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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

A-Day Intro Video

Toomer's Memories

Junior Reporter: A-Day Edition

A Poem For Toomer's Oaks

The Toomer's Oaks
 by Mike Knighten

The Toomer's Oaks
How majestic they once stood
At the corner of College and West Mag
We celebrated victories
In a very festive mood.

Until that day in Twenty Eleven
That Harvey brought us down
Jealous of an Auburn victory
And under the dark of night
He turned our green to brown.

But the Auburn spirit will live
In the memories that we all share
Under the branches of those majestic oaks
Where many of us have stood
We will continue the traditions because we care!!


Tuesday, April 23, 2013

New Beginning

This has been a solemn day for me and I am sure that all Auburn fans may be feeling the same. The trees are coming down only because an Alabama fan was unhappy about Auburn's 2010 National Championship season. I am sad that football, a game that I love, now seems to take over other aspects in peoples lives in the State of Alabama. Only an Auburn fan will understand the emotions that are experienced from the tree removal.

I came over from the Alabama side when I was 19. Auburn gave me an opportunity to try out for baseball and I stayed for 4 great years and met some great people. I never thought about going to Auburn, but my stay proved to be important in my life. I honestly cannot remember one bad day at Auburn when I was there from 1972 to 1976.

I am just going to get through the day and remember the good times that I had under those trees.

War Damn Eagle!


It's been well documented on these pages, and elsewhere that the Auburn family is fed up with the antics of the agenda driven media. 

To continually harp on this subject has been seen as jousting with windmills by some, including some of our family members. "there's nothing you can do about it" has been the standard rebuttal to all of our complaints. Not anymore.

After the most recent events of the Roopstigo dot com lies, and ESPN's slanderous hit piece on Auburn, the Athletic Department has decided to hit back. This writer says it's about damn time! To say that my patience has run a little thin would be putting things mildly. 

I am fired up about the recent energy seen from Jay Jacobs. My hope is that this is an underlying current that has been well established inside the legal department at Auburn, and that Jay has just now been let loose to actually speak his mind. We need to attack those that continually attack us. When they lie, falsely accuse, and slander our great institution we need to set the record straight, and where we can, take legal action.

The one big problem with all this? That big elephant in the room, ESPN. Most of you will appreciate the elephant reference with ESPN's name. 

As we speak, the SEC is moving forward with the SEC Network in conjunction with ESPN, and the vast majority of the conference TV money stems from the TV deal with ESPN. Auburn University is left in a conundrum. Do we snap back at the hand that feeds us? Are we going to stay silent while our cash flow is in the hands of someone that obviously has an agenda? We shall see.


Sunday, April 21, 2013

Toomer's Celebration in Pictures


 As the family said goodbye to the grand old trees for the last time, we couldn't help but feel saddened by the loss. The stately Oaks at Toomer's Corner withstood the toilet paper onslaught for many generations of Auburn faithful.

 As with any farewell, there is a sense of anticipation for the revamped, and renewed Toomer's Corner. We look forward, as a family, to the new generation of  trees that will welcome the celebratory deluge of toilet paper.

 We had our cracker jack roaming photographer (my niece) take us some pictures to share with you, so without further ado...

Pink Derby Highlights

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

There Has Been A Death In The Family

 Nothing wakes your emotions quite like those words. Sadness, compassion, and somber thoughts surround all of those affected. Death has that power, and yet, nothing brings us closer than the celebration of the life lost.

 This week, my family lost an Aunt, a Mother, a Sister, and a Wife. She was my Aunt, the oldest survivor of my Mother's sisters. This weekend, my Auburn family celebrates the life of a tradition, and mourns the death of the majestic participants of our tradition.

 It's been a somber week indeed for this writer, one that floods the memory chamber with all the great times we've had together. Fishing a trout stream with my Uncle Bill, who lost his wife of 64 years this week, and taking my youngest Niece to Auburn for the first time and rolling those beautiful trees at the corner across from Toomer's Drugs. 

