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Monday, September 28, 2015

Gameday and Post Game Video vs. Miss St.

Highlights via Auburn Athletics:

Sean White via

Sean White was a gamer on Saturday. He was patient in the pocket, and very accurate with most of his throws. The future is certainly bright for this young man if he can grow and learn from each of his outings. Auburn looks to have found their man at the QB position.

Coach Malzahn via

Biggest question on the night Saturday was where is the Auburn offense we are used to seeing? The answer is as complicated as it is easy. Our competition has devised game plans to take away some of the plays us fans are used to seeing. 

MSU played deep at the safety spot most of the night taking away most deep passes, and kept the Auburn offense in front of them. 

Peyton Barber via

Barber continues to impress as a hard runner willing to bang with the big guys in the middle of the line, or break one around the end.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Where does Auburn go now?

It was a great day for me in Auburn despite the loss to Mississippi State. I took this photo of the new scoreboard from the coliseum right before the kickoff. I must say that it was an amazing sight to see as the Auburn football team entered the field.

I had a great turkey burger from Cheeburger  Cheeburger and I would like to compliment the waitress crew for providing some excellent customer service. Also, the Mississippi State fans are some of the best in the SEC. They were all gracious and complimentary as I moved around the stadium. The best comment of the night was "you know that you guys would have beaten us with a better offense". 

Sean White made his debut as the Auburn QB and he played fairly well and completed 20 of 28 passes for 188 yards. Auburn elected to receive and seemed to move the ball down the field with ease; however, the interception inside the 10 yard line stopped Auburn's momentum. Auburn was inside the "red zone"4 times and could only come up with 9 points. Auburn did leave points on the field. Field goals are nice, but touchdowns are much better.  Also, Sean White was sacked 4 times so improvement is needed with the offensive line protection. He is a pocket passer so I am sure that he is still adjusting to the "read option" offense. It did seem that the play calling was very vanilla and I just wish that Auburn had attempted some longer pass plays down the field because the wide receivers were open. It is obvious that Auburn is still trying to find their offensive identity. I do expect to see Jason Smith playing QB before this season. The Auburn running game did show some promise with Peyton Barber rushing for 137 yards on 27 attempts. 

Dak Prescott of Mississippi State is a good passing QB and had no trouble finding open receivers. He finished the night with 270 passing yards. The Auburn defensive line could not put any pressure on Prescott so he had plenty of time to locate his receivers. Auburn did hold them to 56 yards rushing. 

Auburn did make defensive adjustments in the second half and they did play well enough for Auburn to win this game; however, the offense could not get the ball into the end zone. It does seem that the changes on defense by Muschamp may help in the future. Notable defensive changes were Tre' Williams and Justin Garrett starting at linebacker and Countess being moved to the safety position.

We are now 4 games into this football season and Auburn still has a difficult road ahead. It now appears that this may be a rebuilding year for Auburn and hopefully Gus Malzahn can find a way to  turn this season around. 

War Eagle!

2015 Auburn Football HYPE "This Is Who We Are"

Friday, September 25, 2015

AU vs MSU Poem


At Auburn, it's not ALL about football!!
It's ALL about family!!
Each and every fan and team member,
Make up our family tree!!

When we see a brother who's struggling,
We comfort him with family love!!
We work together, sharing any troubles;
Asking guidance from above!

When our Auburn Tigers face adversity,
We will stay  close together and ALL IN!!
Knowing that family love keeps us together,
And together we find ways  to win!

Sometimes when clouds seem the darkest;
A silver cloud can break its way through!!
It's never too late for optimism,
For the Family wearing orange and blue!

We must not feel down and defeated!!
We must stay together ALL IN and fight!!
Knowing that the sun comes up in the morning;
Even after the darkest night!

Auburn Tigers,  your family loves you!!
We are in this ALL together!!
We stay beside you always,
No matter what the weather!!

Stand  up to the MSU Bulldogs!!
We are ALL IN with you do or die!
When we soar on the  wings of an Eagle!
There is no limit to how high we can fly!!!


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Sean White Era Begins Now

The Sean White era as the Auburn quarterback will begin this Saturday evening on the hallowed ground of Jordan-Hare stadium and he will have my full support. 

Trent Dilfer, who has worked with Sean, compares him to Drew Brees with a stronger arm. "He is a gifted passer and can make any throw on the field". 

