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Thursday, November 2, 2017

We are the Great State of Auburn

What a week again! Auburn being ranked #14 in the initial CFB rankings has given them an unbelievable opportunity. It is time to rekindle the “State of Auburn” Tee shirts and ensure everyone in CFB realizes that We are Auburn no matter where we are, and it is absolutely a state of mind, body and spirit! It was obvious that y’all (you all) believed there was some type of orange and blue revolution going on to rename states and even a couple of countries to Auburn but that was not it.

Wishing Sammie the best in Cleveland!

So how do I know it is misunderstood? By this type of “tweet” of course (below) because if y’all understood it you would know how utterly ridiculous this tweet was and that a single play or a single game does not ever affect the “State of Auburn.”

I had the privilege and the honor to become a part of the Auburn family back 1992 when I chose Auburn as my University to receive my U.S. Navy commissioning after serving 8+ years on active duty. What I learned in my 3 years at Auburn is that it truly is the loveliest village on the plains and the family that you become a part of is like no other. I was lucky enough to experience Auburn Football from field level and was able to be side by side with Aubie while I was McGruff the crime dog for the APD. Some truly AUsome memories and a wife!

Little did I know that once I was there that something special was happening and that I was becoming a part of a larger family. A family that believes and lives by a creed and that will support each other like no other. Your probably saying sure but this is no different from any other University, but it is.

How do I know this? Well, I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel and travel a lot for the past 20 years. In those 20 years I have lived in Georgia, Florida, Illinois, Washington State, Michigan and now in upstate New York and there is no spirit that burns stronger than the orange and blue spirit of Auburn within its fans. I have also traveled to many destinations from Tokyo to Canada and at least 35 of the fifty states. I have been through at least 50 or 60 different airports since I left Auburn in 1995. I drive, I fly and even been on a few bullet trains. Two things remain constant in my travels, the first; I am always wearing something Auburn, a hat, a pin or a shirt. Second when someone sees me, or I see them a “War Eagle” is shared, a smile and feeling of belonging overcomes both of us. All too often as travelers moving from A to B are focused to getting to where they need to be for the next point in the journey but on many occasions, we stop, chat and talk. We reminisce about when we graduated, our majors, how we miss Toomers Corner or Momma Goldbergs and of course that wonderful little village. We also almost always agree it has been far too long since we have been back there.

So, when the Auburn Family declares a State of . . . whether it be Great Britain, South Africa or even where I live right now here in New York. . . 

we have no intention of introducing a bill into that state’s senate to change the name to Auburn what it means is somewhere in those boundaries there is someone who we share a bond and a belief with because we were blessed enough to experience all the wonderful and unique experiences that Auburn has to offer. It is… are you ready? It is a State of MIND! Most importantly when you believe in Auburn you become a part of the Auburn Family forever and it is a family that I am a proud and blessed member to be a part of and like a family is, I have every one of my brothers and sisters backs. 

War Eagle! (and yeah that is our battle cry and not a mascot CBS)

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