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Thursday, September 27, 2018

What I Want To See


I have been thinking of a few things I'd really like to see from Auburn football this Saturday when it host Southern Miss at 3 pm CDST. 

I am sure many of you have given this some thought. Most probably want a win with little drama.That's a good start to this list.

Beyond a drama free victory, I would love to see solid performances along our offensive line. Few, if any missed assignments. Let's pass block in a manner that our QB doesn't have to scramble excessively. Let's run block in a fashion that our RB's can gain double digit yards per carry. Southern Miss allows 4.90 yards per carry on average. Let's take advantage of this.

ZERO penalties. 

I would like to see our receivers run perfect routes. No drifting toward the sidelines on curl routes. No short angling of the route when running a post route. 

Hopefully we can see marked improvement in those 50/50 type pass plays. Where the receiver has to battle for the ball. I want us to win a very large majority of them.

I would really appreciate seeing a lot of our younger players and see how much they have progressed. That would be a huge indicator that all I've stated previously, has come to fruition.

Bring on the young guys!


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