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Monday, September 15, 2014

Auburn Tigers/Kansas State Wildcats---Thursday Sept 18 2014

With an extra week to study,
And an extra week to prepare;
We face our biggest challenge this year,
Far away from Jordan- Hare!!!

Many eyes will be upon us,
As we perform on the national stage!!
The native crowd there will be restless;
And the wildcats full of rage!!

Our Auburn Tigers are a brotherhood of men,
Who are unafraid of a Big 12 team!!
We are ready for the fight to begin,
We have a winning scheme!!!

Our coaching staff has a unique plan 
To keep us fresh and focused on the field,
While wearing them down, man to man, 
Our Auburn a tigers will never yield !!!!

Be sure to expect the unexpected!!
Malzahn's play book is set to amaze!!
As we razzle dazzle the wildcats;
Keeping them confused and dazed!!

We will go to work to settle their waters, 
Bottling it up and keeping it contained!!
Our constant speed will leave them exhausted;
And their energy will soon be drained!!

Then we'll head home in jubilation,
Where Toomer's Corner will be draped in white!!
Our Auburn Tigers are the best in the SEC Nation;
And we will never give up the fight!!!!!

Poetic Tiger

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Looking Toward Thursday Night

Toomer's Corner will get rolled Thursday night

Bye weeks, the double edged sword of the college football season. On one edge we have the much needed break for the team. On the other, we have the off week blues as fans. This bye week however, was much different than many of the past. 

Many exciting games were played this past Saturday. 

Penn State had all it wanted from a scrappy Rutgers squad. A late 4th quarter 80 yard drive for a TD sealed their 2014 B1G Conference opener. The Nittany Lions control their own destiny in the struggling B1G (Big10).

The class of the day was saved for late Saturday evening, as the Florida Gators needed a lucky break, and 3 OT's to put away the resurgent Kentucky Wildcats.

The most anticipated game in the 2014 Auburn football season is coming up on Thursday night against a Big 12 legend. Coach Bill Snyder and his 19th ranked Kansas State Wildcats. This will be Auburn's first game against a nationally ranked opponent this season.From here, the schedule gets tougher.

This game will have its ups and downs, but Auburn should emerge the victor in Manhattan, Kansas.

War Eagle!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Aubie visits the Auburn Alumni Association

San Jose State Fan Talks Auburn

The following is from a FanCred account. Matt Self posted it there, and we want to share it with you.

"We went to dinner Saturday after the game - very small Chinese restaurant near our hotel. We were wearing our Spartan "gear" and as we were ready to leave a young man sitting at the table behind us (he sort of didn't fit in the booth) spoke to us as we were leaving.

He asked us if we came from San Jose for the game and we told him that yes, indeed we did. He thanked us for coming all the way to the game and hoped that we were having a nice time while in Auburn.
We said we were--all except the results of the game. He then dropped the fact that he is on the team.
He is Patrick Miller, #51, OL, Junior. He weighs 297# and stands 6'7".

Then, he went on to say some things that I think you all should know.

First and foremost - he thought Travis Raciti was "the real deal". He also complimented our players for never giving up. We continued talking for a few more minutes. He ended the conversation by saying that the Auburn team as a whole thought that the Spartans were a much better team and specifically mentioned our defense than their first opponent, Arkansas Razorbacks. He said we really do have a good team and that we will get better as the season continues.

He wished us good luck for the rest of the season and I promised him that I would especially follow him the rest of his football career at Auburn.
He said goodbye and hoped we would have a safe trip home. We thanked him for his kind wishes and went back to the hotel talking about how he certainly did not have to say anything to us at all and to talk to us for about 10 minutes went far above what we expected. We were very impressed with him.

He truly was one of the highlights of our trip."

Coach Russell Interview

photo courtesy of Infinity Architecture

Recently Auburn's strength and conditioning coach Ryan Russell was interviewed by ASAP, the Athletic Strength And Power folks.

It's easy to see why Gus Malzahn picked Coach Russell. He's a driven man with lots of energy. Watch as he answers the questions. Listen to his passion for these young men to get better and stronger.

The following video is courtesy of A.S.A.P.

Marching Band Plays Glory to Ole Auburn

Monday, September 8, 2014

Auburn vs Kansas State - My Take

Bill Snyder Family Stadium. photo from Google images

Kansas State hasn't played some of college football's juggernauts in their first two weeks...the 101st ranked (according to Sagarin) Iowa State Cyclones and the 187th ranked FCS Stephen F Austin Lumberjacks.  

KState is led by QB Jake Waters, a 6' 1" 210 lb.senior. Waters has thrown for 462 yards on 35 of 57 passing with 2 TDS and 1 INT.  Waters is also the leading ground-gainer for the cats with 193 yards on 37 carries.

The stats on the surface seem impressive, but given the fact that Waters accounts for two-thirds of the KState offense, it would be safe to say, "stop Waters, stop KState." 

The only highlights we can find on K State are located HERE.

I do believe with 12 days to prepare, Ellis Johnson will iron out the "Dirty Dozen" plays that he says haunts the Auburn defense.

I am looking forward to the Thursday night match up and proving, once again, that Auburn deserves to be in the national conversation heading into the SEC stretch run.