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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Gus Malzahn: History & Anticipation

 Let's take a minute here to go back in time. Back to the moments right after Auburn hired Gene Chizik. Coach Chizik's first move was to hire his coordinators for defense and offense. Chizik went with a proven name in the coaching ranks on defense with Ted Roof, who now coaches at Georgia Tech. 

 On offense however, Chizik chose a coach not many Auburn insiders were familiar with. In fact, when Gus Malzahn was tabbed as the new offensive coordinator at Auburn, most of the fans had never heard of Gus Malzahn. 

 Five games into the 2009 season however, everyone in the country was paying attention to what the Tigers offense was doing. Watch this video from ESPN as Todd McShay breaks down what Auburn is doing on offense, and has some good news for Auburn fans.

Listen to this video where former Auburn players talk about Coach Malzahn, and how they view the Auburn Coach's ability to make a difference.

 Recently ESPN 's Gene Wojciechowski did a fantastic piece on the background of Gus Malzahn's coaching career. From humble beginnings to the throne of the most powerful football conference in America. 

 Finally let's dare take a look into the future of Auburn football in 2014, where for the first time in his college football career, Gus Malzahn will have the same quarterback running his offense. Malzahn has done excellent with one time players at the QB position. Guys like Paul Smith, David Johnson, Chris Todd, and of course Cam Newton who helped guide the Tigers to the BCS Championship in 2010. 

 Nick Marshall will be the starting QB at Auburn, so let's take a look at Malzahn's high school coaching days to get a glimpse of what might happen with a repeat starter at QB.   

 The season ahead for this Auburn team is full of anticipation, and if history is indeed destined to repeat itself, Auburn's 2014 offense may just rewrite the school's records book once again.


Sunday, January 26, 2014

Meet the Players!

Meet the Players

Friday, I went to the Meet the Players event for the Senior Bowl. I have been before. I feel very lucky to live in Mobile and get the be involved with the Senior Bowl. When I was in high school, we used to go to the FCA Prayer Breakfast. It was there that I got to meet Tom Landry. I went to MTP in January 2011 and met the players from the 2010 team.  I wanted to go last year to meet Philip, but family circumstances prevented me from being able to go to the event. I have included the pictures that I took.  Please treat them kindly.

My program from the Iron Bowl- Senior Day 

After lots of waiting in line, I got to go up and meet Jay Prosch and Chris. They were in the first group. Keep in mind that this is probably VERY overwhelming. There are lots of people in the room, loud music, games, food, and other things going on at once. When I got to the front of the line, I only got a few seconds so they can keep the line moving. Jay was very friendly and outgoing. I had brought the game program from the Alabama game since that was Senior Day.  Jay signed close to his picture. He shook hands and I moved over to Chris. Chris is a little quieter. He was very nice and signed my program. They also have these little cards that you can pick up that are sort of like baseball cards. I forgot to pick one up from Chris. I was a little rushed and wanted to spend my time saying hello to the guys. Jay was very nice to my mom

Chris Davis- Iron Bowl Hero

Jay Prosch- Blocker Extraordinaire and really nice guy
After my mom and I had both met Jay and Chris we went to sit for a little while. My mom is just getting over a foot injury. After a snack, drink, and a rest, we got back in line for the second group. While we were in line for the second group, the first group was finishing up. They exit the room right by the Auburn line, so we got to see lots of guys from other times as they went out. Many of them signed stuff and shook hands with the Auburn folks as they went out. Kevin Norwood came by and everyone was shaking his hand and getting his card. He jokingly put his hands in the air, and said, "Yall know I play for Alabama, right?" Several people nodded and kinda patted him on the hand. He said, "OK, I just wanted to make sure!" He was really funny about it, though, so it wasn't rude or anything.

Cody Parkey- A kicker we are going to miss!

