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Monday, November 13, 2017

Auburn Rocks Georgia!

artwork created by @AURobUSA

It's simple really. Georgia came out and set the tone on their first drive. They punched Auburn in the mouth, and scored a touchdown. Then Auburn punched back. Repeatedly. Until in the end, it was a rout of the number one ranked team. The final score was Auburn 40 UGA 17.

This game meant something different for the Auburn fans. Much like the LSU game, there are some heavy weights that needed to be lifted from our backs as well as off the backs of our team. Losing to LSU left us a terrible attitude, and with many questions as to whether this coaching staff understood what beating our rivals meant to us. 

I'm pretty sure they got the message.

Coach Malzahn and his staff have made efforts to ensure the stinging loss to the Bengal Tigers would not be repeated any time soon. This team has finished their opponents in the second half. 

Against Arkansas the Tigers scored 35 points, 28 in the 3rd quarter alone. With a 21-13 lead at the half, Auburn came out in the second half and scored 21 more against Texas A and M. Saturday against their oldest rival, they poured on 24 points in the second half. 

Every Auburn fan is well pleased with these type performances. It showed in the glow of the after party. 
photo by Albert Cesare of Montgomery Advertiser

Somewhere in all of this joy and chaos come the realization this Auburn team is getting better. They are not great yet, although they played extremely well against Georgia, they were not perfect.
Courtesy of the official Auburn Tiger Football page:
Team TotalsUGAAU
First Downs1325
Net Yards Rushing46237
Net Yards Passing184251
Total Offense Yards230488
Fumbles: Number-Lost2 - 11 - 0
Penalties: Number-Yards7 - 755 - 29
Punts - Yards8 - 3574 - 158
Possession Time26:5433:06
Third-Down Conversions3 of 14 (0.214)4 of 13 (0.308)
Fourth-Down Conversions2 of 2 (1.000)0 of 0 (0.000)
Sacks By: Number-Yards2-124-37
Field Goals1-2 (0.500)4-4 (1.000)

There are still a lot of goals and dreams to work toward. Only way to the top is to take that first step upward. Saturday at home this Auburn team took a step up. Let's keep climbing guys. We haven't reached the top just yet.

War Eagle!

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