I feel that the Auburn coaching staff will give him a simple game plan at first and hopefully Auburn can begin to find their offensive identity. 

Auburn certainly has the offensive talent to move the ball on Mississippi State. 

War Eagle!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

More Questions Than Answers

Auburn had many questions about it's football team this past Saturday. The hows and the whys were everywhere last week as many of the Auburn faithful found more questions than answers in a home win in overtime to an FCS school.

Saturday we saw an Auburn team dismantled by a hungry LSU team. 

We saw another big powerful back have a career day, and an Auburn defense unable to do anything about it. We saw an inexperienced QB have his way as our Tigers looked helpless in all phases of the defense. The LSU QB was 12 of 17 with a TD and zero interceptions. 

Auburn offensively looks like a squad that abandoned it's approach to football altogether. Our number one RB was only allowed to carry the ball 7 times the entire game. Peyton Barber continues to prove he is the man with 4.9 yards per carry even in the loss. Yet, inexplicably Barber wasn't a factor in the game.

While Jeremy Johnson went just 11 of 19 with 2 TD's, he battled with yet another interception. Auburn's passing game looks completely ineffective. Most of the positive plays were late into the second half when it looked like LSU was playing the backups.

The first Auburn drive started with some promise, and ended on a sadly comical fumble by the Auburn QB. The play was a precursor of what was to come.

"We obviously got off to a bad start," he said. "Our offense in the first half didn't give us a chance, and really put us behind. It didn't give any life to the defense." said Gus Malzahn.
"Bottom line, we got our rear kicked."

How could Auburn's offense look so anemic? Why doesn't Jeremy Johnson, the Auburn QB run the ball like previous Auburn QB's have?

How badly injured is Carl Lawson? Will our defense start resembling any of the Will Muschamp defenses of the past? 
Those many questions are still unanswered. Now, there are a few more to add. 

A September loss does not kill a teams chances for a good season. Maybe LSU is the class of the West in the SEC. In the weeks to come we will find out the answers, and maybe this Auburn team can put the questions behind them.


Friday, September 18, 2015

I Got the Jeremy Johnson Blues

I keep hearing an old blues melody in my head. You know, the one where the singer keeps repeating the same line three times, and then throws in a single line change to make a point?

I got the J.J. blues
I got the J.J. blues, yes I do
I got the J.J. blues
He needs to run the ball more,
so we can pass the ball to Duke.....

The reason I have this little ditty running thru my head is because it's what most fans keep saying. They believe Jeremy isn't running enough. Also that Duke Williams isn't getting enough passes thrown his way.

Coach Malzahn keeps reminding us we are a run first, play action team. Running the ball successfully will open the passing game, and thus create the desired results we all crave.

Let's look at the crux of the problem, at least thus far this season, as to why Jeremy Johnson isn't running the ball more. I would like to acknowledge @WarRomEagle who posted the video where these images came from. He is much better able to breakdown film study than I am, and I encourage you to check out his posts over at College and Magnolia

The two different Defensive Coordinators that Auburn has faced this season have copied the Alabama defensive strategy against the Zone Read play Auburn fans are accustomed to seeing.
They bring both defensive ends up the field first, to mitigate any chance of a run play getting outside to the corner.
Example A:
Both defensive ends fire into the backfield.
This play is designed to read the DE on the right side of the line. Jeremy is to decide who gets the ball, based on what he sees the end doing. In the case of the picture above, Roc Thomas gets the ball, because the DE is keying on Johnson, the QB. Notice where the DE is looking, and the wide step outward. 

On this next play, we see the same thing, only later into the play. This illustrates just how far into the development of the play, the DE is keying on the Auburn QB.
Johnson runs Zone read in Tigers first drive
 I noticed this exact same thing in the Jacksonville State game. Especially on first down, when Auburn really likes to run the ball, the DE's would fire up field to take away any outside the tackle runs. 

For any offense, it is much more difficult to have explosive plays when all the runs are being forced into the teeth of the defense.

We all want to see this offense perform in a way that creates big numbers, both in the stats and on the scoreboard. Let's see what Gus has in store for the Bengal Cats in Baton Rouge this weekend. I have a feeling "Oh, we gon' have some fun."


Thursday, September 17, 2015


Saturday 9/20/15 @ LSU

I've  found myself searching for words;
On an up and down emotional ride!
Part of me feels deep disappointment;
While the rest bursts with Auburn pride!!