See the cute little goalpost?
Then, the second group started coming in. Dee and Cody came by, along with the fella from Princeton. One player (I don't know his name) came out and was immediately overwhelmed by the scene. I don't know if it was the faceful of Auburn folks he got or whether it was all the stuff and people in the room, but he immediately said, "Ohhhhh, crap!" (Only it wasn't crap he said, just in case we have any family readers here.) I don't think very many people heard him.  So, we waited in line a little longer. I met a little fella whose brother was over in the Alabama line and he didn't have anyone to take his picture, so I offered. We are, after all, the Auburn family.  In line, we all shared stories and looked at the merchandise we had all brought for the players to sign. The guys behind me had a really nifty photograph of the Kick Six! They had met Jay, Dee, and Cody the night before and at event, but they were waiting to meet Chris.

Dee- Senior Bowl MVP and amazing musician

When it was our turn, I got to meet Cody. He was also very nice and outgoing. He's much taller than he seems. He was very upbeat and lively. He also called me ma'am! I can't really see it in the photograph of my program, but Cody signs his autograph with a little goal post!  I got his autograph and his card. Then I moved over to Dee. All week, the local sports radio has broadcast from practices and the hotel room. They have talked about how well Dee did in practices and meetings. Up close, I could really see why. Dee just commanded the room. He has a very bright smile and personality. He was very friendly and even let me take two pictures since my first one blurred. My mom and I finished up and got ready to leave.  It had been really fun but it is very tiring. I know writing it out makes it seem quick, but its a whole lot of waiting.

It was a fun day and I was glad I got to meet them. I hope that next year is fabulous and there are other players to meet! The Auburn fans who came got to meet some really great guys! Of course, if you watched the game, you know that Dee was the star, Chris caught an interception, Cody kicked a 50 yd field goal, and Jay did what Jay does- making the blocks and clearing the path!

If you haven't come down to Mobile for any Senior Bowl events before, come down next time! 

War Eagle!


Wednesday, January 22, 2014


This poem is not just my words, but a compilation of words and inspirational thanks from many people who make up the Auburn Family. I only hope I was able to do justice with the gratitude they expressed from their hearts!!


We want to say "Thank You" Auburn Tigers 
From Fans All Across The Nation!!!
Your Auburn family is filled with appreciation;
And send shouts with heart-felt exclamation!!!

The "Thank You's " come from far to near!
There is immense gratitude for what you do!!
You brought so much enjoyment to us this season;
And We were never disappointed in you!!

Thank you for following your Auburn hearts,
For not letting negativity get in the way!!
For exhibiting the "Never give up" Auburn Spirit
In each and every game that you played!!!

You have truly offered us inspiration,
In all aspects of our life!!!
Like how to handle adversity,
and how to handle strife!!!

Thank you for overcoming all the odds ,
By saying “We aren’t going down today”!!
For fighting on, no matter how tough,
And bringing reality to the “Brand New Day”!!

The entire season of achievements was a true gift,
and a wonderful surprise!!
We will never forget this 2013 season, 
nor the climb to victory, while watching you rise!!

Thank you Ricardo Louis!!
You were in the right place with prayers and miracles in the mix!!
And our thanks go out to Chris Davis too, 
For being there and the famous Kick Six!!

Every man on this team was important!
Your single effort gained the whole team success!!
Each man had his own special claim to fame!!
We love you all!!  You are the best!!

We thank all you coaches for being like fathers!!
You taught our men discipline and brotherly love!!
You encouraged them to remain humble,
And give thanks to our God up above!!!

We thank you all for hard work and preparation, 
Staying one step ahead of each team you were meeting!!
With heart and passion , remaining steady and courageous,
Never once did you think of retreating!!!

Thanks for surprising us with more than we hoped for!
You gave us fond memories we will always treasure!
The gratitude we feel for turning this team around, 
Is so much more than can ever be measured!!

Coach Gus, we can never say "Thank You" enough!!
We must give tribute where tribute is due!!
You had a vision and plan for each Auburn man,
And brought back honor to the Orange and Blue!!

