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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Keys to Success: Quarterback

This is the last installment of the "Keys to Success in The Malzahn Offense". Just in case you haven't done so, you can read the others by clicking on the links below.

Keys to Success in The Malzahn Offense

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 The quarterback position is vital to any offensive scheme, learning the complexities of the position is key to being a winning QB. Having tremendous talent is also a plus. In Gus's offense, the QB is asked to make a pre-snap read on a defender, which varies depending on what play is called. Below we have a video from a previous blog, that illustrates the Buck Sweep. Listen to some of the reads the QB and others must make.

During his first tour at Auburn Gus Malzahn was the offensive coordinator. He recruited a talented QB out of the JUCO ranks from little known Blinn College. That turned out pretty well for all concerned. In case you can't remember who I am talking about, let me give you a reminder. Also, I want to give a shout out to the New York Auburn City Club here, you'll see why in a moment. Enjoy the video.

  This spring the QB's will see many more reps than they normally would because there are only two playing that position. Kiehl Frazier, and Jonathan Wallace. Trust me when I say this. It will be a really good thing for both of these guys that they won't split reps with a fourth or fifth player until fall camp. Both of these guys NEED the practice.

 With three incoming QB's enrolling, and entering the fray in August, it's imperative that somebody take full advantage of their opportunity. They better see this as an opportunity, or just go home now!


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