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Sunday, August 31, 2014


At Auburn, we train harder, work longer and develop that special game day speed, for our training staff! That's why we are #AuburnFast

Auburn Fans Sing Through Rain in 2014 Opener

2014 Auburn Tigers Football Inspiration Video

Defense Lifts Tigers in 2nd Half

Auburn hosted the Razorbacks from Arkansas Saturday to start the 2014 football season. The Hawgs left with the bitter taste of defeat as the Tigers were victorious by the score of  45 - 21.

As most hosts in the South are prone to do, they entreated their guests, and made them feel welcome. There were some highlight worthy plays, and many delightful celebrations in the first half. The trap was set for the Hawgs in the 2nd half.

For all of the merriment would belong to the Auburn faithful in the second half. Allowing just 2 yards rushing and a paltry 61 yards of total offense, and only 3 first downs after the halftime break. These Tigers had this old writer feeling some old time love for an Auburn defense.

 Everything the Razorbacks found success with in the first half was quickly and summarily put to rest in the second. Auburn's defensive coordinator Ellis Johnson had figured out the visitors strategy. Adjustments were made, and the visitors would no longer feel welcomed. 

What followed was the most dazzling display by an Auburn defense since the days when Tommy Tuberville walked the sidelines as the Auburn coach. A pick six by Jermaine Whitehead set up by a crushing tackle by Robenson Therezie as the Hawgs QB was releasing his pass attempt. 

Sacks, tackles for losses, ignited the rain soaked crowd. Even an hour and 28 minute rain delay was not stopping the celebration.

There were many offensive highlights by our Tigers throughout the entire game, but nothing is more welcome in Auburn than watching their defense play "Good old American football."

War Eagle!

Saturday, August 30, 2014

2014 Auburn Football vs Arkansas Highlights

Highlights of Auburn's victory playing "Good old American football" over the Arkansas Razorbacks.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

13 Seconds and Counting

Photo by: Todd Van Emst
We've been waiting with great expectations,
To get faster and tighten our game!!

Just 13 seconds more with the Seminoles; 
And a National Title was ours to claim!!

That 13 seconds has kept us humble;
And kept our coaches up late in the night!

Coach Malzahn has expanded his play book;
And our Auburn Tigers are ready to fight!

We may take a few extra chances,
But we will get faster with every play!

When our speed overtakes the Hogs;
It should just make Bret Bielema's day!

Both Johnson and Marshall are poised and ready 
for this very important first conference game!!

But, Be prepared to see some changes,
While some things will remain the same!!

We look forward to coach Malzahn on the sideline
With his fist pumping Boom Boom Booms!!!

It will be "Lights Out" for the Arkansas Razorbacks!!
Our first Auburn Saturday can't  get here too soon!!!!

The Poetic Tiger

Monday, August 25, 2014

Top 10 Reasons #1: The Auburn Family

Of course I am biased, you would be too. It's just the greatest fan base in the entire country. 

 We have started a series of Top 10 reasons to be excited about Auburn football.  Previously discussed on our list, in order:
10 - Sammie Coates
9 - Auburn Marching Band
8 - Jordan-Hare Stadium
7 - Tailgating Experience
  6 - Auburn Arena  
  5 - Toomer's Corner
  4 - Coach Malzahn 
  3 - Flight of War Eagle

2 - Tiger Walk 

Often times visitors from outside our conference come to visit Jordan-Hare Stadium, and many will tell of the charm and refreshing attitude of the Auburn family. Whether it be tailgating, or during the game, most leave with a surprised outlook on just how nice they were treated.

Our Creed says a lot about the character of the Auburn Family. " I believe in the human touch, which cultivates sympathy with my fellow men and mutual helpfulness and brings happiness for all."


One of the most beautiful things ever written about Auburn football was authored by Bud Poliquin, who at the time was working for the Syracuse Post-Standard. You can read the entire post on the website of the West Georgia Auburn Club. Below is an excerpt of his eloquent post:

"In other words to compare our college football experience to that of Auburn (and a lot of other places) is to compare a skillet of beans to a plate of Chilean sea bass. And while that might sound harsh, it doesn’t make the words any less true.
Believe me on this. Please. I have descended into college football’s Grand Canyon. I have stood in its Alps. I have gazed at its ocean sunset. I have attended a game at Jordan-Hare Stadium in Auburn, Ala. And I’ve been changed forever."

