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Sunday, October 4, 2015

Gus Malzahn 10 3 15

Auburn Softball

The Auburn Girls Softball team will begin their quest for a World Series title this October. Fall practice has begun and they will play eight exhibition games this month. You can check out their schedule by going to auburn if you are in the Auburn area this month. I might mention that they will be playing two games on the eve of the football game with Ole Miss.

The Auburn Girls posted a 56-11 record last season and made it to their first World Series in the history of the softball program. This team will be comprised of 10 seniors which will put them in a great position for a repeat appearance in Oklahoma City. Some players to watch this season are Emily Carosone,  Jade Rhodes, Kasey Cooper and Haley Fagan. Also, Lexy Davis and Rachel Walters will return on the mound.

War Eagle!

Friday, October 2, 2015

Auburn Soccer Reaching New Heights

While many of us are busy toiling over our football team's problems, Auburn coach Karen Hoppa has been building something powerful and relentless. It's the Auburn soccer team that is doing what many had hoped our major revenue sport would do. Winning. 


According the AU-fficial Auburn website this team has reached the highest national ranking in school history. 
"The No. 8 ranking sets a new highest ranking ever achieved by the Auburn soccer program in its history. This year, Auburn has been ranked for the past six weeks, reaching No. 9 nearly three weeks ago before the SEC opener, which was the previous high. Before this year, Auburn had only reached the top-ten once back in 2004, en route to a 15-win season, which is still a school record for wins in a season."

Last night an Auburn Senior class finished undefeated against Alabama by beating their arch rivals in Tuscaloosa for the fourth consecutive season. A rare feat indeed. 


Thursday, October 1, 2015

Homecoming Poem

AUBURN vs San Jose State

Homecoming is always beautiful,
When October arrives on the plains!!
No matter how far life has taken us,
Auburn Tiger love for family remains!!

So, What better time than now, 
For Auburn family to come together?
To offer a place of comfort and love,
Even in stormy weather!

Even when life is plagued with disappointments;
And our foundation is put to the test,
There is no better place to be than with family;
Where in loving arms we can rest!!

Coming home is a time for renewal;
For reconstruction and righting some wrongs!!
Bringing values back into perspective;
Getting down to basics where we belong!!

As soon as the front door is opened,
We are engulfed with the sweet smells of home!!
Reminded we are in this together;
With family love,  we are never alone!!

So welcome back home Auburn Tigers!!
Remember our slogan, “Count on me”!
When one man hurts, we all feel the pain!!
We must protect our family tree!

Keep moving forward with heads held high!!
With pride for Auburn and a heart full of love,
Never give up!! Stay in the fight!

It's not too late to turn things  around!!

Poetic Tiger

Monday, September 28, 2015

Gameday and Post Game Video vs. Miss St.

Highlights via Auburn Athletics:

Sean White via

Sean White was a gamer on Saturday. He was patient in the pocket, and very accurate with most of his throws. The future is certainly bright for this young man if he can grow and learn from each of his outings. Auburn looks to have found their man at the QB position.

Coach Malzahn via

Biggest question on the night Saturday was where is the Auburn offense we are used to seeing? The answer is as complicated as it is easy. Our competition has devised game plans to take away some of the plays us fans are used to seeing. 

MSU played deep at the safety spot most of the night taking away most deep passes, and kept the Auburn offense in front of them. 

Peyton Barber via

Barber continues to impress as a hard runner willing to bang with the big guys in the middle of the line, or break one around the end.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Where does Auburn go now?

It was a great day for me in Auburn despite the loss to Mississippi State. I took this photo of the new scoreboard from the coliseum right before the kickoff. I must say that it was an amazing sight to see as the Auburn football team entered the field.

I had a great turkey burger from Cheeburger  Cheeburger and I would like to compliment the waitress crew for providing some excellent customer service. Also, the Mississippi State fans are some of the best in the SEC. They were all gracious and complimentary as I moved around the stadium. The best comment of the night was "you know that you guys would have beaten us with a better offense". 

Sean White made his debut as the Auburn QB and he played fairly well and completed 20 of 28 passes for 188 yards. Auburn elected to receive and seemed to move the ball down the field with ease; however, the interception inside the 10 yard line stopped Auburn's momentum. Auburn was inside the "red zone"4 times and could only come up with 9 points. Auburn did leave points on the field. Field goals are nice, but touchdowns are much better.  Also, Sean White was sacked 4 times so improvement is needed with the offensive line protection. He is a pocket passer so I am sure that he is still adjusting to the "read option" offense. It did seem that the play calling was very vanilla and I just wish that Auburn had attempted some longer pass plays down the field because the wide receivers were open. It is obvious that Auburn is still trying to find their offensive identity. I do expect to see Jason Smith playing QB before this season. The Auburn running game did show some promise with Peyton Barber rushing for 137 yards on 27 attempts. 

Dak Prescott of Mississippi State is a good passing QB and had no trouble finding open receivers. He finished the night with 270 passing yards. The Auburn defensive line could not put any pressure on Prescott so he had plenty of time to locate his receivers. Auburn did hold them to 56 yards rushing. 

Auburn did make defensive adjustments in the second half and they did play well enough for Auburn to win this game; however, the offense could not get the ball into the end zone. It does seem that the changes on defense by Muschamp may help in the future. Notable defensive changes were Tre' Williams and Justin Garrett starting at linebacker and Countess being moved to the safety position.

We are now 4 games into this football season and Auburn still has a difficult road ahead. It now appears that this may be a rebuilding year for Auburn and hopefully Gus Malzahn can find a way to  turn this season around. 

War Eagle!

2015 Auburn Football HYPE "This Is Who We Are"