 At 84, my Aunt led a wonderfully long life. To say that death cheated her would not be true. The truth is my Auburn family has been cheated. I can't have compassion for a criminal that is only sorry that he got caught, and now has to pay for his deeds.

 I love Auburn, and wish I could be there for the final farewell. I am saying farewell Thursday to another family member. I love you Aunt Delphi, may God welcome you with his warm embrace.


Monday, April 15, 2013

Wired for Sound: J.B. Grimes

Raising Canes: Malcolm Lewis Returns

We saw last week where the Nebraska Cornhusker team entreated a young kid with a moment in the sun during their spring exhibition game allowing him to run for a TD. This week we find ourselves on the campus of the Miami Hurricanes, where head coach Al Golden gave one of his players, who had suffered an incredible ankle injury, and is fighting hard in rehab, an opportunity to play in their spring game. Enjoy.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Thoughts On Selena Roberts' Attack

The "War Eagle" spirit can't be broken.

 I don’t know Selena Roberts, and it’s probably a good thing I don’t. We have so little in common, that I know we could never be any more than acquaintances. How do I know we have so little in common? First, she attended Auburn University’s School of Journalism. I never attended Auburn University in any capacity other than that of a fan.

 Some of my twitter followers are studying journalism at AU right now. This is about as close as I can come to a common ground. Oh yeah, that and Selena and I both write about Auburn sports. I have chosen to express the positives about the school and its sports programs that I have fallen so head over heels in love with. I leave to your discretion how to describe Selena’s sports writing of all things Auburn.

 I am not a journalist. I would never discredit those that actually have little need of spell check, and grammar usage from a Microsoft software program. I would do nothing more than prove my lack of a higher education on a daily basis without this software aide.

 To call myself a journalist would be a slap in the face of all those that have trained, worked and toiled in the schooling and business of actual journalism.

 The lead up to this has been to emphasize the absolute astonishment I felt at her attack of the Auburn football program. Not only was I setback with the latest attack, but her overall attitude toward our gridiron teams of past and present. Accusations of such nature that while grandiose in nature, yet were refuted or proven totally false within hours of her latest attempt. An attempt at tearing down the football program that so many of us hold so dear.

 I am puzzled as to why someone with obvious connections to an institution would work so tirelessly at tearing it down. How can you not love Auburn? I fell in love with the place the first time I went there as a high school student. That love has done nothing but grow. I just don't understand why.

 The gutter is filled with many vermin. The likes of Finebaum, and Updyke fill the slime ridden surface of the place where Selena Roberts has taken her professional level of journalism, if indeed that can be termed professional. The reason she has chosen to do so escapes me.


AUHD Game Reacap: Baseball vs Gerogia Game 2

Jake Holland 4-13-13

Sammie Coates 4-13-13

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

You Were There: The Rain Game

 The forecast was a wet one. Indeed it was very wet. Duck Dynasty wet. The opponent was a Mountaineer squad that was receiving national attention with a star backfield.

 All of the stars aligned for an Auburn come from behind victory. This marked the defining characteristic of an Auburn team, that would win the BCS Championship the nest season.

 Pat Dye field handled the nearly 4 inches of rain so well it received national media attention.

 Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you the  2009 West Virginia vs Auburn "Rain Game"

Monday, April 8, 2013

Wired for Sound: Melvin Smith

No Competition at QB

 Auburn's biggest question heading into the Spring was and is who will be the man at Quarterback. Coach Malzahn has made it clear that nobody is going to be named the starter until later in the fall practices. That's when Alabama's Mr. Football Jeremy Johnson, along with Jason Smith and JUCO transfer Nick Marshall arrive.

 For the Spring however, Jonathan Wallace and Kiehl Frazier are getting the most  out of the lack of competition for reps. We have video courtesy of featuring Wallace. Enjoy.


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gene Chizik Sets The Record Straight!

Even after he is no longer coaching at Auburn, Gene Chizik rushes to her defense. 

