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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Top 10 Reason #3: War Eagle!

War Eagle! photo from Google images

It's the most majestic of beginnings in all of American football. Nothing anyone can do will compare.

We are talking about the flight of the Auburn Eagle before the start of each home football game. If you have never seen the pregame flight of these beautiful creatures in this atmosphere, be sure to put it on your bucket list of things to do. You will not be disappointed. 

As the winged predator circles the field, looking for its prey, the crowd is going berserk in a unified yell of "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaar" (WAR) and as the Eagle makes its landing the crowd yells "Eagle, Hey!"


This is why the flight of the War Eagle, is #3 on our Top 10 reasons to be excited about Auburn football.
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