You opened the doors on your "Victory Bus"!,
And took us all on one "Helluva" ride!!
Your dream of grandeur soon became a reality
By restoring Auburn Dignity and Pride!!

Though the task to rebuild was ardent, 
You set forth with meticulous preparation!!,
Confidence was restored as you forged ahead with your plan!;
And we are now one of the top teams in the nation!!

Auburn Men, you kept your integrity,
While becoming an example of what hard work can do!!
Even when the chips were down, you kept your passion,
And remained true to The Orange and Blue!!!

Growing stronger and stronger, game by game,
You Auburn Tigers fully unleashed your power!!
And with your "spirit of winning" that could not be tamed,
You soon became our "Auburn Strong Tower"!!

We reflect back now, as we stand in the present,
In awe that we have come so far!!!
With chips down, you kept on passionately fighting!!;
Your true grit earned us the "SEC's Brightest star"!!

For All of these things we want to "Thank You"!
You have truly emanated the Auburn Creed!!!
You have brought back "AUBURN PRIDE AND DIGNITY"!!

Poetic Tiger

Hurting & Frustrated All at One Time

 The Auburn Men's basketball season is past the half way point, and feelings of pain and frustration are prevalent amongst the fan base. More and more this version of Tony Barbee's squad comes really close to winning, and falls short. The most frustrating element to this season? That's easy, it's that Auburn has led most of these contest at certain points in the matches, and keeps finding a way to lose.

 The latest game at Miss State saw Auburn's bench go through an entire game without scoring a single point.

 Every team that plays this game, goes thru cold spells where scoring seems to to elude them. That is part of what makes basketball so entertaining. Usually when one team goes cold, the other will find a way to claw back into the contest. But, Auburn's bench scoring Wednesday night hit an all time low.

 I don't know enough about the game to delve into the technical aspects as to why Auburn is not performing at it's best in these games. However, I know that 0 for the last 15 in conference play is not acceptable.

 I want Auburn basketball to be successful. I ache for those players, coaches, and their respective families. Lastly, I know winning has to find it's way into this program in a hurry, or some very difficult decisions are going to be made sooner, rather than later.


Auburn Women's Basketball Review: Show 2

Gus Malzahn Talks Future of Auburn Football

A short stop in Mobile, Alabama to visit with his former players, and "finish up" recruiting efforts. Here is a video (thanks to of Coach Malzahn talking with the media.

Kentucky at Auburn WBB highlights and postgame

Monday, January 20, 2014

Senior Bowl- Friday Meet the Players

If you are interested, Friday the Senior Bowl will host a Meet the Players event. The event is pretty cool. It is run in two sessions. Usually Auburn and Alabama have players in both sessions. The first session is 3:30-5:00 and the second session is 5:00-6:30. It is at the Mobile Convention Center. You can park in the center deck for event parking which is only $5.00 (or it was that way last time I went) I got there early last time but there were lots of Auburn fans around so it made it pretty fun. We waited in line until it was time for the gates to open. The lines split to AU/Bama sides. If people come to see other players they are in the middle. The players have little signed cards to give out. You can bring one item to have autographed. I had 2 things last time and bribed a person next to me with a kid to let their kid hold my other item.

Here is the times and lineup of players:

If you want to see my writeup from 2010 (well, 2011. 2010 team, though.)

Here are some pictures:

If you are anywhere near the area, it is a really neat way to meet some players. There isn't a lot of time to chit chat with them, but its pretty good. I tried to remember it was the end of the week when they had been working and interviewing all week.

I am planning to go!

My Thoughts: All Things Auburn

photo by: Tiffany Pyle

  If you had any doubt about my feelings for all things Auburn, let me put them to rest here and now. I was 17 the first time I ever walked on campus. I have been enamored with it's majesty ever since.

 My family understands this much more now that I blog about this passion I have.  It's not just football, but the entirety of Auburn that has captured me. From the words of our creed, to the overwhelming feeling of family, this love of Auburn continues to grow.

