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Friday, August 1, 2014

Fall Practice is Upon Us

The season starts when the wings spread and the crowd yells "War Eagle" 

photo by Acid Reign
Hello, and War Eagle! 

It's August, and our "Boys in Blue" are out on the practice field preparing for another great year of Auburn Tiger football. We here at ATB want to keep you entertained throughout this fall camp, and we will bring you as much information as possible about our Tigers.

My regular season predictions have been posted. I started in April, and purposely took the entire summer to cover the schedule. Of course being the homer that I am, I have us going undefeated. With the schedule that we face, that is a tall order. I considered the way Gus had our team focused and ready last season, and then the idea of that loss in the BCS game. 

Our guys know deep inside that we should have won that game. Losing it may be the best thing for us this season, but those Seniors from last season don't have another shot at it. No sense crying over spilled milk, so why not use it as motivation. My hope is that this team, and the coaches will not take their foot off the throttle in a conference game ever again. UGA scored three unanswered TD's on us last season, prompting a most unlikely finish. I do not want to see a game that close this season. If we have any, I will say we didn't learn our lesson from last season.

My thoughts are on the preseason, but I can't help but wonder who might Auburn face in the SEC Championship game, and the 1st ever college football playoff. The CFP will include just 4 teams. We will be one of them. In future posts, I'll look at who I think will be in the playoff with us. 

Until then, War Eagle!

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