All of this signifies the inescapable conclusion, that the spirit of the Auburn Family is the #1 reason to be excited about Auburn football. The Auburn Family is you!

War Eagle!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Top 10 Reasons #2: Tiger Walk

We have started a series of Top 10 reasons to be excited about Auburn football.  Previously discussed on our list, in order:
10 - Sammie Coates
9 - Auburn Marching Band
8 - Jordan-Hare Stadium
7 - Tailgating Experience
6 - Auburn Arena  
5 - Toomer's Corner
4 - Coach Malzahn
3 - Flight of War Eagle

It is not something every school does, and you'll excuse me if I say no school does it quite like Auburn. Home games always include the iconic parade. Even away games, the Auburn fans will do their best to include a Tiger Walk in the pregame ceremony for their beloved football team.

Often times there will 10,000 Auburn fans or more involved in the tradition known as "Tiger Walk."

 The biggest crowds gather for our biggest rivals. Last season prior to the Iron Bowl, I witnessed the largest gathering of Auburn fans outside of Jordan-Hare Stadium. A virtual sea of Orange and Blue cheering our men on to vic'try. We all know how that turned out.

The sights and sounds of the Auburn Marching Band, along with the best Cheerleaders in the country, make this one of the best reasons to be excited about Auburn football.

War Eagle!

Auburn Soccer: First Game Preview

Auburn Head Coach Gus Malzahn ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Top 10 Reason #3: War Eagle!

War Eagle! photo from Google images

It's the most majestic of beginnings in all of American football. Nothing anyone can do will compare.

We are talking about the flight of the Auburn Eagle before the start of each home football game. If you have never seen the pregame flight of these beautiful creatures in this atmosphere, be sure to put it on your bucket list of things to do. You will not be disappointed. 

As the winged predator circles the field, looking for its prey, the crowd is going berserk in a unified yell of "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaar" (WAR) and as the Eagle makes its landing the crowd yells "Eagle, Hey!"


This is why the flight of the War Eagle, is #3 on our Top 10 reasons to be excited about Auburn football.

35 Seconds with Kareem Canty

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Top 10 Reasons to be Excited #4: Gus Malzahn


We have started a series of Top 10 reasons to be excited about Auburn football.  Previously discussed on our list, in order:

10 - Sammie Coates
9 - Auburn Marching Band
8 - Jordan-Hare Stadium
7 - Tailgating Experience

6 - Auburn Arena  
5 - Toomer's Corner

 This next installment we look to Auburn's head football coach, Gus Malzahn. Gus has Auburn fans everywhere excited about the direction of the program under his leadership. 

After turning to Gus to lead the Auburn football program in 2013, the Tigers nearly won it all in Pasadena, California last January.

Gus then set out to keep his entire staff intact and keep them happy. Mission accomplished!

Recruiting was fantastic as Auburn signed one of the better classes in its storied history. This group of young men will compliment the returning Tigers exceptionally well.

All of this has us looking forward to seeing the Tigers play, and that is why Coach Gus Malzahn is one of the Top 10 reasons to be excited about Auburn football.


Top 10 Reasons: #5 Toomer's Corner

Toomer's Corner. photographer unknown

There is a meeting place for our family. We meet here for all the glorious reasons of celebration. National Championships have been celebrated here for all of Auburn's sports from Equestrian to Football, to Swimming and Diving. 

We have started a series of Top 10 reasons to be excited about Auburn football.  Previously discussed on our list, in order:

10 - Sammie Coates
9 - Auburn Marching Band
8 - Jordan-Hare Stadium
7 - Tailgating Experience

6 - Auburn Arena 

A unique part of our celebration is the rolling of our meeting place with toilet paper. Far from the only school to ever do this, Auburn has perfected it. Much to the chagrin of our rivals, we have special media coverage almost every season at a place where no sporting event takes place. 