 The onslaught of social media has brought to light the fact that I am not alone. Yet, it is that age old media of newspaper reporters that first captured my yet unwritten emotions. Specifically one Bud Poliquin who in 2002 so eloquently stated:

"Believe me on this. Please. I have descended into college football’s Grand Canyon. I have stood in its Alps. I have gazed at its ocean sunset. I have attended a game at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn, Ala. And I’ve been changed forever."

 This was published by the Syracuse Post-Standard, the newspaper Mr. Poliquin wrote for at the time.

 There is yet another place in Auburn that makes me feel like I am more than I am. It gives me hope, and it gives me purpose. That special place is Toomer's Corner. Gone are the trees, and that's enough said about that. Yet, there are those memories that can and will be held onto with great pride.

 Auburn Oaks:
   More than a place on a map. More than an intersection in a small town, or a corner in a community. More than a tree. It's the embodiment of the Auburn spirit. A place where family and friends gather to celebrate all that is good about tradition, success, and Auburn. Many memories have been made under the Auburn oaks-memories that are forever engrained in the minds of the Auburn Family.

 My hope is that one day the younger members of my family will read this and understand, at least partially just how special Auburn, and the Auburn spirit is.


Proposed Changes in College Football

I was driving to Birmingham, Alabama on Saturday morning and I was listening to John Fricke who has a weekend show on 92.9 FM The Game in the ATL. John did have some interesting commentary and I find him to be unbiased which is unusual in the ATL sports radio market. He was talking about the changes that could be coming in College Football. John Fricke's thoughts are as follows:
  1. The SEC Network will launch on August 21; therefore, the SEC will be adding two additional teams and the most likely candidates could be North Carolina and NC State with FSU in the mix. I will choose FSU for obvious reasons and North Carolina would be a nice addition. North Carolina has a beautiful campus and I would like to see Auburn play in Chapel Hill. 
  2. The SEC will go to the 9 game schedule in 2016 which does mean that some cross division rivalries would be affected like the Auburn/UGA and Bama/Tennessee games.
  3. The College Football playoff system will consist of 5 leagues which will consist of 16 teams and Notre Dame will finally be forced to find a conference home if they want to participate in the playoff. I think that the Big 10 could be their new home. Obviously, some teams will be left out of the playoff system unless they are asked to join a conference since there will be room for only 80 teams.
Honestly, I do feel that John Fricke could be right because the schools are all into making more money that will be offered by the TV networks and ESPN. 

Thursday, January 16, 2014

All Over the Map

Auburn in the Rose Bowl. photo by Klell Lawrence
This post may wander around the parking lot a little more than you may be accustomed to from yours truly. I spent several days trying to recoup from the nearly three week long journey into the promised land of the Grandaddy of them all. Pasadena was a truly beautiful place to visit.  

 Our group of Auburn fans went on a tour of the Los Angeles area. We went to Santa Monica and Beverly Hills complete with a trip down Rodeo Drive. I was happy that we did not stop to shop on Rodeo Drive. Our tour guide, Tony, was extremely knowledgeable, and entertaining. We ended up with some extra time in the afternoon, and they quickly came up with an additional place for us to visit, Dodgers Stadium. Now that excited me! 
panorama shot of Dodger Stadium
I have already posted my thoughts on Auburn's close loss to FSU in the title game, so I won't bore you with that again. I will however brag on my Auburn family. Tiger Walk was tremendous, and I have never been more proud than when our guys got off that bus to the throng of fans cheering them on. Echos of "It's great to be an Auburn Tiger" could be heard for miles, I'm sure of it. That those same wonderful fans cheered the team the same way after the game sends chills.

This sign stands on the pier ay Santa Monica

It's the end of the trail for the 2013 football season, and the recruiting is going very well. We will be here with your National Signing Day info as it's released to the public. Look for Auburn's coaches to make a big push, and sign a Top 10 class once again.  