During my tenure at Auburn, the NCAA conducted a multi-year investigation into the Auburn football program that they called “fair and thorough.” The NCAA focused intently on widespread accusations about Auburn players being paid and other alleged recruiting violations. The NCAA conducted 80 interviews. In October 2011, the NCAA rejected “rampant public speculation online and in the media.” Unfortunately, the recent story published by Selena Roberts is more of the same. It once again portrays Auburn University, current and former coaches, professors, fans, supporters and community officials in a false light.
Unfortunately, Ms. Roberts’ story is long on accusation and inference, but short on facts and logic. It is noteworthy that the story comes just days before a player mentioned most prominently in the article is set to go to trial for felony armed robbery. The statements are very generalized accusations devoid of substance. During my time as Auburn’s head coach, I never authorized, instructed or directed anyone to change any player’s grade or provide any type of illegal payment to any student-athlete. Likewise, I am not aware of any alleged grade change or illegal payment by any member of my coaching staff, support staff or anyone else.
As for logic, the notion that the conduct inferred by Ms. Roberts was occurring under the NCAA’s nose, at the very same time the NCAA is conducting its thorough investigation, lacks merit. Further, the notion that there was ever an attempt to sabotage any Auburn student-athlete’s attempt to play professional football is outrageous. Auburn’s success in transitioning student-athletes to the NFL benefits both the student-athlete and the Auburn program.
I remain part of the Auburn family and take these attacks on myself, the University and community seriously. During my time at Auburn, the administrators, professors and academic staff were of the highest integrity. Additionally, the inference that there was academic support staff that worked together with professors to change grades is absurd. As an Auburn resident, I take great pride in the quality and integrity of our police department. They enforce the law equally and fairly and my dealings with police Chief Tommy Dawson and his staff have been nothing short of excellent. He has handled many high profile cases with the upmost integrity and professionalism. To imply anything otherwise is simply wrong.
If there is a sad truth here, it is that there are no repercussions for bloggers who blast out widespread, venomous allegations and inferences in such an irresponsible manner. To make bold and outrageous conclusions on such thin support is a travesty.
During my tenure as Auburn’s head coach, we kept the well-being of our student- athletes at the forefront of every decision. We ran our program with the highest level of integrity and accountability. Period. I make absolutely no apologies for that. I stand firm in my statements, my support of Auburn University, its student- athletes (present and former), faculty, staff and community officials. As I stated during the NCAA investigation, I am comforted knowing that the truth always prevails.


The following is from my friends over at The War Eagle Reader.
Dear Auburn Family,
You may have seen a story on this evening about the former Auburn football players who were dismissed two years ago for their involvement in an armed robbery.
The story chronicles the former players’ use of synthetic marijuana, which the defendants in the robbery case have used as their primary defense in court. We expect another, more in-depth story to appear in an upcoming print edition of ESPN The Magazine.
We cooperated with ESPN in the story because of how appropriately and aggressively the Auburn Athletics Department and the Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics acted in response to the growing threat of synthetic marijuana during the 2010-2011 academic year.
As a father of three, I sympathize with the parents of the young men who face prison sentences for their alleged involvement in the armed robbery. While they have a right to speak out, I have an obligation to share the facts, which clearly show Auburn Athletics tried to help these former student-athletes.
Some of the statements made in the story are wrong and need to be corrected, while others need to be put into proper context. One player interviewed by ESPN, for example, alleges that up to half of the 2010 football team was using synthetic marijuana. It’s hard to be more wrong than that. The facts and our drug testing results simply do not support such a claim.
A parent interviewed told ESPN they would have done more to help her son had we done more to let her know he was in trouble. That is incorrect. The facts demonstrate that our coaches and Sports Medicine professionals had regular communication with the parents and that every effort was made to warn our student-athletes about the dangers of synthetic marijuana.
Allow me to share with you the facts that we provided to the reporter. Some of them were included in the initial story. Some were not.
• Auburn Athletics began testing for synthetic marijuana three days after our testing company made a test available. A test became available on Jan. 24, 2011, and Auburn added the test to its panel on Jan. 27, 2011.
• Since our drug testing policy was amended to include synthetic marijuana as a banned substance, there have been three positive tests for the drug out of more than 2,500 drug tests administered. Those three individuals are no longer on Auburn Athletics rosters.
• As soon as our Director of Sports Medicine was aware that synthetic marijuana was a drug readily available in convenience stores in the fall of 2010, Auburn Athletics contacted our drug testing company to inquire about whether they had a test for synthetic marijuana and when one would be made available. They did not have a test at the time.
At the same time, our Director of Sports Medicine began education efforts aimed at our coaches and student-athletes.
• Auburn Athletics provided urine samples to the drug testing company to assist them in their efforts to develop a test.
• The Director of Sports Medicine and former Coach Gene Chizik both addressed the football team about the dangers of synthetic marijuana at multiple team meetings in the Fall of 2010, before a test was available. A story about the drug was placed on the locker of every football player on the team.
• Within the first few months of testing, 3 percent of our student-athletes tested positive for synthetic marijuana.
• Phone records show that more than 50 phone calls were made to the parents of two former student-athletes who were interviewed by ESPN.
• The father of one of the student-athletes who was apparently interviewed by ESPN was sent a letter informing him that his son had failed a drug test for regular marijuana two months before the robbery.
• The Auburn Drug Testing/Drug Education Advisory Committee recommended to the Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics that synthetic marijuana be added to the Auburn Athletics drug testing policy on March 14, 2011. The policy change was adopted that day.
• Penalties for the use of synthetic marijuana were put into place for the next academic year beginning in August of 2011. Since it became a banned substance under the drug testing policy, only three student-athletes have tested positive for synthetic marijuana out of more than 2,500 tests administered.
I hope the facts clear up any misconceptions about drug use among our student-athletes. It is important for you to know that Auburn Athletics conducts approximately 1,500 drug tests each academic year. Less than one percent of our student-athletes test positive for illegal substances.