Our meeting place has suffered fires, vandalism, and even the poisoning of our beautiful trees, and none of that has deterred our celebratory spirit in this place. It is hallowed ground to all of the Auburn family. We will one day again, roll our trees in celebration. Until that time we happily gather at Toomer's Corner. #5 on our Top 10 reasons to be excited about Auburn football.

War Eagle!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Top 10 Reasons: #6 Auburn Arena

photo by Jay G. Tate

We are listing our Top 10 reasons to be excited about Auburn football. Previously discussed on our list, in order:

10 - Sammie Coates
9 - Auburn Marching Band
8 - Jordan-Hare Stadium
7 - Tailgating Experience

Whenever I am in Auburn, and the Arena is open, I'm going inside. It houses our walking museum, and where the most beautiful basketball court in the country is. 

You can see Heisman Trophy(s) and a Crystal football. The Auburn Creed comes to life in its display. 

And soon it will be where the best basketball team in the SEC plays, thanks in large part to our new basketball coach Bruce Pearl. 

There are concessions available and the Auburn memorabilia store located there is the very best on campus.

So, without hesitation I will list the Auburn Arena as one of my Top 10 reasons to be excited about Auburn football.

War Eagle!

Auburn University Cheerleaders Take on Ice Water Challenge

Top 10 Reasons: #7 Tailgating

photo via Google Images

In 1994 I had the privilege of being at the LSU game known as "The Interception Game." As I was sitting in the section that was allocated for the visiting fans, my friend and I were surrounded by LSU fans.

After Brian Robinson returned his interception for a pick six, the place where I was sitting became a little too uncomfortable.  We decided to leave. 

Fortunately for us, I had brought along my radio headset so I could listen to Jim Fyffe and company during halftime. So, as we entered into the tunnel, I tuned into the end of the game. Out thru the gate and into the street we went, all along, I was relaying to my friend the play by play as Jim called it. 

Soon, we were being surrounded by Auburn fans wanting to know what was going on, and I kept getting louder with my relay of the Jim Fyffe calls. When Chris Schelling made the final interception in the Auburn end of the field, there seemed like there were at least a hundred of us dancing in the middle of the intersection. 

We had more than a few invitations to join folks at their tailgate location, and so began my introduction to the Auburn Family tailgate.

Since then many things have changed, except one constant. The open arms of the Auburn. Just stop by almost any tailgate, and start talking to the families, or groups of people and you soon will be invited to join in on the entire experience. 

In recent years I have joined my buddy Paul and his wonderful family at their tailgate before each game Always welcoming me with open arms. 

Last season I had the pleasure of joining Marsha, Bill and their family at their tailgate. Once again proving the hospitality of the Auburn tailgating experience. 

There is nothing else like it. Proving without a shadow of a doubt that Auburn Tailgating is one of the Top 10 reasons to be excited about Auburn football.


Auburn Soccer: Coach Hoppa Mic'd Up

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Game Day Experience Enhancements at Auburn

Auburn University has announced new and improved enhancements for your game day experience. 

