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Saturday, August 9, 2014

Fan of the Fans: National Tailgate Championship

photo and story by Randy Comer

I did attend the National Tailgating Championship at the Georgia Dome in Atlanta today. Of course, the participants were few due to the bad weather conditions from the night before. 

I only saw competitors from UGA, SC and the Vols. I stopped to chat with a South Carolina group and a woman came up and said that I hope that I was nice to them in my report since I was a Clemson grad. I was a little puzzled by her comment because I was not wearing any Auburn gear. I then realized that she had seen the "Tiger Paw" on the back of my phone. I said "no, I am an Auburn fan and we look forward to playing the Gamecocks this season". She did point out to me that SC has not yet beaten Auburn since they have been in the SEC. I do hope that the trend continues. 

Also, I overheard the UGA group talking about Tray Matthews transferring to Auburn and the "lucky" tipped pass. Of course, I still do not think that Murray scored that final TD; however, the "miracle" play would have never happened if Murray had been ruled down short of the goal line.

It was a great day to move around the city running my errands with a stop at the Georgia Dome. They are doing a lot of construction around the dome these days so please be careful when you are in the area.

In 3 weeks, Auburn will be playing Arkansas. Let's get ready for some football and War Eagle!

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