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Friday, April 23, 2010

Friday Ramblings 2

I am hoping to get caught up with the goings on this week in Auburn athletics.
Where to start is the question.
Recruiting seems as good a place as any. After all the bragging about the coaching staff at the football complex,

baseball and basketball both decided enough already!
We can recruit with the best too. So prove it, you say? Aiight, check it, the baseball program picks up a gamer in one Bryce Lane.
"Bryce is a pure hitter that also has a great deal of pop - he not only is one of the best hitters in the conference, but is also very good on the mound."  so says his former coach. Thanks to Kevin at PPL. Check out PPL for all of your Auburn baseball needs that do not include , you know being there yourself.

Now you're saying the basketball program coaching staff can't possibly do better than that, huh? Wrong!
Wrong, I say, Coach Barbee only goes out on the recruiting trail and his very first signee happens to be Alabama's number one rated player.
Proof, you say? Here it is....

Former Tiger, and now professional footballer is Ben Tate. The Houston Texans picked Ben in the second round of the draft.

Baseball team news..
It appears no one has written off this year's edition of Tiger diamond wizards,  from the SEC tournament in Hoover, or the big show just yet! Some are actually looking at possibly even being a real threat in both.

Keep praying for the Shon Coleman family, please.


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