AUBURN, Ala. -- As Auburn Athletics embarks on another football season, the department is excited to announce 25 things to add to the gameday experience in 2014.
  1. The price of 20 oz. bottled water has been reduced from $4 to $2.
  2. Auburn will honor the 10th anniversary of the undefeated 2004 SEC Championship football team at the San Jose State game.
  3. Fans can now get mobile ticket delivery to their smartphones, which can be scanned directly from their devices at the gates of Jordan-Hare Stadium.
  4. Young Alumni (0-3 years removed from Auburn University) can get a special discounted Tigers Unlimited membership of $130, along with their season ticket purchase, and sit in section 37 with their fellow young graduates. The program has sold out for 2014.
  5. Dining opportunities for the general public on Friday nights at the new Wellness Kitchen.
  6. Auburn will honor the 25th anniversary of the 1989 SEC Champion football team at the Louisiana Tech game.
  7. Ticket scalpers are now required to have a license to sell tickets around Auburn and Jordan-Hare Stadium. Scalpers will wear identification as part of that license. While this doesn't legitimize the tickets as authentic, it does give the buyer the ability to write down the name of the seller to notify the authorities if counterfeit tickets are identified.
  8. Bar codes were added to the faculty/staff tickets to allow faculty/staff to enter any public gate making previously assigned gates available for all fans.
  9. The Auburn Gameday mobile application will have free audio streaming of the Auburn IMG Network radio broadcast.
  10. Fans will be allowed on the field at the conclusion of the Samford game.
  11. The price of hot dogs has been reduced from $4 to $3.
  12. Gate 19 will be an exclusive entrance for Scholarship Donors. This gate was not previously open for access.
  13. There will be bathroom attendants located in all the restrooms in the lower levels.
  14. There will be additional "grab-and-go" concessions stands located around Gates 0 and 2.
  15. Café Jordan-Hare, the unique dining experience at the 50 yard line, will be open on Oct. 3 and Oct. 24.
  16. There will be increased free water stations on the concourse.
  17. Jordan-Hare Stadium cellular DAS was upgraded with additional AWS spectrum for increased 4G data capacity.
  18. Auburn Fast t-shirts sold at local retailers.
  19. Restrooms in the lower level have added fans and audio for access to the Auburn IMG Network broadcasts.
  20. A new ticket package - Family Four Pack - four tickets for $100 for the San Jose State game.
  21. SEC Nation, the pregame show for the SEC Network, will be on campus for the season opener against Arkansas.
  22. The videoboard will feature fan interaction through social media, with Instagram videos, twitter posts and gameday selfies.
  23. Auburn redesigned the website to help streamline the ticket information and purchasing process.
  24. Students can now get invested in Auburn football through the Tigers Unlimited U program which allows current students to join the foundation and begin earning double ticket priority points.
  25. The third annual military appreciation game is set for Nov. 8 vs. Texas A&M.

Top 10 Reason #8: Jordan-Hare Stadium

Panorama view of the home of Auburn Tiger football Jordan-Hare Stadium

She's a grand old lady. She turned 75 recently, and she still has that old home feeling about her. Like Grandma's house, she welcomes you with open arms, and embraces you with a loving kindness, and a feeling of serenity.

When you walk in, you are flooded with great memories, and invited to sit in the best seat of the house.  The view is breathtaking, and the entirety is yours to peruse. I've sat in her upper decks, and along the sidelines, there are no bad seats in JHS. 

So, without hesitation Jordan-Hare Stadium is one of the Top 10 reasons to be excited about Auburn football.
War Eagle!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

35 Seconds with Cinmeon Bowers

Auburn Marching Band

We have the very best marching band in the country, well I know I am biased, but this is my blog, and I'll say what I want. Besides, I truly believe it!

The Top 10 reasons for being excited about Auburn football are here, and the @AUMB comes in at #9


Sammie Coates: 88-yard TD catch for Auburn


This is preview of what will hopefully be a regular site for Auburn's wide receivers this season. The Top 10 reasons to be excited for Auburn football. Sammie Coates is #10. Enjoy, and War Eagle!

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Gus Malzahn 8 9 14

Fan of the Fans: National Tailgate Championship

photo and story by Randy Comer

I did attend the National Tailgating Championship at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta today. Of course, the participants were few due to the bad weather conditions from the night before. 

I only saw competitors from UGA, SC and the Vols. I stopped to chat with a South Carolina group and a woman came up and said that I hope that I was nice to them in my report since I was a Clemson grad. I was a little puzzled by her comment because I was not wearing any Auburn gear. I then realized that she had seen the "Tiger Paw" on the back of my phone. I said "no, I am an Auburn fan and we look forward to playing the Gamecocks this season". She did point out to me that SC has not yet beaten Auburn since they have been in the SEC. I do hope that the trend continues. 

Also, I overheard the UGA group talking about Tray Matthews transferring to Auburn and the "lucky" tipped pass. Of course, I still do not think that Murray scored that final TD; however, the "miracle" play would have never happened if Murray had been ruled down short of the goal line.

It was a great day to move around the city running my errands with a stop at the Georgia Dome. They are doing a lot of construction around the dome these days so please be careful when you are in the area.

In 3 weeks, Auburn will be playing Arkansas. Let's get ready for some football and War Eagle!

