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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Gus Malzahn 11 19 14

Good news! 

Duke Williams is dressed out at practice and going thru all the drills with the team. As per Gus Malzahn.

This will be a special weekend. Pat Sullivan, an Auburn legend, coaches the Samford team. Kodi Burns is an assistant at Samford as well. 

War Eagle!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Prayers 4 Players

Many of you know that we have a group of people who have committed to praying for football players. Everyone is assigned a small list, which allows each player to be prayed for each week. 

Recently, some people have asked about basketball players. If you are a part of the original group and would like basketball players added to your list, please email me or message me on twitter. 

Many of you have already done so. If you have not participated before, but want to join, you can email me at  OR on twitter @tatershell

This prayer group isn't about the victories on the field or court. It is more for victory in their lives. 

I teach high school and work with student athletes. I see some of the pressures and problem they face daily. It is my prayer and desire that the players might have a circle of protection placed around them. We also pray for each other when things come up.

If you are interested, please contact me!

Too Many Questions

What we saw Saturday evening in Athens, Georgia was a a complete dismantling of an Auburn team that at one point was seen as a title contender. The final score of Georgia 34 and Auburn 7 is indicative of the performance by an uninspired Auburn team.

How could this team not be ready for this game? Why is our defense seemingly performing worse and worse each week? What has gone wrong with our special teams? All are legitimate questions. All are being asked this week.

This goes beyond frustration. Well beyond disappointment. Auburn's coaches know full well that they've had the better team for two consecutive weeks. Yet, the results are two losses. It's not so much that we lost, but how we lost.

Turnovers, penalties, defensive misalignment, and  the ever popular miscommunication are the reasons. What we as fans don't know is, why are these things still happening this late into the season?

The schedule we have faced this season, had pretty much dictated we couldn't get thru completely unscathed. In most pundit's eyes we were going to see at least two losses. That wasn't how I saw it thru my Orange and Blue glasses.

We have the talent, at least offensively to score at will on anyone in the country. For one half against LSU, it looked as though it all finally started to click. Now, even that is gone. Defensively, there is enough talent to at least make some stops, and create turnovers. That was happening, now it is not.

Did the incident between Jermaine Whitehead and one of the coaches divide this team? Do some if not all of the players see this as a point of contention with the coaching staff? Only those deep on the inside know the answer to that.

There are lots of questions. Some I have asked here. The main question that needs answering is a tough one.

How is Coach Malzahn and his staff going to turn this team around? 

The answers are coming soon I hope,


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Randy's Thoughts: Georgia

It was a sad night in Athens, Georgia last night for my alma mater. Auburn started out strong, but faded by the second quarter. 

I even sensed the futility of Auburn’s efforts on the field from Rob and Stan on the Auburn Network. They were obviously unhappy with the way that Auburn was playing and it showed in their broadcast.

  I really think that Gus Malzahn should have gone for the first down on Auburn’s second possession. Auburn had the momentum and could have had a 14 point lead the way they were moving the ball. 

Scoring early and quick was the only way Auburn was going to compete with UGA on the field last night. The holding penalties continued to stifle Auburn drives and Nick Marshall had no help from his receivers all night long. I really feel that he is still looking for Duke Williams on the field and his absence has taken its toll on the Auburn offense.

Auburn’s defensive struggles continue and it is time for a change in the defensive philosophy and alignments. UGA did not need to throw on Auburn to win this game. The UGA running backs ran at will on Auburn’s defense and I noticed that a lot of players were out of position. 

It is obvious that this Auburn team is lost and trying to find their way at this time. I just hope that the team that played LSU shows up when they play their last games of this season.
I saw a quote in the Birmingham News this morning that really summed up this game. “Georgia outperformed Auburn in all phases of the game”.

Here's to better days, War Eagle!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

ESPN Piece on Lutzie #43

ESPN piece on Phillip Lutzenkirchen and his Dad's quest to teach young people not to make dumb decisions.