AUHD Game Recap: BSB vs. Wofford

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Practice #5 Quotes and Video

Gus Malzahn spoke to the media after the Wednesday practice.

 Cody Parkey went 8-for-8 in the fire-drill field-goal session, starting from 20 yards out and steadily moving back as far as 46 yards. Ryan White continues to be his primary holder, and most the usual offensive and defensive starters are lining up to block and rush in the drill.- Aaron Brenner of War Eagle Extra

These next two videos are courtesy of


Read more here:

Wired for Sound: Rhett Lashlee

Coach Lashlee is really into his practice times with his players. I like that he is helping Dameyune Craig coach the receivers also.

"A New Day" Indeed

We are familiar with the new slogan of first year football coach Gus Malzahn.

 Every new coach gives the warning that a new sheriff is in town. Nobody really knew quite what to expect from Gus as a head coach. We knew what his offense could do, but beyond that, we were all guessing.

 Malzahn came in with a fresh cup of coffee and ready to go to work. His mantra of a new day was quickly pushed by his staff, and we soon found out from some of the players that things had changed rather drastically for the better. 

 One player, whom I won't mention, used twitter as a release by inferring that he used to be able and go party, stay up late, or whatever the night before workouts. Try that now, and you'll pay for it. The new day had begun in preseason workouts, and all the players found out that Gus meant business.

 Gus also had made himself more available to the media, and the fan base. Throwing out the first pitch at the annual Capitol City Classic baseball game in Montgomery, Alabama is just an example. The media took notice of that, and has embraced it. 

 Once the pads were strapped on and our Tigers hit the practice fields, we have been told the difference in this fast paced edition of the Malzahn offense, and the old version is that there is not a higher authority to throttle back the push. 

 Trovon Reed made it clear that former coach Gene Chizik would purposely slow the pace to give the defense a chance to catch their breath. Not anymore! It's a new day around Auburn, and I for one embrace that idea!


Monday, April 1, 2013

 Here is a short video from this mornings practice from

We'll keep posting video as it becomes available. 

Learning to Tackle

 It's no secret Auburn's defenses have had trouble wrapping up on RB's and WR's in the past few seasons. Here is a heartening video of LB'er coach and Defensive Coordinator Ellis Johnson going through a tackle session with his LB's.

 Video is courtesy of AUHD and Charles Goldberg.