Auburn Football: Photo Day

Tim Hudson and David Ross talk about 1997 NCAA Regional

Friday, August 8, 2014

Lets Talk Power 5 1/3

Just to be clear, if you came here for expert opinion on this subject, you may be disappointed by the time you get half way thru this. 

I'll give my opinion, use some quotes from other sources, and try to leave you a little more knowledgeable by the time we finish.

As you know by now the NCAA Board of  Directors approved "Autonomy" for the 5 biggest conferences within Division 1. This effectively allows for the schools inside these 5 conferences, SEC, ACC, B1G, PAC12, and BIG 12, to govern themselves in some areas, yet remain within the Division 1 framework. 

According to an article on by Mike Herndon this proposal will allow flexibility only in certain areas.

"Under this new model, Power 5 conferences could propose certain measures for a vote as early as January, including the following reforms:
--  Cost-of-attendance scholarships
--  Extended medical and insurance benefits for student-athletes
--  Guaranteed multi-year scholarships
--  Tougher Academic Progress Rate (APR) guidelines
--  Loosened regulations on contact between student-athletes and agents
--  Decreased time demands on student-athletes
--  Streamlining of other overly restrictive, nit-picky rules governing what may be considered benefits"

These schools within the Power 5 will not be able to change scholarship limits, or rules of the game. 

One item listed above that causes the most concern is the possibility of loosened regulations on  "Contact between an Agent, and a Player". 

Lets look at that from this perspective.  Students that are not athletes are allowed to attend job fairs. This is where they go to meet with and discuss availability of potential jobs in areas that they have concentrated their studies, or even to research certain jobs to maybe refine their curriculum. 

Why can't athletes be able to do the same thing, in the area that they have chosen? Instead of waiting until the end of the season to talk with a review board, why not have a job fair where the student athletes, under strict supervision, are able to meet with several Agents, and professional organizations? 

Each school would have much better control of the environment that their student athletes are exposed to Agents, Accounting Organizations, and Financial Institutions. 

This "Autonomy " could be a really good thing for the student athlete as long as the main focus of this, is for the benefit of the student athlete. 

Talk it up in the comment section, or on the social media circuit. 


Montravius Adams

Ellis Johnson Talks 1st Scrimmage

There is quite a bit of information in this visit with Ellis Johnson, the Auburn defensive coordinator. New defensive packages, for special situations are being installed. Some of this is because of the "injury to Carl Lawson" says Johnson, although with the depth at the defensive line, there might be some other reasons for adding new packages.

In a brief description Coach Johnson  said that defensive lineman has been replaced by another defensive back, or linebacker depending on the "situation."

Anthony Swain keeps doing a "good job" according to Johnson. This really good news for linebacker depth.  Along with the news that JaViere Mitchell is getting better. He was injured during spring practices. Both starting linebackers are doing "really well, they didn't get many reps" says Johnson.

Special thanks to Phillip Marshall of 247sports who shot the video below.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Marcus Davis

Auburn OT Shon Coleman ready for starting role | Aug. 5, 2014

Defensive Line Expectations 2014 Style

Auburn's defensive front must become a brick wall in 2014

With a tremendous amount of returning lettermen, and a fully intact coaching staff returning, Auburn has an opportunity to be very good defensively this coming season. Both linebackers that are expected to start have plenty of game experience.

The Tigers graduated three key defensive backs from 2013, although there is ample returning experience from the defending SEC Champions. While these positions are part of the entire defense, it all starts up front on the defensive line.

