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Monday, September 24, 2018

Transitioning From Arkansas to Southern Miss

Saturday night Auburn took down Arkansas 34-3 at home, and improved to 3-1 on the season. 

Some people want to gaze into the negative, and pick apart the team along with the coaches to find something wrong.

Let's look at things from this perspective: Auburn beat an SEC West opponent by 31 points and have the best scoring defense in the conference. 

Was the performance by the Tigers perfect? No. Have you ever seen a complete team win where every single play was perfect? I'll go ahead and answer this one for you. No. 

It's the fourth game of the season. I am shaking my head at some of our fans. 

Next on the agenda is Southern Miss. The Golden Eagles are a pesky bunch with some really good WR's. 

Averaging over 38 points per game and 6.54 yards per play, the key to stopping this offense may be stopping the pass, to make them one dimensional in the run game. 

I know that sounds unusual, but the Golden Eagles only average 3.62 yards per rushing attempt. 

The Southern Miss defense is only allowing 30% of their opponents 3rd down plays to be converted. While allowing just over 25 minutes of possession time the Golden Eagle defense already has 5 INT's this season. 

The keys to success for Auburn offensively, will be taking advantage of the 4.90 yards per carry that Southern Miss allows opponents rushing, while extending drives by converting 3rd downs, and of course finishing drives when in the Red Zone. 

Auburn's defense needs to play a great game, especially in the defensive backfield, and not allow the Golden Eagles extra plays by committing penalties.  

Auburn "should" win this game. If our Tigers can improve some more this week, and put together a solid performance, the game should not be in doubt by the middle of the 3rd quarter. 

I see an Auburn win by more than 30 points.

War Eagle!

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