delight to all things Auburn.

There are many places for those who cruise the web to visit. For those of you who take the time out to include us, I thank you.

May each of you have a prosperous, safe and Ausome New Year.
Bloggin For Your Tiger Noggin’
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Recruiting season must seem to never seem to end for coaches and their families. We are all guilty of sometimes complaining about working too hard, too long of hours, or having to work weekends. But imagine the pressure of coaching at the big time level of a major college football program.

The head coach has the majority of the pressure, but the assistant coaches have plenty on their respective shoulders as well.

Just for example the recruiting calendar, the NCAA web site has two and a half pages devoted just to the dates at which coaches can call, see, or in home visit, each perspective student athlete.

I’ll list the basic dates for you, but if you want more visit the site.

August 1 thru November 28 – Quiet period
November 29 thru January 30 – Contact period
(This period alone has 10 exceptions)
January 31 – Quiet period
February 1 thru 4 – Dead period
February 5 thru April14 – Quiet period
April 15 thru May 31 Evaluation period
June 1 thru July 31 – Quiet period

There it is, in print for all to see. It’s as simple as can be.

What’s that? What is the difference between a quiet period, and a dead period? I am glad you asked. Let’s look into the NCAA rules for their definition of the different periods.
A.) Quiet period – The college coach may not have any in-person contact with a perspective student athlete or their parents off the college’s campus. The coach may not watch an athlete perform via a visit to your school. A coach is allowed to call or write to the perspective student athlete, or their parents during this time. A perspective student athlete and/or their parents may visit the campus at this time.
B.) Dead period – The coach may not have any in-person contact with any perspective student athlete or their parents at any time during this period. The coach may write a perspective student athlete or their parents during this time.
C.) Evaluation period – The college coach may watch you play, or visit a school, but may not have any in-person contact with the perspective student athlete or their parents. The coach may write or call either during this period.

Now, we have only covered the calendar, and a few definitions here. It’s easy to understand how minor infractions can occur, with a rules book so laden.

Keep up the good Coaches, and as always,
Bloggin For Your Tiger Noggin’

Well it’s game week. The last one for our beloved Tigers, for quite awhile.

Coach Chizik said the first practice was “rusty”. As evidenced here:

It appears that tight end Phillip Lutzenkirchen will play a lot more in the Bowl game than at anytime this season. He will fill in at the H Back position, which has been decimated with suspensions. Here’s how Mr. “Lutz” feels about it:

Charles Goldberg of fame has a look at what might possibly be up Coach Malzahn’s sleeves.

Coach Chizik has been vocal about Wide Out Derek Winter this season. Check out what he says here, as posted by Andy Bitter over at War Eagle Extra.

WR Derek Winter is a Tampa native. Although he hasn't done much this year (his one catch came against Furman), Chizik had good things to say about the sophomore. "This kid works," Chizik said. "He's the epitome of hard work. When you look at Auburn's creed, in there it talks about work, hard work. He is what the creed says and he is what Auburn believes in."

High praise indeed.

It’s not all work this week in Tampa. Both teams went to Busch Gardens this afternoon. Enjoy Mr. Goldberg’s video here.

I was cruising the web as usual when I ran up on this unique perspective from Jay G. Tate at The Hottest Auburn Blog on The Net. It’s worth your time.

We will catch up later in the week.
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Every now and again I like to add a little twist to the regular stuff we write about.
This I like:

No cussing that I can tell.

And this too;

Happy New Year everyone!
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There are many who see this upcoming spring Quarterback competition as the most crucial in anyone’s recent memory.

First let us examine why it is so critical that the coaching staff at Auburn get this right.
Most important in the minds of the AU faithful is the absolute must of beating Alabama. This past Iron Bowl was a competitive, fun (in some ways), and exciting as any. That leaves Auburn fans with sense that the program may be closer to stepping into the National spotlight and competing with the best. Most of which just happens to reside in the SEC.

Secondly, this new offense has found much favor among the traditionalists at Auburn. To put it into perspective, run first to set up the pass. Auburn has a long line of running backs that permeate thru the pro ranks, and the SEC historical stats. The Tigers have very few QB’s that they can hang their history hat on. The Auburn faithful remember most of the quarterbacks that played at Auburn. The fact remains however, aside from Jason Campbell, and Pat Sullivan, few if any have made national headlines.

That leads us to the question.

This Malzahnian offense, can it produce a quarterback that can rewrite the books at Auburn, win, and create the buzz that could bring more favorable attention to the Loveliest Village?

If in it’s first year at Auburn, Chris Todd can set a new Touchdown passing record, the answer seems simple enough. Why, yes it can!