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Sunday, November 26, 2017

More Chaos / More Clear

After this past weekend the CFB Playoff picture has become much more clear. The list of teams has narrowed, and some really good teams were upset. Let's take a look at the chaos that was, sort through the rubble, and try to place pieces of the puzzle into a realistic scene.

Clemson rolled, and Miami stumbled. 

Clemson took a resurgent, 8 win South Carolina team and spanked them 34-10. That's impressive. The Hurricane program took a step back with a loss to Pitt 24-14. Miami failed to score in the opening quarter of each half. That's not championship football. 

Barring a slip to Miami in the ACC championship game, Clemson looks like a lock in the CFB Playoff.

Big 12
Oklahoma looks impressive. 

Okay, it was West Virginia. The Mountaineers scored points in every quarter. Raising more questions about Oklahoma's defense. But not enough questions to think Oklahoma isn't sitting at the table when playoff invitations are doled out. Barring a meltdown to TCU in the title game.

Auburn took down another #1 team.

In one of college football's biggest rivalry games Auburn defeated Alabama 26-14 in the Iron Bowl. The Tigers were clearly the better team last Saturday.

Auburn will play Georgia again in the SEC Championship game. The winner should advance to the playoffs.

Wisconsin rolls, and Ohio State makes a statement.

These two teams will face off in the Big 10 championship game. If Wisconsin wins, they are in. If Ohio State wins, there "may" be some debate as to the Buckeyes chance of getting an invitation. 

PAC 12
Washington and USC each have two losses. 

USC has the advantage in that they play in the PAC 12 championship vs Stanford. If the Trojans win, they could make a case for their inclusion to the playoffs. 

Last week's two top teams were beaten handily, and the fall could be monumental and damaging for their playoff dreams. Both of these teams failed to score so much as a FG in two of the respective four quarters of play. 

Difficult to imagine Alabama recovering from that Stat while sitting at home. Notre Dame has bowed out with a 38-20 loss to Stanford.

Here's my Top 10
6.Ohio State

I look forward to your comments.

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