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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Top 10 Reasons #2: Tiger Walk

We have started a series of Top 10 reasons to be excited about Auburn football.  Previously discussed on our list, in order:
10 - Sammie Coates
9 - Auburn Marching Band
8 - Jordan-Hare Stadium
7 - Tailgating Experience
6 - Auburn Arena  
5 - Toomer's Corner
4 - Coach Malzahn
3 - Flight of War Eagle

It is not something every school does, and you'll excuse me if I say no school does it quite like Auburn. Home games always include the iconic parade. Even away games, the Auburn fans will do their best to include a Tiger Walk in the pregame ceremony for their beloved football team.

Often times there will 10,000 Auburn fans or more involved in the tradition known as "Tiger Walk."

 The biggest crowds gather for our biggest rivals. Last season prior to the Iron Bowl, I witnessed the largest gathering of Auburn fans outside of Jordan-Hare Stadium. A virtual sea of Orange and Blue cheering our men on to vic'try. We all know how that turned out.

The sights and sounds of the Auburn Marching Band, along with the best Cheerleaders in the country, make this one of the best reasons to be excited about Auburn football.

War Eagle!
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