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Monday, November 13, 2017

College Football Playoff Chaos

Wow! Just wow! Miami exposed Notre Dame, Auburn routed the SEC East champion, Ohio State deflated Michigan State's dreams, and Oklahoma ousted TCU from any real playoff conversation. What a weekend.

When last we visited this subject we had no less than 14 teams still vying for the 4 coveted spots in the playoff. This past weekend saw a complete mess made of some teams hopes. 

I will give you my take on the chaos, and what I believe all this means as it relates to playoff potential.
Chart courtesy of @AURobUSA

Pac 12
Stanford knocking off Washington really hurt the Huskies chance at being in the playoff. The Huskies were 9th last week. Hard to see them anywhere below 15th with just 3 weeks left in the season. 

The only team in the PAC 12 still with a chance? USC. The Trojans need to handle UCLA convincingly, then do the same to their opponent in the championship game. Even then, they will need some help. Namely have teams in front of them to lose. 

Big 12
Oklahoma throttled TCU putting up all 38 of their points in the first half, and cruising to victory. The Horned Frogs may still be mathematically in the race, but I doubt they have what it takes to take Oklahoma down, assuming they can make the championship game in the first place. 

The Sooners however, should they take care of business may well have punched their ticket with the big win.

Wisconsin rolled Iowa, while Ohio State piled up on Michigan State. The advantage is to Wisconsin at the moment. Being undefeated, and ranked 8th last week, the Badgers need only to take care of business by winning out, and they "should be" in.

Meanwhile in Columbus, the Buckeyes are making a statement that they don't want to be left out. There is zero room for error for the Buckeyes.

Should they win out, and beat Whisky in the Big 10 championship game.  They may well do enough for an invitation.

Auburn took a punch to the snout on the opening drive, and then rebounded well to take a bite out of the Dawgs. Meanwhile a visiting Alabama had to rely on some 4th quarter heroics from its QB Jalen Hurts, to rally and beat MIssissippi State in StarkVegas. 

It's simple for Alabama. Win out and they are a shoe-in. Lose, and the road gets bumpy. Same for UGA. They still have everything they hoped for in front of them. The Dawgs can ill afford another let down. 

I still believe Auburn has an outside chance to make the playoffs, but like USC, they will need lots of things to happen in front of them. 

Clemson and Miami are the class of this conference. Seems a sure bet these two will play for a winner takes all seat at the CFP table, in the ACC championship game.

Central Florida won, and is making a case for inclusion. Notre Dame let the moment slip through their fingers, and are now out of the picture. 
artwork by @AURobUSA 

A new CFP poll is due out Tuesday night.

My Top 10 CFP rankings: 
1. Alabama
2. Clemson
3. Wisconsin
4. Miami
5. Oklahoma
6. Auburn
8. Georgia
9. Ohio State 
10. UCF

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