Will our young men stay in the fight,
With so much to gain and so much to lose?
Will they pick up speed and continue the race?
Auburn Tigers, which path will you choose?

We have the God given talent!
And the  best coaches to be found!
Now is the time to step up and fight;
It's time to stand your ground!!!

Never let go of that burning desire
To Stay close and support each other!!
With hearts on fire,  fueled with Auburn love;
Ban together and protect your brother!!

Open your eyes to a bright future!!
Close them to the past and never look back!!
Enter the field with tenacity and pride!!
Stay in the battle and on the attack!!!

Our Auburn family’s  built on a firm foundation!!
Our roots are solid and strong!!
We still have the chance to win this race!!
And be back on top where we belong!!

Fight on untiringly Auburn Tigers!!
Uphold the pride of the Orange and blue!
Face LSU fearlessly and Brave;
And to yourselves be true!!!


The poetic tiger

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Support or Criticize? That's the Question

When your team plays unexpectedly below their potential, you start to ask the question "What's wrong?" 
Why didn't coach play ( insert name here )?
What didn't we do right in preparation for the game?

Nothing wrong with asking these type questions.

I am sternly opposed to calling out a certain players name just to criticize that player. I know this: If you think a player didn't play very well, that player knows he didn't play well. Your comments are not contributing to anything good for your team. 

I am not talking about breaking down what went wrong in the game. It's easy to see things were not going the way we expected. 

If you can knowledgeably explain what went wrong, without saying abusive or without personally attacking certain players, then by all means do so. We all want to know what didn't go"right."

That said, I understand the need to blow off some steam, especially when you are disappointed with your teams performance. Lets try to keep our comments as civil as possible. Before you push that post button, ask yourself this: What would be my reaction if someone said this about my kid?

Trust me, this team wants to play great football. They didn't go thru all the hard work this spring/summer without having the goal to be the very best Auburn football team to ever take the field. They want to win Championships. 

Monday night in his weekly Tiger Talk show, Coach Malzahn stated:
"We need some guys to grow up in a hurry."
on Peyton Barber's TD run late in the game:  "He willed us in."

A little different practice strategy of the usual Sunday for the Tigers led Coach Malzahn to say:
"We got in about an hour of practice, really tried to clean up some things and really, we got a head start on LSU too."

Our guys are working hard to get better. Let's be happy with that. Show your support, and leave the criticisms UN-posted.


Sunday, September 13, 2015

A Close Call in Auburn

My view of the Auburn stadium as I walked into the campus on Saturday morning. I even donated money to the Auburn Church of Christ where I normally park for good karma. By the way, thank you for watching my truck.

This game brought back memories of the Auburn/Memphis State game that I attended as a student in 1975. Auburn was a heavy favorite and Memphis State came in and upset Auburn by a score of 31-20. It is always a bad feeling to watch opposing fans celebrate a victory in the home stadium of your Alma mater.

As I watched the game, I had no thoughts of Auburn losing this game. Jacksonville State was a 41 point underdog and I saw various predictions indicating that Auburn's new scoreboard would be lighting up in Auburn's favor. 

I came away from this game with these thoughts.

  •  This was the second mobile QB that Auburn has faced and they continue to have issues with containment. The defense does need to work on containing the opposing QB in the pocket.
  • Jeremy Johnson continues to struggle with making his reads and the Auburn offense needs to find an identity. Jeremy is a pocket passer playing in a spread offense. He just needs to work his confidence and go through the progressions before deciding where to throw the ball.
  • Roc Thomas looked good at the wide receiver position. Perhaps a position change could help the offense. 
  • Auburn needs Carl Lawson and Tray Matthews on the field. 
  • The targeting rule still needs to be reviewed by the officiating crews.  
I will take one game at a time and hope for improvement. The Auburn/LSU game next weekend could be low scoring since both QB's are trying to find their way. We need to remember that Auburn has not won at LSU since 1999 so it is time to break the streak.

Keep the faith and War Eagle!

SEC Storied - Miracles on The Plains

Big and Beautiful

Auburn University unveiled its new video board, and the introduction video of the 2015 football team.


Big and Beautiful


That is what the text read that my friend sent me. 