Auburn's two basketball teams are looking to make their way into post season play this year, and the Gymnastic team is on the verge of a truly remarkable season. They take on the #1ranked Florida Gators on the 17th of February. I will go on record stating that this is the year we break the Alabama streak! 

War Eagle!

Auburn Gymnastics vs. Florida Preview

Auburn Basketball Highlights at Tennessee

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Thanks to a few others- Part III

OK A few others I want to thank. They don't fit in the senior category, but I feel they deserve some words of thanks for the hard work put in this season and beyond.

Tre Mason You have represented Auburn in an amazing way. You showed the heart and fight of a player ten times your size.  Auburn was a better place the minute you stepped on campus. I heard you wanted to set a good example for your younger brother, and I think you did that.  From the way you played hard, even in the tough times to the way you represented Auburn in New York at the Heisman presentation.  We are really going to miss you. I hate that you are leaving, but I completely understand it.  I know you wanted that National Championship as much or more than anyone, but the things you did are more amazing than that. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. You did amazing things for Auburn.  I know we will see great things from you.

Greg Robinson  You had a short time at Auburn, but you did amazing things. I know you are a little quieter than some of the other players, but you were one of the most valuable players we had on the field. For all of you who stuck through last year, we thank you. I know you are going to do amazing things in the NFL. I wish you could stay but I know that this is better for you. If it is better for you, than that is what I want for you. Thank you. This season was amazing to watch both on and off the field. I wish you well. I can't wait to see you in the top 10 in the draft. I know you will be fabulous. Thank you for your time and dedication to Auburn.

Kiehl Frazier You are one of the most selfless people that has been a part of the Auburn team. I really hate to see you go, but I can completely understand that you want a chance to play. We are going to miss you. I think you made Auburn a better place. You stood up and did the best you could in a terrible situation. When you moved positions this year, you could have made things difficult, but you did not do that. You stood up for people, even when it was tough and that takes a strong man. Thank you for being a part of this team. We are really going to miss you. You may leave Auburn, my friend, but Auburn will never leave you.

Coach Malzahn There aren't the words to thank you for what you have done for this team. You took a group of guys who had been broken and helped them heal. Along the way, you decided to win some championships while you were at it.  The morning after you were hired, I saw a rainbow on my way to work.  I know there was also a rainbow in Auburn later that day. I remember thinking God would put his blessings on this team. A new day indeed.  Thank you for giving us an amazing team and a terrific season. You have done great things here and I know there will be more greatness is the future. I have always loved Auburn (3rd generation!) but this has been one of the best seasons I can remember. I love that you never curse. I love that you show the players God's love.  I am so glad you came back.

Thanks for making it a special season.  I appreciate every single person on the team.  It was a fun and terrific season. I can't wait for the spring game! 

War Eagle everybody!

Auburn Gymnastics Report: January 14

Auburn Women's Basketball Review: Show 1

Monday, January 13, 2014

Part II Seniors 2013

Cody Parkey & Ryan White 2 of Auburn's Senior class

If you missed the first part of my series, I am writing individual thank yous to the seniors. It's something I like to do. This year, it got a bit lengthy, so we decided to break it up into three posts. This is the last of the seniors, but there are a few other people to thank in Part Three.

Seriously, this year was so amazing. I know it didn't end where the players, coaches or fans had hoped, but if you had told me that we would be playing in the national championship game, I would have NOT placed any money on it. I know I've written before about praying for the players and feeling unanswered last year, I know now what I didn't know then. God has had his hand on every one of these players and the coaches. Thank you to all of you for an amazingly fun season. I know we will see amazing things from all of you in the future. 

Craig Sanders You were another one that I noticed right away. I think it was your twitter name the time.  Thank you for always being a good witness for Christ. It is amazing to have Christian leaders on the team. I am so glad you played at Auburn. One of my favorite pictures is of you and Corey L. with Salt and Peppa shaved into your head. I like a player who doesn't take himself too seriously. Besides all of that, you were an amazing player. I loved to see #13 make a big play. I know you will do great things. Thank you for all you did for Auburn. We love you forever!

