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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

13 Seconds and Counting

Photo by: Todd Van Emst
We've been waiting with great expectations,
To get faster and tighten our game!!

Just 13 seconds more with the Seminoles; 
And a National Title was ours to claim!!

That 13 seconds has kept us humble;
And kept our coaches up late in the night!

Coach Malzahn has expanded his play book;
And our Auburn Tigers are ready to fight!

We may take a few extra chances,
But we will get faster with every play!

When our speed overtakes the Hogs;
It should just make Bret Bielema's day!

Both Johnson and Marshall are poised and ready 
for this very important first conference game!!

But, Be prepared to see some changes,
While some things will remain the same!!

We look forward to coach Malzahn on the sideline
With his fist pumping Boom Boom Booms!!!

It will be "Lights Out" for the Arkansas Razorbacks!!
Our first Auburn Saturday can't  get here too soon!!!!

The Poetic Tiger
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