In our conference, probably more than any other, the defensive front is the key to continued success. Auburn happens to have one of the very best in the business coaching their defensive linemen in Rodney Garner. The following is from his bio on the official Auburn website:

A native of Leeds, Ala., Garner was named All-SEC offensive line and honorable mention All-America as a senior at Auburn in 1988, captaining the team that captured the 1988 SEC Championship. As a coach for the Tigers, Garner served in several capacities on the Auburn staff from 1990-95 including recruiting coordinator, tight ends coach, and assistant strength and conditioning coach.
 At Georgia, he coached five NFL first round draft choices -- Richard Seymour (Patriots) and Marcus Stroud (Jaguars), both Pro Bowl starters; David Pollack (Bengals); Charles Grant (Saints); and Johnathan Sullivan (Saints). He also coached draft picks DeAngelo Tyson (7th, Ravens, `12), Geno Atkins (4th, Bengals, '10), Corvey Irvin (3rd, Panthers, `09), Jarius Wynn (6th, Packers, '09), Kedric Golston (6th, Redskins, `06), Robert Geathers (4th, Bengals, '04), Emarlos Leroy (6th, Jaguars, `99), and free agents Ken Veal (Chargers, `04), Paul Snellings (Colts, 2000), Brandon Miller (Colts, 2000), Charles Johnson (Panthers, '07), Tyrone Robertson (Bills, 2000) and Demetric Evans (Cowboys, `01).

Returning from the 2013 season that saw the defensive front improve with each game are Montravius Adams, LaDarius Owens, Gimel President, Ben Bradley, Jeffrey Whitaker, Gabe "Nick Who" Wright, JaBrian Niles, Angelo Blackson, and Brian Walsh. I did not list any RS Freshmen because they did not see action last season. Also, to highlight the fact that 7 of these guys saw extensive action last season. Whittaker was injured, and Walsh played sparingly.

Carl Lawson is out with an injury, and his return timetable is an unknown at this point. 

Ben Bradley was asked how it took to "get used to Coach Garner" and his response was great. Listen to the video below for that response.


If Auburn is to make the big step forward this coming season, and really dominate their opponents, then this defensive front will be the reason why it does. They must be relentless, they must attack each play with passion, and a mean streak that won't allow themselves to be beat. 

According to College Football Stats ( Auburn ranked 47th in scoring defense, 63rd in rushing defense, 102nd in passing defense, and 87th in Total Defense. A repeat of this performance would spell doom to the Tigers in 2014. If our Tigers could somehow find it in themselves to reach the Top 20 in scoring defense, this could become the most dominating season in Auburn football history.

The old axiom is that Championships are won with defense, in Auburn's case, the offense should be able to score on anybody in the country, so if indeed a championship is in the mix this season, this defense will be the reason it is. I can hardly wait to find out.


Top Moments of 2013-14: Number 2

Monday, August 4, 2014

Chemistry & Other Notes

Team chemistry is always a crucial thing for any sport. Guys don't have to be best of friend, but they do have to work together as one to get the team where it ultimately wants to be, a champion.

This past week we found out that Auburn had lost Alex Kozan, an All-SEC offensive lineman, for the entire season. This was not the type of devastating news that brings despair to this Auburn team, although every single member of this team feels for Kozan. 

Yes, it hurts to lose such a key player in an offense that is more complex than what you see at first glance. There is ample experience at his backup position, and plenty of talent beyond that. The real problem lies in the what if. What if another starting lineman were to suffer a season ending injury? What if there were more than one? We saw this phenomena last season with Florida and Georgia.

The only caveat of good news is that it happened now, instead of at the end of fall camp. At least now, we have a full three weeks to bring a couple more players up to speed. 

Last night I watched the Top 3 games of 2013 according to the fans on ESPNU. I know I wasn't alone, because twitter assured me I wasn't. I noticed several things in those three games.
 1. We are going to miss Steven Clark. He was truly a weapon down the stretch for our Tigers. I hope he gets a chance to do the same in the NFL.
 2. In those final three games, Nick Marshall missed a lot of open receivers. If Nick can connect on most of those, Auburn will be a force untamed in college football this coming season.
 3. Cody Parkey, or Parker if you announce for CBSsports, kept most teams from having a big play in the Kickoff return game. When Parkey did kick the ball where it could be returned, it hurt us a lot. We need to work on that aspect with diligence this fall.

Defensive Coordinator Ellis Johnson has high praise for Rudy Ford so far this fall, and nothing makes me happier. Rudy gave up his dream of being a star tailback for his college team to learn a defensive back position. He played there in high school, but this is a bigger stage. Kudos to young Mr. Ford.