Tunde Fariyike I know you have another year of eligibility, but sometimes, you have your eye on bigger things. I am so proud to hear you are going on to medical school! That is amazing! You were always ready to do whatever you could to help Auburn. When the team needed you to start at Center, you jumped in and did the job. If they needed you on special teams, you did your job.  If they needed you to work on the O-line, you were there. You also stood up for yourself and your team when someone said very negative things. I appreciate all you did for Auburn. I know the phrase, 'an Auburn man' seems cliché sometimes, but it never is. I know we will see great things from you. Thank you.

Jake Lembke We may not have seen you play all that much, but I know someone who earns a scholarship after being a walk-on has to be a determined hard worker.  The fact that you earned SEC Honor Roll says a lot about your work ethic. Thank you so much for your dedication to Auburn. You and your teammates laid the groundwork for future champions. We appreciate what you have done for this team in the past and what will carry to the future.  I know we are going to see great things from you! Come back to see us often!

Dee Ford You are a really special player. It was amazing to see you sack so many quarterbacks this year! Beyond what you have done on the field as a football player, your leadership developed the younger players for the future.  Your unique style was always appreciated. It would have been easy for you to go on auto pilot this year, but you did not do that.  You took a much harder road, and you did it with the highest of standards! Thank you for everything you did for Auburn. From leading the team to wins to posting videos of piano, you did amazing things this year. I know we will see great things from you in the future. I cannot wait to meet you at the Senior Bowl. Good luck to you for the week of the Senior Bowl!  Thank you for your time and commitment to Auburn. You have exemplified the Auburn Creed and as fans, I can't tell you how much fun you made this season. Thank you!

Jay Prosch There are not really great words to thank you enough. You were dealing with your own personal tragedy and still giving it everything you had to the football team. After last year, it would have been easy for you to choose not to give it your all, but you chose to do hard work and it paid off.  I am so glad that this year went well for you. You represented Auburn with class, dignity, and hard work every time you put on the uniform. Thank you so much for your hard work and dedication. I can't wait to meet you at the Senior Bowl. I know you will have a great week there since it will be a homecoming for you! I know we will see great things from you in the future! Thank you so much for giving us such a fun and amazing season.

Cody Parkey Besides yelling at the TV each week to correct the announcer (ParkEEEE, not Park-ER!), you somehow made the kickoff fun.  Your ability to kick the ball wayy past the end zone each time sure was fun to watch. You did so much for Auburn. I still think you had that onside kick against LSU. Your leadership on  the team was treasured.  Thank you so much for everything you did for Auburn.  You always represented Auburn with class and dignity. I can't wait to meet you at the Senior Bowl next week. I know you will do great while you are in Mobile.  Thank you for your time and for leading this team. We are really going to miss each one of you.

 War Eagle! Check back soon for Part III.


Saturday, January 11, 2014

Auburn Football: Oh What A Year

The big news of 2013 was Auburn Football


As we know, the greatest turn around in college football has come to an end. We witnessed remarkable miracles and amazing plays all year long, and for the rest of the Auburn fans, we will never forget this season. Although we will never forget the previous year, this years finish we won't forget because the orange and blue faithful have hope again. We believe we can win. We believe we are back where we were in 2010 and back when Tommy Tuberville ruled most of the SEC, especially Alabama. Gus Malzahn has instilled hope back into the football program and it is clear to see what is to come. The greatest turnaround may be over, but what is to follow will be something no one would have bet on when Auburn finished 3-9 in 2012.

Remembering the Good Times:

As stated, this year has been on of the best years of offense Auburn has had in recent years. Destruction on the ground lead by Nick Marshall and Tre Mason. Mason broke records on his way through his last year as a Tiger and made it an even more hot spot for future recruits who want to be a part of what the Tigers are doing. This year has given us moments of joy and happiness. Here are a few key things about this past year I will never forget.