Great advice, I thought. We all need to take a step back and breathe. Our expectations of this offense were always way too high. Mine included. I took the performance of our team in Arkansas game from last season as a sign of the way things would be this season. I know better, yet I drank the KoolAide, and passed around pitchers full of the "All Auburn All Orange" liquid to all who wanted to drink.

I should have listened to Coach Malzahn. I know better, yet I let my thoughts go to end of the season, and the glory that I had convinced myself was sure to come. 

All during the preseason we kept being warned that we were a very young team. Struggles we were told, are going to happen. Not "may" happen, but were going to happen. What we saw Saturday against a high quality FCS foe was Auburn struggling, and Jacksonville State not struggling. 

The end result was a win for Auburn. The final result may be that we see an Auburn football team come together when adversity happens, and overcome that adversity, because they know they can. That is how young teams become great teams. TOGETHER.

Lets look at the game itself. First and foremost it is my opinion that referees across our country still have no idea what the "Targeting Rule" is nor how to call the penalty in a real game situation.

In the case at Jordan-Hare Stadium, Blake Countess, the Auburn DB, was already in the motion of tackling the runner, which happened to be the JSU quarterback, when the runner began to slide. Countess clearly had turned his head to the side, and was not initiating a crown of the helmet to the head of the runner. Simply put, once the two bodies started their motions, it was inevitable they were going to hit helmet to helmet. Blake Countess was not guilty of targeting the QB.

The following is an explanation of the targeting rule from the A.F.C.A. (American Football Coaches Assoc.)
Targeting and Initiating Contact With the Crown of the Helmet  (Rule 9-1-3)
No player shall target and initiate contact against an opponent with the crown (top) of his helmet. When in question, it is a foul.
Targeting and Initiating Contact to Head or Neck Area of a Defenseless Player  (Rule 9-1-4)
No player shall target and initiate contact to the head or neck area of a defenseless opponent with the helmet, forearm, fist, elbow or shoulder. When in question, it is a foul.  (Rule 2-27-14)
Note: Beginning in 2013, ejection from the game is a part of the penalty for violation of both Rule 9-1-3 and Rule 9-1-4.
Target—to take aim at an opponent for purposes of attacking with an apparent intent that goes beyond making a legal tackle or a legal block or playing the ball.
Crown of the Helmet—the top portion of the helmet.
Contact to the head or neck area—not only with the helmet, but also with the forearm, fist, elbow, or shoulder—these can all lead to a foul.
Defenseless player—a player not in position to defend himself.

As you can see, there is much training that needs to be done in the area for the football officials. Lets hope this gets done sooner, rather than later. At most, this situation should have been called an unsportsmanlike penalty hitting above the head, with an automatic first down. I don't believe this was a penalty situation at all. It was a bang-bang play, that resulted in the two players hitting heads. It was not targeting by the definition.

Auburn did not play its best. We all saw that. We also saw that these guys are not going to quit during a game. 

I saw some flashes of brilliance from Peyton Barber in the 2nd quarter. In the 4th quarter, and in overtime Barber once again took the game by the reigns, and took the will of his opponents. I will question pulling Barber out of the game while he had some momentum, and inserting Thomas. 

Maybe Gus made that move to see if Thomas could create a spark, maybe to to give Barber some rest for the 4th quarter, or simply to put Thomas into the rhythm of the game and utilize him on the TD pass play that worked to perfection. A perfectly thrown ball by Jeremy Johnson hit Thomas in stride. Beautiful. 

These query's are why I am not a coach.

It was easy to see that this Auburn team is struggling with injuries. Avery Young, the starting Right Tackle, was held out of the game. That meant a completely revamped right side of the offensive line. Around the third offensive series for the Tigers, this unit started to gel, and played better for the rest of the game. Not perfect, but certainly better.

Our already thin Defensive Backfield took another hit early in the game when Josh Holsey was injured. It was evident the youngsters that played most of the snaps were worried about the deep pass, and were playing with a lot cushion. Giving some space for those short, quick throws that JSU kept utilizing.

Overall, it was scary game that ended up being too close for comfort. Many fans are not happy that an FCS team took Auburn to overtime. I get that. I won't get cheesy here, just know that this team has fight. They know they need to improve. They also know how to win in overtime, just like the 2010 team did. You remember how that turned out, don't you?



Thursday, September 10, 2015

AU vs JSU the Poem

Saturday Sept 12 2015

Opening day jitters are now behind us!
And what a way to begin!
With  screaming fans on the edge of their seats!!
Our Auburn tigers prevailed,  bringing home a win!

