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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Top 10 Reasons: #5 Toomer's Corner

Toomer's Corner. photographer unknown

There is a meeting place for our family. We meet here for all the glorious reasons of celebration. National Championships have been celebrated here for all of Auburn's sports from Equestrian to Football, to Swimming and Diving. 

We have started a series of Top 10 reasons to be excited about Auburn football.  Previously discussed on our list, in order:

10 - Sammie Coates
9 - Auburn Marching Band
8 - Jordan-Hare Stadium
7 - Tailgating Experience

6 - Auburn Arena 

A unique part of our celebration is the rolling of our meeting place with toilet paper. Far from the only school to ever do this, Auburn has perfected it. Much to the chagrin of our rivals, we have special media coverage almost every season at a place where no sporting event takes place. 

Our meeting place has suffered fires, vandalism, and even the poisoning of our beautiful trees, and none of that has deterred our celebratory spirit in this place. It is hallowed ground to all of the Auburn family. We will one day again, roll our trees in celebration. Until that time we happily gather at Toomer's Corner. #5 on our Top 10 reasons to be excited about Auburn football.

War Eagle!
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