My Top 10 Moments of the 2013 Season:

10.  Breaking the Streak: Auburn broke the streak of consecutive SEC losses. It was a really good feeling seeing these players and coaches take a step in the right direction after an abysmal year. Beating Mississippi State at Jordan-Hare was a big deal to me and I'm sure it was to a ton of fans as well. With Auburn losing in the game, these Tigers never gave up and finished with heart. Auburn Tigers 3-9 (0-8)

9. Best in the West: After Auburn had won the title in 2010, the steep decline in the Western Division of the SEC was very hard to bear for most fans. With Alabama, LSU, and Texas A & M all dominating, Auburn wasn't even really a treat to take on either of those teams. For Auburn to get through a tough schedule actually take down Alabama and Texas A & M in the same season was pretty inspiring. After Dee Ford pulled Johnny Manziel to the ground to end that game, I knew this team could out score almost everyone. Finishing higher and winning the division over those teams was a great feeling. Season Highlights Plowing Through the SEC

8. SEC Championship: After getting destroyed by Texas A&M, Georgia, and Alabama last season, I predicted Auburn to win 8 games, not including the bowl game. For the Tigers to win the West and be in an SEC Championship above those other proven, dominant teams made me think "Did they really just run the table after LSU?". Yes, yes they did and to beat the #1 team in the nation to get there made it even more special. Not only getting there was a big part of this season, they won. Beating another top 5 team in the process. Missouri hadn't really been stopped all year and if it had not have been for Conner Shaw, Mizzou might have been the #2 in the nation coming into the game. scoring 59 points against the second best Defense in the SEC was a pretty amazing feat. Not to mention that Auburn ran for 545 yards! The 304 yard performance from Tre Mason boosted him into the Heisman race and landed him a seat in New York for the presentation. Just wow. 2013 SEC Championship Highlights

7. Freshman Dominating: Jeremy Johnson, Carl Lawson, Montravius Adams, Marcus Davis, Alex Kozan and more had an instant impact in this years game plan. Carl Lawson and Monty Adams played on the D-Line al year long and showed their 5* potential and raw talent early. Jeremy Johnson was the SEC Freshman of the week every time he had to fill in for Marshall. Marcus Davis made clutch catches throughout the year even though he made some big drops. And Kozan played on Auburn's O-Line that lead the nation in rushing. Every Freshman, redshirted or not, made a big impact on and off the field. After they way talent had not been molded in the previous year, it was really good and important for Freshman to play and play like veteran players. Great job Coach.

6. The First BIG Play: The first time all year that made all of us jump out of our seats was when Auburn trailed Mississippi State. Auburn took over on the 12 yard line with 1:56 to go. Marshall hit Marcus Davis 4 times on the final drive before hitting CJ Uzomah in the corner of the endzone with 10 seconds left to beat Miss St. at Jordan-Hare to get the first SEC win of the year. Auburn-Mississippi State Highlights

5. Nick Marshall: This isn't really a moment, but one of the most important things about this team. Nick Marshall came into an offense that couldn't pass or score hardly at all last year. He moved from DB at Georgia to a JUCO QB, then to the starting QB at an SEC school who needed a QB badly. He didn't just make al of Auburn proud of him, I found myself saying multiple times throughout the year "I believe in Marshall, I believe in Malzahn". There is no doubt that Nick Marshall has been a big factor for the Tigers and would not have been in the BCS Championship game without him. Nick Marshall Highlights 2013

4. "Manziel Goes Down!": Johnny Manziel made Auburn look like a JUCO team when Texas A&M throttled Auburn in 2012. After Manziel won the Heisman, more allegations and off the field incidents arose for him. Before this year, He seemed as if he had a reckless, I don't care attitude that came off arrogant and something most people didn't respect. But Manziel redeemed himself this past year, he seemed more humble and took responsibility for his actions. That or not, Auburn went back and forth with A&M all game. In the 4th Quarter, both teams traded the lead multiple times. But when Tre Mason put the dagger in A&M with a 5 yard TD run with 1:19 left in the game. Manziel had one more chance. He moved the ball all the way to the Auburn 18. Dee Ford sacked Manziel two times and Manziel was stopped on 3rd down to beat A&M at Kyle Field. Auburn-Texas A&M Highlights