Looking back on the game with a calmer head;
We can focus on lessons we've learned!
At the end of the day we came away victorious,
And much respect was earned!!

Peyton Barber proved to be an Auburn man,
As he fought on fearless and true!
Our team looked fresh and spirited 
With their brand new Orange shoes!!

Now comes  the first home game with Jax State,
When fresh  players will get their debut!  
And we'll get a closer look at every play,
When that huge new Video board is viewed!!

And with the Louisville win,  we held steady in the polls!!
So keep moving  forward!  Never stop!
Be pace setters for the race one win at a time!!
We're Only six spots from the top!


The poetic tiger

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Auburn to Welcome Young Scholars

Jay Jacobs announces the unveiling of the new video board prior to the first home game of the 2015 season, and the plan to welcome the kids from Schmid Elementary School
Thanks to Phillip Marshall and 247 Sports for the video.

War Eagle!

The Best Day Ever!

Christian and his Mom

 The little boy woke up last Saturday looking forward to watching Auburn play against Louisville. His plan was watch it on TV with his Dad and his Papa. He waited all summer to cheer for his Tigers. 

His plans were changed. The following is the story as told by his Mother.

First off, Christian had no clue we were going to an Auburn game.

All he knew was we were going to Georgia, so we could not watch Auburn on T.V. He was bummed about it. Once we got Atlanta we went to the Marta station. There was a wave of Orange and Blue entering the station. Christian still clueless. 

We made it to another station to board a second tram. While we were standing there patiently waiting with about 100 or more other AU fans a very small group of girls chanted "C-A-R-D-S, Cards Cards Cards!" All the Au fans in the station (began to) yell the Bodegetta chant. Christian joined in along with my husband Josh's best friend Ronnie (this was also his first game).  

Just a few days before the game Christian broke my shaker I have had since the Clemson game in 2010. I refused to leave any of it at home. So I took some of the shaker and tied it in my hair. I'm superstitious. 

As we boarded the Marta another AU fan stated he was glad he was on this train, because he was surrounded by red on his last one. The he yelled, "Yeah y'all ain't gonna say nothing now 'cause I got my back up." He also said that at 6:30 there will be a train going eastbound for any Louisville fans. 

We arrived at the GA dome and Josh and I finally told Christian what were doing. He was stoked! Once we figured out where we were going, we went to Tailgate Town. We played corn hole and few other games and won prizes. 

We did not attend Tiger Walk for two reasons, one we were running late for it and two the experience of Tiger Walk is better at home. Which Christian and Ronnie will be able to experience that later this season. A Louisville fan took a picture with Christian. 

When game time neared, we made our way in to the stadium. We found our section. The look on Christian's face was priceless. It was the look of pure amazement. We made it to our seats. When we kicked off you could hear the echo of people saying Warrrrrr Eagle at the kick. 

The interception was unreal. We all jumped up, including Christian. He would holler let's go defense and big D. We sang the fight song. I was hoarse by the end of the first half.  Ronnie was really enjoying himself. You would have never thought two years ago he did not care anything about college football. We changed that. 

Every time Auburn scored a touchdown a pictured was taken of Christian with his hands up in the touchdown position.   As the game to a close of course Christian had to use the restroom. But we made it back just in time to watch the clock run out. I looked at Christian and said " Auburn won!" He said, "Yes!" 

As we were walking out of the stadium and all the way to the Marta station he chanted, "IT'S GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER!" Once we got to the parking lot where our car was at Christian looked up and said, "This was the best day ever!" It is definitely great to be an Auburn TIGER! 


Sunday, September 6, 2015

Auburn OC Rhett Lashlee reflects on Louisville game

Post Game Coach's Press Conference

We thought you might like to hear what Gus Malzahn and Bobby Petrino had to say after Auburn's victory over Louisville in the Chick-fil-A Classic.


Auburn Wins the Chick-fil-A Kickoff Classic

On one hand, Auburn capitalized on the turnover. 

On Louisville's first possession they tried a trick play with a back up QB throwing what can only be described as an ill advised wounded duck pass. 

Tray Mathews was happy to step in front of the ball and return it deep inside Cardinal territory. It took Jeremy Johnson and the Tiger offense all of 5 plays to take full advantage of the miscue.