Don't forget that there are a group of us who are going to be praying for football players this fall. They don't have to be Auburn players. High school, other college teams, and even NFL players need prayer, so feel free to join in. We have started a new Facebook page called Prayers4Players. Come join us.

Fall Practice No. 3: Auburn DC Ellis Johnson

Friday, August 1, 2014

Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn: Aug. 1, 2014

Good, Bad and Oh My

Good news, bad news and one "oh my." That is how I would describe the first day of fall camp for the football team.

Good News:
Every single one of the new players reported and are healthy. This is significant, especially when compared to previous years at Auburn. Below is a list of new players and their accompanying jersey numbers, compliments of

41 - DB Kalvaraz Bessent (5-11, 165)
11 - DB Markell Boston (6-0, 191)
84 - WR Myron Burton Jr. (6-2, 200)
57 - LB Deshaun Davis (5-11, 230)
73 - OL Austin Golson (6-4, 300)
59 - DL Raasheed Kennion (6-6, 225)
86 - DL DaVonte Lambert (6-2, 293)
46 - TE Chris Laye
94 - DL Devaroe Lawrence (6-2, 284)
39 - DB Tray Matthews (6-1, 192)
31 - HB Jakell Mitchell (6-3, 218)
36 - RB Kamryn Pettway (6-0, 239)
69 - LS Ike Powell (6-3, 264)
14 - DB Stephen Roberts (5-11, 180)
19 - DB Nick Ruffin (6-0, 174)
95 - DL Dontavius Russell (6-3, 285)
85 - P Matthew Shiel (5-11, 195)
58 - LB Josh Shockley (5-10, 215)
48 - TE/HB Kyle Sitzler (6-1, 235)
71 - OL Braden Smith (6-6, 299)
9 - RB Roc Thomas (5-10, 193)
92 - DL Justin Thornton (6-5, 225)
35 - DB Joe Turner (6-0, 165)
58 - LS Zach Wade (5-9, 199)
13 - QB Sean White (6-0, 200)
79 - DL Andrew Williams (6-4, 251)
30 - LB Tre' Williams (6-2, 225)
37 - TE Hunter Wood (6-3, 245)

Bad News: 
Nick Marshall, and Johnathan Mincy will both be held out of their respective starting positions for the Arkansas game on August 30th. This does not mean that they won't play, they will not start their first game as Seniors. This along with some internal punishment will be the price these two young men pay for their lack of good judgment during the off-season.

Oh My:
The worst possible news came for Alex Kozan. As reported by Brandon Marcello of
  " Auburn sophomore offensive lineman Alex Kozan injured his back and will miss the entire season, coach    Gus Malzahn confirmed Friday.
The all-SEC left guard started all 14 games last season for the Tigers."

We here at ATB wish Alex the speediest of recoveries. 



Top Moments of 2013-14: Number 3

Fall Practice is Upon Us

The season starts when the wings spread and the crowd yells "War Eagle" 

photo by Acid Reign
Hello, and War Eagle! 

It's August, and our "Boys in Blue" are out on the practice field preparing for another great year of Auburn Tiger football. We here at ATB want to keep you entertained throughout this fall camp, and we will bring you as much information as possible about our Tigers.

My regular season predictions have been posted. I started in April, and purposely took the entire summer to cover the schedule. Of course being the homer that I am, I have us going undefeated. With the schedule that we face, that is a tall order. I considered the way Gus had our team focused and ready last season, and then the idea of that loss in the BCS game. 

Our guys know deep inside that we should have won that game. Losing it may be the best thing for us this season, but those Seniors from last season don't have another shot at it. No sense crying over spilled milk, so why not use it as motivation. My hope is that this team, and the coaches will not take their foot off the throttle in a conference game ever again. UGA scored three unanswered TD's on us last season, prompting a most unlikely finish. I do not want to see a game that close this season. If we have any, I will say we didn't learn our lesson from last season.

My thoughts are on the preseason, but I can't help but wonder who might Auburn face in the SEC Championship game, and the 1st ever college football playoff. The CFP will include just 4 teams. We will be one of them. In future posts, I'll look at who I think will be in the playoff with us. 

Until then, War Eagle!

Auburn Tigers Begin Fall Football Practice