3. Tre Mason's Extraordinary Year: Tre Mason played his heart out on a losing team last year. There wasn't any question that coming into this year he was the offensive leader for this team. In 2012, Mason rushed for 1,002 yards and 8 TDs on the year. In 2013, Mason set many records by rushing for 1,816 and 23 Rushing TDs, not including the 195 and TD in the Championship Game against FSU. And as stated above for moment 8 on my list, Mason rushed for 304 yards and 4 TDs against the SECs second best Defense after putting up 164 against the SECs best Defense, Alabama. Mason broke records in the SEC Championship game, and throughout the year he broke several Bo Jackson records. Simply amazing. Tre Mason 2013 Highlights

2. The Prayer at Jordan-Hare: After leading Georgia all game, Aaron Murray and the Bulldogs made a push and actually took the lead with 1:56 left in the game. Auburn had been in this situation before, A&M, Miss State, Alabama, so if there was going to be a miracle, it was possible. After one first down, Auburn had 2 negative plays and an incompletion. On 4th and 18, with 36 seconds left, Marshall stayed in the pocket and rocketed it to Ricardo Louis. The pass bounced off a UGA defender perfectly and the rest is history. As long as I live, I'll never forget watching this play happen. "Louis caught it, Louis caught it!". Chills. Auburn-Georgia Highlights

1. Iron Bowl/Kick Six: What could be better than that? I'm sure you know the answer already. When Alabama destroyed Auburn 49-0 the previous year, It was important for Auburn to not give up and play a great game to beat the #1 team and much hated Alabama. Auburn struck first and I knew it would be a good one. My wife and I actually sat in the Alabama section (She is a Semi-Bama fan) and when McCarron hit the 99 yard pass my heart dropped, but posed with the same situation as normal, Auburn losing, had another chance to make a 4th Quarter comeback, as they have throughout the year. Auburn took over with 2:32 left in the game down 28-21. After 6 consecutive carries by Mason, Marshall ran the read option, kept it, ran left and right at the line he pulled up after a Bama defender bit on the run and hot Sammie Coates for the TD to tie the game with 32 seconds left. Alabama had one last shot or the game would go into overtime. McCarron moved the ball down to the Auburn 39 yard line. As Yeldon ran out of bounds the clock hit 0:00. One of the best Iron Bowls EVER would be defined in OT. What a fitting way to end the regular season. Wait? Saban is on the field? One second left? After a review Alabama would have one last shot and as long as I live, this WILL be my number one moment in Auburn history. When Chris Davis crossed the goal line on our side to beat Alabama after the missed field goal, I'll never forget the rush and happiness of what happened in front of my eyes. Being on the field with all of the Auburn faithful was an amazing feeling! "There goes Davis!Davis is gonna run it all the way back!", I can still hear the call as I close my eyes and imagine it all over again. Chasing Him Forever Kick Six

So What's Next: With Auburn returning 9 players on offense, the future looks bright. Also with most players on defense returning, Auburn will have the most experienced team in the SEC. The heavy hitters such as Alabama, LSU, Georgia, South Carolina, Texas A&M, and Missouri are all losing their QBs, leaving Auburn the most experienced at that position. After an amazing year, the Tigers should use last season as a motivator. Getting that close and losing has to burn deep. I can only imagine how much more focused these players will be coming into next year. And for Nick Marshall? After making the switch to QB only a year ago and missing spring practices, this season was great for someone who hasn't developed fully. Expect Marshall to be more accurate and efficient in his senior season next year.

With NSD coming up Auburn is looking to bring in another top class. You can check below, but these guys coming in will be one great offensive class. Here is the commit list thanks to 2014 Auburn Recruiting Class (as of Jan 11)

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