Things quickly turned ugly for Johnson as the next 2 drives ended with passes being intercepted. 

Auburn's defense held Louisville out of the end zone the entire first half, and benefited from a missed Field Goal opportunity by the Cardinal kicker. 

On Louisville's 5th drive, Linebacker Justin Garrett scooped up a loose ball and rumbled 82 yards for the second Auburn touchdown.

The highlight of the night for Auburn's special teams came with just 34 seconds left in the first half. Daniel Carlson kicked a 56 yard Field Goal that would have been good from 65 yards away. 

The talk throughout fall camp had been about how strong Carlson's leg was. Usually we take that sort of talk with a grain of salt. Saturday in Atlanta, Carlson proved he could deliver. 

The half ended with Auburn in command 17-0. 

The second half started with Auburn getting the ball, and driving to the Louisville 33 yard line. On a 2nd and 10 play, Johnson rolled to his right and the DB came off of Ricardo Louis enough that Johnson could get him the ball, and Auburn had a 24-0 lead. 

Louisville kicked a Field Goal, then Johnson threw his 3rd interception, The Cardinals capitalized and with the point after it was Auburn 24 Louisville 10. 

What followed was a drive that Champions put together. Answering the Louisville score with 6 minute 12 second,  12 play 72 yard drive was just what the Doctor ordered. The defense was allowed to rest some, and the offense gained some much needed confidence. Auburn 31 Cardinals 10

The Cards answered with a drive of their own to cut the Tiger lead to  14 points at 31-17. On Auburn's next possession they didn't move the ball, and punter Kevin Phillips launched a monster of a punt for 55 yards and pinned the Cards at their own 19.

Auburn's defense allowed the Cards to convert 3 different 3rd down attempts and string together a scoring drive cutting into Auburn's lead again. Auburn 31 Louisville 24.

Auburn's offense was able to run the clock out to end the game and start the 2015 season with a victory. It wasn't always pretty, and there certainly is room for improvement. Coach Malzahn will have his team ready by the time we head to Baton Rouge and play LSU.

War Eagle!

Friday, September 4, 2015

It's Game Time

Another football season is upon us and the Jeremy Johnson era will begin in Atlanta, Georgia this Saturday afternoon. This season will be fun to watch and expectations are high. Also, I look forward to watching the Will Muschamp defense perform. Here is a photo from the Auburn/Georgia game in 2013 just in case you need reminder of what the old scoreboard looked like.

  I might add that I was at the only game between these two teams in 1974 at Legion Field. Auburn won that game 16-3.

The Auburn/Louisville game does have several interesting connections.

1) Bobby Petrino was the offensive coordinator for Auburn in 2002 under the Tommy Tuberville regime.

2) Todd Grantham is now the defensive coordinator for Louisville. Of course, Grantham was once
the defensive coordinator for Georgia.

3) Josh Harvey-Clemons is now a safety for Louisville. We may all remember that he was the Georgia safety who deflected the pass by Nick Marshall on the "Miracle in Jordan-Hare" pass play. As we know, if that pass had not been deflected, the ball would not have been completed.

4) Tray Matthews is now a safety for Auburn and he was the other Georgia safety involved in the "Miracle in Jordan-Hare" pass play. I am sure that he and Josh will be saying hello to one another on the Georgia Dome field on Saturday afternoon.

5) Michael Dyer finished his college career at Louisville.

Enjoy the season and War Eagle!

2015 Television Commercial: A Promise Kept

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

AU vs Louisville 2015 Game 1

AU vs Louisville
2015 Opening Game
@Georgia Dome

We anxiously await the unveiling,
Of the New Auburn Tiger Team!
Who are ready to turn the corner;
Forging ahead, picking up steam

We've all had our share of disappointments,
But those days are now in the past!
Our Auburn Tigers are better than ever before;
Coming on strong and coming out fast!!

With a defense that complements the offense,
Malzahn and Muschamp, the boom boom brothers,
Have designed a strategy built to amaze;
And a  breed of Auburn tigers like none other!!

Auburn Tiger blood runs deep inside their veins!
And chemistry and trust abounds!
Prepare for some old fashioned tackle football!!
And be ready for the BOOM BOOM sounds!!!

On Saturday at the Georgia Dome,
The Louisville Cardinals will be left in shock!
The earth will rumble, the ground will quake;
And our Auburn Tigers will rock!!!


The poetic tiger