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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Arkansas State

Auburn's first opponent of the 2010 season will be a simple pushover. The chances of ASU winning are so minute that NASA will discover life on Mars first, trust me!
From the confidence of my recliner/office chair I can assure you total and complete victory in this game.
That is not a slight in any way to ASU, it's student body, or the alumni. A fact is a fact, and there is not a chance in this universe that ASU will win this game.
Still, they deserve respect and we will do just that.

No less than nine players were selected to Phil Steele's All-SBC team fron the Red Wolves. With 15 players on offense and 10 players on defense having starting experience, these guys are not going to be pushovers.
Coached by Steve Roberts the Red Wolves hired a new offensive coordinator this season who's name you might be familiar with. Coach Hugh Freeze was the high school coach of Michael Oher, yes that Michael Oher of the "Blind Side" movie fame. He also was the recruiting coordinator for Ole Miss for a couple years.
The new offensive system will be in place and ready for the season, but as Auburn people are hoping, new systems are much better the second season.
Still, this squad has character, and they will fight to the end.

Let's show the Red Wolves fans a nice time, and wish them the best of luck in the Sun Belt Conference this year. After we dispatch their upset bid early, and get some good practice in for the Freshmen and Sophomores.


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